Signal Hill Police Department

  • Agency: Signal Hill Police Department
  • Address: 2745 Walnut Avenue, Signal Hill, 90806 CA
  • Chief: Donald Pederson (Chief of Police)

Signal Hill Police Department is located at 2745 Walnut Avenue, Signal Hill, 90806 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Donald Pederson. The Signal Hill Police Department phone number is (562) 989-7200.

Signal Hill Police Department News

Tip-A-Cop is just one week away! Will you be joining us to help raise money for SoCal Special Olympics athletes?

Good Morning Signal Hill! Our officers are working hard to keep our city safe. Enjoy your Sunday and remember to take time to stop and admire the view ☀️

April is Distracted Driver Awareness month. Our officers 👮 have zero tolerance for distracted related violations, especially texting. Put it down. It can wait!

It's National Dispatcher Appreciation week! Have you thanked a dispatcher today?? ☎️📞💻📡

Now that SoCal temps are rising, there's a tendency for people to leave doors and windows open to keep the house cool. This makes your home an easy target for burglars. Please follow these tips to keep your home secure and to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Please report all suspicious activity by calling SHPD dispatch at 562-989-7201.

Two weeks from today, you can Tip our Cops to helps raise money for SoCal Special Olympics athletes!

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In an effort to increase traffic safety, our officers are increasing enforcement and will have zero tolerance for violations. If your eyes aren't on the road, you aren't driving! Put it down! 🍔🍩☕️📱

SAVE THE DATE for our upcoming Tip-A-Cop event: Wednesday, April 25th, 5PM to 9PM. Come help support the Special Olympics!

‪In an effort to reduce traffic collisions caused by distracted drivers, our officers will have zero tolerance for distracted driving violations, especially the use of cell phones. Put the phone 📱 down! ‬

Put the cell phone down. It can wait! Distracted Driver Awareness begins today!

Springfest 2018 was a success! Thank you to our Explorers, Volunteers, and Officers for your time to help keep everyone safe today!

Thank you for following us on Facebook. You can also find us on Twitter @ SignalHill_PD and sign up for Nixle alerts via text/email at

It isn't well known how much training officers do on a regular basis. We train every single day so we are better prepared when the worst happens. Senior Officer Moreau, Officer Moulton (suspect), and Officer Brancke are seen here practicing building searches.

Last week, Officer Blair conducted an investigation regarding an attempted vehicle burglary. While searching for fingerprint evidence, he had some unexpected help from a junior investigator. Thank you for your assistance young man! #communitypolicing

Heavy rains are expected in our area today. Please:1) Allow plenty of time to get to your destination 2) Drive slow 3) Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you 4) Always have your headlights on when your windshield wipers are on 5) Watch out for pedestrians

We continue to receive reports of theft from vehicles that were left unlocked. The best way to prevent your belongings from being stolen is to secure your vehicle. Shut your windows and lock your doors. Do not leave valuables inside the vehicle. At the very least secure items in the trunk.

Just a friendly reminder to Spring Forward tonight at 2am. Change your clocks to one hour ahead prior to bedtime and check your smoke detectors! #daylightsavings ⏰

At approximately 0934 hours, we received a call from an LA County Sanitation Supervisor that a grenade was located during a hazardous clean up event at EDCO. The building was immediately evacuated. LASD Bomb Squad arrived a short time later and located the live WWII era grenade, still in its military packaging, and removed it safely. No one was injured as a result of this incident. Business resumed operations as normal within an hour.

‪Be prepared for a rainy day in SoCal today. If you are driving anywhere today, please follow these safety tips to keep yourself and others safe on the roads! ☔️🌧‬

Captain Leyn had a great time calling BINGO numbers for our Seniors today. They especially liked the delicious snacks he brought with him!

The Signal Hill Police Dept. would like to thank our law enforcement partners and the community. SUSPECT ARRESTED

‪In case you didn't know...SoCal Edison has an app called My SCE for iPhone/Android users. The app allows you to pay your bill, track your useage, and check for unexpected or planned power outages.‬