Prescott Police Department

  • Agency: Prescott Police Department
  • Address: 222 S. Marina Street, Prescott, 86303 AZ
  • Chief: Mike Kabbel (Chief of Police)
Phone: 928-777-1900

Prescott Police Department is located at 222 S. Marina Street, Prescott, 86303 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Kabbel. The Prescott Police Department phone number is 928-777-1900.

Prescott Police Department News

We would like to thank everyone that tuned into our virtual 'Coffee with a Cop' FB Live event yesterday. We appreciate the comments and interaction yesterday which help to make the event a success. We learned how easy 'going live' was, so expect to see more of it in the future!

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Dont forget, we are going 'live' today at 3:30 PM. Ask your PD the questions that you want answered. Tune in, log on and join us. See you then.

Prescott High School Incident On September 14, 2018 at approximately 5:06 P.M., the Prescott Police Department received a third party report of an armed individual at the Prescott High School, 1050 Ruth St, dressed in camouflaged clothing. This included a photo of an individual. Members of the Prescott Police Department, along with the support of additional agencies responded to the school and began to assess the validity of the report and to determine if a threat existed. For close to two hours, Officers searched the school and close surrounding areas and did not locate any threat. Simultaneously, Officers were able to speak with the reporting party and many others in the area and learned that no threat ever existed. We are aware of the significant social medial reaction that this situation has cultivated; this includes a great number of blatantly false reports of criminal and violent activity, which created unnecessary concern throughout the community. If members of the Public need to report activity, always use 911, which will result in the quickest possible response by Law Enforcement.

This afternoon we participated in The Annual Hero's Lunch at Abia Judd Elementary School. It is such a good time eating lunch with these children. Chief Black, Chief Light and our 1st Responders look forward to this great event.

Prescott PD was honored to attend the Prescott HS 9/11 Commemoration event this morning. Never Forget.

Join us on #facebooklive for a chance to get to know some of your Prescott Police Department team! #prescottpd #golive #askquestions #backtheblue #prescott #az

Today we opened up a Records Clerk position and are now accepting applications. Come join our team! More info can be found at

This evening we had the privilege of speaking to the City of Prescott Citizens Academy. We got to showcase many areas of the Prescott PD to this fine group of people.

Congratulations to Sgt Ben Scott for receiving an award this evening for his instrumental role in Critical Incident Training. Sgt Scott has been involved in teaching this program to many LE agencies. Congratulations Ben.

The Prescott Police Department invites community members to get an inside look at how the Department operates by attending a 2018 Citizens Police Academy, starting this September. Participants will experience many aspects of the Prescott Police Department including learning about the hiring process to become a Police Officer, how police recruits are trained at the academy, visiting the Prescott Regional Communications Center, view demonstrations of K9 and SWAT operations, DUI/Traffic Enforcement and Community Services functions. Participants will have an opportunity to actively participate in a role-playing, high tech video training system VIRTRA which tests the judgment and reactions of those assuming the role of a Police Officer. Chief Debora Black added “I am thrilled to offer members of our community the opportunity to know more about policing in Prescott through this informative and exciting program”. Classes will begin on September 25 at 5:30-9:00 PM and continue on each Tuesday until November 6th. There will be a brief ceremony on Tuesday, November 6th at 6:00 PM, at which time participants will receive a certificate of participation for attending the academy. Participants must be 21 years of age and a legal U.S. resident. Preference will be given to Prescott residents. There is no cost associated with this program. For more information or to receive an application, please contact LPO David L. Fuller at 928-777-1915 or

Today Chief Black presented Officer Camacho with a Life Saving Award. Officer Camacho was first on scene and quickly administered CPR to a person in need. This occurred during his second week of training. Well done Officer Camacho. #lifesaving #CPR #PrescottPD

Today we had the opportunity to see Chief Black present Sgt Hemphill with his 25 years of service plaque. Then she gave Deputy Chief Bonney her plaque commemerating 20 years of service. These fine representatives of our Prescott PD have and continue to serve the communities that they grew up in. Great job Jeff and Amy!

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of Trooper Tyler Edenhofer. Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters at Arizona DPS today as they grieve for their fallen. This is a day we all dread. Lost but never forgotten, Rest in Peace Trooper Edenhofer. #thinblueline #restinpeace #azdps

We wrapped up filming yesterday and we cannot wait to share our final product with you. Until then, enjoy some behind the scenes footage! (We do not own the rights to this music.) #lipsyncchallenge #teaser #behindthescenes #bloopers #prescottpd

Reason #5 of 5 to be a City of Prescott Communications Specialist: when you join our team, you join a family. #team #family #wehopeyouapplied #emergencydispatcher #communicationspecialist #prcc #thingoldline #prescott #az

Reason #4 of 5 to be a City of Prescott Communications Specialist: we get to work in the beautiful downtown Prescott area. Have you applied yet?! The position closes tomorrow! #whatareyouwaitingfor #applynow #communicationspecialist #career #thingoldline #prescottpd #prescott #az

Reason #3 of 5 to be a City of Prescott Communication Specialist: we have really cool technology. #nowhiring #applytoday #career #emergencydispatcher #communicationspecialist #thingoldline #prescottpd #prescott #az

Reason #2 of 5 to be a City of Prescott Communications Specialist: we get to protect those that protect you. #nowhiring #applytoday #emergencydispatcher #communicationspecialist #thingoldline #standtallblue #goldhasyourback #prescott #az

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Reason #1 of 5 to be a City of Prescott Communications Specialist: In rough times we can bring hope to our callers, and that feeling is amazing. #911dispatcher #hope #communicationspecialist #911whatsyouremergency #prescottpd #nowhiring #applytoday #joinourteam #prescott #az

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