St Johns Police Department

  • Agency: St Johns Police Department
  • Address: 1190 W. Cleveland, St Johns, 85936 AZ
  • Chief: James S Zieler (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-337-2440
Fax: (928)337-3152

St Johns Police Department is located at 1190 W. Cleveland, St Johns, 85936 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is James S Zieler. The St Johns Police Department phone number is 928-337-2440.

St Johns Police Department News

To the Residents and Visitors of the City of Saint Johns, As you all know, the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church Fiesta was held on June 22, 2018 through June 24, 2018. I had the opportunity to participate in the parade and enjoy some great food, company and entertainment at the Fiesta with my family. Since that time, I have heard that there are some concerns regarding how the police department participated in the parade and other activities. Serious allegations involving race and religious beliefs serving as motives of how the police department operates. I take these allegations very serious. As your Police Chief, I have the upmost confidence in the men and women who work for and volunteer for the police department. Religious views, race, ethnicity or other protected classes do not influence policing in the City of Saint Johns. Policing in the City of Saint Johns involves a partnership with the community. As a partner in the community, all employees will work cooperatively with both members of the department and the community. Jointly we will work to identify and prioritize problems within the agency and the community to develop solutions to problems of mutual concern. In interacting with one another and with the public, we will be professional and consider how our conduct may impact others. The mission of the Saint Johns Police Department is "Protecting Our Community, with Exceptional Service." Understanding our mission is important. Without the community's support, we cannot be successful. After every event, a debriefing is conducted to reflect on what the police department did well and areas where we can do better. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come by the police department or schedule a meeting with me. I have an "open door" policy; a meeting will be scheduled or a phone call will be made. On behalf of the men and women of the Saint Johns Police Department, I want to thank the community for its continued support. We look forward to continuing to build strong partnerships. Respectfully, Lance Spivey, Chief of Police Office: 928-337-2440 Email:

Did you know that you can help your Police Department possibly solve a crime? You can. Please visit the Police Department website and click on security camera registration and complete the registration form. In the event that we believe your security cameras may have captured evidence related to a crime, the Police Department can contact you for a copy of that video footage. Help us keep our community safe!

As the St Johns the Baptist Catholic Church’s Fiestas get underway, please take some time and enjoy all of the activities that are planned. There will be a variety show, dances, great food and much more. Have a great fiesta weekend!!! Please be responsible and safe! Party on!!!🙂🤙🎉

💥💥New Website Features💥💥 The Police Department is proud to announce the launch of several new features on the police department webpage. You can now complete vacation watch requests and research other statistics online. Be sure to check out the website!!!!

We have been advised the phone lines are working!

****UPDATE**** the phones are back online! The seem to be working!*** URGENT! If you are in need of emergency services in St. Johns you may call 911 from landlines or 337-2440, if cellular phones please call the Eagar Police Department at 928-333-4127 option 4. Cell One users can call 928-321-0082 to reach dispatch. Also you may come into the Police Department.

These five puppy dogs have been separated from their families and were lost. Please help us reconnect them to their homes and families. Please call 928-337-2440 with information or to claim your dog.

Good evening. Hope everyone is having a nice summer evening. We wanted to caution everyone on a problem from last summer that has started this year. We all have phones. Not all of us are as careful as we should in keeping our phones safe. Last year we has several calls of theft of cell phones while at the pool. Remember to safe guard your valuables while at the pool. Put them in a safe location being watch by someone you trust or yourself. We can guarantee that someone will be watching your phone, keys, and/or wallet if you aren't. Have a safe summer and keep your valuables safe while you are having fun.

St. Johns PD enjoyed being able to compete this year. We look forward to next year to try and regain our title of Foot Pursuit Champs. Congratulations to Safford PD for this year's win..

From the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, here are some apps on smartphones that every parent should be aware of.

As many had heard we had a small bear in town today. The bear was captured by Arizona Game and Fish and will be re-located. Thank you for the help from AZ Game and Fish and Apache County Sheriffs Office.

The Saint Johns Police Department has arrested Christopher Wells for Making Terrorist Threats. Please see the attached press release for further information.

Yesterday, one of our biggest supporters, Michelle LeFevre, came by the police department and interviewed Detective Ty Bond and Officer Ty Blank. It’s always a great day visiting and talking with Michelle!!

2018 Memorial Day Ceremony

Congrats to Officer Ty Blank on his graduation from the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy!

Congratulations to the SJHS Class of 2018. We urge everyone to have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Ellington’s class for the National Police Week Thank You Card! We are privileged to work in a community like St. Johns, who continuously show their support for their police department!!!

!!!!Attention City of St Johns residents!!!! The City of St. Johns is under Red Flag conditions. Absolutely no fires are to be burned. Please help us keep our community safe. Thank you.

Parents and Students, The Saint Johns Police Department is assisting the Saint Johns Middle School with a lock down drill. THIS IS ONLY A DRILL! ****UPDATE**** The drill is over. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this important safety drill.