Prairie Grove Police Department

  • Agency: Prairie Grove Police Department
  • Address: 955 E Douglas Ste 1, Prairie Grove, 72753 AR
  • Chief: Carl Dorman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 479-846-3270

Prairie Grove Police Department is located at 955 E Douglas Ste 1, Prairie Grove, 72753 AR. The Chief of Police of the department is Carl Dorman. The Prairie Grove Police Department phone number is 479-846-3270.

Prairie Grove Police Department News

A parakeet has been located in the Sundowner Ranch Neighborhood, off of Spur Circle. If you happen to be missing your bird please give us a call so we can reunite you both.

A set of vehicle keys were located on Arkansas Lane and turned into us. If you believe they may belong to you please contact the Police Department so we can reunite them with you.

Tomorrow 6/9/18 Cpl Faulk will be back at Junk At The Mill open and ready to serve you breakfast at 7:30. Hot fresh pancakes and sausage will be served. At 10:30 lunch will be started, hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq nachos and pulled pork sandwiches, along with Rasing Cane’s lemonade and Tea. We hope to see you there, and appreciate the support that has already been given.

Come get some pulled pork bbq nachos! Cpl. Faulk specialty.

School Resource Officer David Faulk is at Junk At The Mill this morning cooking Breakfast. Pancakes, Sausage, Donuts, coffee, milk and OJ and it’s all ready this morning. Stop by and see him.

**Shop With A Cop Back To School Event** We Need your Support! Thursday, Friday Saturday 10:30a-6p We will be setup at the Junk At The Mill (South Mock St) serving Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Chili Cheese Nachos with your favorite grill master and School Resource Officer David Faulk and his support staff (Chief Workman). All proceeds go to fund our back to school event.

**Community Release** Over the past several weeks, we have received much concern from our community members over recent break ins and theft of property incidents. Although, these types of crimes are not new to our city, the increased social media presence has brought greater attention to the cases. Therefore, we want to share some of the things we’ve been doing to resolve the issues. Most of the cases began at the end of the school year. It was determined that juveniles were the main suspects with most of the incidents occurring in the Sundowner & Prairie Meadow subdivisions. Our officers have done a great job of identifying the areas of concern and increasing their patrol. On one incident, a night shift patrolman discovered footprints in the early morning dew and was able to track multiple juveniles to a location. Vehicle break ins were later discovered and surveillance video helped to identify those same juveniles through the clothing description that the officer had witnessed. This case would have been hard to solve without the keen eye of the patrolman. At the request of Chief Workman, several officers then voluntarily gave up their day off and provided additional foot patrols of the subdivisions. On the first night of these extra patrols, officers apprehended the same juveniles wandering the streets again. In another incident, two of our night patrolman discovered a juvenile breaking into cars. After a foot pursuit, they apprehended the juvenile, charged him and released him back to parents (per Juvenile Court). In another incident, our foot patrol officers observed two juveniles breaking into residential property. Further investigation discovered that the same juveniles had broken into a vehicle and had stolen property. It is because of these officers’ great work that the incidents were discovered and quickly resolved. These are just a few examples of recent incidents. Since May 12, 2018, we have arrested 17 juveniles for Curfew Violation, Breaking & Entering, and Theft of Property.

A boil order is in effect for certain areas. See the post below.

Did you know that Prairie Grove has a sidewalk ordinance which restricts a sidewalk from being blocked by vehicles or other items? We understand the difficulty this creates for some residents when trying to park multiple vehicles in their driveway. However, all ordinances are passed by elected members of the community and then it falls to us for enforcement. Our officers will be enforcing this and other city ordinances during their normal patrol. Help us spread the word: "Don't block sidewalks."

4/19/18 Arrest Warrants issued this week for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Alvarado, Laura 33 Amburgery, Andrew C. 37 Baugh, Jason R. 35 Beeks, Michael D. 47 Blackburn, Jeremy A. 23 Bowlin, Kelsey D. 28 Burley, Richard D. 34 Campos, Martin Jr. 21 Clauss, Jennifer E. 30 Collins, James III 42 Crook, Tiffani H. 48 Davis, Joshua D. 33 Denton, Nikayla S. 30 Divita, Christopher R. 44 Durgan, Jon P. 37 Fontes-Ellis, Athena C. 33 Graham, Sissy M. 29 Herrin, Jean P. 20 Keller, Linda 51 Mayfield, Landis M. 26 Parks, David L. 25 Phillips, Matthew K. 34 Smith, Kody C. 26 Walker, Walter E. 36 Walles, Chelcy R. 31 West, Kristina F. 40 Wilder, Alana I. 34 Wilson, Jason L. 29 Wood, John W. Jr. 66

We are requesting some help identifying this driver of this Pickup. The subject driving is a suspect in some thefts that have occurred. Any information about the whereabouts of this truck or the driver would be appreciated. Thank You in advance

Edit - this subject has been identified. Thank you for the help. The individual in this photo is wanted for questioning in connection with theft of property. Help us identify him!

4/19/18 Arrest Warrants issued this week for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Alvarado, Daniel 22 Andrews, Christopher S. 37 Calvin, Makayla J. 21 Montgomery, Forrest J. 31 Smith, Helen A. 25 White, Kane R. 20

***edit*** Dog has been returned home safely This dog was found running around on Triston Lane. A homeowner on Triston lane is holding the dog until the owner can be located. If this is your dog or you know the owner please call the police department so we can get you reunited. (479)846-3270

Efforts are continuing this evening throughout the Mountainburg/Rudy area. Huge thanks to Sheriff Tim Helder and all of the Washington County Deputies who showed up in force!

We are in the Mountainburg area assisting with efforts.

We will be opening the Tornado shelter to the public at 4pm. Located at the Elementary School on Viney Grove Rd.

The Joe Martin Stage Race will be traveling Hwy 62 in two groups beginning at 10:45am & 11:30am today. The race will start at Walmart on MLK and travel through Farmington and Prairie Grove to Hwy 45 just east of Lincoln. Expect traffic congestion along Hwy 62 until about 12pm.

Pet Owners: See the flyer below for the upcoming Chip Shot Clinic taking place this Saturday.

Please see link below for information on the Joe Martin Stage Race taking place in town on Saturday April 14th. The map shows what roads will be closed down.

4/6/18 Arrest Warrants issued this week for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Frische, Michael 52 Camp, Sabrena 41 O'Connor, Hailey A. 27 O'Connor, Casey J. 37 Remington, Christopher J. 47 Julios, Jordan 27

4/5/18 Arrest Warrants issued this week for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. Allen, Robby D. 35 Alston, Dan E. 52 Beauchamp, Thomas J. 35 Burris, Kevin B. 55 Doshier, Hayley N. 19 Gilbert, Johnny Ray 54 Golden, Karen R. 53 Martinez, Ronnie R. 34 McDowell, Keith W. 37 Patrick, Gregory A. 56 Tuell, Harley L. 22 Yasin, Wasim Hisham 21

We are currently accepting applications for a Full Time Patrol Officer. Applicant must be 21 years of age. Please call our office 479-846-3270 for all questions. Click the link below to download the application.

Today, we along with Mayor Hudson, joined other law enforcement, Fire Departments, and EMS from across the State of Arkansas on the steps of the Capitol at a press conference to announce an historic fight against prescription drug abuse. The U.S. is responsible for 84% of the world's opioid consumption even though we represent only 3% of the world's population. In 2016, Arkansas ranked #2 in our nation for the highest number of opioid prescriptions. This has created a deadly epidemic, one for which law enforcement has witnessed first hand.

3/21/18 Arrest Warrants issued this week for the City of Prairie Grove: Individual may contact the Police Department to arrange for the warrant to be served. McDonald, Kelly D. 36 Upton, Johnathan T.L. 20 McCurtain, Cody L. 27 Glasscock, John P. 19 Allen, Bobby W. 35 Leslie, Christopher A. 36