Johnson Police Department

  • Agency: Johnson Police Department
  • Address: 2904 Main Dr, Johnson, 72741 AR
  • Chief: Vernon Sisemore (Chief of Police)
Phone: (479) 521-3192
Fax: (479) 521-9157

Johnson Police Department is located at 2904 Main Dr, Johnson, 72741 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Vernon Sisemore. The Johnson Police Department phone number is (479) 521-3192.

Johnson Police Department News

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their weekend. Please take a minute to honor and remember those heros who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending this country whether foreign or domestic!

This little guy was found on Bent Trail if anyone knows where he belongs please call the police department at 521-3192.

Officer Luond and I had a great time cooking hotdogs today, meeting new people and spending some time with some we already knew. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and spent time with us. I also wanted to tell you all that we appreciate the support from the citizens here in Johnson. We only made it through two neighborhoods (Mary/Jack/Yvonne and Oak Glen), but we had a blast. Thanks again for your support Sgt. Bowen

This guy was found near Bent Trial if anyone know where he belongs please call the police department @ 479 521-3192.

National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others. We will always remember their sacrifices, Fallen but Never Forgotten!!!

This girl was found on Eden if you know where she belongs please contact the police department at 521-3192.

Sgt. Bowen, Ofc. Belew and Ashley M Bowen thank you for all the work and long hours you've put in for these kids. To all the explorers thank you for the hard work you've put into this group. This post has done some good things in the community and will continue to grow.

The Hogeye Marathon will be held Saturday April 14th, start time is 0700 in Springdale and the runners will most likely be coming through town around 0745 to 1000 that morning. The route through Johnson will be on the Clear Creek Trail to Ball Street runners will travel north on Ball and continue on N. Hewitt to Elmore, once on Elmore they will make their way to Johnson Road, they will then turn north on Johnson Road and continue into Springdale. With all that being said some delays on Main Drive should be expected, there will be officers there to assist runners across Main Drive. If you need to travel north into Springdale you can use Carley Road or 71B, N. Hewitt will be closed along with northbound traffic from the intersection of Elmore and Johnson Road. Ball, southbouth traffic on Johnson Road and Elmore will still be open; however, there will be runners around those areas along with officers to ensure everyone's safety, please take extra time to get where you are going that morning.

The City of Johnson is seeking a P/T Deputy Court Clerk. M-W-F 8-5. This is an entry-level position with on the job training. Responsibilities would be general office duties. Successful candidates must demonstrate the following: confidentiality with court matters, math skills, basic computer skills, organizational skills and good interaction with the public. Also required: candidates must be 18 or older, hold a high school diploma or equivalent, and have a valid driver’s license. Background check and drug screening are required. Applications may be obtained in person at the City of Johnson Police Department. Applications will be accepted through April 20th, 2018.

This little male was found on Slape St. If anyone knows where he belongs please call the Johnson Police Dept. 479-521-3192

The location for this event will be held in the City Hall parking lot.

Missing female Yorkie from Ellington/Karrington area she has been missing approximately 2 hours, please call 521-3192 if found tonight.

Over the last two month the officers here at the Johnson Police Department have been busy taking drugs, drug paraphernalia, etc. off the streets. One of the pictures below is over two pounds of marijuana, another one is $4000.00, another is a bunch of anabolic steroids, and other pictures of misc. Drug paraphernalia. The officers here at the Johnson Police Department are dedicated to making sure our community is as safe.

If anyone knows where these two belong please contact the Johnson Police Department at 521-3192 or our Animal Control Officer at 841-1944. They were found by the Woods Apartments off 48th St. around 1100 this morning.

With all the rain expected this week we thought we would share some tips. If the road is covered please turn around, there is no telling how deep the water really is and how fast it's moving.

This dog was dumped off of Jane in someone's backyard. The owner of the dog is deceased. If you would love to adopt this 7 year old male dog, please call our Animal Control Officer: Johnny 479-841-1944.

This is, Isabelle. She went missing around 5:00 this morning from Magnolia Place off Carley. She’s solid white with blue eyes. She’s deaf and declawed on her front paws. She’s very afraid of other animals and strange people. If you see Isabelle or know of her whereabouts, please call the Johnson PD at 479-521-3192.

There is a video going around the internet right now about a female hitting a child and people are asking everyone to share the video and contact the police. This video was from a couple years ago and the lady in the video was arrested in Uzbekistan.

Found in Johnson, Mongoose Mt. Bike. Please call Johnny @ 479-841-1944 if you are the owner or know of the owner.

This guy was found on Stacy if you know where he belongs call the police department 521-3192 so we can get him back home.

We would like to say, THANK YOU, to Markus Surber with Farmers Insurance, for recognizing the Johnson PD (National Law Enforcement Day).

Happy New Year everyone hopefully 2017 was great and 2018 will be even better!!!