Pleasanton Police Department

  • Agency: Pleasanton Police Department
  • Address: 4833 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, 94566 CA
  • Chief: Mike Fraser (Chief of Police)

Pleasanton Police Department is located at 4833 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, 94566 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Fraser. The Pleasanton Police Department phone number is (925) 931-5100.

Pleasanton Police Department News

Red Ribbon Week is next week! Red Ribbon Week is a way to present a unified, positive, and visible commitment to drug-free lifestyles. This annual event also commemorates the sacrifice of life lost through drug and alcohol addiction, the violence that accompanies drug use, and the bravery and commitment of law enforcement officers who deter it. Locally, the Pleasanton Unified School District and Pleasanton Police Department will recognize Red Ribbon Week by displaying red ribbons at local schools, participating in classroom and special assembly discussions, and by having police officers join in with school activities promoting a drug-free life. The City of Pleasanton has contributed money to the Pleasanton School District to purchase red ribbons and other materials given to students to show their unity against drugs and violence. Red Ribbon Week began as a tribute to Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camerena who was brutally murdered in 1985 while investigating a multi-billion dollar drug trafficking operation in Mexico. The events surrounding Special Agent Camarena’s murder sparked a grassroots campaign to reduce the demand for drugs and encourage a healthy, violence-free lifestyle across the United States. Today, the Red Ribbon campaign symbolizes support for efforts to reduce demand for drugs through prevention and education programs. Each year thousands of schools, communities and drug abuse prevention organizations throughout the country distribute red ribbons to honor Special Agent Camarena’s memory and visibly show a dedication to be drug free.

The City of Pleasanton and the Pleasanton Police Department are excited to welcome Austin Eckardt and Daniel Efting as Pleasanton’s newest police officers. The officers were sworn in on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 and will begin patrolling #Pleasanton as solo officers once they complete an approximate sixteen week field training process. Officer Eckardt was born in Tracy, California and raised in Livermore. He graduated from Livermore High School and is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice at Las Positas College. Austin became interested in law enforcement after meeting and becoming good friends with many first responders at his local cross fit gym. He went on to graduate from the Southbay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium at the Evergreen College Campus. In his off-duty time, Austin enjoys working out, bass fishing and spending time with his wife, family and two dogs. Officer Efting was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California. He graduated from The King’s Academy High School and attended San Jose State University, earning an Undergraduate and a Graduate degree in Justice Studies. Daniel graduated third in his class from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Center on Monday, October 16th, 2017. He previously worked for the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety as a Parking Enforcement Officer and as a Community Service Officer. Daniel enjoys hiking, fishing, archery and collecting silver coins with his dad. Both officers reside in the Tri-Valley and look forward to serving the Pleasanton community.

Thank you for your support! We're always striving to improve service to our community. We are #BetterTogether.

Help us ID This Person: This subject entered a Pleasanton business and took photographs of customers without their permission. If you can identify this person, please contact Detective Jonathan Chin at (925) 931-5274. City of Pleasanton

In case you were wondering about the smoke in #Pleasanton. Be safe out there everyone! City of Pleasanton Pleasanton Unified School District

Most police officers will remember certain types of calls for service. One common type of call is when an officer performs life saving measures. Officer Koumiss recently had the opportunity to reunite with a man he remembers for this very reason.

Technology is great, but don't forget that it isn't disaster proof. Preparation should include an 'old school' approach...

One of the Pleasanton PD teams supporting the NorCal firefighting efforts were stationed in another neighborhood last night. They "continue to be amazed at both the amount of destruction and support." Agencies providing mutual are being treated very well. While our team misses home, it makes it easier being among some of the most generous and courageous people around. Sometimes in the darkest of hours we find the impact of brother/sisterhood, support, love, family is a beautiful thing... and it brings a smile. #BetterTogether #CaliforniaStrong

Pleasanton officers are supporting the NorCal fire fighting efforts today by assisting with evacuations in threatened areas. One officer described the area as the "closest thing I have seen to what looks like a war zone since I was overseas." Our hearts are with everyone impacted by the fires raging in Northern California. In spite of everything that has happened, officers report "The people up here are have been awesome, very supportive and thankful...even the people who lost everything still take the time to thank each first responder." We are dedicated to sending support to the area until there is no longer a need. We are absolutely humbled by the support, generosity and love in NorCal.

Beginning yesterday, and until it is no longer needed, the Pleasanton Police Department has committed staff to the Northern California fire crisis. Last night, officers stood watch over evacuated neighborhoods to discourage looting. One of the officers said "We've been here less than an hours and three citizens have stopped to give us food, water and masks." We're happy to serve you NorCal - thank you for your hospitality during your hour of need.

Thank you East Bay Times for covering such an important communication tool. Many agencies will end up resorting to Nixle when internet-based social media is inaccessible. We encourage all of our City of Pleasanton residents to sign up.

The Pleasanton Police Department has been approached by several members of the community regarding helping our fellow Californians who are suffering up North. We are grateful to be a part of such a generous community. While we cannot accept donations directly, here are some places to consider.

The Pleasanton Police Department is proud to partner with the Stoneridge Shopping Center for a community partnership event. The event, which celebrates partnerships in safety, is a first-ever event at the Stoenridge Shopping Center. Pleasanton Police Department staff will be on hand to offer crime prevention information and answer any questions from the community. This is a casual meet-and-greet type of event, no formal presentations will be given. We look forward to seeing you all there!

The Antique Faire takes place tomorrow (10/8) in the streets on downtown #Pleasanton. Please note that several streets in the downtown area will close at midnight tonight (10/7) and will remain closed until about 8pm tomorrow (10/8). Pay attention to signage - many streets are labeled no parking/tow away for this event. Should you choose to park in one of these areas, you may wake to find it has been towed.

Yesterday, dispatcher Linda Reynolds hung up her headset for the last time after nearly 35 years of faithful service to the City of Pleasanton. Linda was hired by the City in 1982 as a Police Assistant and reported to what is now the Museum on Main (formerly the police department) for work. She quickly advanced to the role of call taker, and used a PBX switchboard to answer and route calls for the entire city. In fact, the PBX can be seen at the Museum on Main as part of the Pleasanton History Gallery. Less than a year later, a dispatch position became available and Linda jumped at the opportunity, competing successfully for the position. Then in 1984 she moved, with the rest of the department, to the current police facility on Bernal Avenue. During her tenure with Pleasanton, Linda received a promotion to Dispatch Supervisor. Later she self-demoted, taking on a part time dispatch position to finish out her career. Linda's contributions to the Pleasanton Police Department are considerable. She dispatched during the Loma Prieta Earthquake, listened to hundreds (if not thousands) of citizens when they needed help the most, and helped to ensure our officers made it home to their loved ones every shift. Some of the things we will miss most about her are her dedication to her fellow dispatchers, her calm demeanor on the radio and her passion for the history of Pleasanton PD. We rarely get the chance to celebrate such a long career in law enforcement... 35 years is quite a ride. Thank you Linda for choosing Pleasanton PD, and thank you for your service.

What happens when you add spirited Monarchs, Pleasanton PD and a track? FUN RUN! Pleasanton Unified School District Hearst Elementary - Pleasanton City of Pleasanton

This Saturday from 9a-1p we'll be at the #Pleasanton Senior Center on fraud prevention in the retirement years. This retirement planning event has a lot in store - don't miss out! No rsvp needed, just show up.

Earlier this year we were invited to a birthday party for this young man, better known as Little Boy Blue. A few days ago, we were lucky enough to get a surprise visit... he even gave officers thank you cards for their hard work. K9 Vader joined in on the fun as well! Thank you for the sweet surprise! We are #BetterTogether.

Our hearts are heavy for everyone involved, LVMPD, and Las Vegas, Nevada.