Marshall Police Department

  • Agency: Marshall Police Department
  • Address: 100 College St, Marshall, 72650 AR
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (870) 448-2888
Fax: 870-448-5692

Marshall Police Department is located at 100 College St, Marshall, 72650 AR. The Marshall Police Department phone number is (870) 448-2888.

Marshall Police Department News

This is the latest update from the SCSD: Update: After looking at the conditions of the dirt roads the SCSD has made the decision not to have school tomorrow Mon. Jan. 15th. Tomorrow will be declared an Alternative Method of Instruction day, parents should refer to the packets that have been sent home. Questions? Please contact your child’s building principal tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience but the safety of our students is our number one concern.

Good morning! Please join me on January the 9th at our first City Council meeting of the year! Come out and support your elected officials. City Council meets every second Tuesday of the month. See ya there!

Please please DO NOT drive if you have drank!! We just want you to be safe. It's not worth taking the life of another or losing yours. Stay safe and happy new year!!

The Marshall Police Department would like to thank Searcy County Sheriff Office for helping with traffic and escorting funerals through town the past few days. Thank you sheriff Pruitt and all his deputies that assisted.

Chief Kevin Trammell K9 Officer Eddie Ragland, Patrolman Michael Patterson, and Patrolman Bill Sellers wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tonight while on patrol Officer Patterson was investigating a report of stolen property. The property was found and returned to the rightful owner. Charges are pending and suspects are being investigated.

Tonight K9 Officer Ragland was called to a residence concerning illegal items. The items were seized and the suspects identified. No one was arrested due to lack of evidence however more drugs were taken off the street tonight by you. The Citizens of this town. We are working for a better tomorrow. Thank you all again. # safer streets # safer tomorrow!!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Marshall police officers had a great time seeing and visiting the kids special thanks to Santa and his elf. Yes the mayor and county judge can confirm his beard was real.

Safety tip of the week

Marshall Police Department would like to thank the Mayor Kevin Elliot and the Searcy county Sheriff Department for helping assist with the parade. Thank you all so much!!!

Today Chief Kevin Trammell received information concerning a suspect wanted on numerous felony warrants. Chief Trammell arrested the suspect without incident. The suspect is currently in the Searcy County Jail. # SAFER STREETS! # WARRANTS ARE REAL!!

Last night while on Patrol, K9 Officer Ragland observed an individual that was believed to have warrants. After checking through local dispatch, the warrant was verified. The suspect had a nation wide felony warrant. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and will be held at the Searcy County Jail. The suspect will be extradited back to the county of the original offense ASAP. # safer streets # warrants are real!!!!

This afternoon K9 Officer Eddie Ragland and Police Chief Kevin Trammell responded to a disturbance call that led to the arrest of an individual with misdemeanor and felony charges. # safer streets # a better tomorrow

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of men and women veterans of this great Nation. You the veteran have stood since the birth of this great nation on the dedication for freedom. From battles past to an uncertain future we say thank you. Good luck and God speed!

Last night K9 Officer Eddie Ragland responded to a disturbance call that resulted in an arrest for Domestic Battery III and felony drug paraphernalia charges. Officer Ragland was assisted by Searcy County Sheriffs Dept. # WORKING TOGETHER # BETTER TOMORROW STARTS TODAY!!

Today Volunteer Fire Fighter Devin Elliott helped K9 Officer Eddie Ragland and partner Asan show the kids what a K9 Track looks like!

And the winner is....

Today the Marshall Police Dept and Marshall VFD visited the preschool today! The children got to see the Fire truck and Police K9 Unit in action. Also the drawing for the Christmas to Remember drawing was held today at the school and a young man did the drawing! # BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW !! # STRONG COMMUNITIES LAST!!

Today Chief Trammell and the Marshall PD K9 Unit assisted Prob/Parol Agent Cassell with home visits. While searching different home the items below were found. Numerous people have felony charges. # ASAN IS A CHAMPION! # HOME VISIT! # CLEAN UP MARSHALL!

Yesterday Chief Trammell responded to a disturbance call for an individual that had been assaulted by two people. Chief Trammell conducted interviews and gathered evidence prior to the victims departure by a local ambulance company. The victim was transported for further medical care. Chief Trammell and K9 Officer Ragland searched and found both individuals accused of the attack. Both individuals were arrested and taken to the Searcy County Jail. # safer streets # accountability

Every child loves Halloween! It's the perfect time to dress up as your favorite super hero or scary ghoul and gather as much candy as your little arms can carry. We would like to remind parents that while, fun and candy are the main goals, safety is also important. Below you will find some tips that will hopefully keep everyone safe this Halloween: 1. Take a photo of your children, it's not only good for blowing up Facebook feeds, its also perfect just in case an emergency arises. 2. Make sure your child's costume is safe. Is the fabric flame retardant? Does the mask they are wearing have proper opening around the eyes, mouth and nose and can they walk in it easily without tripping? 3. If you are headed out with a group make sure there is a buddy system in place, it's easy for a small child to get left behind or caught up in a mix of other children. 4. How many times have we all wished we had Little Johnny's mothers number in our phone? Please make sure if your children are trick or treating with someone else, you have an adult's number in your phone. 5. Check the candy bag! Stay away from homemade treats, unsealed/opened candy. Get rid of those immediately. Enjoy your Halloween and Be Safe!

I would like to thank everyone that came to the meeting tonight with the DEA. We had representatives from the DEA, DTF, Local law enforcement, and State Prosecutors Office. We also had some outstanding speakers that shared their personal stories of how methamphetamines almost destroyed everything. The DEA Agents said that they would come back again if you all wanted. Thanks again!

As per request of many residents of Searcy County, the Searcy County Sheriffs Department and the DEA out of Little Rock have joined forces to conduct a Methamphetamine Awareness class. All are invited to attend! This class will be held at the Searcy County Library in Marshall.

Please join with me in recognizing Patrolman Michael Patterson for his accomplishment for Outstanding Officer of the Year! Patrolman Patterson was recognized for his hard work and dedication for the Marshall Police Dept., in Searcy County. He will receive his official recognition later on this month at a ceremony for him and the other winners throughout the state. Job well done!