Arkansas State Police

  • Agency: Arkansas State Police
  • Address: One State Police Plaza Dr, Little Rock, 72209 AR
  • Chief: Colonel Winford E Phillips (Director)
Phone: 501-618-8000

Arkansas State Police is located at One State Police Plaza Dr, Little Rock, 72209 AR. The Director of the department is Colonel Winford E Phillips. The Arkansas State Police phone number is 501-618-8000.

Arkansas State Police News

TROOP C INFORMATION -The Drivers License Testing Site in Turmann will be closed today, Tuesday June 19th, due to examiner illness. If you need assistance please contact Troop C Headquarters @ 870-935-7302.

On Saturday the ASP team, Knot on Duty, was one of over 30 teams that participated in the 2018 River Cities Dragon Boat Festival, benefiting the Children’s Protection Center. The ASP team consisted of members of the Crimes Against Children's Unit who have worked for months to raise money for the cause!! Teams competed at Maumelle’s Lake Willastein for the champion title in the fifth annual dragon boat competition. Proceeds from the races benefit the Children’s Protection Center, which works in collaboration with all the agencies that help children in abuse cases. We are so proud of the CACD for working so hard to support children while at work, and even when "Knot on Duty"!!!

"To the world my dad is a State Trooper, but to me that State Trooper is the world." Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's out there!! -Photo courtesy of Jess Martin Photography-

#findthetrooperfriday And the answer is..... the “Painted House” in Lepanto, Arkansas. "A Painted House" is a novel (released in 2001) by American author John Grisham. It was made into a television film in 2003, in which this home was the main set. Inspired by his childhood in Arkansas, "A Painted House" is Grisham's first major work outside the legal thriller genre in which he established himself. Set in the late summer and early fall of 1952, its story is told through the eyes of seven-year-old Luke Chandler, the youngest in a family of cotton farmers struggling to harvest their crop and earn enough to settle their debts. The novel portrays the experiences that bring him from a world of innocence into one of harsh reality.

The ASP Aircraft Division made a special landing a few days ago when they visited the first annual Van Buren Youth Police Academy. Led by Van Buren Police Department Corporal George Edelen, 36 students (Grades 6-11) will complete a 8 day course in the Academy. Each student picked to attend the Youth Police Academy had to apply and go through a background check that their School Resource Officers conducted. Out of 150 students that applied, 3 groups of 12 students were selected. During the course of the 8 days, these students will be learning "hands on" police, fire, and emergency medical training. They will be using their time training in defensive tactics, investigating mock accidents, and studying a mock crime scene. When they graduate the academy, each student will be CPR certified. There is nothing better than showing teenagers who are interested in a career as police officers the exciting things their future can hold. Thank you VBPD for allowing the ASP to be a part of your Youth Police Academy!!

TROOP F INFORMATION - The Drivers License Testing Site in Hamburg will be closed today, Friday June 15th. If you need assistance or to locate another testing site, please call Troop F Headquarters @ 870-226-3713.

#findthetrooperfridays Find our troopers! Arkansas is a beautiful place, and every Friday we will post a photo of an ASP Trooper in scenic or historical spot in our state. Do you know where the Trooper is??? We will answer the question at the end of the day!

What a great story on behalf of #FlagDay !! If you frequent Crosstrails Road in the city of De Queen you just might have seen this young man and his American Flag. Meet 9 year old Malachi, who is well known around town for his love of the Flag. Seeing Malachi many times during his patrols, Troop G's Tfc. Ernie Echevarria decided to stop and spend some time with Malachi, and get the story behind the Flag. Malachi's dad told us that he showed an interest in the American Flag even before he started to walk, and has always been fascinated by it. Any chance he gets, he will stand at the edge of his property and hold the flag for people to see as they pass by. Many people have stopped to take pictures with Malachi, and he loves it when people honk for him! During his visit, Tfc. Echevarria made sure that Malachi was looking the part - and presented him with a retired ASP felt hat. What a cool kid!

It is WEEK SIXTEEN for the ASP 2018 A Recruit Class, and they are switching groups. The group that learned traffic stops last week will now be in the gym for the second week of V.E.R.S Training. If they were in the gym all week last week, they are getting fresh air this week working on the traffic stop side of things. An ASP Trooper is constantly making traffic stops, in order to keep the roads of Arkansas safe for everyone - so this training is invaluable. With each interaction and training stop, the recruits get more comfortable asking for information, talking to someone sitting in a vehicle, and realizing what they need to watch for to keep themselves safe. They are tested in many different ways, to make sure they are prepared for the career they have chosen.

ANNUAL STATE POLICE AWARDS CEREMONY: TROOPER LEVI FLEMING RECEIVES TOP HONORS, OTHERS RECOGNIZED Trooper Levi Fleming, 26, of Brinkley, was presented the prestigious Arkansas State Trooper of the Year Award today during the annual state police awards ceremony. Trooper Fleming was among a group of more than 30 Arkansas State Police personnel recognized today for cumulative work or assignments involving particular incidents during the 2017 calendar year. The recipient of the Trooper of the Year Award personifies the highest standards of public service and has demonstrates a record of esteemed law enforcement action. Trooper Fleming, a four-year veteran of the department, was specifically recognized for his January 21, 2017 action in response to a disturbance call at a DeValls Bluff residence. An intoxicated individual had forced his way into the residence, armed himself with a shotgun, and doused a portion of the garage and himself with gasoline. While Trooper Fleming was present, the individual then ignited a fire which consumed the individual and a portion of the garage. Trooper Fleming armed himself with a fire extinguisher, activated the device and entered the garage, successfully extricating the victim who had sustained serious burns across more than forty percent of his body. Trooper Fleming was also among eight state troopers today to receive the department’s life saving award. Kim McJunkins, 55, of Hempstead County, was presented the Arkansas State Police Civilian Employee of the Year Award. McJunkins joined the department twenty-eight years ago and serves today as an administrative specialist for the Criminal Investigation Division, Company C, headquartered at Hope. McJunkins was recognized for her cumulative record of service, in particular for her work in case research, management of the administrative duties within Company C, and her most recent training assignments related to the implementation of the division’s new records/case management system. Other award recipients recognized today are: Distinguished Meritorious Service – (The highest award presented by the department for meritorious service or clearly outstanding achievement.) Special Agent (Sergeant) Larry J. Carter, 44, of Atkins, was presented the Distinguished Meritorious Service Award for his efforts on May 11, 2017 in Yell County when he negotiated with a man suspected of killing three individuals, including a sheriff’s deputy. S/A Carter was able to arrange the release of a hostage during the encounter and the eventual surrender of the suspect to state troopers and local authorities. Special Agent (Corporal) Becky Vacco, 43, of Flippin, was presented the Distinguished Meritorious Service Award for her cumulative work across three north Arkansas counties between September 21, 2017 – February 1, 2018 involving the murder of a 23-month old child and the battery of two other infant children. S/A Vacco successfully closed the cases with the conviction of the individuals responsible for the crimes. Trooper’s Cross – (*Presented to a trooper or civilian employee who demonstrates extraordinary courage.) Trooper Justin Williams, 37, of Pine Bluff, was presented the Trooper’s Cross for his valiant effort to save a woman whose vehicle had been engulfed by fire following a collision. Without regard for his own life as flames ignited part of his uniform, Trooper Williams persisted in finding a means to eventually pull the woman from the burning car. Lifesaving – (*Presented to a trooper or civilian employee who through direct personal intervention, sustains another person’s life.) Sergeant David Williams, 44, of DeValls Bluff, received a lifesaving award for his aid to a fellow trooper who had entered a burning garage to save an armed intruder. Sergeant Jeff Plouch, 37, of Benton, received a lifesaving award for his rapid response after noticing the passenger in a vehicle he had stopped was unresponsive and appeared to be in cardiac arrest, possibly from a heroin overdose. Sergeant Plouch administered a lifesaving drug (Naloxone) and began chest compressions to assist the victim until emergency personnel arrived. Corporal Benjamin Harrison, 51, of Pencil Bluff, received a lifesaving award for his response to assist another law enforcement agency and their officers who had encountered an individual who appeared to be unconscious from a drug overdose. Trooper Harrison administered Naloxone to the individual and was able to revive the victim while awaiting the arrival of emergency medical personnel. Corporal Brandon Cook, 53, of Malvern, received a lifesaving award for his response to an attempted suicide in Garland County. Upon his arrival he entered a lake, swimming nearly sixty yard to rescue the woman who had jumped into the lake. Corporal David Outlaw, 41, of Monticello and Trooper Lukas Tankersley, 24, of Lake Village both received life saving awards for saving the life of a Monticello gunshot victim. Both troopers used their training to stop the loss of blood from the victim and provide medical care until the arrival of emergency medical personnel. Trooper First Class Chris Aaron, 35, of Almyra, received a lifesaving award for his assessment of an Arkansas county man who had sustained an accidental gunshot. Realizing that waiting for emergency medical assistance may further endanger the life of the victim, Trooper Aaron exercised his training to control the loss of blood and stabilize the victim, then transported to individual to a local hospital. Official Commendations (*Presented for acts of exemplary service and awarded before the Arkansas State Police Commission during the course of 2017 prior to the today’s ceremony. Supporting information available upon request.) Major Forrest Marks Highway Patrol Division, Western Region Commander Special Agent (Corporal) Mark Brice Criminal Investigation Division, Company E Corporal Todd Harris Highway Patrol Division, Troop C (Greene County) Special Agent (Corporal) Jackie Stinnett Criminal Investigation Division, Company E Special Agent (Corporal) David Small Criminal Investigation Division, Company E Special Agent (Corporal) Tony Haley Criminal Investigation Division, Company E Corporal Michael Bowman Highway Patrol Division, Troop H (Crawford County) Trooper First Class Kurt Ziegenhorn Highway Patrol Division, Troop D (Woodruff County) Trooper First Class Corey Skarda Highway Patrol Division, Troop D (Prairie County) Trooper First Class Andy Metcalf Highway Patrol Division, Troop C (Greene County) Trooper First Class Derek Nietert Highway Patrol Division, Troop H (Franklin County) Trooper First Class Matt Price Highway Patrol Division, Troop H (Crawford County) Special Agent (TFC) Buster Rinks Criminal Investigation Division, Company E Trooper First Class Mark Blackerby Highway Patrol Division, Troop A (Lonoke County) Trooper Ben Ibarra Highway Patrol Division, Troop H (Franklin County) Trooper James Taylor Highway Patrol Division, Troop D (Prairie County) Trooper Gabe Monroe Highway Patrol Division, Troop A (Pulaski County) Trooper Jason Fagan Highway Patrol Division, Troop C (Poinsett County) Trooper Matthew Schanzlin Highway Patrol Division, Troop F (Ouachita County) Trooper Steven Payton Highway Patrol Division, Troop D (Crittenden County) Trooper Matthew West Highway Patrol Division, Troop D (Saint Francis County) Trooper Josh Elmore Highway Patrol Division, Troop H (Crawford County) Trooper Andrew Pannell Highway Patrol Division, Troop B (White County) Daniel Baker (administrative headquarters, auto shop mechanic) Distinguished Service Award – (*Presented to local citizens at large or law enforcement officers of another agency who have rendered aid to Arkansas State Troopers during the course of their duties.) Clifton Cabaness, Sr. and Clifton Cabaness Jr., both of Fort Smith received Distinguished Service Awards for stopping to assist an Arkansas State Trooper and their effort to seize one suspect and render aid to the trooper who had been met with resistance by a second suspect. Joe Johnson, of Lonsdale, received the Distinguished Service Award for his roadside stop and assistance to a state trooper being met with resistance by a suspect being taken into custody. Terry Davis, of Pine Bluff, received the Distinguished Service Award for coming to the aid of an Arkansas State Trooper who battled fire that had engulfed a damaged car and its driver trapped inside the vehicle. Ranotta Moser, of Batesville, received the Distinguished Service Award for her heroic life saving measures following a shooting incident that left a Batesville police officer critically wounded.

Every few months at ASP Headquarters, we are visited by The Arkansas Blood Institute mobile blood donation team. They came to Headquarters with a goal of receiving 17 donations last week, and with help from our Recruits - they smashed that goal! Many of our recruits were happy to help save lives and donate blood. (It may or may not have been because of the sugary snacks they received afterward)

TROOP F INFORMATION - The Drivers License Testing Site in Monticello will be closed today, Tuesday June 12th, due to examiner illness. If you need assistance, please contact Troop F Headquarters @ 870-226-3713.

Here is our #learnthelawtuesdays! Today we are looking at the law on Center Left-Turn Lanes! Most people leave out the "Left-Turn" part of the description when talking about these lanes, and that is the main problem!! Many people have asked driving in these lanes and wanting to know the legitimate way to use them! The confusion and incorrect usage lead to many accidents. Common questions are: 1)When I am turning left out of a business, crossing traffic and there is a center lane, can I use that center lane to get speed up and then move into the traffic lane? NO! Read below, the center lane IS NOT TO BE USED as an acceleration lane. 2) Can I drive in this lane for a little while if my turn coming up on the left and there is traffic in front of me? NO!! You many only use the center turning lanes for turning left and may not be used for through travel!! 27-51-309. Center left-turn lanes. (a) As used in this section, "center left-turn lane" means a center lane on any road or highway that is for the purpose of executing two-way left turns in either direction and that is so marked by signage or striping. (b) (1) Center left-turn lanes shall be for the exclusive use of left- turning vehicles in either direction. (2) Center left-turn lanes shall not be used for through travel, nor shall center left-turn lanes be used for passing or overtaking, except as a part of the left-turn maneuver. (c) It is permissible for a vehicle making a left-hand turn from an intersecting street or driveway to utilize a center left-turn lane as part of the maneuver to gain access to or to merge into the traffic lanes, except that it is not permissible to use the center left-turn lane as an acceleration lane.

With baseball on many people's radar at the moment, we wanted to give a huge "CONGRATS" to Brinkley's 10U Baseball team, the Arkansas State Police Association Troopers!!! On Saturday, these boys represented the ASP Association and battled all day to bring home the Gold, winning 1st Place out of 6 teams at the Augusta Tournament. Good job Troopers!!!! Way to go! All the Troopers on the road are proud of you!

TROOP I INFORMATION - The Drivers License Testing Site in Izard County will be changing locations starting on July 1st, 2018. The NEW location will be the City Hall / Community Building, located at 451 College Drive in Melbourne. Testing times will continue to be the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. For other locations in Troop I:

Last Friday Troop F’s Trooper First Class Lagarian Cross was invited to participate in a student’s summer time program in Lake Village. Although the program is mainly focused on students interested in pursuing a career in medical professions, the visit from Trooper Cross demonstrated that the medical field and law enforcement often overlap. Trooper Cross presented a program on distracted, impaired, and intoxicated driving, giving the students a better understanding of the bodies reaction to alcohol and the dangers it presents. Several students participated in the impaired portion of the program by performing some field sobriety test while wearing the impaired “wobble” goggles. Trooper Cross also answered many questions the students had during this distracted driving program.

We want to give a huge shout out to our new friend, Aleigha Thomas!! While fueling up his vehicle in Beebe, Troop B’s Trooper Drew Pannell was approached by Aleigha, who had a bottle of Gatorade in her hand. Aleigha handed it to Trooper Pannell and told him she wanted him to have it because it was hot outside and she wanted him to stay cool. After visiting with her and her mother, Trooper Pannell Gave Aleigha an ASP teddy bear. Not only did she insist on taking a picture, but even told Trooper Pannell she loved the police and wanted us to stay safe. Now that’s the way to make any of us smile. Thank you Aleigha for not being afraid to say hi, and for being an awesome kid!! Come see us when you turn 21!

#findthetrooperfridays And the answer is..... The “ghost structure” of Arkansas's first Courthouse, located in Randolph County's Davidsonville Historic State Park. In 2014, the park added two “ghost structures,” including the one below, as open frameworks that outline the appearance of a two-story dogtrot-style dwelling and the two-story courthouse on the site of the original building, which was completed in 1822. This park includes historical markers, a walking trail at the old village, and two pioneer cemeteries. The town of Davidsonville, established on the banks of the Black River in Randolph County in 1815, was perhaps the most important frontier settlement in northeast Arkansas. Though abandoned by the 1830s, it was the site of several Arkansas “firsts”, such as the courthouse, and the first official Post Office. The Davidsonville Historic State Park offers several events during the year, including the annual fishing tournament in April, the Ghosts of Old Davidsonville program in mid-October, and the biannual Black River Rendezvous in September. #arkansashistory

Sometimes it takes seeing the bad outcome of an action to change the way we drive. We have talked about the Move Over Law plenty on our page, but here is something to catch your eye. The American Towman Spirit Ride is traveling across the country, funded and created by American Towman Magazine & Expositions. This "move over awareness initiative " is their way to raise awareness of the move over law for first responders and town truck drivers! Yesterday, ASP Troop H Troopers escorted it to Troop L, where it was then escorted by Troop L Troopers to the Missouri state line. We were honored to be able to help raise awareness for this law with American Towman. Far too many law enforcement officers, first responders, and tow truck drivers are being killed and injured as a result of being hit on the side of the highways. PLEASE do your part - MOVE OVER and slow down for lights! If you would like to follow the Spirit Ride, or see when it’s coming to your area, you can check out the American Towman Facebook page!

#findthetrooperfriday Find our troopers! Arkansas is a beautiful place, and every Friday we will post a photo of an ASP Trooper in scenic or historical spot in our state. Do you know where the Trooper is??? We will answer the question at the end of the day!

It is WEEK FIFTEEN for the ASP 2018 A Recruit Class! This week they once again are getting split up into two groups. One half of the class is in their second week of V.E.R.S. (Violent Encounter Resolution Skills) training, where they will test what they have learned throughout the past 15 weeks to tactically win the fight against subjects that wish to do them harm. (using each other for test subjects!) The other half will spend their week learning the ASP way to conduct traffic stops. They will spend countless hours this week learning the vital patrol techniques and tactical measures to keep them safe each day they put on their uniform. They must learn, and show proficiency in many areas - including picking a safe location for the violator to stop, knowing their location, reading license plates, and having a clear and respectful voice when talking to citizens. ASP Troopers from around the state travel to Little Rock to act as role players and evaluators for this weeks training. "Traffic Stop" week in troop school is a turning point where our recruits get to prove they are ready to be on the roads of Arkansas.

Many of you have written to us, sent us pictures, or asked about the laws on the following issue.... AR DF&A shared this a few days ago, and we want to pass it along! Attached is the complaint from for misuse of a handicapped parking spot. Be respectful, and remember there are many who need those spots!

#learnthelawtuesdays Today we are covering what you should do when you see an emergency vehicle behind you with their lights and siren activated! Seems simple to some, but many people panic - and block the roadway OR stop us from getting to injured citizens quickly by not abiding by this law. Here are a few of the common questions: 1) What if you are in the left lane and can not move over to the right? KEEP DRIVING in your lane of traffic until you can safety move to the right. Many people will pull to the left, and that is more dangerous for the emergency vehicle and for yourself. 2) Can I just stop immediately where I am, and the emergency vehicle can just go around me? Please try to slowly pull to the right then come to a stop. If you brake suddenly, you might cause a chain reaction, creating another traffic hazard. 27-51-901. Operation of vehicles and streetcars on approach of authorized emergency vehicles. (a) (1) Upon the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle, when the driver is giving audible signal by siren, exhaust whistle, or bell, the driver of every other vehicle shall yield the right-of-way and shall immediately drive to a position parallel to, and as close as possible to, the right-hand edge or curb of the highway clear of any intersection and shall stop and remain in such position until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed, except when otherwise directed by a police officer. (b) Upon the approach of an authorized emergency vehicle, as stated in subsection (a) of this section, the motorman of every streetcar shall immediately stop the car clear of any intersection and keep it in that position until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed, except when otherwise directed by a police officer.

Troop L Information – The Eureka Springs Driver Testing Site will be closed this afternoon, Monday June 4 starting at noon. For questions, please call our Springdale Testing Office at 479-751-3619.

TROOP J INFORMATION- Driver’s License Testing will be CLOSED today, Monday June 4th in Dardanelle. The alternate location available is Clarksville. Questions: Contact Troop J Headquarters at (479) 754-3096