Chino Valley Police Department

  • Agency: Chino Valley Police Department
  • Address: 1950 Voss Drive, Bld# 301, Chino Valley, 86323 AZ
  • Chief: Patricia Huntsman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-636-4223
Fax: 928-636-1972

Chino Valley Police Department is located at 1950 Voss Drive, Bld# 301, Chino Valley, 86323 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Patricia Huntsman. The Chino Valley Police Department phone number is 928-636-4223.

Chino Valley Police Department News

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#AnnounceAndPounce for the #K9 in #RhodeIsland. #LivePD #LivePDNation

Crazy times in @PascoSheriff. Never a full moment on #LivePD. #Safety & #Prayers for all involved & all motorists in the area.

Retweeted Signals (@SignalsAZ): Great news for Chino Valley and our region! Worldwide brand moves to Chino Valley. >> @CVAZChamber @cvaztown @CVPDAZ @ChinoAZFire @PrescottVlyEDF @BradFain1

Great having #MothersAgainstDrunkDriving speak at our meeting. No more #DrunkDriving should be everyone's goal. It is ours so join up to keep our roads #Safe. #TeamworkForDUIDecrease. The goal should be #Zero. Watch this video

Good life lesson from this #HappyDog. Even if life has you in the mud, roll around, have fun & keep moving. Tough spots, difficult situations & challenges come and go, keep moving forward. It won't all be fun, but how could appreciate the parts that are if there was no contrast.

I can see it now! @RamTrucks Law Enforcement Training Center! #BuiltToServeTogether

The Hay wasn't from or going to Olsen's but they came out with their staff and helped clear the road so we could get it in for you guys. Thanks so much for the help. Great community partners! @olsensgrain

Well I guess another good reason to choose @DiGiorno is you don't have to unlock your door after you lock up for the #9PMRoutine! #NotAnEndorsementOfPizzaoraParticularPizzaPlace #WeAreEndorsingThe9PMRoutine

Slow down, pay attention.

If you are in #Oakland don't wait until #9PMRoutine because the so called "Celebration" is starting. Let's hope everyone obeys the law as they celebrate! Don't ruin this great day for the @warriors.

Road will be opened but down to one lane, please be safe, drive slow so Emergency Personnel can stay safe as they work the scene.

Lock it up for the #9PMRoutine and don't forget to make sure you don't run with scissors. #YouKnowBetter

Retweeted Tamara Davis πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@warriors_mom): Armored troop carrier.

Retweeted Arizona DOT (@ArizonaDOT): ROAD WORK:SR 89 in Chino Valley will be narrowed to one lane in each direction, for pavement preservation work between Industrial Way to south of Outer Loop Road. The work is scheduled between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Monday and Tuesday. Read more here:

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I'll take an @Dbacks jersey to auction off for our 501c3 organization, thank you very much.

Pay attention people we don't need or want any fires so be smart stay out of closed areas and those areas open, be extra careful and follow rules.

Retweeted Navajo County (@NavajoCountyAZ): ***Red Flag Warning*** A Red Flag Warning has been issued for all of Navajo County. ALL BURNING IS PROHIBITED Winds will gust near 50 mph, so be EXTREMELY cautious with any fire risks you present. Sparks will spread very quickly in these conditions.

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Great idea, can you believe it, @azautotheft is full of great and helpful information & advice. Get on board so you can be safe & smart. #BeTheExample

Great advice lock it up, it may not be the greatest vehicle but it is your vehicle so protect it! #9PMRoutine #LockItEveryTime

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