St Johns Police Department

  • Agency: St Johns Police Department
  • Address: 1190 W. Cleveland, St Johns, 85936 AZ
  • Chief: James S Zieler (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-337-2440
Fax: (928)337-3152

St Johns Police Department is located at 1190 W. Cleveland, St Johns, 85936 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is James S Zieler. The St Johns Police Department phone number is 928-337-2440.

St Johns Police Department News

The Saint Johns Police Department is proud to announce that the DARE program will be returning to our schools!!! In January 2019, Officers from the Saint Johns Police Department will attend training to become certified DARE Instructors.

Last week, during the Arizona Chiefs of Police Association Conference, the Saint Johns Police Department’s application to begin pursuing accreditation through the new state level accreditation process (ALEAP) was approved. Our application was one of the first applications to be approved. Eleven other applications were approved. The men and women of the Saint Johns Police Department are committed to being accredited. For more on accreditation, please review the following article:

Just a friendly reminder to visit our website and click on reported incidents for updates and news. You can also request directed patrols and house or business watches.

Raffle Drawing for Tickets and toys

Coffee with a Cop & VIN

Apache County Fair. Mud Run and Coffee with a Cop

One police department vehicle has been done. All police department vehicles will be etched. A private vehicle will only have the VIN etched. Because even police vehicles are stolen.

It is rockin' tonight at the Apache County Fair, come on out and enjoy the festivities.

Saint Johns Youth, please come by the Police Department booth and get the Officer Scavenger Hunt Contest Form. Complete the form and turn it back in. On Saturday morning, we will be drawing three winners for a free ride wristband. Thank you to the Apache County Fair for your generous donation!!!

The Apache County Fair is in full swing. Come on out and support the vendors and get away for a little while. Come see us at our booth in the BUB and ask us about VIN etching and Coffee with a Cop. Also bring your kiddos by to pick up a police scavenger hunt. Well see you at the fair.

Had some questions on what is Coffee with a Cop. It is a National Program to help bridge the gap between the community and the Police Officers. Come on down, get a drink and breakfast from the vendors. Then hang out and ask your questions. Hope to see everyone there.

On August 29, 2018, the Saint Johns Police Department received a report of possible threat towards the Saint Johns High School. Officers from the Saint Johns Police Department responded to the High School and contacted a school administrator. Officers conducted interviews with the reporting party and students. Based upon these interviews, it is believed that there is no credible threat towards the Saint Johns High School, faculty, staff or students. Please be sure to read the letter provided by the Saint Johns Unified School District.

***Update*** The soft lock down at the Coronado School has been lifted. The lion has moved on and didn't show any signs of being aggressive. Thank You AZ Game and Fish for the assistance. The St. Johns Police Department is assisting AZ Game and Fish with a Mountain Lion near the Coronado School. The school is currently in a soft lock down and law enforcement will aid the school with helping student getting released at the end of school. We will update when we have more information.

These puppy dogs are needing to find their owners. Please call St. Johns Police Department at 928-337-2440.

Thank you everyone for not parking on the road near the little league field. I know it is a further walk to some fields but our kids are safer and the chance of a accident have dimminished. Thank you again everyone.

On August 17, 2018, the Saint Johns High School made a reported that a student was allegedly making threats. Since that time, the Saint Johns Police Department and the Saint Johns High School have been actively investigating this issue. This is an on-going investigation. No further information will be released at this time. More information about this incident will be released at the appropriate time. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Saint Johns High School or Police Department.

Thank You to all of our sponsors, community members, public safety and city employees who made National Night Out a success! Time to start planning for next year!!! Party On!!! Chief Spivey

School is in session and we need to make sure we as drivers are watching out for our kids as they are getting on and off their school buses. Please if you see a bus with its red lights on, STOP. The red lights are the same as a red stop lights at intersections. This will save a child's life.

Due to weather, the event has been cancelled. We will be rescheduling National Night Out to August 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM.

The Saint Johns Police Department would like to congratulate Henry Patterson, Danny Price and Michelle LeFevre on their graduation from the Volunteer Police Academy! Welcome to the family!!!

SJPD would like to give a shout out to Officer Blank who competed in a Spartan race a couple weeks ago at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Keep up the great work Officer Blank way to represent.

Taking a time out to celebrate Officer Wyatt Smith and his K9 partner, Cabo, the entire team wishes you both a very happy birthday!!