Chino Valley Police Department

  • Agency: Chino Valley Police Department
  • Address: 1950 Voss Drive, Bld# 301, Chino Valley, 86323 AZ
  • Chief: Patricia Huntsman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-636-4223
Fax: 928-636-1972

Chino Valley Police Department is located at 1950 Voss Drive, Bld# 301, Chino Valley, 86323 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Patricia Huntsman. The Chino Valley Police Department phone number is 928-636-4223.

Chino Valley Police Department News

The old saying when in #Rome is true & since I'm in #Florida I'll be following the #9PMRoutine. I may be able to swing by a @PascoSheriff substation when we travel into #Tampa on Sunday! See where the #9PMRoutine started! #ThisIsMyGraceland! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Retweeted Arizona Auto Theft (@azautotheft): We couldn't agree more! NEVER leave a child in a car, running or not. It is dangerous for the child in more ways than one. If your vehicle gets stolen, it is not your car you will worry about.

Gotta love ironic humor of @DennisDMZ. Pointing out the obvious threat as the least dangerous, it's funny but true anymore! #ProtectYourself #ProtectYourInformation.

Retweeted April (@moonskye3): @Det_METRO @Sgt_Sawyer @LakeDallasPD @CVPDAZ retweet please and thank you.

Love to get the word spread about how wonderful the #Elks are not only to the communities they serve but also to #FirstResponders. @TheDailyCourier @FoxNews @Fox10Danielle @FOX10Phoenix @12News #LivePD @eNewsAZ @12News @ChinoValleyNews @KPPVRadio

#CoffeeWithACop is a monthly event but many can't attend due to work, so the Chief has agreed to hold an afternoon session for those that aren't morning people or are at work earlyl. Details will be posted as soon as they are worked out!

I'll get with the chief to do an afternoon #CoffeeWithACop for those early workers because we'll we got cops on all the time. #WeWillGetItScheduled

We were thinking of handing out some #BumperStickers on the #9PMRoutine, that is if @PascoSheriff is good with us doing that since they are the founders of this awesome idea!!! What say you our #Florida role models?

#Doggone is this guys favorite word. Bet the find the dog and then #Doggone someone gonna go to jail! #LivePD #LivePDNation I bet that dog gonna be gone so the dog is gone or doggone! #Maybe!

Maybe the puppy gonna get a #SchoolLunch! #LivePD #LivePDNation

I learned he/she is a #Pony & is now back home safe. Thanks for all your help/support & for educating me on the subject! Now we can ride off into the sunset!

An attack on civilians took place in #Germany this morning. #Prayers for those affected. There will always be those amongst us planning to do harm, we have an obligation to our families & each other to do what we can to #prevent, #survive & #thrive. Basically we need #APlan!

After last night's long game it is nice of @Dodgers to let the @Dbacks walk around the basis. #RestfulScoring #BeatLA

Update will have to come tomorrow, we got called off the search for our suspect to deal with a #RollingDomestic incident. Suspect on the DV call was arrested w/o injury, until the handcuffs went on then the illnesses appeared. He will be evaluated at YRMC before going to #Jail!

YOU CAN HELP. #Addiction is horrible for all involved, but even worse for the baby during pregnancy. Are you in need of help? Do you know someone in need of help? Help is here!!!!

#Collision on SR 89 at MM 351 north of @cvaztown. Please slow down as you travel into the area @YavapaiSheriff & #FireDept personnel are on scene helping @Arizona_DPS. All these 1st responders working to help the injured so #SlowDown. @ArizonaDOT @KPPVRadio

A reminder to all, @AZGOHS provided us funds for #Traffic & #DUI related details. Some are scheduled & published & some are secret until we catch you. When will they be? We have one upcoming for #CincoDeMayo, any others #ObeyTheLaw & it won't matter!

Retweeted Funny GIFs (@FunnyGIFs4You): You got this, Dave...

Had a behind the scenes tour of the @YavapaiSheriff jail today. Normally we only see the intake area but to see all areas & the efficiency in which they operate was tremendous. A great group of dedicated #Officers working hard everyday to help keep our community safe!

It is #OpeningDay2018 for the @MLB season, but you can also make it #OpeningDay for you to be a better person thus making this a better #Country. Join us in doing good, being good and promoting good! #YouCanDoIt & we will help! #GoDbacks.

Roadway is open, thx for your patience everyone!

#OfcTFarmer may make the event but the rest of our equipment won't. Go show some support for the #Heroes at the event & have some fun!

Congratulations & forever #ThankYou!

I see many are questioning the #ethics and issues surrounding #TheBachelor and I think, imagine how much greater our society would be if we were that involved in our own decisions or even in our families decisions. #justathought #wecandobetter

We had 8 show for our testing & oral boards yesterday, 6 men & 2 women. The top three include 2 females & 1 male candidate & the PT was dominated by our 2 female candidates! We have a great top 3 progressing into background. Good luck to all! Better luck next time guys!