Fairfield Bay Police Department

  • Agency: Fairfield Bay Police Department
  • Address: 501 Dave Creek Pkwy, Fairfield Bay, 72088 AR
  • Chief: Kerry Brown (Chief of Police)
Phone: 501-884-6005
Fax: 501-884-3305

Fairfield Bay Police Department is located at 501 Dave Creek Pkwy, Fairfield Bay, 72088 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Kerry Brown. The Fairfield Bay Police Department phone number is 501-884-6005.

Fairfield Bay Police Department News

As of 8:40 am roads are snow covered and becoming slick. Lynn Creek crossing and Beaver are shut down. Road Department personal are out and working on the streets. Please unless it's an emergency stay home.

Be weather wise and report bad road conditions to dispatch. Also this is a reminder if the road has a baricade do not drive around it. You will be cited. Please be safe if the weather does turn bad.

Merry Christmas from the men and women of the Fairfield Bay Police Department.

Santa made a special visit to the Indian Rock Village to visit residents. Santa handed out tins of cookies and boxes of candy. Santa had to stop and admire some of the amazing doors that were decorated with his likeness :D Officer Kim Manville, Officer Donald Crispell (Santa) Chief David Burnett, and Investigator Chris Waring.

An amazing time was had by all.

Newest Edition of On Patrol, Oct 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Batesville Police Department and the Batesville community. Prays for a quick recovery for the officer that was shot tonight. Reports are he will be OK.

Come by and see us at this event :)

Prayers to Justin Thurman.

Come on out and say Hi to our DPS family.

Fairfield Bay on Patrol August 2017 By: Chris Waring I got to play in the shop with a cop golf tournament on Saturday that had about 34 teams playing. Although my team played less than stellar all had a good time. Last year the monies raised through this and other fundraisers allowed your local law enforcement take 86 needy children shopping at Walmart where they got to spend $125 on clothes and $125 on toys. It is so nice to be able to give back to local community in this way. Your Fairfield Bay police department sponsored a bicycle safety class a few months ago and monies raised we were able to give out about a dozen new bikes to kids without one and new helmets to all who attended. Kirk of the Hills men’s club donated hotdogs, chips and soda for that event. This will now be a yearly event. Another great event was the back to school backpack giveaway that was sponsored by the paper, local churches and the PD. We gave away loaded backpacks to about 80 local students which saved families a fair amount of money. We are planning to make this an annual event and hopefully we can do closer to 200 next year. We are going to have a food basket drive going around Christmas this year to insure our shut ins and people without family close by get a good meal. We are so very lucky to live in a community that helps us with donations to accomplish all these needed and worthwhile projects. Thank you so much to our many volunteer groups, church’s and others who help us pull off these programs. August’s calls featured 94 traffic stops, 22 disturbance calls, 7 alarm calls, 4 accidents worked 33 rescue calls, 188 public service calls, 4 reported thefts, 7 assists to other agencies. 34 citations were issued, 8 arrests made, 4 warrants served, 2 new arrest warrants issued. Questions, comments or complaints please email me at chriswaring@ffbpd.org.

Prayers for the Braden family and the Drew County Sheriffs Office

Press Release 08/11/2017

Press Release on incident at the main gate on July 28, 2017.

Taking donations here at the Fairfield Bay Police Dept, 101 Little Rock Dr Fairfield Bay. This is for our back to school bash on August 12th 4-8 at Woodland Mead Park here in the bay. Free food, giveaways, drawing to win 4 bikes and more fun! Those with kids save the date and get your school supplies FREE! While supplies last.

Event Details coming soon.

Shooting fireworks in the Bay is Legal until 10pm at night. After that time you can be issued a citation for Disorderly Conduct for the disturbance. Have a happy and safe 4th of July

The 2017 Bike Safety Event was a great success. We have too many people to think. The DPS was in full force with Police, Fire, EMS and Van Buren county 911 staff all coming out to make this event such a success. We were able to provide every child that didn't have a bike with a new or gently used bike. Some child gracelessly traded us there slightly used bike for a newer bigger bike so we could give another child the opportunity to have his own bike. The rain that was forecast for today held off and made the day perfect. Kirk of the Hills Men group did an amazing job grilling for us. This event could not have taken place without the help of all of our sponsors help. We will be putting out an official press release from our Chief latter this week. I just wanted to post my feeling on this great event. I am Very proud of our DPS family on a job well done. Officer Crispell signing out. Have a great day and thank you again for everyone that helped in one way or another.

Our bicycle safety event is in full swing. Food is on the grill. Come on by.

We are monitoring the weather for Saturdays Bike Program. We will have more of an idea latter this week if we will be postponing it.