Arkansas Department of Community Corrections

  • Agency: Arkansas Department of Community Corrections
  • Address: Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR
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Phone: 501-682-9510

Arkansas Department of Community Corrections is located at Two Union National Plaza, 105 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, 72201 AR. The Arkansas Department of Community Corrections phone number is 501-682-9510.

Arkansas Department of Community Corrections News

It’s been 25 years since Donald held a driver’s license with his name on it. It’s a huge accomplishment and he knows it. Donald is in ACC’s Reentry Program. He’s been at Covenant Recovery in Malvern since April. And he’s doing well in program. In fact, he’s been able to purchase a 1997 Mustang that’s he says is in “perfect shape.” Donald has made sure his car is properly insured and registered. Donald has been incarcerated a couple of times, but he says there won’t be a third time. Actually, he said that he’s very glad to be completely legal and “not having to look over his shoulder every few minutes.” And that’s just one of many reasons to stay on the right side of the law.

Another big job fair...this one is in Little Rock on Wednesday!

When the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies of Arkansas announced that 1,260 people had been arrested in a statewide drug crackdown, ACC was there. Dicky Johnson, ACC's SRT Commander, is the third man from the right in this photo. Operation Task Force Arkansas, led by the DEA, netted more than 80 pounds of meth, 103 pounds of cocaine and more than two pounds of heroin. Officers also seized 1,293 pounds of marijuana, 228,913 controlled prescription pills, 32 vehicles, $357,399 in cash and 211 guns. All levels of drug traffickers were targeted, and some of the drug operations are believed to have ties to Mexican cartels. The photo is from the Democrat Gazette.

These bananas probably were supposed to go somewhere else...

The shirtless man with the tattoos and the cigarette is convicted felon Andrew Edwards. He was supposed to be locked up in the Garland County Jail awaiting a return trip to the Department of Correction. But he wasn’t. He was somewhere out in the community. So ACC’s Special Response Team officers made it their business to find him in a hurry. They arrested him today at a residence on Highway 9 in Leola, which is ESE of Malvern. Edwards’ convictions include domestic battery, firearm possession and robbery. He’s behind bars tonight...and he will be making that trip back to state prison.

ACC's Northwest Arkansas Center just had a fundraiser that caused a lot of loud squealing. Not from the employees who were raising money for a holiday dinner. They got to cast votes for an overall "winner." But no one wanted to win....because winning meant having to kiss a real, live pig. The honor went to Lt. Leslee Kennedy. She wasn't all that excited about the kiss. And neither was the pig. Have a look and a listen!

Thank you.

From the Cross County Sheriff...the arrest of a parole absconder who's done time for drugs, firearm possession and theft of property. Dustin Manues tried to get away from deputies by hiding in a chicken coop. It was nasty and it didn't work. He is jail now on new felony charges from two counties and a parole hold. Manues was released from state prison in July of 2017 and absconded supervision in July of 2018.

If you’re a veteran, this benefits fair is for you! It’s happening Friday in the Pendergast Building at the U of A Fort Smith. There will be information you need...

This is a picture of Joshua Fite, which was taken right after ACC’s SRT Officers captured him in Hot Springs. He’s the parole absconder we posted earlier today...the one who had run three times from police in the last two weeks. He tried to make it four this evening...first in a car, then on foot. But this time, Fite didn’t get away. He was arrested along with two others and ACC officers seized a pistol and meth from them. He now faces parole revocation and several new felony charges.

The time has come! If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to register for the AAPPA training conference, which will be held next month. The dates are October 16-18 and the place is the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs. Registration has been extended through Friday. So get moving...this link will take you there!

Here’s the proclamation that Fayetteville Mayor Lionel’s Jordan signed to declare September as National Recovery Month. That’s exciting for ACC since we have so many treatment and counseling programs for substance abusers. One of our centers, the Northeast Community Correction Center, is in Fayetteville and the staff there work tirelessly to help offenders with their recovery. Recovery Month celebrates the gain made by those in recovery and the improvements made in managing health conditions that often go with substance diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and heart disease. The celebration also highlights that treatment does work and can and do recover.

We need to apprehend parole absconder Joshua Fite. His previous convictions include firearm possession. He has several white supremacist tattoos including a swastika, lightning bolts and the numbers 14, 1, and 5 behind his left ear.

From Director Kevin Murphy... “ACC lost one of its finest yesterday with the tragic death of Officer William Gray. William just turned 37 years old and has been with ACC since June of 2005. He has worked at CAC, Transportation, and Little Rock Parole. He was an excellent employee and one everyone appreciated being around. Funeral arrangements have not been set at this time. Staff may wear a black mourning band across their badge until the completion of the funeral. Please remember the family in prayer. Let’s also support employees in Area 7 & 8 who worked with William and are dealing with his loss.” Rest easy, William...we’ll take it from here.

Yeah, that was not a smooth move. Not at all.

This is a much-needed event!

Jacksonville police want to locate Rodney Eggerson and so does ACC. Eggerson is parole absconder. ACC has a warrant for his arrest. Jacksonville has a warrant out on him, too. It's for aggravated robbery. Eggerson has convictions for drugs and theft-related crimes. He has a history of stealing cars. If you see him, let us know.

From ACC Agent Chelsea Kennedy....amazing words about one of the parolees on her caseload: “This is Curtis. I’ll admit that I was apprehensive of this case. This is a 58-year old man who has spent 42 years in prison. He entered prison as a 15-year old with no possibility of parole. Now because of Act 539, he’s experiencing the free world like he never thought would happen. I was intimidated that he might have bigger obstacles to overcome than my other clients and that I might not be equipped to handle his case. He’s proved me wrong. He’s been out for 6 months now, is gainfully employed, in full compliance with is parole, and recently obtained his driver’s license. He was too young to have a license when he went to prison, and for 42 years, he thought he’d never have that opportunity. I’m very proud of his progress.”

It’s good to get the story straight from the source. And that’s what we’re going to do. The story is about Regina who’s an ACC Reentry Program graduate and an employee at the Goodwill Store in Jonesboro. Regina words as an assistant to the TEO program coordinator at Goodwill....who has nothing but glowing words to say about her: “Regina was sent to prison for the first time in 2017 on drug charges, which in her words “was the most terrifying and humiliating “ time of her life. Upon release, Regina was ready to get serious about her recovery and start changing her life for the better. By working in the TEO program, she has been able to take care of personal business while at the same time being able to work in a stress free environment. So far in the TEO Program, Regina has learned to type, taken several computer classes, and learned a lot about her character issues that used to hinder her from making any real progress. Together, Regina and I have worked through her behavioral habits of wanting to help people who were not ready to be helped as well as her tendency to people please. While dealing with these issues, Regina has regained her confidence and is learning to set boundaries and put her recovery first. Regina recently got her own car and already owns her own home. She would like to make a career out of helping others, only this time, in the right way. I have often told Regina that no one can fix anyone else, especially when we can’t fix ourselves. We don’t have that much power. Only God can truly fix someone, we are just the tools He uses after being refined to do the job His way.”

When Arkansas’s sex offender manager’s association opened up its annual conference, North Little Rock’s mayor was there to welcome them. Mayor Joe Smith was front and center on day one. ACC officers and local law enforcement officers from all over the state are in attendance. This is an importance conference for an important group of officers. Managing sex offenders is a tough job!

Big smiles and a huge feeling of accomplishment today at ACC’s community correction center in West Memphis! That’s because a hard-working group of residents graduated from the Exodus Project this morning, and that’s an occasion worth celebrating. The Exodus Project teachers offenders specific life skills to improve their chances of a successful return to the community. The focus is on education, building a community network and restoration. The program is intense, but well worth the effort. This was the second group of female offenders to complete the program, and there will be more!

ACC is looking for absconder Mark Geurin who lives in the Hot Springs area. He got away from police last week and we really need to find him.

The Board of Corrections is at the Benton Unit this morning, and right now members are discussing ACC. Topics have included the Offender Violation Guide, caseloads, sex offender compliance checks, and the backup of inmates waiting to come to the centers. Soon, the topic will switch to supervision fees. It’s a very busy morning for the board!