Russellville Police Department

  • Agency: Russellville Police Department
  • Address: 115 W. H St., Russellville, 72801 AR
  • Chief: Tom McMillen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-968-3232
Fax: 479-968-0911

Russellville Police Department is located at 115 W. H St., Russellville, 72801 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Tom McMillen. The Russellville Police Department phone number is 479-968-3232.

Russellville Police Department News

These donuts are not your “usual suspects” when it comes to cakey goodness. Go by Kroger and see the folks from Hurts Donut Company. The proceeds go to support the Russ Bus. All calories consumed by officers will be used for crime fighting purposes.

Let's talk ghosts, goblins, vampires and all things spooky in nature. The most precious inhabitants of the city, our children, will be out in full force tonight chasing a sugar high. Please drive with extreme caution. Additionally, we will not be investigating any reported sightings of Sasquatch or unicorns. 'Squatch has warrants and does not want to be found. Thank you.

Sometimes, on the streets, you have to improvise. Avoid the area of South Elmira Avenue until further notice! #awesomepenmanship

Avoid the area of South Elmira Avenue from Jimmy Lile Road to 16th Street. Power lines are down across the road. No injuries reported. Side note: Contrary to popular belief, not having your morning coffee due to the power outage is not an excuse to not be nice to one another today!

The band is rocking and the food is ready! Come see us at the depot!

Don't forget about tonight's River Valley Appreciation day at the Depot Park from 530 to 8. This event is being put on by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 54 to thank the public for their incredible support of our local law enforcement agencies. Free food, live music, games for kids, and lots of other activities!

Join the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter at this event as they show their appreciation to you, our community. Food, games, and live music all free!

Russellville Operation Resulted in 44 Federal Defendants charged with multiple drug and gun crimes!

Tonight's community events have kicked off!

This weekend is full of events throughout town. The kid's triathlon will take place tonight at 6 pm along the North Phoenix route. The area of North Phoenix to North Glenwood Avenue will be closed to traffic from approximately 6 pm to 7:30 pm. The community and Unity event is also taking place tomorrow at James Park for the majority of the day. Roads around James Park will be closed to traffic during the event. The final event scheduled is the triathlon tailgate and bike ride starting at 1 pm. Motorists should expect traffic delays in the area of North Arkansas Avenue and Pleasant View Road as we block traffic for cyclists to get on the course. Please watch for bicycles between Russellville and Dover during this time. Have a safe weekend and be kind to one another!

The guys at the Russellville Fire Dept. told me they'd never heard of such a thing when I mentioned making a s'more in my office the other day. Some people told me it couldn't be done, others told me it shouldn't be done. "Don't reinvent the wheel" they said. Admittedly, I had my doubts too, along with several questions like: Is the world ready for it? Are 84,235 calories too many for one snack? Will donuts turn their glazed backs to police across the nation? Will sliced bread be upset that it's no longer the greatest invention in history? I couldn't be certain of the answers, but I knew I couldn't let the fear of the unknown destroy my dreams or insatiable appetite. I trudged forward, unwavering, just like Dr. Frankenstein when he brought his creation to life. So here it is folks, the Donut S'more! *Don't s'more and drive* *Consult your physician to make sure your heart is healthy enough to enjoy a donut s'more* #itsALIVE #officeSmore

I regret to inform you that my idea to hand out pumpkin spice lattes on traffic stops in October did not get approved. No free deliciousness; just one more reason to not violate traffic laws.

You folks always show us a ton of support and have kind things to say. Help us show some of that to our friends at the Russellville Fire Department for working hard to earn a Class 2 ISO Rating! Great job guys! Russellville Fire Dept. Also, hypothetically, how big of a fire could I legally build in my office to roast marshmallows for smores? Asking for a friend...

The application deadline is quickly approaching. Don't miss out on the opportunity to start your new career at the Russellville Police Department. Click on the link below to apply. Deadline is 5 pm October 2nd!

The football homecoming parade will take place at 4 pm today. We will be shutting down traffic on West Main Street to Houston at approximately 3:45 so take an alternate route when traveling. GO CYCLONES, BEAT SHERIDAN!

Pope County is under a burn ban. Breaking the law has also been banned. No burning, no lawbreaking, tell your friends.

Our officers will be assisting with the Run For Recovery Glo Run 5k tonight starting at 7. The 5k route from the Jr. High to North Phoenix will be blocked off for approximately one hour so plan your travel accordingly.

We take car seat safety seriously at RPD. In fact, we take it so seriously that I patrol in a high back booster. Come see us at the car seat event at Walmart from 10-1!

Don't forget to come see us at Walmart on East Main from 10-1 for the car seat check event. Trained professionals from Arkansas Children's Hospital and area law enforcement are on hand to answer all of your questions, make sure seats are installed properly, and give information on how to get seats.

Don't forget about this event going on tomorrow. It's the perfect chance to have car seats checked by trained professionals and to educate yourself about child seat laws. I also want to thank Walmart for letting us use their parking lot for this community service event.

Well I don't think any of our guys are going to win "The Voice", but I'm pretty sure they crushed this performance. Happy Birthday Emily!

What a great event! Thank you to The Knights of Columbus, St. John's, RSD, and all of the many other sponsors who made this possible. It's always a great day when we get to hang with members of our awesome community and other first responders.