Hawthorne Police Department

  • Agency: Hawthorne Police Department
  • Address: 12501 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, 90250 CA
  • Chief: Robert D. Fager (Chief of Police)
Phone: (310) 349-2700

Hawthorne Police Department is located at 12501 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, 90250 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert D. Fager. The Hawthorne Police Department phone number is (310) 349-2700.

Hawthorne Police Department News

Have you ever wanted to see the Los Angeles Kings play ? Now you can watch some great ice hockey and at the same time support our Power Project and Hawthorne Force Ice Hockey programs by purchasing a ticket to the game using the code below ! Thanks and Go Kings Go!

Upcoming Ride to Live dates....

Officers responded to the 4300 block of 132nd St regarding a man who was violating a restraining order and had chased family members with a knife. The man barricaded in the bathroom of his family’s apartment when officers arrived. After over two hours of negotiations to get him to come out, the SWAT team deployed tear gas and the subject exited the bathroom with no additional force or injury. Good job and coordination by patrol, crisis negotiators and SWAT.

Closure. But Officer Williams is still recovering from his injuries. He has our full support.

The girls needed a player on the team so our Officer jumped at the chance to play Futsal in full uniform !

Congratulations to Hawthorne's own SpaceX for an amazing launch of Falcon Heavy, the largest most powerful rocket ever, sending Elon Musk's Red Tesla on its way to Mars. We are all proud of everyone at SpaceX for your amazing accomplishment.

We've been posting the latest crime activity updates at our www.nextdoor.com site. It is for residents.


The Hawthorne Police Department is hiring for Police Officers, go to www.cityofhawthorne.org share and tell a friend.

Protect yourself .

Gyasi Zardes came by to say goodbye to all the @hpdfutsal kids yesterday . Chief Fager surprised him w a plaque honoring him for everything he has done for our community . There were some tears as we all said goodbye and wished him well on his new team the Columbus Crew. We know he will do great things and always make us proud that he calls Hawthorne home . #herbalife #columbuscrewsc LA Galaxy USMNT

Eyes on the road.

As many of you have seen , we have amazing new Futsal courts at Jim Thorpe park courtesy of our amazing partnership w Herbalife and the LA Galaxy . Watch the video below to see the story of a boy w a dream and how playing on a then abandoned tennis court , led to this project coming to life !

Here is a story from the US Soccer foundation about the success of our after school futsal program.

Yeah, I’d say sliding down the off ramp sideways is definitely the “wrong way”. Be extra careful driving to work this morning. Thick fog not only limits your visibility but it also makes the roads slick. Luckily no one was seriously injured in this single vehicle collision.

This past weekend Hawthorne PD SWAT and K9’s participated in a grueling 3-day training geared toward tactical trauma care in the field. This facility in San Diego had actors wearing body suits mimicking severe injuries, explosions, fires, gunshots, and lots of other distractions meant to create a realistic and stressful environment for our officers to negotiate through. We are happy to have these officers return to Hawthorne with their new skills and knowledge. 💥🚓🚁

Let's be careful out there....

A great number to have...