Arkansas Department of Community Corrections

  • Agency: Arkansas Department of Community Corrections
  • Address: Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR
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Phone: 501-682-9510

Arkansas Department of Community Corrections is located at Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR. The Arkansas Department of Community Corrections phone number is 501-682-9510.

Arkansas Department of Community Corrections News

Big fundraiser in Jonesboro for Special Olympics! Law enforcement officers were waiting tables and all the tips they earned went to Special Olympics. And of course ACC was there!!!

Here is ACC’s Residential Services Officer of the Year. His name is Lugene White and he’s a corporal at the Southwest center in Texarkana. Corp. White has been with ACC for more than 20 years and during that time, he’s worked just about every work crews, staff training officer, intake, AdSeg, Special Needs and just about everything in between. He always gives 110%! In fact, he’s been known to use his motorcycle to chase an escapee. Yeah, he really did that....because in those situations, every second counts! Corp. White is well-liked and highly respective by the staff and the residents....and because of all he does, he is ACC’s winner of this year’s Gold Key Award. Congratulations, Corporal!

It's almost time for Reentry Week! Governor Hutchinson has proclaimed April 22-28 as Reentry Awareness Week in Arkansas, and ACC is planning a ton of events across the state. Go ahead and jot down the dates, because you want to be ready!

Here’s something we don’t have every year....two Arkansas Parole/Probation Officers of the Year! But that’s exactly what happened at ACC’s Gold Key Awards. Agent Lindsey Moody, who’s in the blue blouse, received one of the honors. She’s from Area 3 and is the sex offender officer for two counties and she coordinates the Halloween Lock-in for her area. She’s also a Field Training Officer and she developed the office’s clothes closet for offenders. The employee in the pink blouse is Officer Brenda Marshall from Area One. The offenders on her caseload are Drug Court participants. And she spends a lot of time filling-in because of officer vacancies. Officer Marshall even assumed administrative duties because of a vacancy! Officer Marshall and Agent Moody are outstanding employees and we are so proud of them!

See in the brunette at the front of the room in this picture? That’s Tashonda who’s a resident at Phoenix Recovery Transitional House in Little Rock. She is a recipient of the Rock City Reentry grant and had the opportunity to participate in the Culinary Arts program at Our House. Tashonda not only completed the program; she was also the overall winner among the participants. And she’s been invited to cook on Good Morning Arkansas on KATV, Channel 7. In all, five women from the Phoenix Recovery Transitional Housing program participated in the program. The Rock City Reentry Grant includes many partners, and ACC is one of them. It gives individuals on parole or with a criminal history a a real shot at getting out and staying out. Congratulations to Tashonda and to all the participants...we can’t wait to see what y’all will accomplish next!!!

Here's Part Two of KTHV's look at recidivism. This report focuses on substance abuse and mental health and how both are critical to preventing offenders from going back to prison. Part Three, which is the final report in the series, will air tonight at 6:00 on Channel 11.

When you’re on probation for sexual assault and you’ve been assessed as a Level 3 Sex offender, but you move without telling us and you stop reporting to your supervision officer...we will tag you as an absconder. Just like we did in Dallas County with Joshua Jones, 28. And ACC’s Special Response Team is going to look for you. If you take of running through the bushes when our officers find you, they’re going to chase you down. And they will catch you. Then you’ll go to jail all tired, nasty and scratched up. And more than likely, you’ll be facing some new felony charges. But if you follow the rules, do what you’re supposed to, and don’t commit more crimes....all this can be avoided. Your future really is in your hands.

In case you missed Channel 11's first special report on recidivism and reentry, here it is. Part Two air tonight at 6:00 on KTHV, Channel 11.

A big round of applause for Syrna Bowers on being awarded as ACC’s Treatment Supervisor of the Year! She’s been with us since 2005 and credit belongs to her for creating the first Recovery Month at the Southeast Center. What she started back then is now an annual event. These days, you’ll find her at the East Central Center in West Memphis where she’s always on the go. Congratulations, Syrna, and thank you for being such an outstanding employee!!!

Programming Note!!! Here’s KTHV reporter Winnie Wright. She’s at Covenant Recovery in Malvern, interviewing residents in ACC’s reentry program. Winnie is doing a three-part series on the outstanding reentry efforts underway for offenders returning to the communities of Arkansas. Her first reporter airs tonight at 6:00 on Little Rock’s Channel 11. Please tune in!!!

Here they are...this year’s winners of ACC’s Gold Key Awards! Well, it’s most of the winners. A few couldn’t make it to the awards banquet so they’re not in this shot. The Gold Keys are awarded to outstanding employees in several categories. We’re going to feature each one in a post of their own right here on Facebook, but we wanted to post a group shot first. So stayed turned!!!

We keep saying it....there are so many offenders with an enormous amount of talent. And we say it because it’s true. Just look at this special visitation area at the East Central Center in W. Memphis. All the cartoon characters were painted by the female residents at the center. They did an incredible job! Since many of the residents are mothers, this area is used when they’re visiting with their children. The cartoon characters put the kids at ease and that makes the visitations more effective. Remember, strong family ties help offenders be successful when they return to the community!!!

Heads up! A little boy has been taken and maybe with his noncustodial parent. They might be heading to Little Rock. Details below!

This is how it’s done....this is how offenders can start on the right foot! These pictures were taken at the Good Grid Class in Hot Springs and Department of Workforce Services workshop in Malvern. We had a great turn out for both events. Eleven came to sign up and start using the Good Grid web portal and 13 were on hand for the inside information on jobs and job hunting from DWS. Thanks for the support of all the ACC officers, Goodwill, ProTech Solutions and the DWS for making both of these such a success. We’re doing them all over the state and these classes can make a huge difference!!!

Willie was 17 when ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison for a murder conviction. And there would be no chance for parole. Not for him. So there he stayed for more than 30 years...until a new state law concerning life without parole sentences for offenders convicted as juveniles went into effect. And that new law put Willie in front of the parole board. He was released from prison February 7, 2018, after serving 34 years. He left prison without anything...not even the tools necessary to land a job. In fact, Willie didn’t even know his social security number. Just eight days later, ACC started making things happen for Willie. It took 15 phone calls, but Willie got a state ID and was able to order his social security card. The very next day, which was February 16, because of a new program at the Craighead County Health Department, Willie was holding his birth certificate in his hands. Willie says he’s working very hard to learn the new world he found when he left prison. So much has changed since he was 17. But Willie says he’s ready to take his place in it!

Good things are happening for those who want to rebuild their life! Take a look...

Ah, yes. Lovely weather we're about to have. They're calling for lots of rain and maybe some freezing rain in northwest Arkansas. There's a winter weather advisory there!

Three commissioners from the Parole Board went visiting today. They went to meet the staff and offenders at Covenant Recovery in Malvern, which is part of ACC’s Reentry Program. Commissioner Andy Shock, a former county sheriff, asked the residents what’s so important about reentry. A couple of them replied that reentry has given of them an opportunity for success and it’s given them back their families. All of the offenders said reentry is a blessing and they’re thankful for the opportunity When we sent offenders to reentry, most of them will change their lives. It takes their commitment to make it happen. And it takes a committed staff like Covenant Recovery has to help facilitate the positive change. They’re doing monumental work every single day.

More than 100 people showed up for the Mississippi County Job Fair at the Blytheville Goodwill Career Center. About 40 of them were offenders who are actively looking for a job. Every person was pre-screened for interviews, and 10 were scheduled interviews that will happen this week. The others will have their applications reviewed further. It’s exciting and encouraging when job fairs work out this well! And there were some big names Kagome, Denso, Arkansas Northeastern College, and Experience Works. Of course, ACC was there to help offenders with their resumes. Having good, steady employment is one of the best ways to increase an offender’s chances of making a successful return to the community!

This is Dan Kemp, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, addressing ACC employees at the Gold Key Awards. If you think no one appreciates your efforts to change lives, you’re wrong. Justice Kemp has noticed and said, “You’re changing lives for the better. You’re changing families for the better. And you’re changing communities for the better.” Remember that. Our work is important and it’s making a big difference!

Go ahead. Count ‘em. There are 18 beautiful glass trophies. ACC’s Gold Key Awards...sponsored by AACET. And they’re being handed out tonight. It happens this evening!!!

Inside this black three-ring binder are the names of the winners of ACC’s employee awards. The awards will be presented tonight at the fifth annual Gold Key Awards banquet. Until then, the winners will remain a secret. But they’re right here...just waiting.

Kain Jordan, 21, was placed on probation in June 2017 for two drug charges. The last time he reported to his supervision officer was about two weeks later. ACC’s Special Response Team caught up with him yesterday. Another man was with him. A search of the vehicle and Jordan’s residence turned up two firearms, magazines, about two pounds of marijuana, cash and digital scales. Jordan is locked up right now and he has four brand new felonies lodged against him for drugs, firearm possession and simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm. If he’s convicted of the weapons charges, Jordan may find himself headed to prison.

JOB FAIR TODAY IN BLYTHEVILLE!!! And there’s a good group offenders ready to make the best of this opportunity. Thirty-three offenders spent Valentine’s Day creating their resume and Letter of Explanation at the Mississippi County Good Grid Class. These are pictures of them in class and the line of more waiting to get in. Today is the Mississippi County Felon Friendly Job Fair from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Blytheville Goodwill Career Center. These offenders will have the opportunity to use their new resume.

The update from Parkdale, Florida is gut wrenching and heartbreaking...17 dead in a shooting at a high school. A former student is in custody.