Newark Police Department

  • Agency: Newark Police Department
  • Address: 37101 Newark Blvd, Newark, 94560 CA
  • Chief: Ray Samuels (Chief of Police)
Phone: (510) 578-4237

Newark Police Department is located at 37101 Newark Blvd, Newark, 94560 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Ray Samuels. The Newark Police Department phone number is (510) 578-4237.

Newark Police Department News

25 years! Congratulations to Public Safety Dispatcher Matt Reymundo, who was presented with his 25 years service award today. He started his career with the City back in January 1990 as a Police Cadet I. A year later, he was promoted to a Police Cadet II. Then, in ‘91, Matt became a temporary Communications Operator until he was promoted in ‘92 to a full-time Communications Operator. During his time, Matt received the following awards: • Two department Blue Awards, one in 1996 and one in 2013 • One Silver Award in 2003 • One Gold Award in 2008 And in the Fall of 2002, Matt received the Employee of the Quarter Award. He was named Dispatcher of the Year in 1995, 1996, 2008, and 2014. Let’s thank Matt for being a Public Safety Dispatcher and congratulate him on a job well done.

Congratulations to Public Safety Dispatcher Luz Borja who successfully completed her CTO program! Pictured: (L) CTO Duncan Hall (R) PSD Luz Borja

Please help us welcome our newest officer! Officer Trevor Damewood graduated from ACSO’s police academy this morning. He will start his first day of training on Monday. Welcome to Newark Trevor!

Today is not a good day to speed or violate traffic laws. Our High Intensity Traffic Team is out in force right now.

Today, Chief Mike Carroll presented Officer Mike Allum with the Employee of the Semester award. Officer Allum is very humble, but it should be known that he quietly takes care of a lot of things behind the scenes. Officer Allum is responsible for a wide variety of collateral assignments, requiring specialized training, and his keen organizational skills. He manages the Reserve Officer program, is the Infection Control Officer, and is a “go-to guy” for many equipment needs for the department. Officer Allum participated in many bay area wide traffic enforcement projects, and has put on department training to share his knowledge in a variety of topics. He was the point person for coordinating the Newark Days and Holy Ghost Parades. During the last semester, Officer Allum also investigated three fatal collisions while always having a positive attitude and a welcoming smile. Congrats Mike!

AVOID northbound Cherry St, between Stevenson Blvd, and Mowry Ave. Northbound Cherry St, between Stevenson Blvd, and Mowry Ave, is temporarily closed due to a gas leak from a downed tree on Joaquin Murieta Ave. It is unknown when this portion of Cherry St, or Joaquin Murieta Ave, will reopen to through traffic. The Newark Police Department will update this message when all roads reopen. Thank you for your patience.

Huge congrats to Officer Dejuan Johnson who successfully completed our FTO program and released as a solo beat officer! Nice work Dejuan! *FTO Todd Nobbe pinning Ofc. Johnson’s badge.

Missing a cute dog? Little guy was found by a resident near Thornton Avenue and Willow Road. Older male terrier mix, wiry brindle coat, 5 pounds, very calm and friendly. Taken to Tri-City Animal Shelter: (510) 790-6640

Last week Chief Mike Carroll sworn in our six newest officers and promoted Officer Tony Heckman to Sergeant. Congratulations to all! From L to R: Officers J. Wang, F. Herbert, C. Wallace, J. Rivera, J. Hunter, T. Lenz and Sgt. T. Heckman.

Thank you to Ofc. Jackman and K9 Eliot for their 8 years of service to our K9 Unit! K9 Eliot just completed his last shift today and got a lot of belly rubs and doggy biscuits. Enjoy chasing squirrels during retirement boy! You’ve earned it! 2010-2018

One year ago today, we lost a hero. RIP Oskar, you will never be forgotten.

Looking for a place to eat for dinner tonight? Come over and say hi.

UPDATE: Patricia has been located. Thank you to everyone who assisted us.

Missing at risk adult Female The Newark Police Department needs your help in locating a missing “at risk” Adult Female. Patricia Austin has not been seen since she left her residence on Preston Place this morning. Patricia’s description: Fair skin 58 Years-old 5’ 0” Tall 104 Pounds Shoulder length Brown Hair, Gray at the tips. Last seen walking towards Lake Boulevard wearing a white tank top, black pants and black shoes. Patricia is in need of her prescribed medications. If you see or have seen Patricia or know of her location, please call the Newark Police Department Dispatch Center at 510-578-4237.

Please share! As most of you know CHP Hayward Office lost an officer on Christmas Eve. CHP Officer Andrew Camilleri was killed in the line of duty after a drunk driver struck his patrol car on I880. He is survived by his wife and three children. There will be a fundraiser at Famous Dave's BBQ in Hayward on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Please refer to the flyer for further details. The Fallen Heroes Organization in conjunction with the Hayward Area are putting together a fundraiser for our fallen brother Officer Camilleri, that will include raffle prizes as well as an auction. Highlights: * A day to honor Officer Andrew Camilleri, his life and family * Raffle prizes * Small live auction during the evening in the bar * Enjoy great barbecue * 35% of entire day proceeds from Famous Dave's entire proceeds will be donated to Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes * Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes will donate 100% of all money raised to the Camilleri Family Trust Fund Thank you for your support.

Did you feel it? We did. It’s a good time for some safety tips. DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! Move as little as possible - most injuries during earthquakes occur because of people moving around, falling and suffering sprains, fractures and head injuries. Try to protect your head and torso. If you are in bed, stay there, curl up and hold on, and cover your head. Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you are sure it is safe to exit. If you must leave a building after the shaking stops, use stairs rather than an elevator in case of aftershocks, power outages or other damage. Be aware that smoke alarms and sprinkler systems frequently go off in buildings during an earthquake, even if there is no fire. If you smell gas, get out of the house and move as far away as possible. Before you leave any building check to make sure that there is no debris from the building that could fall on you. Staying Safe Outdoors Find a clear spot and drop to the ground. Stay there until the shaking stops. Try to get as far away from buildings, power lines, trees, and streetlights as possible. If you're in a vehicle, pull over to a clear location and stop. Avoid bridges, overpasses and power lines if possible. Stay inside with your seatbelt fastened until the shaking stops. After the shaking has stopped, drive on carefully, avoiding bridges and ramps that may have been damaged. If a power line falls on your vehicle, do not get out. Wait for assistance. If you are in a mountainous area or near unstable slopes or cliffs, be alert for falling rocks and other debris as well as landslides.

It's raining! When rainy weather arrives, most people forget that driving in the rain is not exactly like driving on dry pavement. Rainwater adds extra danger to any road trip because it reduces traction and increases your chance of being in an accident. Before you drive in wet weather, take a minute to review our rainy weather driving tips. Drive slowly. Excessive speed causes more accidents in bad weather than you might imagine. As any driver's education instructor would tell you, the posted speed limit applies only in optimal driving conditions. If rain is falling, slow down. Watch other drivers carefully. Look for drivers ahead of, next to and behind you, and be aware of their driving speeds. Think about what you would do if a driver near you slammed on the brakes, and leave enough space between your cars to compensate for such an event. Do not cross standing or running water if you do not know how deep it is. This rule is so very important, and so often ignored. If you must cross running water to get to your destination, turn around and go home. Don't cross running water if you can't see how deep it is. If you are driving and need to slow down, brake carefully. Rainwater reduces traction between the road and your vehicle. Every move you make when you are behind the wheel should take that reduction of traction into account. Turn into a skid, just as you would if you were driving in snow. Turn carefully and brake gently. Avoid quick, jerky turns of the steering wheel. Turn your headlights on. The DMV requires headlight use if windshield wipers are on, some drivers forget to turn on their headlights. Your goal should be not just to be seen but to see everyone else, including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Drive near the center line. Most roads are cambered so water runs off toward the sidewalks or storm drains, so you are less likely to encounter surprise puddles and hydroplan ing in lanes that are closest to the center line. Pull over if you cannot see well. Sometimes the rain comes down so hard that visibility is almost completely restricted. Pull off the road and wait out the storm if you cannot see the road in front of you. If rainfall is heavy, activate your emergency flashers so that other drivers can see where you are parked. Watch for pedestrians. It is much harder to see people walking in wet (or, even worse, dark and wet) weather, even if they are wearing reflective gear. Finally, carry emergency supplies in your vehicle. You never know when you might need them. For more information:

Don’t spend the first night of 2018 in jail or in the hospital. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive. We will be looking for impaired drivers tonight. Happy NYE everyone!!! Be safe!!!

Very sad news this morning out of our local Hayward CHP Office. RIP Andrew Camilleri. Please enjoy your Christmas Day and spend time with your family. Our officers will be working tonight with zero tolerance for DUI or impaired drivers.

Hey look!! Santa stopped in for graveyard shift briefing before his long night of travels. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tonight, several kids are smiling thanks to the hundreds of toys we received in donations for our holiday toy drive. Thank you to everyone who donated to support this great cause. The toys were donated to children of families throughout the Tri-City area effected by domestic violence.

Congratulations to Sgt. David Lee who just graduated from California POST’s (Peace Officer Standard and Training) Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SLI) class 402! SLI is a program designed to stimulate personal growth, leadership, and ethical decision-making in California law enforcement front-line supervisors. Designed and implemented in 1988 through the efforts of California law enforcement professionals and top educators and trainers, the SBSLI is an intense program based on experiential learning techniques. Students are challenged to learn new ways to resolve issues through group and individual work. Congrats David!

COUNCIL COMMENDATION Congratulations to Reserve Officer/Special Assistant Bruce Howcroft who was recognized tonight during the Council Meeting for his 40 years of service to the City of Newark. Reserve Officer Howcroft has volunteered in excess of 15,000 hours to the Newark Police Department. He has assisted with DUI checkpoints, Urban Shield scenarios, 4th of July enforcement, the annual Holy Ghost parade, Special Olympics fundraisers, and Newark Days events. In 2010, Reserve Officer Howcroft was hired part-time to work vehicle abatement. He is also a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and has performed a number of inspections for grateful new parents. Thank you Reserve Officer Howcroft for your excellent work ethic and dedication to the City of Newark.

Tax Scams One of our Captains received this voice mail today on his cell phone. This is nothing more than a scam. The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media to request personal or financial information. Part of their scam is threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for owed taxes. We called the number back but it went unanswered (not a surprise). Please report instances of IRS-related scams to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484.