Elkins Police Department

  • Agency: Elkins Police Department
  • Address: 1874 Stokenbury Rd, Elkins, 72727 AR
  • Chief: Shawn Ellis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-643-2600
Fax: (479) 643-4166

Elkins Police Department is located at 1874 Stokenbury Rd, Elkins, 72727 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Shawn Ellis. The Elkins Police Department phone number is 479-643-2600.

Elkins Police Department News

UPDATE.... **OWNER LOCATED** We just picked this girl up on whiteriver. Very friendly.

Good information...

FYI, there has been a accident at 1st and Center Street, Ozarks Electric is on scene now. Hwy 16 will have to be closed off when they make the repairs. Please use caution in this area. Thanks

Shout out to all teachers, none of us would be where we are today without you. THANK YOU!

UPDATE.... Now has been sighted on Sulphar City. **BLACK BEAR SIGHTING** We have been recieving multiple calls about a black bear running in the area of Harris Community Road and Lacy Drive. Arkansas Game and Fish have already been notified and are monitoring the situation with us. If you or someone you know lives in this area, we strongly recommend that you put away all outside food. So far the bear has been attracted to pet food, and has NOT exhibited any aggressive behaviors. If this bear happens to walk on to your property please do not take the opportunity to post selfies with it, please just call us. Thank you.

The stop light is working now.

The stop light at Hwy 16 and Hwy 74 has malfunctioned, please use caution in the intersection.

The Elkins Police Department is currently accepting applications for a full-time patrol position. ALETA certified is recommended however not required. Applications can be email to service@elkinspd.com, faxed to (479) 643-4166, or mailed to Elkins Police Department, 1874 Stokenbury Rd, Elkins AR 72727. In an attempt to conserve paper, we ask that you hold certificates until we can follow up. To obtain an application, please visit our website at www.elkinspd.com This posting will expire 3/26/2018

You don't want to miss this, please come out and support our friends!

This young lady was picked up in the 100 block of Sulfer City Road, she has a brown collar and only 3 legs. If you know where she belongs please call the PD or City Hall. Thanks

Update; Owner has been located. This little guy was picked up last evening on Shoffner Lane, if you know where it belongs please call the PD or City Hall. Thanks!

ROAD CONDITION UPDATE **** Highway 16 and 74, along with our city streets have a few slick spots. All our bridges, highway and city, have a thin layer of ice but for the most part are still drivable. Please use extra caution when driving this morning.

ROAD CONDITION UPDATE..... As of now Highway 16 and ciry streets are still wet, HOWEVER.. the bridges are icy. Please use caution while driving.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pretty family and members of the Sheriff's Office.

This morning the Elkins Police received some information of a “possible” threat that was posted on a social media forum. As soon as we received the information all precautions were taken by both the Police and the School to insure the safety and wellbeing of the students. We made contact with any students that had possible involvement before they arrived at the school. Once the student was identified, their parent, the school, and the police department quickly resolved the issue without incident. Unfortunately, with social media today, rumors can spread and cause undo panic and false allegations. We would like to make it clear that at no point were there any weapons or narcotics involved. We would like to thank the Elkins School Administration for there proactive efforts with this issue and help with keeping our community safe.

This morning around 7:30 AM, the Elkins Police Department responded to a motor vehicle crash near 1032 N. Center St. An SUV driven by MYERS heading westbound collided with a passenger car heading eastbound driven by CAMPBELL. All three occupants of the passenger car needed medical attention. The driver and one of the minors were transported to Washington Regional where they were treated and released with minor injuries. The third occupant who is a minor was flown to Springfield MO Trauma center with critical injures. No updates on his condition are available at this time. The driver of the SUV denied medical attention at the scene. The investigation of the crash is still on going, and we will update when we have further information. We ask that you please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.