Show Low Police Department

  • Agency: Show Low Police Department
  • Address: 150 N. 6th St., Show Low, 85901 AZ
  • Chief: J Jeffrey Smythe (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-537-5091
Fax: 928-537-8346

Show Low Police Department is located at 150 N. 6th St., Show Low, 85901 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is J Jeffrey Smythe. The Show Low Police Department phone number is 928-537-5091.

Show Low Police Department News

Be prepared! These principles will help keep you and your family safe if fire comes our way.

The best way to prevent trouble is to plan ahead and be prepared!

Screenshots of a facebook post from "Ray Andres" making an implied threat against "SHS" have been getting shared across the country, from South Carolina all the way to Guam. If you come across this post, please know it is already being investigated, and at this time there is no reason to believe the post is related to any of our local schools. If any cause for concern is discovered, it will be shared immediately.

The Family Advocacy Center is a tremendous resource to families throughout the county, it is great to see them getting this kind of support!


#wantedwednesday Charles "Jake" Carmichael, 19 years old, is wanted for an outstanding warrant, and for questioning in another case unrelated to the warrant. If you have information about where Jake may be, please contact our dispatch at (928) 537-4365.

If you have loved ones who don't use social media, please talk to them about this - they probably need this information more than anyone else! The APS phone scam is making the rounds again. We've had multiple reports from citizens saying someone claiming to represent APS called and threatened to turn off their power unless they call another number to make a payment. THIS IS NOT HOW APS WORKS. Only the numbers on the APS website and your APS bills are valid numbers - do NOT call any other numbers for APS issues, or give any information to someone calling you. There is often very little we can do to help someone who falls for this scam, so prevention is extra important!

Feb 5-9, expect delays if you are heading east on US 60 or coming to Show Low from "the Y."

Edit 2/26/18 - Manuel was located, thank you to all who shared! --------------------------- If you have any information about Manuel's location, contact SLPD at (928) 537-4365, and reference report number 18-010053.

We first shared this back in October... Maybe by the end of the week you can finally put this information to use!

We all hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for 2018! Did you do anything fun for the holidays? Chief Shelley did, this is him reading The Polar Express to some kids at the library!

Who am I? If you know, please give Detective Sgt. Butora a call at (928) 537-5091 ext. 230.

Had lunch yet? Stop by the Senior Center TODAY and you may end up having some turkey with Chief Shelley and a few other SLPD officers. Come see us NOW 301 E McNeil, behind the Cal Ranch Plaza. And even if you can't make it, spread the work by clicking share!😀

One year. Thank you Darrin, we miss you.

Let's all do our part to keep our kids safe tomorrow night! Help us be clicking SHARE!

You still have an hour! Come see us at the station or Summit Hospital. If you can't make it today, you can use the lockbox in our lobby anytime!

Drug takeback TODAY! (And every other day too!)

Check out that big bonus for experienced dispatchers! Please SHARE, especially with any dispatchers you know.

Some updates regarding the recent officer involved shooting and important other information from Pinetop-Lakeside. Keep getting well Officer Hummer!

An important message from our neighbors at STPD. Government offices and legitimate businesses will NOT call to ask for payments like this, ever!

Wishing the PLPD family the best and hoping for a speedy recovery.❤️

Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District is working on a fire near the Snow Creek subdivision. The fire is contained, but heavy smoke from the area may be present.