Amador County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Amador County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 700 Court Street, Jackson, 95642 CA
  • Chief:
Phone: (209) 223-6500
Fax: (209) 223-1609

Amador County Sheriff's Office is located at 700 Court Street, Jackson, 95642 CA. The Amador County Sheriff's Office phone number is (209) 223-6500.

Amador County Sheriff's Office News

Today was a day of celebration for the Amador County Sheriff’s Office as Sheriff Ryan administered the oath of office to Sergeant Jason Navarre in front of his friends, family, and co-workers. Sergeant Navarre began his career at the Amador County Sheriff’s Office on patrol in 2010. Sergeant Navarre later moved to the Investigations Bureau where he worked as a detective on numerous high profile cases involving violent crimes, child, and elder abuse. Sergeant Navarre also brought a wealth of outside experience to the Amador County Sheriff’s Office having graduated from California State University, Chico, and being previously employed in the high tech, retail, and pharmaceutical fields. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office thanks Sergeant Navarre for his years of hard-work and loyal service to Amador County and we look forward to watching his success as a supervisor within our agency.

The California High School Rodeo Association’s Challenge of Champions was in full swing this weekend at the Amador County Fairgrounds in Plymouth. While on patrol at the event, one of the rodeo's safety riders was kind enough to allow Deputy Franzen to work as a mounted unit for a few minutes when he offered up a ride on his horse, Bob. Our appreciation goes out to all those that made the rodeo such a successful event and to Bob for taking it easy on Deputy Franzen.

Fresh snow always adds another layer of beauty to Amador County. Early this St. Patrick's Day, Mother Nature decided our upcountry should wear white instead of green! If you decide to visit the snow today please remember to be prepared for the weather, remain alert, and drive carefully. Enjoy the day!

A quick thinking neighbor helped us catch a burglar yesterday in the Pine Grove area. It all started when when we got a call from a man who said someone was breaking into the new home he was building. The caller said someone had kicked in the front door and stole tile and other building supplies. A short time later, a neighbor called us to say he saw the burglar leaving the home, but not before he captured some video of the burglar driving away. Once detectives saw the video, they knew who to look for. Deputies arrived at the Pine Grove home of Jerry Adams, conducted a parole search, and found the same tile that was stolen from the victim's house. A big thanks to that alert neighbor! Adams was arrested and taken to the Amador County jail on burglary and vandalism charges. C1866

It was a great pleasure to meet two of our local residents, Max Lane and his mother Lacy. Max is five years old and wants to be a law enforcement officer when he grows up. Max was proudly sporting his law enforcement uniform and was able to spend some time with one of our deputies. In the end, Max was presented with an Amador County Junior Deputy sticker and posed for a picture. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office salutes you Junior Deputy Max Lane and thank you for spending time with us.

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office and the Amador County Unified School District have always shared a great working relationship, with the safety of students and staff being our top priority. In addition to our safety patrols around the schools, we often get to have some fun interacting with the kids during special events. Yesterday, in celebration of “National Reading Month”, the Sheriff’s Office was invited to read a story to a group of first and second grade students at Pine Grove Elementary School. The children then entertained Detective Stone with their many questions, wild stories, and overall interest in our profession. We would like to thank Pine Grove Elementary School for inviting us to attend and the kids for being such good hosts!

Please be careful this week as another series of storms is heading our way! WEATHER SUMMARY - The National Weather Service is forecasting that Storm #1 will move in tonight and Tuesday with widespread rain, mountain snow, and breezy wind. Mountain travel will be impacted as snow levels drop on Tuesday to below pass levels. Storm #2 is forecast to bring additional periods of rain in the lower elevations, snow in the mountains, and gusty winds from late Wednesday into early Saturday. Snow levels lower to 3500-4500 feet. People planning to travel into the mountains this week should be prepared for hazardous driving conditions with slick roads and reduced visibility due to wind and heavy snow. TIMING & STRENGTH – • Storm #1: Tonight – Wednesday morning - Heaviest rain will be during the day on Tuesday - Rain - See attached graphics for amount - Snow levels initially above passes, dropping below passes on Tuesday to around 4000 feet on Wednesday - Breezy winds on Tuesday • Storm #2: Late Wednesday – Early Saturday - Colder than Storm #1 - Rain – See attached graphic for amount - Snow levels 3500-4500 feet with heavy accumulations at pass level - Periods of breezy winds - Afternoon thunderstorms possible with small hail ROAD INFORMATION - • Current road conditions and chain control information can be found at the following Caltrans website: or by calling the Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) at: 800-427-7623.

One of our former K9 handlers had the opportunity to have a furry partner in his car again today when he noticed a spunky little Chihuahua running through highway traffic in Jackson. The sergeant, with the help of several citizens, was able to corral this speedy little dog and take her on a brief K9 ride-along. The Chihuahua was identified as Piper by her collar and we were able to return her to her owner who was working nearby when Piper was able to sneak away. Our thanks to the many people that stopped to help Piper and to her owner for ensuring that Piper was wearing her collar with her phone number. Thanks for keeping us company today Piper!

Safeway called the Sheriff’s Office to report a man, later identified as Mitchell Mills, just walked out of their store after showing a knife and threatening to kill a store worker. Mitchell is also accused of shoplifting. The worker feared for his life and deputies arrived in five minutes. We also called on nearby departments for help. A Jackson police officer found Mills a short time later on Highway 49 near Depot Road. Mills was taken to the Amador County Jail and booked on the following charges: making criminal threats, dissuading a witness, showing a deadly weapon and shoplifting. Thank you to the Jackson Police Department and Safeway for helping us keep our community safe!

Meet Sarah. She has been an Amador County Sheriff's Office Dispatcher for five years. " I enjoy being a dispatcher because it challenges me and I am always learning. It allows me to be directly involved in helping people, ensuring field units have pertinent information and citizens feel reassured during stressful times." Dispatchers like Sarah are so important to the health and safety of everyone in the county! And, we're looking for more just like her. Do you have what it takes? We hope so! Click on the link below for a great opportunity! C1866

A few weeks ago one of of our deputies was called to Walmart to investigate a report of a stolen bicycle. We met with Michael Johnson and learned he lives on a fixed income and his bicycle was his only mode of transportation. Through the investigation our deputy identified the suspect that stole the bicycle, found him, and obtained his confession to the crime. Sadly, the bicycle was not recovered leaving Michael without reliable transportation. The members of the Amador County Deputy Sheriff’s Association came together wanting to help Michael. Yesterday, Michael was presented with a new bicycle, helmet, and a lock to keep his new bike safe. Michael is a hard-working man, with a great heart, and he can often be found riding his bicycle throughout our community. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the members of the Amador County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and Jackson Family Sports for their generosity and ongoing commitment to helping those in need.

Maintaining the safety at our schools is a top priority for the Sheriff's Office. Yesterday, we were notified by the Amador County Unified School District of some disturbing rap songs that were created and posted on-line by a student who describes killing a local teacher and her family. Amador County Sheriff Investigators became involved and ultimately drafted an arrest and search warrant for the child and his house. Investigators served the arrest and search warrant last night. The child was arrested for criminal threats and several firearms, knives and swords were taken. These were not in the possession of the child, but were accessible. Investigators also collected numerous drawings and writings from the child's bedroom. Investigators did not discover any specific threat of violence towards school sites, students or other teachers. We want to thank the Amador County Unified School District in swiftly bringing this to our attention and their cooperation during the investigation.

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services would like to remind everyone to please drive safely due to the National Weather Service forecast of low elevation snow being forecast from today through Saturday. WEATHER SUMMARY: This storm combines cold air and a significant moisture supply to bring very heavy snow, down into low levels. Major impacts to travel across a wide range of elevations are expected. STORM TIMING & STRENGTH: • Snowiest storm for the foothills since 2011, Sierra passes saw similar totals with storms last year • 3 to 7 feet of snow accumulation over the high Sierra, up to two feet in some foothill locations • Snow levels 3000 – 4000 feet initially, lowering to 1500-2500 feet on Friday • Winds today: gusts of 35-50 mph in the Valley, 45-65 mph in the Sierra IMPACTS: • Significant travel delays, road closures, delayed school openings or school closures over the Sierra and into the foothills • Whiteout conditions at times • Potential tree limb damage and power outages with heavy snow ROAD INFORMATION & OTHER RESOURCES: Current road condition and chain control information can be found at the following Caltrans website: or by calling the Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) at 800-427-7623. For information on Winter Driving Preparedness, please visit the following National Safety Council website at: .

The "Luck of the Draw" puts one of our deputies in jolly olde England! We often send our deputies to professional training conferences to improve their skills. It’s rare that an opportunity like this comes up. At one of these conferences, Deputy Luke McElfish won a drawing to attend a two week advanced officer training course with the Norfolk Constabulary in the United Kingdom. The big win included the full cost of the training program, food, lodging, and even travel money for the long flight. The course was made available through a cohesive partnership between the Constabulary and California law enforcement agencies sharing best practices worldwide. This once-in-a-lifetime experience afforded Deputy McElfish the opportunity to re-discover his own genealogical roots, expand his law enforcement knowledge and perspective to a more global scale, and share and receive best practices with our allied English officers. It was intense training - 12 to 14 hour days - focused on improving communication skills, conflict de-escalation techniques, and crisis intervention. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Norfolk Constabulary for their professionalism, hospitality, and the wealth of knowledge they shared with Deputy McElfish who will undoubtedly utilize those skills to benefit Amador County.

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services would like to remind everyone to please drive safely due to the National Weather Service forecasting two more storms this week. WEATHER SUMMARY: The active weather pattern will continue this week as at least two cold and wintry storm systems will move through Northern California. The first system will continue through Monday. This storm system will likely bring accumulating snow down to the foothills, along with moderate to heavy snow over the mountains. The next, stronger storm system will arrive late Wednesday with precipitation continuing into Friday. Confidence is increasing that both of these storms could produce moderate to major snow-related impacts. STORM TIMING & STRENGTH: System #1: Sunday Night – Monday • Light Valley Rain • Up to 16” snow accumulation over the Sierra (See attached graphics) • Snow levels lowering to 1500-2500 feet System #2: Late Wednesday – Friday • Wetter than System #1 • 3-5 feet snow accumulation over the Sierra (See attached graphics) • Snow levels 2500-4000 feet initially, lowering to 1500-2500 feet Friday IMPACTS: • Potential for significant travel delays, chain controls, delayed school openings or school closures over the Sierra on Monday • Hazardous travel over the mountains with heavy snow and low visibility • Thunderstorms may bring locally heavy downpours and accumulating hail on Monday • Sensitive plants, trees, and blooms may be damaged with continued periods of overnight frost and cold temperatures ROAD INFORMATON & OTHER RESOURCES: Current road condition and chain control information can be found at the following Caltrans website: or by calling the Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) at 800-427-7623. For information on Winter Driving Preparedness, please visit the following National Safety Council website at: .

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory from 9 PM Wednesday, 2/21 to 4 AM Friday, 2/23 for low elevation snow. Forecast: • Dusting of snow down to 1,000 feet is possible • 1-2 inches of snow down to 2,000 feet • 5-8 inches of snow at Sierra pass levels Impacts: • Snow covered roads • Slippery roads • Reduced visibilities at times • Travel delays • Chain controls possible Current road condition and chain control information can be found at the following Caltrans website: or by calling the Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) at 800-427-7623. For information on Winter Driving Preparedness, please visit the following National Safety Council website at: . Please drive safely!

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office wants your help!! We are thrilled to announce that we have revitalized our Reserve Deputy Program! We are looking for dedicated individuals willing to serve beside our hard-working men and women protecting this community. If you are interested in helping, or just want more information, please visit the Reserve Deputy Program page on our website or give us a call.

It's Throwback Thursday at the Amador County Sheriff's Office! Take a look at this timeless picture taken way back in 1975! They're so serious (most of them). These are members of the Amador County Sheriff's Office Reserve Program. Can you name any of them? We look forward to more Throwback Thursdays and we need your help. Have any old photos of Amador County Sheriff deputies, vehicles, equipment, etc.? Please share them with us! We love the history and want to recognize those that came before us and served this great county!

This morning an alert Jamba Juice employee called the Sheriff’s Office to report a woman acting suspiciously in the parking lot, looking into vehicles and trying to open car doors. A detective in the area quickly found the woman while she was rummaging through a car in the parking lot. The woman, identified as 27-year-old Breanna Walker of Sacramento, told deputies she was released from the Calaveras County Jail a few days prior and got a ride to Amador County. Walker had stolen property from the vehicle she was found in, as well as property believed to be stolen from cars in Calaveras County. She was arrested and taken to the Amador County Jail on charges of petty theft and possessing stolen property. Our sincere thanks goes out to the observant Jamba Juice employee for undoubtedly preventing other people from being victimized.

A good ending to a tough day. These two had their bikes stolen, but after talking to the victims and reviewing surveillance video, the deputy knew one of the suspects. He found both suspects and they confessed to stealing the bikes. The owners were happy to get their bikes back and the two suspects will be facing theft charges. It's always rewarding to bring closure to our hard working citizens!

It's hard to have a bad day at the office when your office looks like this! Our K9 Deputy Vero had the opportunity to work and play in Amador's beautiful upcountry yesterday. As you can see by the smile on his face this loyal deputy loves his job! Keep up the good work Vero!

In December, Sheriff Ryan rolled out his new employee recognition program called the “Boomerang Award”, and yes there is a real boomerang involved! This award recognizes current employees of the Amador County Sheriff’s Office who once left the Sheriff’s Office to pursue other professional or family endeavors. The Sheriff has long stated that employees who leave our employment after having maintained a high quality of service to the people of this county, should have the opportunity to return if their choice to leave doesn’t work out as planned. Since the Sheriff first took office in 2007, there have been six such employees that we were happy to welcome back with the Sheriff’s Boomerang Award. The lucky recipients and their return dates are: Sheriff’s Services Supervisor Rice in 2007 Sergeant Silva in 2008 Sergeant Martin in 2010 Dispatch Supervisor Benson in 2014 Deputy Long in 2017 Deputy Woods in 2017 Welcome back home!

One of our amazing citizens left kind words for our patrol deputy this morning. It's the simple things that make our jobs great. Thanks to our community for your support.

On this very special day, we had the pleasure of meeting Peyton Merrifield and her mother Melissa. They came to wish us a Merry Christmas and brought us an ornament. Deputy Long was at the office and brought them in to hang it on the Christmas tree. You see Peyton has a passion for law enforcement because her grandfather is a retired Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy. So she spent Christmas bringing ornaments to the law enforcement agencies in our county where she lives to show her appreciation. Thank you Peyton. We appreciate your support. Merry Christmas to you, your family, and to every member of our great community.