Bryant Police Department

  • Agency: Bryant Police Department
  • Address: 312 Roya Ln, Bryant, 72022 AR
  • Chief: Tony Coffman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 501-847-0211

Bryant Police Department is located at 312 Roya Ln, Bryant, 72022 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Tony Coffman. The Bryant Police Department phone number is 501-847-0211.

Bryant Police Department News

Come see us at the Bryant Fire Department for free food, games, inflatables and Kids ID. 9am - 1pm

CANCELLED- National Night Out in Bryant has been Canceled due to the rain. If we set another date we will let everyone know.

********BURN BAN******** Today 10/2/17 Saline County Judge Arey put Saline County under a Burn Ban until further notice.

PLEASE SHARE: Do you know who this is or who drives this truck? The Bryant Police Department needs your help in identifying the person in the photo. If you have any information, no matter how small, contact the Bryant Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 501-943-0987 or thru Facebook Messenger. Individuals also may send us anonymous information also by going to: The suspect is wanted for questioning in reference to a commercial burglary.

Bryant School Resource Officers have teamed up with the Saline County Sheriff's Office today at the Hurricane Creek Elementary for free kidprint ID. The ID card will be given to the parents. The purpose of this ID card is so parents can have immediate access to their child's information should the child ever become lost and the information needs to be distributed quickly for their safety. If your child goes to Hurricane Creek and misses this today or if your child attends another school and you are wanting this done, the SCSO will also be set up next Tuesday 10/3 at Walmart for our National Night Out starting at 6:30. So bring your child by that evening for an ID card and have some free food and fun while your there.

#BTOWN Join us Tuesday night October 3rd from 6 - 8:30 at the Walmart Parking lot for our annual night of fun, food and games. This year we will have the return of the Mobile Video Game Station, bounce houses and lots of FREE hot dogs, popcorn, cake and ice cream. There will be lots of fun for the kids and D.j. Raquel will keep the fun going with music. So bring the family out, invite your friends and join the us for this fun event. This is our way to say thank you for supporting us. Thanks Sgt. Todd Crowson

Thank you Amanda Jaeger for sharing this story. You did an amazing job with it!!

We have all seen the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left for the people of Houston and the surrounding cities. Among the thousands of victims that were left without homes, clothes and personal belongings are the many first responders. We have reached out to some of the police departments in that area to find out that many of their officers, who are working what seems like endless days to help victims from this tragedy, are in need themselves. They are needing uniform items, such as boots, socks, and leather gear. Items that have been ruined or lost from the flood waters. Items that they need in order to do their day to day job in helping others in their community that are in need of help. The Bryant Police FOP is currently working on getting some of these items together and sending down to Texas so we might help our brothers in blue. Please keep all the first reponders in your thoughts. The FOP is currently gathering items to send to the devastated department. We are not asking for donations but if anyone would like to make a donation please contact Sgt. Todd Crowson or Det Scott Courtney at 501-943-0943 for details.

Salt Bowl time at War Memorial Stadium!! Come see The Bryant Police Department, Benton Police Department and Saline County Sheriffs for great freebies! The football game starts at 7pm.

Say goodbye to tension and hello to pension! After 22 years of service Velma Wallace is ready to take rest and retire from her position. Velma has worked in the courts and with the front office of the police department. She has played a valuable role in our day to day business not only for the PD but with the city code enforcement as well. She will be truly missed. We will honor Velma on her retirement tomorrow, Thursday 8/31/2017 at 11:00am in the Public Safety Training room at the main Fire Department on Roya lane. This is a big surprise for Velma so we're asking if you know her, please do not say anything.

This week Lt. Payte and Lt. Long are in Memphis at the Police Fleet Expo. They are taking classes and seeing what is new in Police Fleet equipment. This helps the city to better manage our Police Fleet. Thanks to Cap Fleet Upfitters and SoundOff Signal for putting some new equipment and using one of our units in this national event. #bryantpd #capfleetupfitters #soundoffsignal #policefleet2017

Putting Kids Feet First It’s that time of year again when our kids are back in school. The Bryant Police Department along with the Bryant Police FOP have been very successful in helping out by putting as many kids as we can in a new pair of shoes to start the new school year. On September 7th this year, we will be doing it again. This program was started several years ago for kids in the Bryant School System called Putting Kids Feet First. The program got a lot of attention from local businesses and residents not just from within Bryant but even from out of state. The main reason this was started is because there are programs for supplies, backpacks and other items needed to start school with. One thing that we all remember as a kid growing up was getting a new pair of shoes to start school in and how we couldn't wait to show them off, as a kid we ran faster, jumped higher and felt better by just getting those new shoes. We want to be able to touch as many kids as possible again this year and put their feet first to start off the school year. Last year we were able to raise enough money to put almost 100 kids in a new pair of shoes from the Shoe Carnival. Shoe Carnival in Bryant has agreed to participate again this year by offering us discounts to purchase shoes there. The officers who were there to assist the kids in shopping said it was one of the most touching moments as an officer that they had been involved in to be able to see these kids receive a new pair of shoes. So this year we are asking for your help again to fund this project because its only done by donations, there is no city funds used for this. If you would like to donate to this great program, you can drop off donations at the Bryant Police Department Mon – Fri from 7am to 5pm. You can make checks payable to the Bryant Police FOP. If you have any questions regarding the program, you may contact Sgt. Todd Crowson or Det. Scottie Courtney at the Bryant Police Department 501-943-0943.

On Thursday 8/17/17 Officer Turner with the Bryant Police Dept. stopped a speeding vehicle on I-30 EB at the 123 Exit. Officer Turner chose to make contact with the driver from the passenger side of the stopped vehicle. While talking to the driver a black Ford truck pulling a trailer started losing his load as it passed Officer Turners vehicle. A pallet and shower stall came lose and struck the vehicle that Officer Turner stopped. We are glad Officer Turner chose to approach from the passenger side because this could have been deadly. This is another reason we have the MOVE OVER law in Arkansas. The driver of the truck stopped at the exit and was cited. #MOVEOVER, #SECUREYOURLOAD

The city of Bryant is doing a survey for our citizens. If you live in Bryant please fill this out to help us serve you better.

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to the parents of the children who attend Collegeville Elementary. As you know there has been a new traffic flow plan put in place this year. Monday afternoon the traffic was a nightmare to say the least. A little over an hour to load up kids and get them on their way. Unacceptable. It was, however, the first day of school. After some discussion between the school staff and the police department a couple of small changes were agreed upon. Tuesday afternoon the load time was reduced by 30 minutes. Now thats a heck of an improvement. I am confident that by the end of this first week we can cut another 5-10 minutes off of that time. Thats on par with any other school in our district. Thank you to the parents that have shown patience and understanding. Thank you to the staff and the officers for coming together as a team to make this happen. Lt. Shawn Fullington Bryant Police Department School Resource Officer Supervisor

Bryant Police Department Criminal Investigations Division needs your help in identifying this person seen from this photo. You can privately message us if you have any information in reference to this photo. This person is suspected of stealing property from a citizen here in Bryant. You can also call 501-943-0943

With school starting back up on Monday we want to remind everyone, just like every year the traffic will be slow and a lot of it. Please be patient watch for kids crossing streets especially in the school zones. We want everyone to have a great first day back with no incidents. Be safe and remember "Don't text while driving"

The Bryant Public School District asked if we could help share this link for the new traffic flow at the Collegeville Elementary. If your child attends this school, this is a very good video to watch due to the new changes being implemented.

We could not be more proud of our newest Police Academy graduates. From left to right: Officer Tyler Langley who also took 1st place in physical fitness. Officer Seth Wakefield Officer Austin Kennedy These three did extremely well in the Academy and they are ready to hit the streets protecting the citizens of Bryant.

Neighborhood Watch Stops Thieves On Tuesday night, 7/18/2017, “The Arbors” a small neighborhood community, came together using a simple app called “groupme” and were able to prevent several thefts from their homes. It all started when one neighbor noticed something off about a lady walking through their area and appeared to be checking things out. The phone calls and text messages went out, and after further neighborhood investigations and coming together as one, they were able to run the potential thieves out of their area with the Police on the way. The thieves had made a small pile of items that were taken from yards, garages and cars and had planned to come back and get them, however they never expected to be in a neighborhood where they watch and prevent stealing from happening. The Bryant PD would like to encourage all of our neighborhood communities to come together as this one did to help prevent thieves from stealing in our city. Get to know your neighbors and talk about joining a group text so that you can all communicate when you see something out of place or suspicious. Then, please do not hesitate to call the Police as soon as you suspect something isn’t right.

Bryant Police Department To Participate in NHTSA Regional Speed Enforcement Campaign “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” Motorists enjoying summer road trips are advised to maintain the speed limit as they travel this weekend. Between July 21-23, the Bryant PD along with surrounding agencies will join participating law enforcement from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma in a Regional Speed Enforcement Campaign. Officers will be on the lookout for those who are traveling above the speed limit on all roadways. Law enforcement officers across the state will patrol approximately 500 miles of roadway. By concentrating law enforcement on high traffic corridors, organizers hope to put motorists on guard and encourage safe driving. Local Impact: In Arkansas during 2015, there were 531 total traffic fatalities with 90 of them (17%) speeding related. Speeding is a serious problem on local roadways and has contributed to multiple traffic crashes, especially those that resulted in deaths. Too many of our fellow citizens are impacted by drivers who drive too fast for the road conditions or exceed the speed limit. In order to get drivers to slow down and reduce the number of crashes and fatalities, we plan to intensify enforcement of posted speed limits in throughout our area. We’ll stop and ticket anyone caught speeding. National Impact: Nationwide, 27% of crash fatalities in 2015 were related to a driver exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions. A great majority – 86 percent – of all speeding-related traffic fatalities occurred on local roads -- where the posted speed limits were 55 miles per hour or under. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a crash on a road with a speed limit of 65 mph or greater is more than twice as likely to result in a fatality than a crash on a road with a speed limit of 45 or 50 mph and nearly five times as likely as a crash on a road with a speed limit of 40 mph or below. About 14 percent of the country’s speeding-related fatalities occur on interstate highways each year. NHTSA considers a crash speeding-related if the driver was charged with exceeding the posted speed limit or if the driver was driving too fast for conditions at the time. “Speeding translates to death on our roadways. It greatly reduces a driver’s ability to steer safely around another vehicle, a hazardous object, or an unexpected curve. Speeding drivers put themselves, their passengers and other drivers at tremendous risk. All drivers need to be on alert - the posted speed limit is the law. When it comes to speeding, no more warnings and no more excuses - Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine,” said Susan DeCourcy, Regional Administrator National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Region 7. Our goal is to save lives and we’re putting all drivers on alert - the posted speed limit IS THE LAW. No more warnings and no more excuses. When it comes to speeding: Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine. For more information please visit

Breaking and Entering Arrest Early this morning 7/13/2017, around 4:38 a.m. Bryant Officers received a call about some suspicious activity in the East Ridge subdivision on Hwy 5. The caller said that he saw a black male in a white t-shirt attempting to get into vehicles. When Officers arrived on scene they found a dark colored Chevrolet Impala parked on the side of the road that was occupied by 4 black males with one matching the description that was given by the caller. Subjects were questioned at the scene and were taken into custody after an investigation determined that they were going through cars and stealing items. The case was turned over to our investigators where they recovered a stolen gun along with a few other items. All four of the suspects are being charged with numerous counts in this case. One suspect is a Juvenile so therefore we cannot release any of his information. The investigation is still on going at this time The three adult suspects were identified and charged as follows: Quantarius Garden of Little Rock - Felony Theft of property & Misd. Theft of property (7 Counts), contributing delinquency of a minor Tevin Williams – of Little Rock - Felony Theft of property & Misd. Theft of property (7 Counts), contributing delinquency of a minor, driving on suspended. Tyrick Sanders - of Little Rock - Felony Theft of property & Misd. Theft of property (7 Counts), contributing delinquency of a minor We want to thank the citizen for calling this in. With the Bryant Citizens help, hopefully we can put a stop to this type of crime in our city.