Yell County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Yell County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 101 E 5th St, Danville, 72833 AR
  • Chief:
Phone: 479-495-4881
Fax: 479-495-4892

Yell County Sheriff's Office is located at 101 E 5th St, Danville, 72833 AR. The Yell County Sheriff's Office phone number is 479-495-4881.

Yell County Sheriff's Office News

Highlight video from the Lt. Kevin Mainhart Memorial Dedication Ceremony on May 18, 2018, courtesy of

Had some local reports that this one may be coming around again....

Congratulations to the Arkansas Narcotics Officer Association's Paudert-Evans Officer of the Year for 2018, Lt. John Franks of the Yell County Sheriff's Dept.!

Courtesy of River Valley Leader...

We're hiring! Apply now.

We have completed our project to honor all the Sheriffs of Yell County with a plaque in the main hall of the Yell County Law Enforcement Center just outside the training room. The wall now features a photo or plaque for each of the 34 Sheriffs who have served Yell County that includes the Sheriff's name, dates that he served as Sheriff and a photo when available. The list starts with Theodore Sadler who was the first Sheriff of Yell County who served from 1840-1846, and ends of course with current Sheriff Bill Gilkey, who took office in 1999 and is the longest serving Yell County Sheriff ever. We have photos for all the Sheriffs back to 1919 when J.N. George was Sheriff, with the exception of Baxter Gatlin (1927-1930). The oldest photo we have on the wall is of Joseph Haston Howard who was Sheriff from 1890-1892. If you have an ancestor who was a former Yell County Sheriff and have a photo of him that we could use we would love to have it! You can message us on here or email:

National Police Memorial Service - May 15, 2018

Officers and officials attending the Dardanelle Police Memorial this morning.

We would like to thank the Danville First Baptist Women’s Group for bringing snacks by for the officers and staff!

Dardanelle Police Memorial

Russellville Police Department is still seeking information in regards to this. If you have information please contact them.