Navajo County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Navajo County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 137 West Arizona St, Holbrook, 86025 AZ
  • Chief:
Phone: (928) 524-4728
Fax: (928) 524-4773

Navajo County Sheriff's Office is located at 137 West Arizona St, Holbrook, 86025 AZ. The Navajo County Sheriff's Office phone number is (928) 524-4728.

Navajo County Sheriff's Office News

NCSO Traffic Enforcement Unit Strikes Again! 16 pounds of methamphetamine seized yesterday on I-40. Great Job by Traffic Enforcement Deputy and K-9 Legend -- keeping this (poison) Meth off the streets! #NCSO #Keepingourcommunitiessafe


**UPDATE** Cedric Beatty-Padilla was located and arrested in Vernon, AZ on Monday evening. Cedric was hiding out at his grandparents house and located by Detectives with the help of the Apache County Sheriffs Office.

I-40 Drug Seizure

***Community Update*** The suspects involved in burglaries near the Linden area have been identified as Kayla Daly, Richard Daly, DeWayne Hendrick, and Frank Witt our of the White Mountain Lakes area. NCSO detectives took Kayla and Richard Daly into custody last night, with Richard Daly being booked into jail for trafficking in stolen property. DeWayne Hendrick and Frank Witt fled into the woods in a 2003 Toyota Tacoma just N of Lone Pine Dam and Sanitation Roads. NCSO is once again seeking the public’s assistance in locating these suspects. ***IF SPOTTED, CAUTION IS STRONGLY ADVISED*** Both suspects should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. Hendricks or Mr. Witt are encouraged to contact the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 524-4050 or Call WeTip at 1-800-78-CRIME. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.

***WANTED WEDNESDAY*** New Charges of Escape in the 2nd Degree as well.

NCSO Traffic Enforcement K-9’s assisted Flagstaff PD in finding 15 lbs of methamphetamine along I-40! During a stop, NCSO was contacted to bring in a k-9 and conduct a sniff search of a suspicious vehicle. After a positive k-9 alert, the deputy on scene noticed the spare tire was heavier than usual, and 15 lbs of methamphetamine was recovered. All suspects were booked into jail.

On a bit of a lighter note - It's National Pancake Day! Enjoy a flapjack or two!

--NCSO Seeking Information-- Holbrook, AZ: The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking the identity of two burglary suspects; The burglary occurred somewhere between February 9th and was reported on February 23rd, A photograph was obtained of the suspect as they were at the victims residence. The burglary occurred in Timberland Acres in Show Low. Anybody with any information about these two suspects are encouraged to contact the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 524-4050 or WETIPP at 1 800-78-CRIME. A cash reward may be offered. Case Reference number #2018-0305, Deputy B Starns #1624.

*****COMMUNITY ALERT***** The Navajo County Sheriff's Office needs your help finding these suspects! NCSO is currently seeking the identity of two burglary suspects stemming from an incident occurring between February 9th and February 23rd in Timberland Acres in Show Low. Anybody with any information about these two suspects are encouraged to contact the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 524-4050 or WETIPP at 1 800-78-CRIME. A cash reward may be offered.

Follow up on last weeks Wanted Wednesday. Cedric Beatty- Padilla did not show up for court on Thursday as directed where a warrant was issued from the Navajo County Superior Court for his arrest for failure to appear from original charges of sexual assault. Detectives are still seeking the location of Cedric on a separate incident where they have probable cause for his arrest for sexual assault. Please contact the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office if you know of Cedric’s whereabouts.


Did you know License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras help local the Navajo County Sheriff's Office locate and identify stolen vehicles, as well as identifying suspect vehicles that have been involved in a crime? See the full Tribune story here:

On 2/18/18, retired NCSO K9 “Branco” passed away. He was 10 years old. Branco served the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office from January of 2011 to April of 2015. During his career with the Sheriff’s Office, Branco, helped seize 683.47 LBS of marijuana, 50.74 LBS of methamphetamine, 15.2 pounds of heroin, and 1.55 ounces of cocaine. He also helped seize $44,741.00 in illegal drug proceeds. Branco was an excellent partner and asset to the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office. In retirement he fit right into his handler's family and was a great companion. He will be greatly missed.

A BIG thank you to our Deputies, Detention, and all of the Sheriff's Office Staff who donate their time to make this possible.

***Community Notice*** Inmate Henry Paul has been returned to the Navajo County Jail. Paul walked away from the Navajo County Jail as a working inmate while at the Holbrook rodeo grounds on October 5, 2017. Paul fled to his home located on tribal land within the Navajo Nation. Through the outstanding partnership between the Navajo County Attorney’s Office, the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office and the Navajo Nation, Mr. Paul was returned to the Navajo County Jail by utilizing the extradition process within the Navajo Nation. Paul will now stand trial for his original charges of probation violation, as well additional charges of escape.

In case of an emergency, use these tips to help responders address the issue: Where is the emergency? - Use street address, direction of travel, mile marker, intersection, landmarks, etc. What phone number are you calling from? - Always give your area code and wireless phone number. Explain exactly what has happened - Clearly describe what has taken place. - If reporting a fire, what is on fire and is anyone inside? - If reporting an accident, type and number of vehicles involved. - If reporting a medical emergency is the person conscious and breathing? Is the person visibly injured? ***Call 9-1-1 only if an immediate response by Police / Fire / EMS is required*** You can also help by: 1. Learning the non-emergency telephone numbers to reach help in your area. 2. Refrain from programming you phone to “speed dial” 9-1-1 3. Lock your keypad when the phone is not in used to prevent accidental calls to 9-1-1

With tips from the public, the great work of MCAT Detectives, and the NCSO K-9 unit - Joshua R. McLain, 32 years of age, was arrested on HWY 260 in Heber Friday morning at around 3 AM. Joshua was in route from Phoenix to the Snowflake area with a quarter pound of meth and a hand gun on his person. Joshua was booked into NCSO jail for Transportation of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Dangerous Drugs for sale, and misconduct involving weapons. Citizens are encouraged to report any criminal activity by using WE-TIP where they can remain anonymous and receive a reward for information leading to arrests.

Congratulations to NCSO Chief Randy Moffitt for receiving the Outstanding Service Award for his time as Lieutenant of the Major Crimes Apprehension Team from 2010 through 2017! Thank you to Chief Moffit for your service and dedication to the residents of Navajo County.

WANTED WEDNESDAY Cedric Efrain Beatty-Padilla W/M DOB: 9/18/1998 Hgt: 5’10”, Wgt: 155 Hair: Brown / Eyes: Blue The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking the location of Cedric Efrain Beatty-Padilla. Detectives with the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office have probable cause for the arrest of Cedric Beatty-Padilla from an ongoing sexual assault investigation. Cedric has been evading contact from Law Enforcement and has not been able to be located in the Show Low area. Cedric should be considered dangerous and a fugitive from law enforcement. If anybody has any information about the location of Cedric Beatty-Padilla we encourage you to contact the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 524-4050 or We-tip at 1 (800) 78-CRIME. A reward may be offered.

***Travel Alert*** Buck Springs Road is closed at Mark Twain Dr in the Pinetop Country Club due to an accident. There is no ETA for re-opening. Alternative route required. SLOW DOWN - approach the area with caution!

NCSO Dispatch lines will be temporarily down from 4:00-5:15 a.m. tomorrow for repairs. This will NOT impact 911 calls or services. Residents trying to reach NCSO offices can call the following numbers: - (928) 524-3102 - (928) 524-1455