Springerville Police Department

  • Agency: Springerville Police Department
  • Address: 418 East Main St, Springerville, 85938 AZ
  • Chief: Steve West (Chief of Police)
Phone: (928) 333-4240
Fax: 928-333-2667

Springerville Police Department is located at 418 East Main St, Springerville, 85938 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve West. The Springerville Police Department phone number is (928) 333-4240.

Springerville Police Department News

ATTENTION residents: Sierra Propane will be conducting a burn off at McDonald's in Springerville. A large flame is visible, please do not report

To all the families who lost on this day, we will NEVER forget. May God give you peace, comfort and strength. Thanks to all who serve and protect.

Come check out the smoked rib competition behind the Springerville Police department. I promise You will not be disappointed.

ATTENTION ROUND VALLEY RESIDENTS. please be aware they will be discharging fireworks at the airport for the next several hours. Please do not be alarmed and do not report. Please share to get the word out!!

Everyone come down to the park behind the Springerville Police department and enjoy awesome Tri tip with several sides. Plenty left $10 a plate

Please utilize this service if you are a veteran in crisis or in need of other services. https://beconnectedaz.org/

Our friends at Springerville Auto Wreckers taking care of business. This was a freak accident in the drugstore parking lot.

We would love to see a lot of local people enter this event. Fun for all.

Attention Round Valley residents. There is another scam going around where a representative from Navopache Electric is calling stating that you have a certain amount of time to pay your bill and they will give you a work order number. If you get one of these calls contact your local Navopache Electric office to see if this is correct. The caller is leaving a call back number of 1-800-557-9878 at extension 901, this is totally fraudulent, I have contacted the main office of Navopache and they confirmed this is not them and that this is a fraudulent number. Please share this with everyone to get the word out. If you are bored give them a call I did and told them to stop. When I told him who I was he told me to blank off and hung up. Navopache advised all the banks and stores in the area that can do money orders not to do them for this matter. The voice on the line sounds like they are from india and has a heavy accent. If you are unsure hang up on them and call Navopache directly.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the family of Trooper Tyler Edenhofer and all of DPS.

Here is a new support group for sexual assault survivors.

If you have lost a set of keys please contact us. We had a set turned in.

Starting July 31st 2018. The White Mountain Clean Tweekers Group will hold its CMA meeting at 11 S. Gutierrez Street in Springerville The meeting will be at 7pm to 8pm on Tuesday and Friday. Pleasse come for your RECOVERY!!! If you need more information you can call Michael Thayer at 1-928-245-8023.