Camden Police Department

  • Agency: Camden Police Department
  • Address: 1 Police Drive, Camden, 71701 AR
  • Chief: William F O'Keefe (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-836-5755

Camden Police Department is located at 1 Police Drive, Camden, 71701 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is William F O'Keefe. The Camden Police Department phone number is 870-836-5755.

Camden Police Department News

With prom right around the corner, we want everyone to make smart choices when it comes to drinking and driving. 1 in 5 Teen Drivers involved in a fatal crash has alcohol in his or her system.

***Join our TEAM and Get behind the Badge*** Application deadline for Patrol Officers is Monday, April 23rd at 5:00pm. You can stop by the department to pick up an application, download the applications from our website or go by City Hall.

Another Citizens Police Academy volunteer Hays Enoch.

Citizens Police Academy volunteers Rhett Dean, Krissy Bassett and Thomas Hart.

Officer Lane being tased.

Along with learning about how the taser works and it’s benefits for law enforcement, at Citizens Police Academy we even give you a chance to get tased. Among the members of the class that were tased, we had our two new officers to get tased. Officer Vanassche and Officer Lane.

Another fun night at Citizens Police Academy. Last night the class learned about handcuffing, pepper spray, baton and everyone's favorite the TASER.

Catching bad guys is not easy. Sgt. Opelt and Ofc. Faulkner in a vehicle and foot pursuit this morning.

It’s a beautiful spring day. So why not drive The Trace and pass out bottled water to everyone out walking. Thanks to Officer Perry for moving the posts.

***SCAM ALERT*** It has been brought to our attention that there is a new phone scam going around. The callers claim to be AT&T and informing you that your service will be disconnected due to non payment. The caller is asking for your last four digits of our social security number and your four digit PIN number. If you receive one of these calls do not give out any of your personal information.

Thank you CFIS for coming to visit today and for bringing some goodies.

Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy had their graduation today. Congratulations to our new Officer's, Officer Nathan Lane and Officer Jacob Vanassche.

Citizens Police Academy had fun last night learning about our SWAT Team.

It's National Telecommunications Week!! Thank you to our dispatcher's for all their hard work and dedication!!

Tonight we received several messages about a Snapchat post with a threat against CHS. During the investigation and working with school officials, it has been determined that the post was in fact made in Clovis, New Mexico by a student there who has been arrested for the threat in Clovis. We want everyone to know that we take any post of violence very seriously and will do our very best to ensure the safety of our children. Also, we want to thank everyone who contacted us about this incident.

Tuesday night was another fun night at Citizens Police Academy. Capt. Voss and other members of the CID Division spoke about CID and taught everyone how to dust and lift fingerprints. Narcotics training was another topic that was discussed. The class learned the differences between certain drugs, what drugs were most popular in our area and also got to see different types of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Golden egg winner....our last bike has found its home.

Tuesday night was the first class of our Spring Citizens Police Academy. Our students learned about the special teams we have here at CPD. Those teams include SRT, Dive Team, Sniper Team and Bike Patrol. Our dispatchers also educated our group on how to give the best information when calling 911. The students even got to roll play in several scenarios. We hope everyone enjoyed the class. We are looking forward to next week!!

This prize egg winner is ready to catch some fish!!

We have another Golden Egg Winner!

This little cutie found a prize egg!

We are having so much fun this afternoon. More prize egg winners!

Woods Place is what this prize egg winner is having for supper.

Check out Mr. Travis Johnston, he found one of our Gold Eggs.