Hayward Police Department

  • Agency: Hayward Police Department
  • Address: 300 W Winton Ave, Hayward, 94544 CA
  • Chief: Ron Ace (Chief of Police)
Phone: 510-293-7272

Hayward Police Department is located at 300 W Winton Ave, Hayward, 94544 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Ron Ace. The Hayward Police Department phone number is 510-293-7272.

Hayward Police Department News

The Hayward Fire Department is currently working a major structure fire at the “Haymont Shops” located near the corner of Mission Bl and Sorenson Rd. No homes in the area are in danger and at this point there is no need to evacuate. Please avoid Mission Bl as it will remain closed in both directions until the fire is extinguished and safe for travel. The source of the fire is unknown and any witnesses who may have seen or been in the area when it started at 9:26 pm are encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department at 510-293-7000.

Anyone know how to put this back together? Our Dispatch Center went through a recent renovation to become more efficient. Big 👍 to our City of Hayward - Government work crews who worked quickly to minimize any disruption. Hopefully no one even noticed we were working in an ad-hoc communication center during this revamp. Our newly remodeled Dispatch Center allows for more effective communication between the dispatchers so that we can serve you better. As a reminder, in times of an emergency, call 911. If your situation doesn’t require immediate assistance, please call our non-emergency phone line at 510-293-7000 (maybe save that contact to your phone so you don’t have to Google it 😊)

Dearest followers, friends, readers, and those who have stumbled upon our Page, We have tried to figure out how to word this, and well, we’ve got to just come out and say it. It’s not you, and it’s not us. It’s really all come down to math, more specifically, an algorithm. An algorithm, as defined, is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.” Now, we’ve always known that on some level, your ability to see what we share with you on this platform has been math-based. Like, it’s statistically improbable that all 13,341 of you would love our feel-good stories or our public safety announcements or important arrests. We get that. But recently, Facebook announced something that, quite frankly, caused us to shiver in our duty boots. They decided to change their math. Facebook will be giving preference for interactions only between people and, to quote Mark Zuckerberg, “you'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.” For some of you folks, that’s exactly what you want. But for others, us included, this feels a bit like a bad breakup. These changes will further reduce our ability to reach YOU because Page posts will be ranked lower compared to all other content, possibly even in times of crisis. We have already begun to see it! Not that we are suggesting that any of our recent posts should have gone viral. But the amount of people who typically see our posts has been reduced by over 50%. That concerns us when we really need to send a critical message to reach our community. We’re going to be real with you: we enjoy checking in with you, chatting with you, and liking and loving your stuff you share with us here on Facebook. If you want to decide what you see from us, here’s how you can do that: We are asking you to choose “See First” when you like or follow our page. Now, we’re not going to blow up your News Feed with mundane material that isn’t important. We typically post 4-5 times a week, and we’re going to share meaningful information, sometimes a video or two, or updates on what is going in your community. If Facebook really isn’t your thing, follow us on Twitter! We’re at @HaywardPD. We use Twitter sparingly right now but is a platform we intend on using more and will definitely be used when giving out information during breaking news. Or perhaps Instagram is more your style. You can follow us @haywardpolice Have you signed up for Nixle? That's another great platform we use to send information. If you’re looking to connect with us or your neighbors (or both!), check out Nextdoor.com. It’s free, it’s friendly and it really connects you to your community. Whatever you decide, know that we’re here 24/7 to engage, interact and answer any questions you may have. Sincerely, The Hayward Police Department

Congrats Double R! Officer Rodney Reed is the Officer of the Year. Many of you may have met Officer Reed at our numerous community events. Rodney is assigned to our Community Policing Division and interacts with our public on a daily basis. His smooth voice brings a smile to anyone who meets him. Well known throughout Hayward for the endless and tireless projects he takes on to make our community safer and better. He was recently honored by the Hayward Chamber of Commerce as the Hayward Police Department Officer of the Year. Great job Rodney!

** Update** Power is back on.... but it still holds true anytime you see stoplights not working. Treat it as a stopsign. The power is out on A St. from Mission Blvd – Hesperian Blvd. PG&E is fixing the problem and we don’t know when the power will be restored (Hopefully Soon!). This means the traffic lights aren’t working. Just a reminder for everyone, when the stoplights are not working – you treat the intersection just like a stop sign. Trust us… we understand the traffic problems this has created. Let’s all be patient with each other until it is fixed.

Visit our Animal Shelter!

A big thank you to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office training staff and Academy Class 160 for organizing a memorial run for Hayward Police Sergeant Scott Lunger who we lost in the line of duty in 2015. The memorial run to honor a fallen officer started with the academy class 159 and looks to become a tradition. Scott's family, including his daughter Ashton, joined in on the run and we were very glad to have them. We wish the graduates of ACSO 160 success and good luck in their new career! Academy Class 160 will graduate today adding new deputies and officers to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, BART Police Department, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, Fremont Police Department, Santa Clara Police Department, Chief Michael J. Sellers, Antioch Police Department, Newark Police Department, California, The Richmond Police Department, City of Los Altos Police Department, Union City Police Department, San Mateo Police Department, Alameda Police Department, Livermore Police Department

We had a great time today as our District Command Unit kicked off our annual Spanish Community Academy at Tyrrell Elementary in South Hayward. The 9-week program is offered to our Spanish speaking community to learn more about the police department, the functions of police work, and services available. The program covers topics such as, Patrol Operations, Personal Safety, Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Investigations, and Narcotics Investigations. The event also provides a great opportunity for our community to meet our department’s command staff and District Command Unit personnel. A big thank you to Tyrrell Elementary School for hosting the event! If you would like to learn more about our Community Academy programs, please contact the District Command Unit at (510) 293-5051.

Call if you Can. Text if you Can’t Hayward PD now has “Text to 911”. This new feature will allow you to text us during an emergency when you cannot talk on the phone. To use this system, all you have to do is type the numbers “911” in the recipient text field and hit send. Our dispatchers will receive the message and begin a text conversation. Please try to refrain from using abbreviations or emojis. This could confuse us and delay getting the assistance you need. We know Text 911 will save lives and provides a new way for people to get help in emergencies. We always prefer you to call 911 when possible, but if you can’t talk…. text us! **Please note “Text to 911” is not yet available everywhere. For our friends who reside outside of Hayward, check with your local law enforcement if it is available.**

**Update** The gas leak has been stopped. Crews will continue to work to permanently repair the pipe. Thank you for your patience. Construction crews in the area of Huntwood Ave. / Austin Ave. accidentally punctured a gas mainline. This area is being blocked off to allow crews to repair the line. Hayward Fire Department is asking neighbors to shelter in place or immediately leave the area if you smell a strong odor of gas outside. We anticipate this to be repaired quickly.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up! We know this big event means good times and parties as we watch the game… or the commercials. Remember to have a designated driver and don’t attempt to drive if you are impaired. We have teamed up with the California Office of Traffic Safety and want to remind everyone “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk”.

Last night, neighbors from the Fairway Park area invited members of the Hayward Police Department to a community forum. One of the main topics that was discussed was vehicle burglaries. As a general reminder, HPD encourages our residents to do the following to avoid car break-ins: *Park in a well-lighted area *Make sure the doors are locked and the windows are rolled up *Do not leave valuables such as lap tops, cell phones or wallets/purses in plain view *Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view *Do not move items into the trunk in plain view *Do not leave keys in the vehicle We would like to encourage citizens to call the Hayward Police Department @ 510-293-7000 to report any vehicle burglaries.

Hayward Jr. Giants is honored. Last Friday the Hayward Area Recreation & Park District Board of Director’s bestowed the Special Recognition Award to our Hayward Jr. Giants program. This great program offers a free coed baseball program for Hayward area residents ages 5-14. Our HPD School Resource Officers along with numerous volunteers run this summer program to give the youth a chance to learn the basics of baseball and the importance of life skills. Our Jr. Giants program will be open for registration in April. Stay tuned for when and how to sign up!

*** ATTENTION *** Sex offender arrested and we need your help identifying more potential victims! On Friday, the Hayward Police Department arrested 28-year-old Melvin Flemings for two misdemeanor crimes related to his status as a convicted sex offender. Flemings, who lists his address in the city of Citrus Heights, is associated with an organization called Evolution Basketball. In that capacity, he has approached young teenagers and has offered to provide basketball lessons through his membership at a local gym. A Mt. Eden High School student agreed to meet with Flemings for early morning basketball lessons. The student told his parent and they both met with Flemings to discuss the lessons. Flemings later told the parent he was planning on attending Mt. Eden's basketball game that evening. The parent became suspicious that something was not right and ran the name that Flemings originally gave of 'Melvin Allen'. An internet search revealed that his true name was Melvin Flemings and he was a sex offender registrant. The parent notified Hayward Police and informed us that Flemings was planning on attending the Mt. Eden basketball game. Our officers were waiting for him and he was arrested on two charges of failing to notify a parent/guardian of sex registration when applying for a position of employment and failing to notify and receive permission from a school principal regarding his sex registration status. Flemings is NOT employed by Mt. Eden or the school district. He has prior arrests for annoying and/or molesting children, parole violation, and sending or selling obscene material to a minor. Flemings is suspected of having contacted several other minors attempting to provide basketball lessons. The Hayward Police Department is asking anyone who may have had contact with Flemings, through his organization Evolution Basketball, to contact our Criminal Investigations Bureau via email at HaywardPDTips@hayward-ca.gov or by phone to Detective Kell at 510-293-7000. Sergeant Pola is the media point of contact at 510-293-7127.

Redlight Runners Beware. After posting about the new traffic safety grant, many of you gave us tips about traffic violations you noticed in Hayward. Well we want to let you know we listened. Every week, our traffic bureau is going to focus on an area and conduct traffic enforcement. We recognize that people running red lights is a leading cause for accidents. Today we were in the downtown area. You may have seen our motorcycle cops out there catching some violators. As a reminder, the yellow light doesn’t mean “Floor it…you can make it!”.

*** ATTENTION: HPD needs your help in identifying a thief caught on video *** The video is short. Take a look once, twice, many times! Pause it! If you know this thief, let us know! Early this morning, one of our residents noticed someone had rummaged through two of his cars. Fortunately, he had a security camera that shows a vehicle (unknown description) driving into the area of Phelan Ave. and Cubberley St. At least two people approached the victim's cars, which were unlocked. They made off with about $600 of the victim's property. One of the suspects is shown in the video - if you recognize him please call us at 510-293-7000 and refer to Case 2018-07172. We ask our community to lock all of your car doors and do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.

**Investigation update on Assault with a Deadly Weapon Involving a Fremont Police Department Detective** The Hayward Police Department is handling the criminal investigation that occurred on 01-17-18. The female suspect in this investigation is identified as Brandi Vogil. Brandi Vogil is a 38 year old female from Hayward. This morning, HPD Detectives met with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and Vogil has been charged with the following crimes: 245(c) PC (two counts)- Assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. 245(a)1 PC- Assault with a deadly weapon on the other involved female subject. 2800.2 CVC- Felony reckless evading of a peace officer. 10851 CVC-Auto theft. She also had an outstanding warrant for 2800.2 CVC and was on probation for the same offense. The injured Fremont Police Department Detective was transported to a hospital where he was treated and released. No other police officers were injured. The female passenger from the suspect’s vehicle is currently being treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. At this time she is not facing any criminal charges. We want to thank the public for their continued patience in this incident. We will continue to provide updates regarding this investigation on our social media accounts as they become available.

**Critical Incident Investigation** - Update From Fremont Police- 1/17/28 4:50 PM "Assault with a deadly weapon incident involving a Fremont detective. A Fremont detective was injured this afternoon at approximately 2:10 p.m. while investigating an occupied stolen vehicle in the City of Hayward. Earlier today, Fremont detectives were actively investigating a stolen vehicle. The investigation led officers to the area of Broadmore Ave and Larchmont St in the City of Hayward. Detectives attempted to stop the vehicle. The female suspect driver reversed her vehicle and collided with an unmarked Fremont police car. As this occurred, a female passenger fled from the suspect vehicle and began running. A Fremont detective in a second vehicle got out of his car and gave chase. The suspect vehicle continued to hit the police vehicles and eventually maneuvered her way out by hopping the curb and driving into a grassy area. As she drove into the grassy area, she collided with both the Fremont detective and female suspect he was pursuing on foot. The suspect vehicle then took off and left the scene. A short vehicle pursuit was initiated which ended in the area of Austin Ave and Huntwood Ave. For a second time, the suspect driver collided with an unmarked Fremont police vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was taken into custody. The injured detective was transported to a hospital with a moderate injury. The injured female suspect was transported to a hospital in stable condition. At this point we have no outstanding suspects." In the area of Larchmont St. and Broadmore Ave. a Fremont Police Department detective was injured while investigating an occupied stolen vehicle. All suspects are in custody. We would like to thank the public for their patience while we coordinate with Fremont Police in this investigation. We ask that all press inquiries be directed to the Fremont Police Department. Please continue to monitor this page or Fremont Police social media accounts for updates.

The Hayward Police Department is receiving a major helping hand in keeping our city safe when it comes to traffic accidents! We have been awarded a $240,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety for a year-long program aimed at reducing traffic related deaths and injuries. The money will be used for education and enforcement with attention to many areas including seat belts, DUI, speeding, red light runners, motorcycle safety, and a lot more. Particular emphasis will be placed on bicycle and pedestrian safety as California saw nearly a 17-percent increase in fatalities in 2015. On the education front, the grant supports the "DUI Doesn't Just Mean Booze" campaign which is intended to raise awareness that prescription medications and marijuana can also lead to DUI arrests.

It’s nice when hard work and experience come together! HPD’s Special Duty Unit (SDU) focuses on gang enforcement. It takes years to remember names, faces and affiliations, but those dedicated to the craft also memorize their probation status, parole status or if they are currently wanted. One of our SDU Officers was recently filling in for a patrol officer when he spotted a known gang member in the Eden Greenway who had an outstanding warrant for firearms possession. The gang member fled when he saw the officer but another former SDU officer was also working and had a good idea where the gang member might go. Just a few minutes later, the officer's experience paid off as he watched the wanted gang member run into a nearby restaurant on Harder Rd. and meet up with some associates. When the wanted man saw an officer near the west door, he ran to the east. Unfortunately for him, HPD was there too! Officers also contacted the associates inside the crowded restaurant and recovered a loaded handgun from one of their waistbands! Special Duty Unit Officers are chosen for their dedication and endless drive to make the streets of Hayward safer for the entire community. One warrant served, one loaded handgun recovered and two dangerous criminals off the street. No wonder SDU starts with “Special”!

Last month, HPD officers were patrolling the Tennyson corridor when they noticed a group of people wearing blue t-shirts. The group was picking up trash from illegal dumping and littering. Later in the day, the officers saw the group gathered together amongst several full bags of trash. The officers talked to the group, who were from the World Mission Society Church of God (located on 12th Street in Hayward). The group was taking part in a worldwide cleanup project called “Mother’s Street.” We would like to thank the group for their efforts in helping clean up Hayward.

Looking for plans on where to eat on Tuesday? Famous Dave's - Hayward, CA and Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes are putting on this wonderful fundraiser. A couple of years ago they did it for Sgt. Scott Lunger's family and we hope you can show the same support for fallen Officer Camilleri's family as well.

Exploring - Discover your future! Hayward Police Explorer Post #275 is looking for qualified candidates, ages 14-19 ½, to become part of our team! If you are interested in Law Enforcement, have a desire to help your community, build confidence and become a leader... this program is for you. Our Post is currently open for new candidates. Applications are due by Monday, 1/22/18, and will be followed by interviews with our Explorer Post Advisors. The HPD Explorer post is overseen by our School Resource Officers. We meet once a week for training, compete in competitions and assist in numerous community events. Please visit our HPD Explorer link at https://www.hayward-ca.gov/police-department/public-services/youth-family-services-bureau/police-explorer-program for more information and contact Sergeant Ryan Sill at ryan.sill@hayward-ca.gov with any questions and to receive an application. We look forward to meeting you!

Happy to help. Officer Iwanicki and Officer Naik enjoyed serving breakfast along with Mark Salinas for Hayward at a recent “The Kids’s Breakfast Club” This is a great program for children and their families to have a great meal and participate in fun activities. Still a few days remaining if you can attend!