Kerman Police Department

  • Agency: Kerman Police Department
  • Address: 850 S. Madera Avenue, Kerman, 93630 CA
  • Chief: William Newton (Chief of Police)
Phone: (559) 846-6633
Fax: (559)-846-9435

Kerman Police Department is located at 850 S. Madera Avenue, Kerman, 93630 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is William Newton. The Kerman Police Department phone number is (559) 846-6633.

Kerman Police Department News

Congratulations Deputy Royal. keep up the great work!

UPDATE: This vehicle has been located and returned to its owner. Special thanks to the alert citizen who spotted it and advised us of its location. STOLEN CAR: On 05/15/2018 the pictured 1995 Honda Accord was reported stolen to the Kerman Police Department. The vehicle is reported to have the spare tire installed on the driver's side and there is some minor damage to the rear bumper as shown. If you see this car or have any information as to who may have taken it, please contact KPD at 846-8800 and refer to case #18-1512

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CRIME ALERT: In recent weeks there has been a notable increase in reported property thefts from unlocked cars. Once again we would like to remind you to never leave anything of value in your vehicle and most certainly, never leave property in plain view. Petty theft from an unlocked car is only a misdemeanor offense.

Some additional views from yesterdays house fire. Thank you to all who responded.

House fire near California and Vineland

Kerman PD offers free car seat inspections as well as the CHP. Just come by the department and make an appt.

WALMART THEFT SUSPECT Please help identify this woman. On 03/28/2018 she was seen shopping in the Walmart located in the city of Kerman. She then walked out of the store without paying for her items. A loss prevention associate contacted her once she left the store, but she refused to cooperate and left in a white sedan heading towards Fresno. If you can identify this person please contact the Kerman Police Dept at 846-8800 or you can send a private message via this page. KPD case# 18-994

Vehicle stop leads to arrests with recovery of a stolen gun and Methamphetamines. On 02/13/2018 just before 10pm an officer initiated a vehicle stop on a white Dodge Neon for an observed equipment violation. In the vehicle was Matt Vogt (driver) and Frankie Ochoa (passenger). Ochoa is currently on probation and lied to the officer about his identity. Once his identity was confirmed, Ochoa was taken into custody. During a search incident to arrest, a rifle and a high capacity magazine were located in the back seat. Matt Vogt was also taken into custody for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. As the search of the vehicle continued, a large amount of methamphetamine was located as well as a Beretta 40 cal hand gun which was confirmed to have been stolen out of Fresno. Both subjects were booked into the Fresno County Jail on the below listed charges. MATT VOGT: HS11370 1A POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE W/FIREARM. HS11364A POSSESS PARAPHERNALIA PC25400(a)(1) CARRY A CONCEALED FIREARM - VEHICLE DRIVER PC25850(c)2 CARRYING A LOADED STOLEN FIREARM PC12022 1A COMMIT FEL WHILE ON BAIL HS11378 POSSESSION OF CONTROL SUBSTANCE FOR SALES PC30600(a) MANUFACTURES/DISTIBUTE/TRANSFER/ETC ANY ASSAULT WEAPON PC30605 POSSESS ANY ASSAULT WEAPON PC29800(a)(1) POSSESSION OF FIREARM BY FELON OR NARCOTIC DRUG USER PC496 A RECEIVING OR CONCEALING STOLEN PROPERTY HS11379A SALE/TRANSPORT OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE PC32310 LARGE-CAPACITY MAGAZINE; MANUFACTURE,IMPORTATION,SALE OR POSSESSION PC30305(a)(1) PERSON PORHIBITED FROM POSS A FIREARM SHALL NOT POSS AMMUNITION FRANKIE OCHOA: PC148 9A FALSE IDENITY TO OFFICER PC1203 2A PROBATION VIOLATION

Do you know these ladies? On 02/02/2018 at about 7:30 pm these two females entered the Rite Aid store at 456 S. Madera Ave and walked out with two box sets of Remy Martin Cognac Fine Champagne in which they did not pay for. Each set is valued at $56.00 The women, described as black female adults, entered the store, walked directly to the alcohol isle where each one grabbed a box and left, without making any effort to render payment. They then got into a purple or burgandy hatchback type vehilce and left the area. The vehicle has a license plate similar to 5VQG39 or 5VQW93 (note, these are not complete plate numbers). If you are able to help identify either of these woman please contact the Kerman Police Department at 846-8800 or you can PM via this page. Refer to case #18-375

UPDATE: Alcala was arrested earlier this evening and is currently in custody. WANTED PERSON: MIGUEL ALCALA On 01/26/2018 The Fresno County Superior Court issued an arrest warrant for Miguel Alcala, who is currently wanted for: PC3455(a) Revocation of Post release Community Supervision. This is a felony NO Bail Warrant. If you see Alcala or know where he is, please contact the Kerman Police Department or you local law enforcement agency.

PRESS RELEASE January 30, 2018 CRIME ALERT: AUTO THEFT INCREASE Since January 1st the Kerman Police Department has taken 10 stolen vehicle reports from various locations around the city. This is a significant increase compared to the vehicle thefts reported in January of last year. Only one vehicle theft was reported in the month of January in 2017. The rise in vehicle thefts in Kerman is consistent with the rise of reported vehicle thefts in nearby cities. The Kerman PD Detective has been in communication with the Fresno County Auto Theft Task Force (H.E.A.T) as these recent cases are investigated. Several of the stolen vehicles have been recovered including a vehicle that was located in the Delano area where it was found stripped and burned. It appears that the stolen vehicles are selected at random with no indication that a particular make or model is being targeted. However, several of the vehicles were 1990’s model vehicles that are more susceptible to access with a shaved or modified key. If you own similar model vehicles we suggest additional security measures such as alarms or locking devices for the steering wheel. The Kerman Police Department is offering steering wheel locking devices that are free of charge for anyone interested. The locking device can be picked up at the police department during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, until all the devices are given away. With the cold temperatures in the morning, it is common for motorists to warm up their vehicles before leaving for work or dropping the students off to school. Avoid leaving the vehicles unattended with the keys in the ignition while warming the vehicle. We are encouraging the community to secure their vehicles, keep valuables out of sight, and to report any suspicious activity.

WESTSIDE SHOOTER ARRESTED On January 8th around 11:00 pm, a motorist driving westbound on Whitesbridge Avenue near Goldenrod Avenue noticed a man in a gray 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 4-wheel drive crew cab pickup truck pull alongside of him and point a handgun at him out the driver’s window. The victim, an off-duty corrections officer with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), pulled away and began to drive to a more populated area in Kerman. During this time, the victim called the Kerman Police Department to report that a motorist had just pointed a gun at him. The suspect continued to follow the victim and pulled in behind him at the Fastrip market located at Madera and Sunset Avenues. The victim got out of his vehicle and took cover behind a gas pump, while instructing citizens to clear the area. The officer drew his handgun and directed the suspect (Jorge Gracia) to get out of his truck and lie down on the ground. The suspect complied. During this time, Kerman Police officers arrived on scene. The victim identified himself to officers as the Kerman officers moved in to handcuff the suspect and take him into custody. After arresting the suspect and evaluating the situation, Kerman officers realized the correlation between this incident and the recent vehicle shootings that had occurred in western Fresno County near Kerman. Due to the circumstances of this case and the similarities of the suspect’s pickup truck, Kerman officers requested Fresno County Sheriff’s detectives respond to investigate the possibility of this suspect being involved in their recent series of shootings on roads near Kerman. The suspect, 42 year old Jorge Javier Gracia who lives northeast of Kerman, was booked that night into the Fresno County Jail. Detectives impounded the pickup truck and authored a search warrant for it. Detectives later searched inside the truck and found methamphetamine and a .380 semi-automatic handgun. While in custody, detectives continued to investigate whether or not Gracia was involved in any of the random roadway shootings. Detectives learned that Gracia worked as an electrician who traveled the various routes during the time period of the shootings. Between November 27th and December 17th, 2017, there were 10 separate reports of vehicles being struck by gunfire. Eight occurred in Fresno County and two occurred in Madera County. Only one case resulted in a person suffering injuries. Deputies were able to collect bullet rounds from several of these shootings. Members of the Sheriff’s Forensics Laboratory team conducted ballistic tests, comparing rounds (bullets) recovered from the vehicles that were shot, to the .380 handgun seized from Gracia. The results revealed the gun was a positive match to the recovered rounds. Numerous victims had given deputies the same description of the last vehicle they saw go past them at the time they heard the noise resembling a gunshot. It was described as a dark colored pickup truck with an extended cab or crew cab. It had a lifted body with oversize tires. As a result of the evidence collected, Gracia was arrested for his involvement in the shootings and additional charges were placed on his record. Evidence also indicates that the suspect only fired one round at each moving vehicle. A motive for the shootings is unknown at this time. Deputies with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Madera County Sheriff’s Office, officers with the California Highway Patrol and Kerman Police Department dedicated a lot of time and resources into the investigation to try and identify possible suspects and to put a stop to these shootings. Due to increased public awareness and donations to Valley Crime Stoppers that created a reward of $10,000, several tips were generated. This information helped detectives narrow their focus in the investigation and ultimately take the suspected gunman off the streets. This remains an ongoing investigation. Anyone with additional information on Jorge Gracia or any of the shootings is asked to contact Sheriff’s dispatchers at (559) 600-3111.

COFFEE WITH A COP Tomorrow morning Monday January 22nd from 8am-10am. The Kerman Startbuck's is hosting Coffee with a Cop. Please stop by an enjoy some complimentary coffee and a pastry. See you there.

DO YOU KNOW THIS WOMAN? If so, please contact the kerman Police Dept. She is wanted for the theft of over $1000 worth of merchandise from Walmart. Please contact us via PM or you can call us at 559-846-6674. You can remain anonymous and we do not need your personal information. Refer to KPD Case #18-0125

CRIME ALERT: AUTO THEFT INCREASE Since January 1st the Kerman Police Department has taken 10 stolen vehicle reports from various locations around the city. Please remember to secure your vehicle and report any suspiscious activity.

UPDATE: This vehicle was recovered in Kerman on 01/30/2018. STOLEN VEHICLE: On 01/18/2018 a 1996 Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen to the Kerman Police Department. The vehicle was taken from the area of Kearney And 8th Streets. It is very similar to the jeep pictured below, and it has minor damage to the drivers side rear bumper due to a prior accident. It is white and the License plate is 6SHB587. If you see this vehicle or have any information regarding this crime, please contact Kerman PD. Case# 18-0183

UPDATE: This vehicle has been located. STOLEN VEHICLE: On 01/05/2018, the pictured 2000 Honda Civic was reported stolen from the area of Del Norte and Kearney. If you have any information regarding this crime or if you see this vehicle, please contact the Kerman Police Dept or your local law enforcement agency. This vehicle is maroon in color with faded paint. The hood is also painted black.The vehicle has a license plate of 5VIC208, however it is common for car thieves to remove the original license plates and replace them with others.

UPDATE: This vehicle has been located in the Delano area, stripped and burned. If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact the Kerman Police Dept. STOLEN VEHICLE: On 01/04/2018 at around noon, the pictured 2005 Chevy Silverado was reported stolen from the Walmart parking lot located in Kerman. If you have any information regarding this crime or if you see this vehicle, please contact the Kerman Police Dept or your local law enforcement agency. The vehicle has a license plate of 46059C1, however it is common for car thieves to remove the original license plates and replace them with others.