Elkins Police Department

  • Agency: Elkins Police Department
  • Address: 1874 Stokenbury Rd, Elkins, 72727 AR
  • Chief: Shawn Ellis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-643-2600
Fax: (479) 643-4166

Elkins Police Department is located at 1874 Stokenbury Rd, Elkins, 72727 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Shawn Ellis. The Elkins Police Department phone number is 479-643-2600.

Elkins Police Department News

Found in Oakwoods on Richland creek. Anyone know the owner?

The City of Elkins recently took in a Doberman Pinscher that was wandering the streets near Oakwoods and Oakleaf Manor. The dog recently had surgery done to it’s ears, and is currently still in bandages. He has a severe medical condition to the head, and we would rather not put a picture because it could be disturbing to some people. We are looking for any help or information in locating the owner of this dog. If this description sounds familiar, please contact us at 479-643-2600 or message us. Thank you!

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This girl was picked up in the Aspen Circle area earlier. Do you know where she belongs?

This guy was picked up Saturday near the 1300 block of White River Road. Do you know where he belongs?

This guy was picked up in the 300 block of North Center street on Saturday. Do you know where he belongs?

Almost that time of year again....

Picked up last night .

Found near O'Neal and 1st street.

This young lady is selling some ice cold lemonade down at the Rusty Pearl, don't miss out on it!