Gardena Police Department

  • Agency: Gardena Police Department
  • Address: 1718 West 162nd Street, Gardena, 90247 CA
  • Chief: Ed Medrano (Chief of Police)
Phone: (310) 217-9670

Gardena Police Department is located at 1718 West 162nd Street, Gardena, 90247 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Ed Medrano. The Gardena Police Department phone number is (310) 217-9670.

Gardena Police Department News

Anyone who has had his or her car stolen, knows how devastating this can be...especially when a family only owns one car. How are you going to get to work, get groceries, pick up the kids? Well our very own Officer Nash has taken it upon himself to make it a passion to get these stolen cars back! The California Highway Patrol along with The AAA have teamed up and created an award for those officers who work tirelessly in recovering stolen cars and arresting car thieves. Called the 10851 award, the criteria is to recover 12 stolen cars with at least 3 of them being driven by car thieves within a year. Other criteria's are arresting 6 car thieves while they have the stolen car or discovering a, "Chop Shop" where a car thief ring works from. Well Officer Nash has won this award not one, two or three times, but a total of FIVE times!!! The fifth award is known as the, "Master" 10851 Award and we want to congratulate Officer Nash for his diligence and hard work. To obtain this Master award Officer Nash has recovered over 42 stolen cars with a total value of over $472,500 and arrested a total of 28 car thieves!! Day and night our officers are out there! Great job Officer Nash! #alwaysoutthere #24/7

Major Power outage in the city. The following intersections are out. Please use caution at the following intersections as all traffic control signals are effected. Western/Artesia, Western/169, Western /166, Western/GBL, Westen/162, Western/158 Redondo/Normandie, Normandie162-170 Artesia/Dalton. Unknown when it will be fixed at this time.

Earlier this afternoon, two community members were inside Taco Bell grabbing lunch. While visiting the sauce bar, a suspect suddenly approached them and snatched a necklace off one of their necks. As he was running out, he accidentally dropped the necklace. Nonetheless, Gardena PD arrived and chased the suspect two blocks cornering him in the parking lot of a nearby hotel. The suspect was arrested peacefully at that time and the necklace was returned to the victim. We’re so happy we were able to help these fine people get their property back. #GardenaPD #1924 #Team4

Rainbow across the City of Gardena this morning! Have a great day.

Deputy Chief Kang and the Gardena Police Department wishes you and your family a safe and Happy Halloween. Tonight is game 6 of the greatest World Series we have seen in decades !! Let’s all wish our Dodgers great success tonight as they take on the Houston Astro’s! IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!! We want our community members to stay safe and remember to always designate a sober driver! #uber #lyft #gardena Los Angeles Dodgers #gardenapd #dodgerstadium

Happy Birthday to Sergeant Gonsalves! The Team took him out to lunch today😀

Outstanding work tonight by the LACFD and residents in District 1! Officers responded to a call of a house on fire at about 10pm near El Segundo/ Van Ness. Neighbors worked as a team by calling 9-1-1 and assisting the 93 year old resident out of the house. When officers arrived they observed several residents using water hoses to put out the fire which was located in the garage. The cause of the fire is still unknown and no one was injured thanks to the quick response of LACFD and the courageous acts by the citizens of Gardena. #Teamwork

Gearing up for this Halloween night? Here are some safety tips to keep you safe this spooky night! 1. Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks. 2. Put electronic devices down and keep heads up and walk, don’t run, across the street. 3. Watch for cars that are turning or backing up. 4. Slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods. 5. Enter and exit driveways and alleys slowly and carefully. 6. Carry a flashlight/reflectors bands for high visibility. 7. Always remember to inspect your candy. Have a great Halloween night and stay safe from your friends at Gardena PD!

Congratulations to our newest Officer of the Year...Sergeant Sargent...Nope, that's not a typo! We also have a Sergeant Pepper! Congrats Sgt Sargent!

The Gardena Police Department hosted our annual employee recognition day today. We would like to thank Mayor Tasha Cerda, Coucilman Rodney Tanaka and Councilman Art Kaskanian for attending and to Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union for sponsoring the event. Congratulations to our officer of the year Sergeant Mike Sargent. He was chosen by his peers as the officer who best represents our department’s values of hard work, integrity, and professionalism. Other recognition winners were: Explorer of the year: Kiara Preciado Volunteer of the year: Kimi Kiyohara Part time employee : Erika McLeod Full time employee : Alejandra Orozco Congrats to all of them!

The Gardena Police Dept. will be participating on a “DEA Take Back” Initiative this upcoming Saturday, October 28th from 10-2pm outside the front lobby. This nationwide event aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications. Needles/syringes will NOT be accepted.

Full House! Several members of the Gardena community, including our Mayor Tasha Cerda, and citizens from surrounding cities are attending CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training today. We thank them all for volunteering to take this training and for their willingness to help family members, neighbors, and other citizens when the time comes!

Our officers heard complaints that local gang members were trying to take over a local park. So they thought what better way to get to know them than by eating lunch at the park everyday... In-N-Out Burger #communitypolicing #gardenapd #cityofgardena

This morning, Torrance P. Dept pursued a stolen vehicle that ended in our city, near 154th Pl and Cimarron Ave. When the driver of the vehicle crashed, she quickly ran into a nearby backyard and started jumping fences in an attempt to flee. Torrance PD requested our assistance and we began setting up a containment. Immediately, a resident called and told us a female had just hopped his fence into his backyard. Officers were able to take her into custody without incident. Great teamwork with TPD, GPD and the community!

Sergeant Pepper and members of Gardena CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) received a briefing before participating in an earthquake emergency response drill in South Los Angeles today as part of the Great Shake Out! We are lucky to have so many employees and citizens committed to the safety of those who live in our great city! Check out

Today is the Great Shake Out! Take the time to learn about safety during and after an earthquake at Also, please watch the informative video below. Be safe!

The human mouth can contain over 600 types of bacteria and can spread HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Herpes. Today one of our officers tried to escort a suspicious person from a property in the Budlong/Gardena Blvd area. When the person wouldn’t leave she was placed under arrest and a struggle ensued. Unfortunately, for the officer he was a victim of a human bite. Hopefully, with treatment he won’t have any long standing health effects. Ouch! That must have hurt!

A Gardena apartment building engulfed in flames today. The cause of the fire was unknown. However, that didn’t stop LA County Fire from entering the apartment and rescuing a trapped community member. We’re honored to work with such heroes🎗. #Team4 #LAcountyFire

The first week of May was a very busy and devastating week for the Gardena Police Department. On May 2nd, at approximately 7:15pm, GPD responded to shots fired on the 1200 block of Rosecrans. Upon arrival, officers found three individuals with gunshot wounds. Upon arrival to the hospital, one of the individuals succumbed to his injuries. The other two individuals were treated and released. The following day, May 3rd, at approximately 11:30am, GPD officers responded to another call of shots fired on the 2700 block of Rosecrans. Upon arrival, they found a deceased male in the alley. The first suspect for the homicide that took place on May 3rd , Orlando Sanders, was arrested on May 24th by GPD. The second suspect, Regine Lyles, was arrested on June 14th. On September 26th, GPD arrested Jason Franklin for the murder that took place on May 2nd. The District Attorney filed numerous charges against all three suspects related to the homicides, including murder. Thanks to the diligent work from the GPD Detectives, the homicides were solved in under 6 months and those responsible for the murders will never cause harm again. We would like to thank our community members for helping us keep Gardena streets safe once again.

Earlier today, Gardena PD, Mercy Flight, and the LA County Fire Department worked together to assist in transporting a critical patient with a heart condition from Gardena Memorial Hospital to USC Medical Center. They used Mas Fukai as their landing zone, which stirred up the surrounding neighborhoods to come out and watch a helicopter land in the middle of our city. We appreciate Mercy Flight and the many lives they save.

This morning we had the 17th Annual GPD Pancake Breakfast! We had a great turn out with long lines for most of the morning! As you may know, this event is largely driven by donations from local companies. We would like thank our sponsors: Hosoda Brothers, Inc, Gardena Supermarket, Las Flores Convalescent Home, Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union, and Sam's Club. It's the people who come out to volunteer for, and attend, this event who make it a great one. We really appreciate the awesome community support. This was one of our biggest crowds ever! This was a great way to spend a Saturday, bond with teammates and our community, and to help raise approximately $2000.00 (in sales and direct donations) for the GPD K9 fund! Thanks to you all and have a great weekend!