Hayward Police Department

  • Agency: Hayward Police Department
  • Address: 300 W Winton Ave, Hayward, 94544 CA
  • Chief: Ron Ace (Chief of Police)
Phone: 510-293-7272

Hayward Police Department is located at 300 W Winton Ave, Hayward, 94544 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Ron Ace. The Hayward Police Department phone number is 510-293-7272.

Hayward Police Department News

Update: Officer released from hospital, investigation continues. Last night at around 7 o'clock Hayward Police got a call from someone saying they were fighting with their roommate and that the roommate had their car keys and wouldn't give them back. The caller also said their roommate could be under the influence of an illegal drug. Our officers responded and tried to talk with the suspect, but he was uncooperative and would not follow any directions. When officers tried to detain him, he aggressively pulled away. A taser was deployed but the device had no effect. Suddenly, the suspect grabbed a large metal bar off the ground and lunged at one of our officers striking her in the arm with significant force. The officer then fired her service weapon striking the attacking suspect. Both the suspect and our officer were transported to nearby hospitals. Our officer was treated for her injuries and released. The suspect underwent surgery and is in critical, but stable condition. At this point in the investigation, the suspect's identity has not been confirmed as he is still receiving medical treatment. The involved officer is a 15-year veteran of the Hayward Police Department. We again thank our community for your patience and understanding, while we continue to investigate this incident. As we acquire more details and are able to confirm additional facts, we will provide everyone with more information. Per Alameda County protocol, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office is also conducting a parallel investigation.

We are actively investigating an officer involved shooting that happened in the 100 block of Hewitt Place in Hayward about 7pm tonight. One of our officers suffered a non-life-threatening injury and is being treated at a nearby hospital. A Hayward police officer discharged a service weapon and injured the suspect who is also being treated. We are investigating this incident and will update you as soon as possible. The important thing to know, for now, is that there is no more risk to our community from this incident. We want to thank the community for your patience as we investigate further.

Click it or ticket! Hayward Police Department is joining all the other law enforcement agencies across the nation in the seat-belt enforcement campaign. This two-week campaign on special traffic patrols are specifically to stop and ticket both drivers and passengers for failing to use the vehicle’s safety belt restraints. Wearing a seat-belt saves approximately 15,000 lives per year! It’s worth putting on more than just avoiding a fine. For more info on seat-belt laws click here: https://bit.ly/2rXRHJQ

Why were there so many police officers on Winton Ave? Our Traffic Division partnered up with other local agencies for a Commercial Officers of Southern Alameda County operation. This was a checkpoint for commercial vehicles to make sure they are in compliance and operating safely. We know these heavy vehicles can cause a lot of damage in an accident so we are making sure they are safe to be on the road. Thanks to @Alameda County Sheriff's Office, Pleasanton Police Department, Livermore Police Department, Oakland Police Department, San Leandro Police Department and CHP - Hayward for helping us out and making the roads safer for our community.

Lieutenant Eric Krimm retirement

Be wary of spoofed phone calls. We recently received a few reports from our local businesses of receiving a phone call from 510-293-7000. Some of you may recognize that phone number…. It is our Dispatch phone number! However, the person on the line, claiming he is Sergeant Gregory, is asking for the business’ credit card machine information. When the business employee starts asking why, this phony Sergeant Gregory gets upset and starts cursing. We don’t even have a Sergeant Gregory. Police and Sheriff Departments across Northern California are experiencing similar phone scams where dispatch’s number is spoofed. Please understand we would never call you out of the blue and ask for any personal information like this over the phone. When you do receive a phone call from us, it is likely to follow up on a call you made to us earlier. We are investigating how this person is spoofing our phone number but if you unexpectedly receive a phone call and your caller ID shows it is us, do not answer personal questions about yourself or business unless you are certain is an officer calling you. If you are in doubt of who the caller is, ask for a call back number or call us at 510-293-7000 and request to be put in touch with the person who is calling you. We can direct your call internally or provide you a phone number where you can reach the officer.

Happy Retirement to Officer Rodney Reed…. This week marks the retirement of one of Hayward PD’s most popular officers. Rodney “Double R” Reed will be retiring from the police department effective May 13th. Rodney has been with Hayward PD for over 18 years and has worked as a School Resource Officer and District Command Officer with our community policing unit. Known as one of the department’s most effective relationship builders with our community, Rodney has spent the last few years of his career working passionately to reinforce community engagement with our department. The winner of the 2017 Hayward Chamber of Commerce’s Police Officer of the Year, Rodney’s ability to resolve conflicts as the “master of mediation” has set the bar high for his peers within the department. It hasn’t been uncommon for former Hayward students to wave him down or stop and talk to him about the positive impact he has had on their lives when he worked as a School Resource Officer. Rodney, we wish you the best in the next chapter of your life. Congratulations on your retirement!!

Hayward SWAT visits George Mark Children's House The Hayward SWAT team trains twice a month, focusing on marksmanship and tactical movements. But last week the they took a break from their rigorous training after receiving an invitation to visit the George Mark Children’s House in San Leandro. This special place caters to children who are suffering from complex medical conditions. This home works with families to provide a space that provides a better way for these children to get exceptional, loving care rather than spending time in hospitals. Next month the Hayward PD SWAT team will be proudly joining numerous other SWAT teams in the Alameda County SWAT Fitness Challenge where the money raised for the event will be given directly to this great cause. https://www.classy.org/event/swat-fitness-challenge-2018/e171471 If you would like to know more about the George Mark Children’s House, please visit their website at www.georgemark.org.

As National Police Week approaches, there is some build up around the nation as each state honors their fallen officers. On Monday, officers from the Hayward Police Department joined thousands of Police Officer’s at the California Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony in Sacramento. California has a long tradition and has held the ceremony for over 40 years. Law Enforcement was represented from San Diego Police Department to Crescent City Police Department. Lined on the streets of Sacramento were hundreds of citizens in support of those who serve their communities.

#HappyNationalNursesWeek Law Enforcement Officers and nurses definitely have a mutual respect for each other. A few weeks ago, Officer Fernando Lopez met one of our community members during a call for service. While at Ms. Sims’ house, Fernando noticed a beautiful vase being displayed. Ms. Sims let Officer Lopez know she received the vase she after retiring as a nurse from Kaiser for 44 years! When Officer Lopez asked her why she did not have flowers in the vase, Ms. Sims sadly said she had no one to bring her flowers. Well after leaving her home, Fernando returned a short time later and brought Ms. Sims flowers to show her there are people who care for her and appreciate the work she did as a nurse. #LoveOurNurses

Honoring Our Fallen…. Today law enforcement officers and their families came together at the Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward to honor our fallen officers from across Alameda County. This annual ceremony is one of many events preceding National Police Week to remember fallen law enforcement officers in our country’s history. This year National Police Week begins May 13th and has been an annual event since 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as the Peace Officers Memorial Day. The Hayward Police Department would like to thank those from our community who came out to support us today!

*** Update. Wilton has been found*** Thank you everyone Sharing in case one of our community members finds this dog. From Guide Dogs for the Blind LOST GUIDE DOG. Wilton, a 5-year old black male Labrador Retriever guide went missing this morning. He was last seen in Castro Valley, CA near Redwood Road/Proctor Elementary School. Please call 800-295-4050 if found. Thanks in advance for your help and good thoughts! #findwilton #guidedogsfortheblind Image description: black Labrador Retriever Wilton is sitting, wearing his GDB harness and looking at the camera. https://www.facebook.com/guidedogsfortheblind%20/posts/10154628502272706

Lending a hand... Our downtown bicycle patrol officers Naik and Morgan are a staple to our downtown businesses. However, they do so much more than patrolling and making our downtown visitors feel safe. Today they met one of our senior citizens who was in the downtown area doing some important business. They learned she recently had surgery and appeared to need assistance walking. Officer Morgan offered to help her make it to her car safely. She was very grateful for the spontaneous helping hand and the officers were grateful to make a new friend.

Some of our more popular “officers” are the police dogs. Our police dogs go through a lot of training and in fact have a training day every single week! They do more than just help find criminals, they are trained in other areas as well. Our police dogs also have been taught to detect drugs as well. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of work by our police officer dog handlers to put in the time and effort to keep our K9s in top form. Recently our street crime team pulled a car over and something didn’t seem right. Well Officer Steven Avilla and K9 Petro arrived to sniff around. Sure enough, Petro alerted to something in the car. When the officer searched it they found drugs. Nearly six pounds of methamphetamines! All that training paid off.

**Investigation update on the attempted Murder of Hayward Police Department Sergeant** On 04/25/18, Hayward Police received calls of a man shooting into the air near the 23000 block of Alice Street. A 911 caller reported seeing him running in the direction of the Downtown Hayward BART station. A Hayward PD Sergeant attempted to contact the subject at the BART station when he pointed a gun at the Sergeant, shooting one time, narrowly missing them and striking a nearby occupied station agent booth. The shooter then ran north from the BART station and discarded a loaded gun before he was detained on the train tracks at B street. He was arrested and the gun was recovered. The suspect's name and photo are currently being withheld as additional witnesses still need to be interviewed. We are very fortunate no members of the community or any of our officers were significantly injured. The Hayward Police Department is thankful to our community for your patience and continued support. We would like to encourage anyone that witnessed the shooting to contact Detective Sprague at the Hayward Police Department. (510) 293-7219

We are actively investigating a shooting that took place at the downtown Hayward BART station. A man shot at one of our officers. No one was injured by the gunfire and the man is in custody. There is no more risk to our community from this incident. We thank the community for your patience as we investigate further. We will provide further details as more information is revealed in the ongoing investigation.

A Coke and a smile! Our officers had a scary call of a man who was standing on top of a parking garage threatening to jump off. All our officers are trained in crisis negotiation techniques and try to deescalate every situation they encounter. Sometimes we become creative in our conversations. After talking with the man for a few minutes, Officer Micah Brawley offered to buy him a slice of pizza and a soda if he would agree to come down. Fortunately, the man agreed to get off the ledge. True to his word, Officer Brawley purchased the man a slice of pizza and a cold Coke to take with him for his ride to the hospital where he received the help he needs.

A stolen Tesla leaks gas (yes, that's right. wait for it...) after crashing into a home. On Saturday, a homeowner called 911 saying a car had crashed into a house - check out the photos of the Tesla's nose in someone's living room. The driver and passengers ran away from the scene. Hayward Firefighters arrived fast and determined the crash caused a significant *natural gas* leak requiring some neighbors to be evacuated. Our officers quickly found two of the passengers walking away from the scene - they said they did not know the driver. The Tesla had been stolen the night before. Given the damage shown in the pictures - and the gas leak - we're grateful no one was injured.

It is time for Jr. Giants baseball! We are now accepting registration for kids aged 5-14 for Junior Giants. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn the basics of baseball as well as build life skills and character development. Sign up online at www.gojrgiants.org. The season will kick off with the First Pitch Meeting on Wednesday, May 30th at 4:30pm at King Middle School, but you should signup online before the meeting. If you need help with registration, YFSB staff will be available on Wednesday, May 2nd from 6:00 to 7:30pm at the Weekes Branch of the Hayward Public Library or on Wednesday, June 13th from 12:00 to 6:00pm at the Hayward Police Department. All games and practices take place at Larry Standley Field at Weekes Park. To learn more about the program call 510-293-3333 or email hayward.juniorgiants@hayward-ca.gov. You can also follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hayward.juniorgiants

Meet Rugby. Thanks to Animal Control Officer Perez, he is no longer on the streets; instead he is waiting at the shelter for his "Fur-ever" home. It's easy to adopt! Come on down and complete an adoption application. Make sure to bring your picture ID and your whole family. We are open Tuesday- Saturday 1pm-5pm. Contact the shelter at 510-293-7200 if you have any questions.

Law and Public Service Day at Chabot College.

Come on down to the Eon Cafe at 24970 Hesperian Blvd for “Coffee with Cops” today 12:00pm 2:00pm to enjoy a free cup of coffee with our District Command personnel and our department’s executive team! Thank you Eon Cafe for hosting us!!

Foot pursuit in the mud! Those rains we had are great for the flowers but not for keeping a uniform clean. A seemingly regular car stop for driving with no headlights became not so routine. The driver took off on us but shortly after he crashed into a ditch and led our officers on a foot chase through a muddy field. We got him and later discovered why the guy ran, turns out he just stole the car from a local hotel. Fortunately, no one got hurt but one of the officers ended up having to do some laundry before his next shift.

April 9-15 is Dispatch and Animal Control Week! This week we are honoring our dispatchers and animal control personnel. Our dispatchers and call takers have an invaluable role at Hayward P.D. They are that comforting, helpful voice on the other end of the phone when you call for help. They have tremendous skill of making chaos seem calm when our officers are involved in a critical incident. They answer six thousand emergency calls a month and handle over 100,000 calls for service every year! Our police department could not function without them and we are thankful for the men and women who make up this important team. Our Animal Services Department also plays a vital role in our community. Staffed with dedicated employees and volunteers who absolutely love animals. Last year they took in over 2100 animals and were able to find them new homes or return them to their owners. Our Animal Services also has an outstanding community outreach program where the educate over 2000 Hayward students on animal care and education. When our cops are too scared to contain a loose animal…. our animal control officers are there to save the day! We want to publicly thank our awesome staff and encourage everyone to consider adopting from our shelter when you are looking for a new pet. **Congratulations to Ruth Tia for being awarded our Dispatcher of the Year!**

Mr. Rod - a Mt. Eden legend. Lt. Eric Krimm and Sgt. Allen Neula, who are both graduates of Mount Eden High School, ran into a retired Mt. Eden teacher and coach. Mr. Marv Rodriquez was a teacher, coach and mentor to both officers as well as thousands of Hayward kids for more than 30 years as an educator and coach for Hayward Unified School District. Lt. Krimm and Sgt. Neula have fond memories of “Mr. Rod” and the positive impact he had on their education. Our officers saw Mr. Rod” enjoying breakfast with his family and friends at a local Hayward restaurant. It is great to still see him supporting the city where he grew up. The Hayward Police Department employs many community members who grew up in Hayward and graduated from our local high schools and colleges. Educators like Mr. Rodriguez are a valuable part of our community, shaping the future of so many Hayward students!