Holbrook Police Department

  • Agency: Holbrook Police Department
  • Address: 120 E Buffalo St, Holbrook, 86025 AZ
  • Chief: Mark Jackson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-524-3991

Holbrook Police Department is located at 120 E Buffalo St, Holbrook, 86025 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Jackson. The Holbrook Police Department phone number is 928-524-3991.

Holbrook Police Department News

It has been brought to the attention of the Holbrook Police Department that there have been issues with drivers parking their vehicles in bus zones at the schools. The color of zones you will see are yellow (bus loading and unloading only), blue (handicap) and red (fire zone). No driver shall park their vehicle in these zones between the hours of 7:30 A.M. and 6:30 P.M. Safety is a major reason for these zones. If you park in these zones and a bus needs to pick up children they are not able to. If you must use these zones during the allotted time frame, it is requested that you do not leave the vehicle unattended, in case a bus arrives. If a bus arrives, you need to move your vehicle so the bus can load or unload.

Tomorrow, 03/04/2018 starting around 0730 hours (7:30 am), 8th Ave. between Iowa and Buffalo Streets will be closed temporarily by the fire department for hose testing. It should be reopened around 1300 hours (1pm). You can use 6th Ave. from Iowa to Arizona St. to go around it if need be. Please be aware and drive safely.

Another area scam going around, take notice Holbrook residents!!!

Please watch and beware of this scam!!!!

***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT*** To all citizens: Over that past couple of weeks the Police Department has been receiving calls from citizens in reference to a subject claiming to be from the Navajo County Warrant and Citation Division. At first the subject was using the name of Sgt. Davis. The subject is telling the victim that they have a warrant for their arrest and they must go purchase GreenDot card, place money on them and give him the numbers on the card or else they will be arrested. 1. Navajo County DOES NOT have a warrant and citation division, nor do they have a Sgt. Davis. 2. ***MOST IMPORTANT*** Law enforcement DOES NOT call people and request payment on warrants. THEY NEVER HAVE AND THEY NEVER WILL. 3. If you have never been in trouble then you should know right from the start that you wouldn't have a warrant. 4. All payments of warrants or fines go through the courts and they also WILL NOT call you for payment. 5. If someone calls you identifying themselves as an officer or deputy and something just does not seem right, ask for their badge number and write it down. Tell them you need to verify their information before proceeding, hang up and call dispatch to verify. As with other scams, if it feels like there is something wrong, hang up and DO NOT do what they want you to do and call the Police Department or Sheriff if you live in the county. PLEASE SHARE AND TALK TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW ESPECIALLY THE ELDERLY AND LET THEM KNOW ABOUT THIS SCAM AND TO NEVER GIVE THEIR INFORMATION TO ANYONE THEY DONT KNOW!!!! If you do receive a call you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission at the following website: https://ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1

Please stay away from the area of 7th Street and east Florida Street. There is a water break and city crews are currently working to fix the problem. There may be road closures at this location, just drive slowly and be safe.

***UPDATE*** THE PHONES ARE FIXED. THE NUMBER TO CALL IS 928-524-4050. ***PUBLIC ALERT*** All phones are currently down in dispatch. They are working on the problem and in the meantime it is asked that if you need to contact dispatch call 928-524-1455. Thank you.

The Holbrook Police Department would like to thank all the citizens for your support during this time. The posts, likes, shares and attendance at the council meeting showed that we are your department. A special thanks goes out to Melissa Olson for her initiative in getting t-shirts made for supporters to wear to the meeting. Once again THANK YOU!!! WE ARE HOLBROOK!!!

***PSPRS BOARD VACANCY*** The Holbrook Police Department is needing to fill a vacancy on the local public safety retirement board and is looking for an interested citizen to fill one spot. If you are interested or want more information, contact the police department at 928-524-3992 during business hours.

Here is a live stream from space-x whom caused the light you just saw in the sky about an hour ago!!!!

Just in case you saw the light in the sky tonight!!!!

Our hearts are with the family of Officer Lazinsky and the El Mirage Police Departmemt.

From all of us at the Holbrook Police Department, have a safe and enjoyable holiday!!!!