Alameda County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Alameda County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor, Oakland, 94612-4305 CA
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Phone: (510) 272-6878

Alameda County Sheriff's Office is located at 1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor, Oakland, 94612-4305 CA. The Alameda County Sheriff's Office phone number is (510) 272-6878.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office News

NEWS RELEASE: Fentanyl Overdose of ACSO Detectives HAYWARD, CA- On Friday, June 22, 2018, about 1:30 pm, an ACSO Sergeant and Detective assigned to the Alameda County Narcotics Task Force were exposed to a lethal dose of fentanyl while conducting a drug investigation in a motel room. Our preliminary review of this incident suggests when the detectives entered the room, they were exposed to an invisible or microscopic dust cloud of suspected fentanyl residue. This residue was likely connected to a supply of drugs found in the room. Immediately upon entering the room, the ACSO Detective began to feel ill and was pulled outside. He then went unconscious and into respiratory distress. Realizing his partner was likely suffering the effects of an unintended exposure, the Sergeant administered one ampule of Narcan (Naxolone) to the detective. This initial dose had no effect so the Sergeant administered a second dose of Narcan to the Detective. This second dose reversed the effects of the overdose and the Detective regained consciousness and began breathing normally. About this time, we believe the Sergeant was contaminated with fentanyl residue from treating the Detective. He was over come by overdose symptoms and became seriously ill. He did not lose consciousness but was in distress. As only one dose of Narcan remained on scene, a decision was made to save it in event another officer or the sergeant became incapacitated. Paramedics responded to the scene and both detectives were transported to the hospital where they were admitted. We are thankful to say that both officers are expected to make a complete and full recovery. Due to the fact, this is an undercover investigation, we will not be identifying the officers, suspects or location of the incident. ACSO began a Narcan program as a direct result of the opioid crisis facing America. We learned from incidents around the country that first responder were being exposed and overdosed by fentanyl. Simply doing our job around this substance can be lethal. We are thankful we had the foresight to see a situation like this coming. There is no doubt our detective is still alive because of our program and a tragedy averted. In addition we also issue Narcan for our K9 teams. Sgt. Ray Kelly Public Information Officer

On Saturday, June 23rd the Sheriff’s Office held their annual Cop Shop Flea Market at the corner of Hesperian and Paseo Grande. The smell of tri tip and good deals brought hundreds of people out on this hot Saturday. For the 5th straight year Deputies from the Cop Shop and their Sergeant took turns in the dunk tank raising money for The American Cancer Society. This is definitely one of the highlights of the event and a great time for all.

The Alameda County Fair has begun and it’s our favorite time of the year. It give us a chance to interact with our community in a festive environment. It’s a great place for kids and people of all ages. Remember, it going to be hot this weekend so hydrate, bring a hat and wear sunblock. Stop by and see us at the ACSO recruiting booth or come and have a chat with us in the carnival or grandstands. Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you all Saturday! Just a reminder.

Another Package Theft. Give us a call if you know the suspect.

AND you thought your commute was rough today! The goats and sheep are back to eat the grass and shrubs around the Santa Rita campus. A smart way to cut down on fire risk, use the land and feed our four legged friends.


1898 IN THE LINE OF DUTY: Remembering Deputy Sheriff Daniel C Cameron who was killed in the line of duty in 1898. He was placed in an unmarked grave in Fremont’s Irvington Memorial Cemetery until the Alameda County Heroes Grave Project located him and purchased a new headstone. A special thank you to Chief Rich Lucero of the Fremont Police Department for dedicating the headstone with Sheriff Greg Ahern. Deputy Cameron has no living distant relatives we can find but ACSO and Fremont PD will consider him family. A hero is never forgotten.

Our Crime Prevention Unit felt honored to support community events in Oakland and San Lorenzo this past weekend. On 6/9/18 we participated in the Inaugural 5K ‘We Run Oakland for Our Daughters’ at Lake Merritt with A Sistah’s Touch, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and other organizations to bring awareness to the Bay Area’s human trafficking epidemic. We also participated in Cee Jay’s Ashland/Cherryland Community BBQ (E.14th St/Ashland Av, San Lorenzo). Cee Jay’s Barber Shop has been an instrumental participant in our Babershop Forums aimed at building better relationships between the community and law enforcement. And we closed out the weekend on 6/10/18 with ‘Battle of the Bats Badges vs. Beauties’ at the San Lorenzo Community Center Park against one of San Lorenzo Heat Girls’ Softball League’s highly competitive traveling teams (11-12 year olds). Their pitcher’s fast ball was intimidating. She threw plenty of strikes, but they showed us some mercy and even presented us with an awesome trophy. #communitystrong

John & Barbara Giarretta of New Jersey have sent 6,100 letters to law enforcement agencies across the country. That’s a lot of stamps! We were fortunate to receive this one. Thank you John and Barbara for your support.

ACSO bomb squad and Deputy Stillman getting ready for the game!

SEE SOMETHING- SAY SOMETHING San Lorenzo High School- Today, about 12:45 pm, deputies assigned to the SLZ campus were alerted by faculty, via a student, that a 16 year old male student was possibly in possession of a handgun in class. School resource deputies immediately responded to the information and were able to identify and locate the particular student in his class. The student was detained without incident and a search of his backpack revealed a Glock 9mm handgun with a 12 round magazine. The juvenile was arrested and transported to juvenile hall for various felony weapon violations. It was also determined the gun was stolen. This was the second handgun our School Resource Officers have recovered from our regional high schools in as many months. We credit good students and attentive faculty. We should continue to support and explain to our children that saying something is the right thing to do. We are very proud of the students that stepped up today to report this incident. It’s nice to know that students, faculty and officers working together can prevent gun violence. #OneLessGun

We are proud to partner with our good friend Andre Ward to bring youth boxing to our Hayward DS AL boxing academy.

Learn about Mike Dunn. A former Pleasanton Police Officer.

COLD CASE FILE: 24 YEARS have passed since 14 year old Jennifer Lin was murdered in her Castro Valley home. For the past three decades we have worked her case continuously. With advancements in forensic and investigative technology we believe we will eventually solve Jenny’s murder. We still believe there is someone out there who has information that can help us. The Lin family and ACSO will not rest until we have justice for Jenny. Our thought and prayers are with the Lin family, Jenny’s friends and our Castro Valley Community.

PRESS RELEASE: Accidental K9 Bite On May 21, 2018, about 2:15 am, an ACSO K9 Deputy conducted a vehicles enforcement stop of a drunk driver at Second Street and B Street in Hayward. The driver of the vehicle was detained while the K9 Deputy searched his vehicle. The K9 Deputy was wearing an agency approved outer carrier vest with his K9 “Door Pop” remote control attached. When the Deputy bent over at the waist, his magazine pouch inadvertently hit the button and opened the rear K9 compartment. The K9 Door Pop feature is used for officer safety in K9 vehicles throughout the country. It allows the K9 Officer to get assistance from their K9 partner, by pushing the button and opening the rear compartment. This system is used when a K9 Officer is in a struggle with a suspect. It also allows us to get the dog out of the vehicle if it is struck by another car or goes on fire. The K9 is trained to apprehend the suspect once the door is popped open. In this incident the dog did exactly what it was supposed to do. Unfortunately, this was a preventable accident due to poor positioning of the door pop mechanism. The remote on this particular deputy’s vest has been repositioned to a location where this can not occur again. We are also advising our other K9 handlers of this incident and have taken steps to make sure this does not occur again. The DUI suspect in this incident received 4 puncture marks and a small laceration from the bite. The injury required two sutures. He was treated at a local hospital and later released from custody. We advised him the incident was an unfortunate accident and he understood it was not intentional. The incident was captured on body worn camera and shows this was an accident and not an intentional use of force. An internal review will be conducted. We have attached a picture of the remote control and the magazine from the deputy’s vest to show how this happened. There are people who think this incident was done intentionally. That could not be further from the truth. We were very apologetic and sympathetic to the man that was accidentally bitten.

On May 8th and 9th the Inmate Services Unit held graduation ceremonies for 116 students that have completed one or more of the Adult Secondary Education, or Career and Technical Education courses offered while incarcerated. The catalogue of courses include: Anger Management, Baking, Computer Coding, Computers, Employment Readiness, Food Handler Certification, High School Diploma, High School Equivalency, Parenting Inside Out, Restorative Justice, Roots of Success, Serve Safe, and Substance Abuse. Following each ceremony, the students received a special meal, and the high school graduates were given the opportunity to take photographs in their cap and gown. Completion of these programs is voluntary, and requires a commitment by each student. We appreciate the family members that were able to support their family members by attending the ceremonies. We are proud that these students have taken the steps to improve their future by completing these courses.

The ACSO honor guard is attending the 37th annual Peace Officers Memorial Service at the national Capitol to honor Deputy Foley and his family.

Captain Mark Flores was recognized today, by Undersheriff Lucia, for 25 years of dedicated service with ACSO. Mark started as a Sheriff’s Technician (non sworn) in 1992 and worked his way through the ranks to his current position. Mark brings a positive vibe to work everyday probably because he moonlights as DJ M-Flo in his off time. He even has his own radio station. Check it out here: