Russellville Police Department

  • Agency: Russellville Police Department
  • Address: 115 W. H St., Russellville, 72801 AR
  • Chief: Tom McMillen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-968-3232
Fax: 479-968-0911

Russellville Police Department is located at 115 W. H St., Russellville, 72801 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Tom McMillen. The Russellville Police Department phone number is 479-968-3232.

Russellville Police Department News

Our officers are currently working a multi-cart pile up in the bread aisle. Officers on scene have also reported that milk and eggs are running for their lives. Keep an eye on the weather; drive safely.

The roadway is now open. Update: The lines are telephone lines and not Entergy. The road will still be blocked for several hours while crews work to clear it. There are multiple power poles and lines down across the 1900 block of South Arkansas Avenue. All northbound traffic is being routed up Bernice/7T. All southbound traffic is stopped at 16th and Arkansas. I expect traffic to be affected for several hours.

Let's play a game of "To Catch a Thief or Thieves" in this case. We are looking for the 2 Black Female's (the female in red jacket/white shirt is pregnant) and 1 Black Male in pictures below. They are driving a 2015 or 2016 White Chevrolet Tahoe and are wanted for Felony Breaking & Entering and Fraudulent use of a Debit/Credit card. We are also offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.

Want to start the New Year off with a little cash in your pocket? We are offering a $200 cash reward for identifying the suspects in these photos, that leads to an arrest. These two ladies are possibly driving Black 4 door Nissan Altima and are wanted for "Fraudulent use of a debit/credit card. Please share this post and make them FB famous!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! Be safe and be kind.

Thanks #Charlie for remembering Corporal Goemmer and his family!

Congratulations to Officer Coates and Officer Garrett on their graduation from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy today. They will continue their training in our Field Training Program and will start their careers in the Patrol Division. Welcome to the team!

Congratulations to Officer Jason Dougan on being named the 2017 Officer of the Year!

Have a question about what car seat is correct for your child? Simply visit for answers!

Speed: it kills. The main goal of the Russellville Police Department is to protect life. We work diligently to achieve this goal by enforcing traffic laws such as speeding. We do our best to provide traffic enforcement throughout the city. While not always popular among motorists, it is necessary to achieve our goals. Over the past few years we have received numerous complaints about speed violators in residential areas, especially on South Vancouver Avenue. South Vancouver, from Main Street to West 12th Street, sees high volumes of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This section of city street serves as a thoroughfare which allows motorists to more easily make their way around town. It also serves as a nice place to walk thanks to the sidewalks in the area. Many of the vehicles, especially in the morning and afternoon hours, contain our community's most precious citizens, our children. We, as a police department and city, would be remiss if we didn't take action in the hope of correcting a known problem. Due to the numerous complaints about speed violators, the Department of Public Works and Russellville Police Department, supported by the City Council and Mayor, devised a plan to incorporate interactive technology into signage in the area. Two new speed limit signs were purchased and erected at both the 800 and 900 block of South Vancouver. These signs show the posted speed limit, 25 mph, as well as the speed of vehicles driving towards them. The signs were put up as both a courtesy and reminder for motorists traveling through. You, our citizens, are hardworking people and we realize you have to think about many other things while driving besides just the posted speed limit. We must all remember that driving is both a privilege and a responsibility. Each time you get behind the wheel it is your duty and responsibility to ensure you drive in a safe manner. We encourage you to take a moment and think about that great responsibility each time you turn on the ignition and buckle your seatbelt. It is our hope that the interactive signs will grab your attention and remind you to obey the rules of the road. We all know two signs alone won't curtail the speeding issue on South Vancouver. Our department will continue to enforce the posted speed limit, even more strictly than before. In order to accomplish our goal we need you to do your part. It is our hope that motorists obey the posted limit and we don't have to issue a single citation. As always, stay safe and be kind to one another.

Remember to come out and enjoy the Christmas Parade tonight at 6:30. It will be crowded so be courteous to one another and leave the naughtiness at home!

‘Tis the season for scams. Pass this on in hopes another one of our citizens doesn’t fall victim. A legitimate business will never call you and instruct you to purchase gift cards or green dot cards and then tell them the numbers so they can redeem them for payment. A police department, sheriff’s department, the IRS, or Entergy won’t do it either. Additionally, if you get a phone call saying a member of your family is in jail in Botswana, or any other foreign country, and the only way to get them out is to buy gift cards, it is a scam. Also, if a foreign prince or princess emails you asking for money in exchange for untold riches or that pet tiger you’ve always wanted, it’s a scam.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you, the citizens we serve! Be kind to one another and be cautious when operating vehicles under the influence of turkey.

We wish to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Senator Greg Standridge. Many of our department members had the great pleasure of working alongside Senator Standridge on calls during his time as a first responder. Senator Standridge was a great friend to us and he will be missed.

We are currently in the process of selecting Officer of the year for 2017. Any officer who has exhibited excellence through special accomplishment or daily commitment to the mission and values of the department. This commitment is typically exhibited through the officer’s outstanding work product, attention to detail, exemplary treatment of the public, and cooperative attitude with co-workers. Officers’ who have demonstrated outstanding skill, ability, and professionalism in the performance of his or her duties during the past year is eligible for this award. Please submit in writing to

These donuts are not your “usual suspects” when it comes to cakey goodness. Go by Kroger and see the folks from Hurts Donut Company. The proceeds go to support the Russ Bus. All calories consumed by officers will be used for crime fighting purposes.

Let's talk ghosts, goblins, vampires and all things spooky in nature. The most precious inhabitants of the city, our children, will be out in full force tonight chasing a sugar high. Please drive with extreme caution. Additionally, we will not be investigating any reported sightings of Sasquatch or unicorns. 'Squatch has warrants and does not want to be found. Thank you.

Sometimes, on the streets, you have to improvise. Avoid the area of South Elmira Avenue until further notice! #awesomepenmanship

Avoid the area of South Elmira Avenue from Jimmy Lile Road to 16th Street. Power lines are down across the road. No injuries reported. Side note: Contrary to popular belief, not having your morning coffee due to the power outage is not an excuse to not be nice to one another today!

The band is rocking and the food is ready! Come see us at the depot!

Don't forget about tonight's River Valley Appreciation day at the Depot Park from 530 to 8. This event is being put on by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 54 to thank the public for their incredible support of our local law enforcement agencies. Free food, live music, games for kids, and lots of other activities!

Join the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter at this event as they show their appreciation to you, our community. Food, games, and live music all free!

Russellville Operation Resulted in 44 Federal Defendants charged with multiple drug and gun crimes!