Alhambra Police Department

  • Agency: Alhambra Police Department
  • Address: 211 S. First St, Alhambra, 91801 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Alhambra Police Department is located at 211 S. First St, Alhambra, 91801 CA. The Alhambra Police Department phone number is 626-570-5151.

Alhambra Police Department News

On Friday, October 20th, at 7:43 p.m., a commercial burglary occurred at the Asia Supermarket located at 910 W. Valley Blvd., in the City of Alhambra. The suspect entered the store and forced his way into a locked office and removed the loss. He exited the store with the loss. The Alhambra Police Department requests your assistance in identifying the suspect. If you can identify the suspect and wish to remain anonymous you can call the Alhambra Tip Line at (626)308-4875. You will remain anonymous.

On Monday, October 30th, at 5:19 a.m., a burglary occurred on the 200 block of North Monterey Street in the City of Alhambra. The suspect climbed a fence to a gated parking lot. He then entered an electrical room by prying the door. He fled the location with the loss. He was captured on surveillance footage. The Alhambra Police Department requests your assistance in identifying the suspect. If you can identify the suspect and wish to remain anonymous you can call the Alhambra Tip Line at (626)308-4875. You will remain anonymous.

PURSUIT-LAPD chased a stolen vehicle into our city. The suspect foot bailed in the area of Mark Keppel High School and jumped over a fence onto school property near the parking lot. The suspect was immediately apprehended by campus supervisor and placed under arrest by LAPD. No students were impacted by this incident.

**Shopping Safety** The holidays, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching, and many of us will be doing holiday shopping soon. Here are some tips to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a crime. While shopping in centers or stores: •Stay alert! Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. •Park in well-lit areas and make sure you lock your doors. Store all purchases and valuables out of sight in the trunk. •Do not overburden yourself while carrying items to your vehicle. Doing so makes you a vulnerable target for pickpockets, purse-snatchers, and robbers. Instead, make multiple trips or ask for assistance from a store associate. •While shopping with kids, make sure they stay near you at all times. Teach them to go to a store clerk or security guard if they get separated. *Online shopping: •Stick to reputable and well-known websites and always make sure you are shopping on a secure network. •Monitor your statements for abnormal activity. •Deter package theft! Have a camera to monitor your porch for package thieves. Better yet, request the delivery service to throw (non-delicate) packages into a backyard or fenced area. Otherwise, pick up expensive orders at a local store or shipping center. •Be wary of unknown websites and do not click on unfamiliar links. Most importantly, do not give away social security information or passwords! We wish you safe and happy shopping in preparation for the holidays!

Currently Officers are conducting a traffic collision investigation on Mission Rd. and Eighth St. Westbound Mission Rd. lanes between Atlantic Blvd. and Eighth St. and closed due to Edison fixing two damage light poles. Please stay area from the area and drive safe!

Our Alhambra Officers, Police Explorers and Volunteers had a fun morning at the Edwards Renaissance Theater Plaza passing out candy. They had a great time meeting with the community at the 2017 Halloween Scream event. Have a great weekend Alhambra!

**A safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween** With Halloween right around the corner, below are a few safety tips from the Alhambra Police Department. 1. Do not Trick-or-treat alone. Practice the buddy system and remember two or more is always better than one. Having at least one adult chaperone with your group is a good idea. 2. Never go into a stranger’s home. 3. Plan your trick-or-treat route ahead of time. In case you get separated from your group, plan specific meet up locations. 4. Remain visible at all times. Tape or fasten reflective material to your costume/candy bag, or carry a glow stick or flashlight. 5. Stay in well-lit areas. 6. Look both ways before crossing the street and use crosswalks. 7. Parents, teach your children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them. 8. Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible and when it’s not possible, walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic. 9. Wear comfortable shoes. 10. If you are wearing a mask, make sure you are able to see out of it when walking. 11. If you paint your face, test out the make up before, just in case you have an allergic reaction to it. 12. If you choose to carry toy gun, plastic sword or other simulated weapon as part of your outfit, please make sure it is colored with bright vibrant colors so it cannot be mistaken as a real weapon. 13. Check your trick-or-treat candy. Throw away any candy that is not commercially wrapped or that looks like it has been opened. 14. Drivers, popular trick-or-treat hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. so be especially alert for kids during those hours. 15. If you trick or treat with a pet, make sure they are on a leash.

Thank you for running with us over the weekend at the Pumpkin Run! Here are some pictures from the race.

The 2017 Alhambra Pumpkin Run was a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated and for everyone's patience. All roads are now open expect for Second St. between Main St. and Commonwealth Ave. for the Farmers Market. Happy Sunday Alhambra!!

Come visit us at the Farmers Market on Second Street! We will be here today until 2:00pm to speak with you about home safety, car seats, children’s safety, and police recruitment. We look forward to meeting you!

Happy Saturday, citizens of Alhambra! We look forward to running with/competing against you TOMORROW at the Alhambra Pumpkin Run 5k! Please join us for the festivities afterwards! Activities include entertainment, a farmer's market, home brew contest, live music, a kids zone, great food, and more. See you there! Go Team Alhambra PD!

Walking to and from a Parking Lot: 1. Park in a well-lighted area as close as possible to the exit you will be using. 2. Lock the car and roll up the windows all the way. 3. Patrons should lock any valuables or packages in the trunk. 4. Use an escort to your vehicle. Ask the security guard or a co-worker to escort you to your car. 5. Have your keys ready for quick entry into the vehicle. 6. Check your vehicle for signs of a break-in and for anyone hiding inside. #alhambrapd #alhambrapolice #fridaystips #parkinglotsafety

Call 811 Before You Dig - It's Free 811 is the phone number you call before digging to protect yourself and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. There are millions of miles of buried utilities beneath the surface of the earth that are vital to everyday living like water, electricity and natural gas. 811 is the federally designated call before you dig number that helps homeowners and professionals avoid damaging these vital utilities. When you make the free call to 811 a few days before you dig, you'll help prevent unintended consequences such as injury to you or your family, damage to your property, utility service outages to the entire neighborhood and potential fines and repair costs.

Join us for fun, laughs, and a great time! Let us know you're coming and we'll see you there!

**Missing Person** Mr. Lai Gee was reported missing today (10/16/17) at 8:30am. He was last seen at 1 E. Commonwealth wearing a gray shirt, black pants, and a dark baseball cap. Mr. Gee is approximately 89 years old, speaks Cantonese, is hard of hearing, and walks with the assistance of a cane. If you see Mr. Gee, please notify us immediately at (626) 570-5151. Thank you.

Sunday, October 22, 2017 is the Annual Pumpkin Run. This year the run will be held on Main Street from Atlantic Blvd. to El Molino St. Main Street will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 3 AM. Main St. will open at approximately 11 AM. All businesses on Main St. typically open will be open for business. Parking will be relaxed for all the affected areas. Please plan your routes accordingly. After the run, there will be festivities (Pumpkin Themed, of course) on Second St. between Main and Commonwealth. The Alhambra Police Department will compete against the Alhambra Fire Department in the 5K run. Come on out and root for your favorite team (my preference is the team from APD :)) Join us for the run or festivities.

**Fire Department Open House & Pancake Breakfast** Start your weekend off right by joining our Fire Department for their Annual Open House & Pancake Breakfast tomorrow (October 14th) between 9am and 12pm. The Open House & Pancake Breakfast will be at AFD Headquarters, located at 301 N. First St. We hope to see you there. Have a happy Friday!

Beware of ATM skimmer devices! A skimmer is a device placed over an ATM's parts, stealing users' information. Some may be used to read the card's data as it is inserted through the slot. Others may be placed over the PIN pad to track PIN numbers. In addition, often times, fraudsters will place a small hidden camera in the ATM to capture video of victims' PIN number. Don't let yourself become a victim to ATM skimming! - Pay close attention to the details of the ATM. If something looks off, wiggle it. If there are two ATMs next to each other, see if something seems out of place in comparison to the other. Better yet, consider using an ATM indoors as those are trickier for fraudsters to tamper with without being caught. -Cover your PIN number when entering the pad with your hand or your wallet. Remember cameras can be placed off to the side, behind you, or on top of the ATM. -Monitor your bank account for any unusual transactions. Remember, be aware and be safe while using ATMs. Your bank account will thank you!

On September 2nd, at 6:25 p.m., a grand theft occurred at the Chevron Gas Station located at 2600 W. Valley Blvd. in the City of Alhambra. Suspect #1 entered the store of the gas station and asked to buy a $50.00 lottery ticket. The clerk stated that he did not sell $50.00 lottery ticket. The suspect exited the store. Suspect #2 entered the store and purchased lottery tickets. He then exited the store. Suspect #1 re-entered the store when the clerk exited the store. While the clerk was outside of the store Suspect #1 stole a case of Lotto scratchers. The suspects then ran from the location with the loss. The Alhambra Police Department requests your assistance in identifying the suspects. If you can identify the suspects and wish to remain anonymous you can call the Alhambra Tip Line at (626)308-4875. You will remain anonymous.

On Friday, September 29th, at 6:26 p.m., a robbery occurred at the Rite Aid located at 69 E. Main St., in the City of Alhambra. The suspect entered the store and walked to the pharmacy. He jumped over the pharmacy counter and selected medications from the pharmacy shelves. The suspect then jumped over the counter and fled the location. The suspect was captured on surveillance footage. The Alhambra Police Department requests your assistance in identifying the suspect. If you can identify the suspect and wish to remain anonymous you can call the Alhambra Tip Line at (626)308-4875. You will remain anonymous.

PURSUIT-LASO chased a vehicle wanted for a car jacking into our city. The suspect was apprehended by LASO in the area of Atlantic/Valley. LASO air ship also assisted with the pursuit.

Remember: Chapel Ave between Valley and Shorb will be closed to traffic from 1200-1500 (Noon-3 PM) today and from 0900-1500 (9 AM - 3 PM) tomorrow. If you normally drive this route please plan accordingly. Southern California Edison will be doing some work in this area. Questions can be answered by calling Southern California Edison. Thank You for your patience.

The Alhambra Police Department Traffic Section has been busy the past few months presenting pedestrian safety education to various organizations all over Alhambra. This past Wednesday, we spoke with the Taishan Association of Southern California in Alhambra about how to be safe as a pedestrian. Our agency recognizes pedestrian and driver safety as an important matter, and is committed to ensuring commuters arrive at their destinations safely. If you would like us to speak to your organization about pedestrian safety, please contact the Crime Prevention Office at (626) 570-5177.

Thank you for coming to Coffee with a Cop!! We loved getting to speak with you over a cup of coffee and hear all your comments, questions and concerns. The Alhambra Police Department prides itself in its partnership with the community. Events like these allow that bond to strengthen so we can better serve you. A big thank you also goes out to Starbucks for hosting the event, for providing us with refreshments, and allowing us to use their business as a venue for building community. Here are some pictures from last night.

***Street Closure*** Southern California Gas will be closing Chapel North of Valley to the first East and West alley due to construction tomorrow (10/06) from 9am - 2pm. Please plan your commute accordingly!