Marked Tree Police Department

  • Agency: Marked Tree Police Department
  • Address: 1 Elm St, Marked Tree, 72365 AR
  • Chief: Chester Ford (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870)358-2024

Marked Tree Police Department is located at 1 Elm St, Marked Tree, 72365 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Chester Ford. The Marked Tree Police Department phone number is (870)358-2024.

Marked Tree Police Department News

Marked Tree Officers were very busy again this weekend. 7 arrests were made, 5 of which were Felonies. The arrests are as follows: 1: Lonnie Myers, age 48, of Marked Tree was charged with Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threatening, and Obstructing Governmental Operations. According to a report filed, Myers threw gasoline on another person and threatened to set that person on fire. Myers then left the scene. When contacted just minutes later, Myers stated that he was someone other than himself. Myers was taken before District Judge Ron Hunter who found Probable Cause to set the case in Poinsett County Circuit Court on September 25, 2018. Myers' bond was set at $2,500.00 and a No Contact Order was issued for the victim. 2: Macho Foxx, 40, of Marked Tree was arrested on a Felony Burglary and Theft Warrant. Foxx was released on his Own Recognizance to appear before the Poinsett County Circuit Court on September 25th, 2018. 3: Rishawn Omar Hughes, 31, of Jonesboro was charged with Running a Stop Sign, Fleeing, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Driving on Suspended Drivers' License, and Theft by Receiving. Hughes was observed running a stop sign at Hwy 140 and Hwy 75. Officers conducted a stop on the vehicle. As Officers were approaching the vehicle, Hughes sped off, driving at times in excess of 100 mph on Hwy 75 south of Marked Tree, Hughes then lost control at Joy Land Curve (Ford Rd) and plowed into a bean field. Hughes then fled on foot from the scene. Hughes was later arrested in a vehicle driven by a female from Jonesboro on Hwy 75. The truck driven by Hughes was determined to be stolen from Jonesboro. Judge Ron Hunter set bond for Hughes at $50,000.00 10% bond. The 10% must be made in cash. Hughes is to appear in the Poinsett County Circuit Court on September 25th, 2018. 4: On Sunday 08/12/18 Hunter Rex Boon was arrested by Marked Tree Officers in Delta Pointe. Boon has been an Absconder from the Arkansas Dept of Corrections for some time now. Boon was taken to the Poinsett County Detention Center. 5: Jason Daniels, 37, of Tyronza was arrested on Domestic Battery 3rd Degree charges. Daniels was arrested on site for causing injuries to another person. Judge Hunter set a $2,500.00 bond for Daniels and Ordered a No Contact Order be issued between Daniels and the victim. Daniels is to appear in the Marked Tree District Court on September 6, 2018. 6: Randall Case, 47, of Trumann was arrested Monday morning on charges of Theft of Property and Driving on Suspended Drivers' License. Case was stopped in the early morning hours driving a John Deere lawn mower with a trailer. Upon making contact with Case it was determined that Case had just taken the lawn mower from a residence on Hwy 140 in Marked Tree. Judge Hunter set bond for Case at $5,000.00 cash or surety to ensure his appearance at the Poinsett County Circuit Court on September 25th, 2018. 7: Frank Mote of Marked Tree was arrested on a warrant for Failure to Pay Fines. He was committed to the Poinsett Co. Detention Center with a $5,000.00 cash/surety bond. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty by the Courts. Good Job Marked Tree Police Department!!

Applications for the Dispatchers position MUST be picked up at the Marked Tree Police Department!

Our Deepest Sympathies go out to the Arkansas State Police for the loss of their K9 last night. We Pray that the Handler receives comfort in knowing that his Partner gave the Ultimate Sacrifice to save others. There is a special place in Heaven for Police K9s. We also Pray that the other Trooper involved heals from his wounds. Both Troopers are Great men that have dedicated their lives to uphold the Law. Prayers for All involved.

Only 2 hours until "backpackinwitjackson" starts. Come by the Marked Tree Police Dept. and get a FREE backpack for your child. Hotdogs, drinks, and chips for ALL

We've had several reports of a young Black male soliciting for money for the school. Superintendent Wright and Principal Smith have both stated that no one should be asking for money for the school. This person has been in the Union St. area carrying a bucket. He is going door to door. This is NOT a school sponsored activity. Thanks

We had an eventful weekend. Officers responded to a "shots fired" call on Elder St. late Friday night. When they arrived, Officers spoke with witnesses who stated that James Sparks had come to the residence with a handgun looking for another person. When Sparks was told the person was not at the house he went out and fired random shots from a handgun, then left the area. Sparks was located at his residence on W. Poinsett St. shortly after the incident. While being detained for investigation several pills were located on Sparks' person. Officers checked the area and did not locate the weapon. Deputies from Poinsett Co. Sheriff's Department arrived and assisted in attempting to locate the weapon. A magazine containing live rounds was located on the roof of the residence. With the assistance of the Poinsett Co. Sheriffs' Dept. a Search Warrant was issued to search Sparks' residence. During that search, marijuana and drug paraphernalia was located in the kitchen area. Later in the day Marked Tree Officers located the weapon used hidden under a shed next door to Spark's residence. Sparks was charged with Aggravated Assault, Simultaneous Possession of Controlled Substance and Firearms, Tampering with Evidence, Possession of a Controlled Substance with the Intent to Deliver, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Sparks was taken before Poinsett Co. District Judge Ron Hunter on Monday, July 23rd. Judge Hunter set a bond of $250,000.00. Sparks is to appear in the Poinsett Co. Circuit Court on August 27th.

Congratulations MTPD on 2 Felony arrests so far this weekend. Also thanks to PCSO for their assistance. Details Monday.

We've had a lot of people call and ask about concealed carry classes. Here is one close to town and put on by good folks. Conceal Carry Classes are back on...for a little while anyway. Aug 11th 9 am, will be the next one, if we have enough to sign up. Cost is $50.00 for new and $30.00 for recertifications. Corners Chapel Baptist Church in Payneway. Let me know if you will be there! Please share! Thanks

Joseph Wilson, 26, of Marked Tree was arrested Monday and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. With the assistance of Probation and Parole Officers Wilson was found to be in possession of what is believed to be Methamphetamine. Wilson was arrested and taken before Judge Ron Hunter who set a $25,000.00 bond to ensure Wilson's appearance before the Poinsett County Circuit Court on August 27th.

Travis Hillis, 20 of Tyronza was arrested early Monday morning on charges of Residential Burglary and Theft of Property. Officers took a report of a residence in Marked Tree being broken into with items taken. During an investigation, Hillis was developed as a suspect. Officers went to an address in Marked Tree and arrested Hillis. The items taken from the Burglary were recovered. Hillis was taken before Judge Ron Hunter who set a bond of $75,000.00 cash/surety to ensure Hillis' appearance in the Poinsett County Circuit Court on August 27th, 2018.

The Marked Tree Police Department has been busy over the weekend and early week. Three Felony arrests have been made with a Residential Burglary being solved. Jeffrey Foster, 33, of Marked Tree was arrested early Sunday morning on the charge of Terrorist Threatening. Officers were notified that Foster had made a post on social media regarding killing all police officers. Foster was arrested without incident at his residence. He was taken before Poinsett Co. District Judge Ron Hunter, who set a $100,000 cash bond with an August Circuit Court Date in Harrisburg.

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Meet the newest Full Time member of the Marked Tree Police Department, Zac Fleming. Zac has been with the department for some time as a part-time officer. His diligence and hard work always shows out. He is a great asset to our department. Congratulations Zac!!! Be Safe!!

Sgt. Eric Jackson is a very people (kid) oriented person. Since he has been at the Marked Tree Police Department he has made a difference in so many children's lives. Sgt. Jackson started a coat drive where anyone who needed a warm coat could simply come up and get one. He stops during his patrol and plays basketball with kids, he counsels kids who are in need, and now he has started a program that he calls "Backpackin' with Jackson." This program is targeted toward school children of any age that need a back pack. Sgt. Jackson has gone into his pockets to buy backpacks and supplies for school children. Sgt. Jackson is also asking for donations in order to provide EVERY child a back pack. The back packs will be supplied with the necessary items for the school term. This is a program that Sgt. Jackson holds near and dear to his heart. He is that Special type of Police Officer that still cares about the youth of today. Please reach out and help if you can. Donations may be left with Sgt. Jackson or at the Police Department. The actual event will be July 28th at the Police Department. Come get hot dogs, sodas, chips, and most especially, a BACK PACK!!! Let's help Sgt. Jackson make this happen Marked Tree!!!

The TORNADO WARNING has been allowed to expire, however we are now under a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING UNTIL 3:15PM. Again, large hail and strong winds are indicated in these storms.

The NWS has issued a TORNADO WARNING for POINSETT CO until 2:45pm today. The storm is located near Weiner and is moving in an easterly direction. Radar had indicated rotation and large hail in this storm. We will keep you informed, meanwhile check your local TV stations for weather updates.

As far as I know, today is National Nothing Day. So go out and do what we should each and every day and shake hands with someone, wave at someone, smile at someone. You never know what kind of an impression you may have on that person's life. Be kind to one another!! Have a Great Day!!

With Sgt. Eric Jackson

Still so sad. The reporter stated, 'It's something that usually doesn't happen in our area.' This a problem LEO's face daily!

We've just been notified that someone with a Montana phone number is calling people claiming to be from the IRS. The caller told the person that he needed the social security number to take care of claims with the IRS. When the person refused to give the SSN the caller told them that the Mark ed Tree Police Department would be down to arrest if they did not give the SSN. The caller pronounced Marked Tree incorrectly and was called on it. The caller stated that the Mark ed Tree Police would come to the persons house and arrest them if they did not give them their SSN. Please DO NOT give your social security number to ANYONE over the phone!! We will NOT call you and ask you for your social security number over the phone. Please don't fall victim to this apparent scam!! If you are called, try to get the phone number and call us so we can possibly locate where the calls are coming from.

Great work Officer Tacker!

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice while serving in our Country's Armed Services. God Bless the fallen and their families.