Prairie Grove Police Department

  • Agency: Prairie Grove Police Department
  • Address: 955 E Douglas Ste 1, Prairie Grove, 72753 AR
  • Chief: Carl Dorman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-846-3270

Prairie Grove Police Department is located at 955 E Douglas Ste 1, Prairie Grove, 72753 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Carl Dorman. The Prairie Grove Police Department phone number is 479-846-3270.

Prairie Grove Police Department News

Update: Owner located. Thank you! Can you help us find the owners to these three cows? They’re hanging out along Highway 62 near the Farmington City Limits.

Road conditions reported by our patrolman this morning: Highway and bridges are clear and dry. There are a few small slick spots on a couple side roads, but overall, the roads are good.

1/05/18 Arrest Warrants issued today for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Burns, Jerry E. 41 Cantrell, Rocky J.R. 37 Christie, Lynn R. 39 Hyatt, Mark A. 48 Johnson, Hershel L. 26 Julios, Jordan 26 Lee, John P. 53 McGee, Keith 52 Porter, Angela C. 34 Reed, Steven E. 34 Sangster, John M. 38 Sheets, Lauren D. 29 Vancleave, Carrie A. 40

Patrol officers are reporting the roads to be clear throughout Prairie Grove.

**Sunday Morning Road Conditions** All roads are completely ice covered (including Hwy 62). Most inclines are nearly impassible. We strongly recommend folks to refrain from driving until the precipitation stops and the sunlight has a chance to evaporate the moisture from the roadways. According to our local weather reports, this may be around noon-1pm.

It’s a blessing to give, especially when you give to someone who cannot give in return. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays!

Just for clarification: Trademark Homes were a victim in the recent construction thefts. They were not associated with nor knowledgeable of any criminal activity. It was requested that we clarify this matter after a recent report caused confusion.

If you saw this low flying over the PG area, Don’t Be Alarmed! It was one of our officers assisting in a search & recovery mission. On Saturday, December 16, John David Ewig, 62, walked away from a home on Angus Dr. He left behind a journal and note showing his intentions were to possibly commit suicide. Recent reports indicated that John might be located in nearby wooded areas. Officers spent the day on the ground and in the air searching for him without success. If you have any information regarding Mr. Ewig, please notify our department. He is described as a white male, 5’11” 165-175 lbs, gray hair and glasses. He was last seen on foot Saturday on Angus Dr.

Over the past year, thieves have been targeting our local residential construction sites and have stolen thousands of dollars worth of tools, appliances and construction materials. So, our officers came up with a creative way to catch a thief in the act. This video is mainly comprised of the body camera footage that documented the incident. Both suspects (plumbers) were arrested for Theft of Property and are pending trial. Music:

Way to go Goshen PD! This man has also scammed PG residents out of thousands of dollars over the past several years. We have worked with the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office to see that he is brought to justice.

There will be a parade through downtown this evening at 6pm and it’s been rumored that Santa Claus will be there! See the link for details.

Tonight, we honored Elementary School Counselor Jennifer Faddis Weyl. Her continuous efforts have helped to support the Prairie Grove Police Department in meeting the needs of the community and in touching the lives of children. We love you, Mrs. Weyl!

Congratulations to our School Resource Officer - Corporal David Faulk for being the 2017 Officer of the Year! When you see him around town, be sure to let him know how much we appreciate his hard work and dedication to making Prairie Grove a great place to live.

Celebrating our 9th successful Shop With A Cop (Christmas). We were able to help 63 children! We have a great group of Officers! (Missing Officers Mitchell, Burgess & Villines who had to cover shifts). A special thank you to: School Counselors Angie Gill, Jennifer Weyl, & Denise Oglesby. City Treasurer Christine Kelly & Kaylin Kelly Michelle Palmer

Today is Shop With A Cop! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, to our fabulous school counselors who spent endless hours reaching out to families, and to Target Fayetteville for allowing us to invade their store!

Thursday, November 30th, 6:00pm ~ PG Middle School Detective Frisard from Washington County Sheriff's Office will be presenting "Cyber Safety" for the Parent Night. All are welcome to come and learn how to keep kids safe on the latest social media.

11/24/17 Arrest Warrants issued today for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Lewis, Jacquetta Dawn 28 Arnold, Brandon 22 Johnson, Heather Nicole 32 Cunningham, Jacob Marvin 24

11/14/17 Arrest Warrants issued today for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Catron, Johnella Suenna 29 Cooper, Michael Andrew 18 Hummingbird Sanders, Carrie Irene 30 Marler, Mathew Dale 31 Melgar, Misty Dawn 35

Last video for the weekend. Just for those that might have missed it. We love sharing positive stories!

We are in awe at all the community support we received today during the Basketball Tournament & Auction which helped us raise a record amount of funds for Shop With A Cop. It would be nearly impossible to list all those who donated to make his event possible. We are so thankful for each of you and your continued support to meet the needs of our children and families. Shout out to Charity Chambers for taking special effort to cover this event.

Wow! Huge thanks to Brandon & Melissa Vansickel, owners of Mel’s Diner, for all they’ve done and continue to do in supporting this community!

Our Shop With A Cop Auction starts at noon! Come join us. Lunch provided by Raising Cain’s. Location: Old Gym (behind Middle School)

Tomorrow 11/11 starting at noon the auction begins and Rasing Canes will be providing lunch following the 3/3 basketball tournament. We will have lots of items to auction off not mentioned in the video including several date night and family night packages that have several different food and entertainment options. Please come out and see us tomorrow at noon!

11/1/17 Arrest Warrants issued today for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Barker, Stevie Alexa 21 Cook, Alex Samuel 18 Cook, Thomas Jeremiah 39 Davidson, Chrissy Louise 38 Doss, Garrett Lane 18 Glasscock, Melissa 33 Goodman, Melissa Ann 41 Harris, Danny Wayne 40 Hess Bowling, Leigh Allison 41 Huggins, Susan Jane 57 Jones, Kimberly Mae 30 Jordan, Micheal Lee 36 Klein, Eva Marie 47 Mott, Shawnna A 21 Redfern, Barbara Jean 64 Smith, Paul Joseph 22 Tutor, Miranda Beth 25