Arkansas Department of Community Corrections

  • Agency: Arkansas Department of Community Corrections
  • Address: Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR
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Phone: 501-682-9510

Arkansas Department of Community Corrections is located at Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR. The Arkansas Department of Community Corrections phone number is 501-682-9510.

Arkansas Department of Community Corrections News

Game One of the College World Series...Take Two! Since last night's scheduled game between the Razorbacks and the Oregon State Beavers was cancelled due to stormy weather, the game is set to be played tonight at 6:00 on ESPN. It's a best of three series, and the Hogs are looking great!

We post a lot of things that we say about ACC’s program, so it’s probably past time to see what an actual offender has to say about the program. Here’s Cendie, who’s in the Reentry Program and is making amazing progress in rebuilding her life: “On June 14, 2018, my license was released and I became a legal driver for the 1st time since 2011. My first arrest for a felony was in the year 2001 and since then, I have acquired 15 felonies and countless misdemeanors. In my addiction I’ve suffered through loss, hunger, rape and several years of being homeless. Since entering the Re-entry Program here I’ve come to terms with being powerless and given my life to a higher power. In 5 short months I’ve started developing a new relationship with my family, found full time employment, gained a sober support system and developed a new HOPE for a brighter future. I have paid all my fines in full, had all warrants dropped and even managed to get my DL back. I will walk out of Hazel House with a completely fresh start. This is the first time in 15 years that I haven’t had some type of warrant hanging over my head. Today I walk with my head held up and a smile on my face knowing that my past doesn’t have to predict my future.”

Strong family ties increase an offender’s chances for success in the community. But oftentimes, these relationships have been strained and damaged by the offender’s previous behavior, which is why family reunification is an important part of what we do. For the past couple of years, Safe Harbor, an ACC transitional house, has been taking their offenders and inviting their family and friends to share a day of family reunification and recovery...while enjoying activities and fellowship that celebrates their sobriety. This event is held at Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock, and it’s always well attended. In fact, it’s such a great event that other transitional houses join in, including Phoenix Recovery, Quality Living Center and Hoover.

Important Programing Note: The Razorbacks take on the Oregon State Beavers at 6:00 tonight in Game One of the College World Series final. It’s a best of three series. The game will be on ESPN...and it’s definitely time to call the Hogs!

Scott Voorhees is back behind bars...less than three months after he was released from prison. He’s been to ADC three times since 2004. First for drug paraphernalia, then in 2012 for terroristic threatening, and then in 2017 for six theft by receiving convictions and two drug-related convictions. Voorhees was paroled March 27, 2018, and by June 6, he had absconded supervision. After he ran from Ozark police, ACC officers developed info that placed him on N. Williams Street in Ozark. When officers arrived, Voorhees jumped out a side window and tried to run. His getaway failed. He’s being held on the parole warrant and new changes of fleeing, aggravated assault, breaking and entering and meth possession. A woman who told officers that Voorhees wasn’t home has been charged with hindering apprehension., don’t run and tell the truth!

Spent most of last week out of state, so posting was spotty at best. Apologies for that! Here's something you might have missed...Ten more ACC offenders just graduated from the Exodus Project, which is important enough in the drive to lower recidivism to bring out a TV station. Here's Channel 11's report on the Exodus Project and the men who say it's changed them for the better.

ACC officers are out there every day...doing one of the toughest jobs in the state. Our line of work never slows down.

This nasty dude showed up today at the Parole/Probation office in Nashville. He is not under ACC supervision, and they wouldn’t let him come inside. But he really, really wanted to. Hey, it’s hot outside!

Just as a heads up...Jurassic Quest will be at the Hot Springs Convention Center Friday through Sunday. It has huge dinosaurs that walk. You know the kids will want to go. The link will take you to tickets.

Little Rock police are holding a capital murder warrant for Antwoin King in connection with a 2013 killing. King was on probation, but he is no longer under ACC supervision.

Ok, we've had spaghetti sauce and frozen pizza all over the highway...and now it's Fireball! Yep. When two trucks collided late this morning, cases of the cinnamon flavored whiskey and other kinds of liquor tumbled onto a stretch of I-40 near Kerr, which is between North Little Rock and Lonoke. Most of the bottles are broken.

If you want different results, you have to do things differently. That's what the Reentry Program is all about.

First of all, kudos to Channel 4 for the continuing coverage of addiction and all the devastation it causes. This latest report focus on drug-related convictions and it features an interview with Kendal Covington, a former inmate. She is one of the fortunate ones. She was sent to ACC whose facilities are licensed treatment centers. While there, she took part in the Exodus Project, a ground-breaking program that focuses on restoration. And when released, Kendal spent 3 or 4 months in an ACC transitional home. All are important ingredients to an offender's successful reentry. But the most important one was Kendal. She was ready to do the work and make changes.

Can you spare a box of cereal or two for a wonderful cause? If so, please give to the Summer Cereal Drive, which is sponsored by KTHV Channel 11 and the Arkansas Foodbank. A box of cereal goes a long way in making sure kids get to eat the most important meal of the day...and that’s why ACC is proud to be a part of the drive!

The picture looks a little dark and fuzzy because it was taken about 2:25 this morning...right after ACC’s Special Response Team captured Michael Benedict who was supposed to be locked up in the Dallas County Jail. Benedict is wearing the red shirt, and it’s hard to see but he’s is in restraints. The officers had been searching non-stop for Benedict for almost four days after being notified that he had escaped. ACC officers captured him near the Caddo Gap area of Montgomery county. Benedict’s parole had been revoked and he was supposed to stay locked up until a bed opened up in ADC. ACC officers also arrested Donnie Jenkins in the Mena area of Polk county in connection with Benedict’s escape. Jenkins has been charged with furnishing an article to facilitate the escape. Both men are behind bars tonight.

Remember when you first got your driver’s license? It was a huge day! Mostly likely, you were a teenager. Probably around 16 years old. For four residents of Hidden Creek, which is part of ACC’s Reentry Program, that big day finally arrived. And it was a very long time coming. Each of these men now has his very first license. And look at their ages. The youngest is 29 and the oldest is 49! All four have made huge strides in reentry and we are very proud of all they’ve accomplished. They’re families are, too!

The Hogs are going to Omaha for the College World Series...first time since 2015 and 9th trip overall! Game one for the Razorbacks is against Texas at 1:00 pm Sunday. Go Hogs!!!

Since two heads are better than one, so are two classes. At least, at ALETA they are when it comes to collecting food for needy families. The ALETA Basic Class 2018-B and the ACC Class 2018-B brought in a combined total weight of 3,388 pounds of non-perishable food items during their one day food drive. The food has already been delivered to a local food bank in Calhoun County where it can be distributed to families who need it. ACC and ALETA would to congratulate both classes on a job well done. These students truly understand the meaning of community service!

They are working and learning, and as they do...they are changing. These are three of the women at Reclamation House, which is part of ACC’s Reentry Program. That’s Courtney and Rachel picking lettuce in the garden and Rachel is in the kitchen prepping the lettuce for dinner salads. For many of them, this is the first time they’ve ever had a garden and they are determined to make it flourish. And it most certainly is. As we’ve said before, more than produce sprouts from the these gardening projects. The offenders become connected with nature. Their self-worth goes up while their anxiety goes down. That’s because gardening is therapeutic. And because it is, it’s definitely worth doing.

No one needs a license to fish this weekend in Arkansas. Get the kids. Get the poles. And go catch something.

Things are changing for Laneise. And she’s changing. She started out like so many other offenders. High school dropout. Drug user. And eventually, convicted robber. Laneise was about 20 when she first went to prison. She’s been back since then because of new convictions and for absconding parole. But Laneise is 30 now, and she has a completely different take on things. Before leaving ADC this time, she earned her GED. Almost as soon as she got to Hope Rises Reentry, Laneise started working on her Career Readiness Certificate. And now she has that too. Just that quickly. Laneise is going to be in ACC’s Reentry Program for a few more months, and there’s really no telling how much she’ll accomplish. The sky really is the limit when you’re determined to succeed!

A very important message from Our House: “To meet the growing number of referrals for reentry services at Our House, we will begin hosting weekly open enrollment days on Mondays at 11 AM. The first will be this Monday, June 11th in the Career Center at Our House (302 East Roosevelt Road). During open enrollment, we will give an overview of the services we offer, do basic intake paperwork, answer any reentry-related questions, determine eligibility for various work opportunities + resources, and make follow-up appointments for individuals interested in longer-term involvement with the program. Of course, everyone is welcome to take advantage of our Career Center at any time (we are open M-Th, 8a—8p and F 8a—5p). Reentry Open Enrollment is simply for folks who have special needs that relate to their criminal backgrounds or involvement with the legal system.”

And in Poinsett County, ACC was part of a roundup of suspected drug dealers. The Sheriff’s Department, Truman PD and Lepanto PD rounded up 16 people suspected of selling meth. It was a very busy day....

ACC officers working with the McGehee Police Department and catching absconder!

At the gritty competition known as the Police Olympics, ACC had some teams showing out on the lanes! One team medaled in the morning and another team medaled in the afternoon. Our third team had a great time, but missed out on the medal presentations. But they didn’t leave empty handed. They left with a special trophy bowling pin that declared them to be in a class by themselves...Oh, yeah, they took home the Dead A@#$ Last prize. Remember, it’s not whether you medal or not, it’s how you bowl the game! To all who played, we are proud of you for representing ACC!