Snowflake-Taylor Police Department

  • Agency: Snowflake-Taylor Police Department
  • Address: 602 South Main St., Snowflake, 85937 AZ
  • Chief: Jerry VanWinkle (Chief of Police)

Snowflake-Taylor Police Department is located at 602 South Main St., Snowflake, 85937 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry VanWinkle. The Snowflake-Taylor Police Department phone number is 928-536-7688.

Snowflake-Taylor Police Department News

We too have been notified of this post. We understand the concern of our local communities and echo the response by the Show Low Police Department. We have contacted the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center and they are currently looking into this information and post also. We would like our communities to know that we will have an increased presence in and around our local schools tomorrow. Again, if any cause for concern arises, we will notify the community immediately. Thank you.

We are happy to report that Johnny Frank Narrish has now been safely located. Thank you for your help in locating him. Have a great rest of your Presidents Day!

Community alert: we are currently trying to locate Jonny Frank Narrish, also goes by Frank Narrish, Frank Garland, and sometimes Michael Garland. 14 yrs old, approx. 5'05", 115 lbs. Short, brown, spikey hair, blue-green eyes. Last seen wearing a purple and black button-up shirt with a blue Snowflake zip-up hoodie, faded blue jeans and black low top sneakers. May have a back pack full of clothes. He was last seen at around 5:30 PM in the vicinity of Snowflake Junior High. If you have seen him, know anything about his whereabouts or have any additional information, please call the Snowflake Taylor Police Department at 928-536-7500. As always, thank you for all of your help and have a very safe holiday weekend.

Today's video, Traffic Stop Tips! This is the first video in a series of upcoming videos so stay tuned. Like, share and subscribe! Thanks for watching.

Warrants issued by the Snowflake Justice Court

Yet ANOTHER IRS SCAM!! Please be aware of this ongoing SCAM within Snowflake and Taylor. If you see this man, or come in contact with him, we would love to get all the information we can to help stop him. Thanks for watching and as always, share share share!!!

We had a busy night last night at the Snowflake Town Council Meeting. Several of STPD employees received special recognition and we announced our 2017 Officer of the Year! We also introduced our newest officer, Officer Monseis "Moses" Ramos. Enjoy the video!! Thanks for Watching!

Things are heating up on this fine Saturday morning!! Come on down to the high school cafeteria for ground hog breakfast!!

This happens EVERYWHERE, including SNOWFLAKE AND TAYLOR!! Great reminder from our friends at Goodyear PD. Remove your valuables and lock your doors before someone else does!

Today we talk about a hit and run case in which we are looking for your help!! We also give you the 411 on a new APS scam that has hit the area this week. Thanks for watching and share, share, share!!!

Come out and have a great breakfast!! See ya there!

These are the warrants issued through the Snowflake Justice Court during the month of January 2018.

Let's Talk BURN PERMITS!! Quick video on the do's and dont's of open burning. Hope this helps and as always, any questions just let us know! Thanks for watching and please share, share, share!!

Today we had a visit from four members of the Arizona Department of Economic Security Office of Community Engagement. They were Rosalva Zimmerman, Sharon Pierson, Justin Harris, and Edd Schommer. They met with Chief Scarber and Sr. Sgt DeWitt to explain some of the 40 programs and services DES offers, and how law enforcement can best access and utilize those services. Chief Scarber also took them to the School District office to discuss DES programs for developmentally disabled students. Thanks for coming and sharing this great info!!

We are excited to announce that we are once again recipients of 2 overtime grants funded by the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety totaling $9,000. These grants assist with overtime funds associated with DUI enforcement and selective traffic details (targeted toward high traffic and problem areas). Please help us in our effort to keep our streets safe. Obey traffic laws and plan ahead with a designated driver if the occasion requires. Stay off your phones when driving - whatever it is can wait!! Overtime task forces can occur at any time, but can always be counted on during holidays and major events. Thanks again - stay safe!!! #screensdowneyesup #getaddnotadui

Lt. Martin put together a quick video to help everyone understand the process of an arrest warrant. We hope this helps clarify some issues regarding arrest warrants and why we post them on our page. As always, please share so as many people as possible can receive the information. Thanks for watching, stay safe and have a great day!

It's National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. A huge thank you to all of our officers who have committed to keeping our community a safe place to live. We appreciate you!!!

Are you ready for a very merry Christmas story? Thanks to all of your 'shares', this guy found his way home for the holidays!! YAY!! Turns out his name isn't really Tumbleweed (sorry Officer Carlson, it was a GREAT temporary name though)... but rather Vader and he comes from loving owners who were so excited to be reunited with him. We are SO happy that Vader's story had a happy ending. Hallmark would be hard pressed to compete with this one :) Merry Christmas!!!!

EBAY FRAUD ALERT! Stay safe and secure this holiday season, don’t fall for these traps and scams!! Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Recent WARRANTS entered by the Snowflake Justice Court. If you see yourself you can call the court to fix the warrant!! Thanks

Officer David Young was recognized for his service as a Recruit Training Officer for class 2017-1 of the Northeastern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy in Taylor. Six new officers/deputies from area agencies graduated last week at the NPC Snowflake Campus.

Had a GREAT time last night during our Active Threat class at Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church. Lots of attendee's and great information shared. If you would like to request a similar class or other types of educational courses, don't hesitate to give us a call!!

OK friends - we are hoping for a Christmas reunion. On the evening of December 6th we received a call that a dog had been hit out a ways on Papermill Rd in Taylor. When Officer Carlson arrived on scene the dog was in pretty bad shape and they thought he was going to have to be put down. Well, this little guy had a different plan and somehow jumped into the back of his patrol car (and may or may not have licked his face all over). He doesn't have any tags or a chip, so Officer Carlson took him home and to the vet the next morning. Officer Carlson is unable to keep him, but has gone above and beyond to help this dog and we would LOVE to be able to reunite him with his owner. He is pretty banged up, but is the sweetest dog and we hope to get him home for Christmas. If you recognize this dog, please let us know! Happy Holidays!!

Just a reminder that today is the deadline for applications for Christmas for Children. Santa will be at the Taylor Fire Dept this Saturday the 16th from 11am-2pm and children (under the age of 10) must be present to receive their gift. Happy Holidays!!

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