Ash Flat Police Department

  • Agency: Ash Flat Police Department
  • Address: 869 Ash Flat Dr, Ash Flat, 72513 AR
  • Chief: Anthony Wiles (Chief of Police)
Phone: 870-994-3061

Ash Flat Police Department is located at 869 Ash Flat Dr, Ash Flat, 72513 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Anthony Wiles. The Ash Flat Police Department phone number is 870-994-3061.

Ash Flat Police Department News

Just a few preventative measures can help prevent theft. Never leave your keys in anything. Lock your doors at night and when you’re not at home. Stop posting that you are on vacation on social media, you are telling everyone that no one is home. Be aware of scams, everything from winning a prize to having your loved one in jail to the IRS calling demanding money. If it doesn’t seem right contact your local law enforcement office. It’s the simple things folks! I went out to eat yesterday and a whole group of people came in sat beside me, they all got up and went to get their food at the buffet leaving phones and purses unattended at the table. Do you lock your car while you go into the gas station thieves are now stealing your wallet out of cars while people are pumping gas. Something as simple as a note on the windshield of a car can lead to numerous things like car jacking theft or worse! We often hear if the Police were doing their job this wouldn’t have happened, we can’t be everywhere all the time it’s just not possible! But a ounce of prevention goes a long way to saving yourselves grief! We hope these tips help people in preventing crime.

Sharp Co. Is under a flood watch for the next several days. Make arrangements ahead of time and turn around don’t drown!

This absolutely says it all!!!

We are so sadden to hear this we knew and worked with James our prayers go out to his family R.I.P we will take it from here.

Extremely cold if you can’t read that it says -2 degrees don’t leave home without warms clothes!

Roadway Update 7:10am Extreme cold don't leave the house without warm clothes, highways spotty ice patches and backroads snow and ice covered. Use caution today!

Road Update 4:47pm Main highway are wet the highway crews have done a great job today! Reports of city streets having slick spots. Temp dropping 23

Most people don't see the cold as dangerous on the contrary though it can be very deadly if you are unprepared.

*Road Update* 11:15am All highways and asphalt roads are clear but gravel roads remain snow with ice present. Helpful information

I just wanted to give a shout to my fiancé for buying me this vest for xmas. I wear it everyday I work and people look and say wow you look like your ready for a day! Well folks looking back on 2017 I had 4 pursuits and foot chases at 53 I figure I can use all the help I can get. No one thinks anything happens in these little small towns I got news folks come walk in my shoes. Also a shout out to armor of God for vest for our part time guys!

Impaired driving isn’t just drinking and driving....please pay attention to the road!!!

R.I.P Deputy, prayers for his family.

Please take notice to subzero temps tonight!!!