Pope County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Pope County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: #3 Emergency Lane, Russellville, 72802 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: 479-968-2558
Fax: (479) 968-6145

Pope County Sheriff's Office is located at #3 Emergency Lane, Russellville, 72802 AR. The Pope County Sheriff's Office phone number is 479-968-2558.

Pope County Sheriff's Office News

We have updated our Most Wanted list. All calls remain confidential.http://www.popecoso.org/wanted.php

*****UPDATE****** Owner has been located. Thank you for all your help! This pony was located at Mill Creek Road and Ball Hill Road. If you have any owner information, please call the sheriff's office at 479-968-2558. Thank you.

The Pope County Detention Center is currently seeking applications for a MALE corrections officer. If you are interested, please pick up an application between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00 in the sheriff's office lobby.

The Pope County Sheriff’s Office would like to congratulate Sergeant Joe Carter of the Arkansas State Police who was recently awarded the Distinguished Meritorious Service Award for his efforts on May 11, 2017 in Yell County when he negotiated with a man suspected of killing three individuals, including a sheriff’s deputy. Sgt. Carter was able to arrange the release of a hostage during the encounter and the eventual surrender of the suspect to state troopers and local authorities. Congratulations and well deserved!

Investigators are still searching for information on the whereabouts of Samantha Jean Hopper who was reported missing in 1998. If you have any information, please call Pope County Detective Erick Riggs at (479) 968-2558 Ext. 1038. All calls will remain confidential.

******FUGITIVE IS NOW IN CUSTODY***** The manhunt for Cory Donnelly has now ended with the subject being apprehended. Sheriff Jones would like to thank the citizens in the area for cooperating and being diligent during this manhunt. ***MANHUNT UPDATE*** Donnelly was last seen wearing a red shirt, dark pants, wearing a backpack and has possibly dyed his hair red. The search is currently centered in the Linker Mountain area. ***MANHUNT*** A manhunt is currently underway in the area of Shinn Mountain Loop and 333 for Cory Donnelly, approximately 31 years of age. Donnelly is wanted by several agencies on outstanding warrants. He is 5'9", 150 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. He has stars tattooed on each wrist. Please take precautions in locking all vehicles on your property as well as your residences. Donnelly is considered dangerous. If you see this subject, call 911 immediately.

Good morning! It’s Throwback Thursday time again! Today’s throwback photo is former Sheriff Jim Bolin. Sheriff Bolin served as sheriff of Pope County from 1981-1991.

Pope County Deputies recently completed CPR and First Aid training. Thanks to Wildlife Officer Jamie Jackson and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for assistance in the training.

Congratulations to Sheriff Shane Jones on being sworn in as a member of the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association Board!

Investigators are asking for your assistance in identifying the individual in this video in reference to a recent break in at a church in the Atkins area. If you have any information, please contact investigators with the Pope County Sheriff’s Office at 479-968-2558. All calls will remain confidential.

***UPDATE**** Savana has been located by Pope County Sheriff's Office investigators. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and we are thankful that Savana is safe. The Pope County Sheriff's Office is seeking the assistance of the public in locating a missing juvenile/runaway. The juvenile is Savana Elliott, 13 years of age. She has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, is 5'1" and weighs approximately 100 pounds. If you have any information on where Savana may be, please contact Investigator Erick Riggs at 479-968-2558.

Memorial Day Travel Safety Many Americans are planning to travel during the upcoming holiday weekend. According to AAA, travel during Memorial Day weekend in 2017 hit the highest travel volume since 2005. 1 The past three years have seen growth in the amount of Memorial Day travel, so we expect that this year will have even more of an increase! The following are good reminders as you prepare to take to the road during the Memorial Day travel weekend.  Buckle your safety belt – it’s the best way to stay safe in a vehicle and remember, the national Click It or Ticket program is in full swing over the holiday weekend  Don’t drink and drive – even one alcoholic drink can reduce your abilities and impair your judgment  Put down the cell phone – nearly 10 people are killed and over 1,000 injured every day in crashes involving distracted drivers – don’t text and drive! 2 In many states, using your cell phone while driving is against the law.  Be prepared – take a map, atlas, or GPS device; make sure your spare tire is inflated and you know how to change it; have your car serviced before heading out; include an emergency kit with water and snacks in case you’re stranded for more than a few hours; refuel BEFORE your gas warning indicator displays  Turn down the music – hearing sirens and emergency vehicles is an important warning to slow down and drive cautiously - you may be approaching an accident scene  Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel – eating, looking for CDs, and digging for things in the floorboard or back seat can lead to trouble  Be courteous - because of the volume of vehicles on the road, you’re bound to run into a few traffic jams, be cut off, or be forced to stop short - remain calm and courteous - don’t let other drivers ruin your holiday  Get plenty of rest – make sure you’re well rested before getting behind the wheel, rotate driving duties with others in the car to avoid becoming too sleepy or distracted  Take frequent breaks – stop, get out of the vehicle, and stretch your legs often Travel safely and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Sheriff Shane Jones

We would to congratulate Ben Woods on being recognized as the National Veterans Administration Lead Police Officer of the Year for 2017. Ben is a 1999 graduate of Russellville High School and part of the Pope County Sheriff’s Office extended family. Ramona Woods, Ben’s mother, is the Administrative Assistant for Sheriff Shane Jones here at the sheriff’s office. Congratulations Ben!

These two boys used their “Cougar Cash” at Center Valley Elementary to get a special lunch with “Deputy Leavell”. We are excited about the positive impact Corporal Leavell makes with his students!

Graduation and summer break are right around the corner! – A message from Sheriff Jones As the school years comes to an end and children are being dismissed for summer break, we at the Pope County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone to be safe and drive cautiously as children will be out playing, riding bikes and enjoying the summer weather. We also want to congratulate our graduating seniors and wish them all the best as they head out into the world. Some of our seniors may be preparing for college, others preparing for a career, and the rest still deciding. No matter where you are headed to in life, we want to say congratulations, good luck, and stay safe! Of course, summer weather usually means higher temperatures, so remember these tips to beat the heat: • Take frequent water breaks • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 • Never leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle • Seek medical attention immediately for any signs of heat-related illness We would also like to remind everyone traveling in a vehicle to always wear your seat belt and never drink and drive. Seat belt use is a most effective way to protect people and reduce fatalities in motor vehicle crashes. Do not drink and drive – instead, call on a designated driver to get you home safely. Not only do you risk your life when you drive impaired, you are putting the other drivers you share the roadway with at risk, too. While you are traveling our roadways, boating, camping, or fishing, please remember to practice safety at all times. Mind the speed limits and always be on the lookout for children at play and crossing the streets. The Pope County Sheriff’s Office hopes everyone has a great summer! Congratulations again to our graduates! Sheriff Shane Jones

Thanks to everyone who came out for the memorial ceremony yesterday. Sheriff Jones and all of us at the Pope County Sheriff’s Office appreciate the support we receive from our citizens every day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM there will be a memorial ceremony held at the Pope County Sheriff’s Office for National Law Enforcement Memorial Week. All departments and the public is welcome to attend. Come join us in giving honor to those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Congratulations to Sgt. Mike Brown and Sgt. Rodney McNeese on their completion of the Criminal Justice Institute’s School of Law Enforcement Supervision.

NATIONAL CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES WEEK May 7-13, 2017 On May 5, 1984, then-President Ronald Reagan issued Proclamation 5187-National Correctional Officers’ Week, in which he called “upon officials of State and local governments and the people of the United States to observe this week with appropriate ceremonies and activities,” to recognize “the contributions of correctional officers to our Nation.” President Reagan was the first president to formally recognize the great work of those in our profession and the very difficult, and at times dangerous, nature of corrections work. He wrote that correctional officers are “essential to the day-to-day operations of these institutions; without them it would be impossible to achieve the foremost institutional goals of security and control.” Corrections professionals know all too well the risks and challenges associated with the work each of you do. We need to take time this week to congratulate our brothers and sisters in the field for their successes in protecting the public. The thousands of women and men working in corrections — in administration, security or health care — in the federal system, a state system, a local facility, a private facility, or in a military facility, in an adult facility or a juvenile facility, in a prison, a jail, or a community-based program — are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude. Corrections professionals put their health, safety and lives on the line every day to maintain public safety, to reform and rehabilitate our nation’s offenders and perform many other duties. Our highly devoted corrections personnel do more than “guard” offenders. They treat, counsel, train, teach and rebuild lives. They give hope. We at ACA encourage correctional administrators and leaders as well as public officials to present awards and/or send letters of commendation and recognition to all those who have served in corrections dutifully, honorably and/or with distinction. We give thanks and tribute to you all. We honor those whose lives have been lost and extend our most heartfelt gratitude for their service to country, community and corrections. Let us also pray for the continued safety of those currently working in the profession. On behalf of the leaders of ACA, its staff and a grateful public, we commend all those who serve or who have served in and throughout the corrections profession this past year. May you stay safe, have great success and be blessed to know that your work is appreciated and respected by our entire nation. Lannette Linthicum, M.D., CCHP-A, FACP James A. Gondles, Jr., CAE President Executive Director NATIONAL CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES WEEK A Proclamation Correctional officers and employees are capable, committed, patient and persistent professionals. They serve admirably in correctional facilities all across the country as chaplains, teachers, counselors, supervisors, managers and directors. They help keep our citizens and communities safe. Correctional officers and employees teach, train, mentor, preach and cure. Though the job of correctional officers and employees is often very challenging and, at times, stressful, the thousands who work the corrections profession every day perform their duties well and with great pride. They are brave, courageous and tenacious individuals who put their lives and health at risk every day to keep the public safe and provide a multitude of services to the nation’s offenders. They have a tremendous responsibility and are owed our nation’s gratitude. Correctional officers are most deserving of our respect, our thanks and the highest praise. They are well-trained, always on watch and prepared to meet any challenge. The men and women working in corrections make a difference in our communities. On behalf of the American Correctional Association and our thousands of members in the U.S. and internationally, we commend all those who currently serve in the corrections profession, those who have served and those who have given their lives in pursuit of this most honorable profession. A Resolution WHEREAS, correctional officers are trained law enforcement professionals dedicated to maintaining safe correctional facilities and ensuring the public safety; and WHEREAS, correctional facilities across the U.S., both civilian and military, public and private, adult and juvenile, are run by highly qualified and experienced individuals with a deep understanding of the challenges within the profession; and WHEREAS, correctional officers and employees are responsible for the custody, care and rehabilitation of thousands of offenders every year, as well as the maintenance of safe and secure facilities; and WHEREAS, correctional officers and employees are resourceful, capable, committed, patient and persistent professionals in criminal justice and our nation; and WHEREAS, correctional officers and employees serve admirably in many different capacities, including jail administrators, wardens, chaplains, nurses, supervisors, social workers, teachers, managers and directors; and WHEREAS, correctional officers and employees teach, train, mentor, counsel and treat thousands of offenders; and WHEREAS, correctional officers and employees provide offenders with direction, hope and a new focus while assisting with reentry and life outside corrections; and WHEREAS, correctional officers and employees rise to meet any challenge and serve this honorable profession nobly and admirably; and now THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, correctional officers and employees deserve the recognition for their service and should be commended by leaders in the profession, the public and our elected officials for the tremendous job they do and exceptional performance of duties under the most difficult of circumstances.

UPDATE: The suspects have been found and the property has been recovered. Thank you for your help! The Pope County Sheriff's Office is seeking your assistance in identifying the people in the attached video. If you have any information in this theft, please contact CID at 479-968-2558. All calls are confidential.

Good Morning! It’s a rainy Throwback Thursday today! Today’s throwback photo is Captain Ray Caldwell (Retired). Captain Caldwell retired in 2008 as the Patrol Division Captain.