Tombstone Marshal's Office

  • Agency: Tombstone Marshal's Office
  • Address: 311 E. Allen Street, Tombstone, 85638 AZ
  • Chief:

Tombstone Marshal's Office is located at 311 E. Allen Street, Tombstone, 85638 AZ. The Tombstone Marshal's Office phone number is (520) 457-2244.

Tombstone Marshal's Office News

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This weekend marked the 2nd Annual Doc Holidays event, and although Val Kilmer was not able to attend due to health issues, Dennis Quaid was an absolute hit with the fans. We found Mr. Quaid to be quite personable and truly took time out to make his followers smile, even if it meant he got no rest! What a trooper. Congrats to Sherry and Kevin Rudd for their amazing hard work and sweat to put this event together. Thanks to my team for being as professional and dedicated as I know you are. See you next year! :)

TMO Deputy Dustin Lohse was honored tonight at the annual MADD Banquet held in Tucson for his dedicated enforcement of impaired drivers. Deputy Lohse is to be commended for his selfless commitment to keeping our community safe. Great Job Dustin!!

On behalf of the Tombstone Marshal's Department, we send our deepest condolences to the family of AZ DPS Trooper Tyler Edenhofer, Arizona DPS and all our Brothers and Sisters in Blue. We also wish a quick recovery for AZ DPS Trooper Dalin Dorris, who was wounded in the fight. Another sad day........ :(

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Several stars of the movie 'Tombstone' came to town for the 25th Reunion of the making of the film this past weekend. We were responsible for security and escorts while they were here and managed to get a few pictures to keep as memories.

We just got a 'Box of Rocks' in the mail today from a very awesome family in Maryland. The family has taken on a huge project, mostly by accident, in which they gather rocks and paint them in support of Law Enforcement Officers. The project started out small in their hometown and has since spread to law enforcement agencies across the Nation (including ours). So far, they have sent 1,287 rocks to remind officers that they are supported, even if its from across the United States. Each of our Deputies got a personalized 'Rock' of support. Thank you -RocksForLEOS :)

Well, just like any other small police agency, we may be losing one or two of our Deputies to larger agencies in the coming months. Therefore, if anyone knows of someone that is a State Certified Law Enforcement Officer looking for a slower paced job in a great little town, please have them give us a call. 520-457-2244 :)

As I drive around town, I see constant reminders that these creatures have no fear of their surroundings...:(

It's Hot!!!...... Now that the Summer months are upon us, please be aware that the lack of water and food in the hills, will often times drive the wild animals into town where they can find both... water and food. We have taken several calls recently on Mountain Lion sightings in the middle of town. This morning was the second deer attack reported in the last ten days in which it appears Mountain Lions were involved. Unfortunately, the wildlife in and around Tombstone have become so domesticated, they have lost their sense of fear and oftentimes become helpless victims to predators and car crashes. We are asking that you stay diligent as you take your walks or any other outdoor activities and report any sightings you see, or hear, to the Marshal's Office (520-457-2244)

We are excited to be a part of the "25th Reunion of the Movie Tombstone", which will be hosted by the Tombstone Lions Club. The weekend of June 30th and July 1st will be full of stars from the movie as well as other dignitaries and special people. We hope to see you all here...... :)

Please help Michelle bring her Dad home...…...Thanks

Supporting the Fallen Heroes Wreath Program....such a great honor.

On May 2, 2018, the Cochise County Sheriff's Department hosted a combined 'Law Enforcement Memorial Service' and 'Cochise County TOP COP Award' presentation, in which all agencies within Cochise County were invited to attend. The idea behind the 'TOP COP' award was to bring attention to individual officers from their respective agencies that were nominated as their department 'TOP COP'. There were sixteen different agencies in attendance, each presenting a letter of nomination for their respective organization. All of the officers that were mentioned deserve recognition for their achievements throughout the year, however, I would like to especially recognize Deputy Marcus Gerow for all he has done for the Tombstone Marshal's Office since coming on board. For many reasons, and too many to list here, I would like to congratulate Deputy Marcus Gerow for being Tombstone Marshal's Department's 'TOP COP' for 2018.

On behalf of the Tombstone Marshal's Office, we send our deepest condolences to Officer Jesus Cordova's family, the Nogales Police Department and all of our brothers and sisters in blue on this day of sadness. R.I.P. :(

We have gotten several new reports that "IRS" (Internal Revenue Service) is calling to let you know there is a warrant for your arrest and they are demanding immediate payment. Please know that the IRS would NOT call and make such demands or threats. One local resident provided a number of 786-342-8224 from the scammer, so please be aware. Other than that, have a great day ! :)

In response to several queries concerning the recent 'gas leak' and evacuation process, I have contacted the Cochise County Emergency Services and enrolled in their emergency notification program. The program will allow us to make emergency notifications to each of our residents in the case of an emergency, which will alleviate the need to go door to door or scare the bejesus out of you with our PA Systems. I am attaching a link below which will explain more of the program and allow you to sign up for notifications, via email, cell phone or both. I am hoping the next time we have a serious situation, we can get the word out a bit faster and keep everyone calm. Please click on the link below to start your notification process. Thanks

There appears to be a gas leak in the area of Saddleback Drive in Tombstone. The fire department and Marshal's Office are attempting to locate the source of the leak at this time.

Sumner at Safford (Hwy 80) is temporarily closed due to a semi truck crash. No injuries, but a detour will be in effect for at least the next two hours until we can get it uprighted and moved.

On 2-25-18 at approximately 0223 hours, the Marshal’s Office was informed that there was a fire at the RV park next door. The Deputy on scene could see visible flames coming from the Wells Fargo RV Park. Dispatch was notified to send an additional Deputy and to have Tombstone Fire respond. When Deputies arrived, they observed that there was one RV fully engulfed in flames, and had started to spread to a 5th-wheel next to it. With the assistance of a citizen, Deputies ensured that all persons and animals had been evacuated from all surrounding structures. Tombstone Fire was able to control the blaze to the first RV and two trailers, however, a second RV received heavy heat damage and a sedan also received minor heat damage. In total, two RVs and two trailers were total losses. One citizen was flown to TMC for treatment of smoke inhalation and burns, they were released later in the day. The Red Cross was contacted and is assisting those involved. Deputies conducted an investigation, and found that the fire appears to have started due to an electrical issue. No signs of foul play or the fire being started intentionally, were found.

We found this little dog at 3rd Street and Fremont this morning. She is friendly and obviously has a home. If anyone recognizes her, please call the Marshal's office.

We have the BEST public works department!! The recent and continuing rains have turned our parking lot into a swamp. A new coat of gravel will save the day....thank you!! :)