Marin County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Marin County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1600 Los Gamos Dr. #200, San Rafael, 94903 CA
  • Chief:
Phone: 415-473-7250

Marin County Sheriff's Office is located at 1600 Los Gamos Dr. #200, San Rafael, 94903 CA. The Marin County Sheriff's Office phone number is 415-473-7250.

Marin County Sheriff's Office News

It’s going to be doggone hot this weekend. Your furry friends are not dressed for the heat. If you plan on taking a hike with your pooch, complete it before 10 a.m. and bring plenty of water. Dogs can overheat fast. Avoid a hot dog. #marincountyparks

Are you ready should a wildfire occur? Have you registered for Alert Marin to receive timely emergency notifications to all your communication devices? Do you have an evacuation plan? Elevated fire danger this weekend. Don’t wait to prepare until it’s too late!

Recently a woman reported to the Sheriff’s Office that her ex-boyfriend broke into her residence and physically assaulted her. The woman already has a restraining order from previous domestic violence incidents, but this didn’t stop him from another domestic violence assault. The victim was punched, kicked and the abuser broke her cell during his outrage. The suspect attempted to keep the woman in her residence during the assault, but she was able to escape and made it to a safe place. Our detectives were able to track down the suspect and arrested him in the East Bay on several charges including; burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, interference with a wireless communication device and violation of a domestic violence restraining order. Domestic violence is a serious issue and one that we aggressively investigate. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence you can click the link below for help. #NotOnOurWatch

Are You Ready? It can happen this fast! Yesterday afternoon there was a fire off of Wolfe Grade in Greenbrae. The deputies went to the houses that were immediately in danger and instructed residents to evacuate. We are happy to report that the fire departments did a fantastic job knocking down this fire extremely fast. Here are some reminders on how to survive a wildfire: -Evacuate immediately if authorities tell you to do so. -If trapped, then call 9-1-1 and give your location, but be aware that that emergency response could be delayed or impossible. Turn on lights to help rescuers find you. -Listen to local alerting systems for current emergency information and instructions. #FireSafeMarin

It’s off to retirement for Parking Enforcement Officer Barbie Johnson as she is hanging up the ticket book. Barbie was hired in 2002, as a Legal Process Specialist for our Documentary Services Unit. In 2005, Barbie was selected as a Parking Enforcement Officer. Barbie plans on some traveling and spending more time with family. Thank you for your years of service and here’s to a long and healthy retirement.

Working on Father’s Day is not so bad when your pop lives in your jurisdiction and you can surprise him with lunch! Happy Father’s Day to all the pops out there!

We are truly fortunate to get to work and recreate in such beautiful parks in Marin County. With outdoor recreation, comes the potential for injury. Please allow our first responders space to operate safely. Our protection roads are narrow and rugged. If you see a piece of emergency equipment, please stand as far as you can to the side and try to give ample space to pass. Our goal is to safely assist others while keeping our responders and our visitors safe. #sharetheroad #ambulancesdontlikefireroads #mcfd #mmwd #marincoutyparks #mvfd #smfd

"While You Were Asleep" It was about 2:45 am this morning, when our deputies were out with a vehicle that almost collided with them as it was exiting the off ramp. We called our partners at Marin CHP for a DUI investigation at the bus pad on Highway 101 and North San Pedro. While there, one of the deputies saw a car driving on the freeway without headlights on and sparks coming from the left front wheel. The deputy quickly got into his patrol car and was able to stop the car before something really bad happened. It turns out that the driver was driving under the influence and was provided a safe ride to jail. This image shows how alcohol can make you really stupid. Driving without lights or a functioning tire is not a good idea. #NotOnOurWatch

“While You Were Asleep” Last night we received a call of a man that was sleeping in a car with keys in one hand a beer bottle in the other. When the deputies located the vehicle, they took precautions to make sure that he couldn’t drive away. We were able to wake up the individual and found that he was extremely intoxicated as the breathalyzer displayed that he was .237, which is almost three times the legal limit. Because he wasn’t able to communicate clearly or stand up without falling down, he was taken to jail. We show this image to stress that when you decide to use alcohol or other intoxicating substances, that you have a plan that involves a sober driver. #DriveSober #WhileYouWereAsleep

Did you know that fireworks are illegal to possess in all of Marin County? As we see fireworks stands open up in some of our neighboring counties, our fireworks complaints increase. Fireworks should stay in the community where they are purchased. We want to avoid any accidental fires or injuries.

Another Big Win for Community Policing Today, a witness saw a person driving erratically on Highway one towards Bolinas. Not knowing if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or another substance, the witness called the Sheriff's Office and reported the incident. A deputy responded to the area and noticed the vehicle driving at a high rate of speed and almost hit the deputy's vehicle. Deputies were able to stop the driver and called our friends from the California Highway Patrol for an evaluation. CHP determined the driver was under the influence of a controlled substance and arrested the driver. The alert community member called the Sheriff’s Office and provided accurate details which resulted in the arrest and possibly prevented injuries to the driver and other people. #PartnershipWithOurCommunities

Way to go Deputy Kevin Guinn! He took home gold from the Untied States Police and Fire Championships for Submission Grapple. And kuddos to his coaches, Deputy Konnoff and Deputy York.

Deputies throughout the night responded to a variety of calls for service called in by members of our community. In between those calls for service, we proactively patrol your neighborhoods looking for anything out of the ordinary. Deputies handled 29 calls for service, performed 17 vehicle stops and 9 suspicious vehicle investigations. Below is a synopsis of some of our events throughout the night: Deputies, assisted by the Mill Valley Police Department and Tiburon Police Department, responded to a possible armed robbery at the Safeway in Strawberry. The suspect produced a note saying he had a gun and wanted prescription medication. When the clerk did not provide the suspect with the medication he fled the store. The suspect was not located, but the investigation is continuing. Deputies assisted the Central Marin Police Department with a possible armed robbery at a Walgreens. The suspect in this case produced a note and then jumped the counter of the pharmacy stealing multiple items. The suspect in this case appeared the be the suspect from our earlier robbery. An area search was completed with no suspect being located. This investigation is on-going by the Central Marin Police Authority. Deputies, along with multiple Fire Departments, one of our Open Space Deputies and the Novato Police Department responded to the area of north Novato for a reported vegetation fire. Multiple callers reported seeing flames on the hill. The fire was quickly knocked down by Novato Fire Department. The cause of the fire is under investigation. A Deputy performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for vehicle code violations. During the course of the investigation the Deputy located suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle. The driver was cited and the methamphetamine was seized as evidence. Deputies responded to assist the California Highway Patrol with a vehicle accident in Novato where two occupants of the accident fled the scene. A Deputy located two subjects walking in the area of Target in Novato a short time later. They claimed they were just getting out of a movie nearby…. at 1AM. CHP later arrested one of the subjects for DUI after he admitted to driving the crashed vehicle and blew more than double the legal limit. It was determined they were coming from a warriors watch party….as you can see from the photo. Our dispatchers are the best, as they kept busy with law and fire while you were asleep.

Congratulations to Sergeant Chris Boden for graduating the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. The SLI curriculum is an eight month leadership development course. Class 412 was made up from police agencies throughout California. Way to go 👍🏼

Throwback Thursday Circa 1962, Sheriff Louis P. Mountanos with some of his sharp shooting staff stopped by the Board of Supervisors to proudly display their first place trophy that was earned from a shooting competition. Recognize anyone? #tbt

Community Policing Wins Again Yesterday an auto burglary was observed at St Sebastian's Church in Greenbrae. A witness saw a person walk up to the victim’s car, smash the window, reach in and take off with stolen property. After the theft, a dark 4 door sedan drove up and picked up the suspect and drove away. The alert community member called the Sheriff’s Office and provided accurate details in which the dispatchers immediately shared with neighboring police agencies. Central Marin Police Authority observed a car matching the description and they made a stop on the vehicle to investigate further. Deputies responded to the location of the traffic stop and assisted with the investigation. It turns out that CMPA stopped the car involved in the auto burglary, as deputies found ammunition in the glove box, three firearms in the trunk, along with stolen property and burglary tools inside the car. We were able to return the stolen property and got a few guns of the street as well. Thank you to the alert community member, our dispatchers and CMPA for great teamwork.

Some real good fun going on at Western Weekend in Pt. Reyes today!

Thank you Crossfit Sav up for hosting the Zirkle Memorial Workout! It looks like you had a great turn out and wonderful sunny day #for1784

Donut Judge, We love the new addition to our patrol cruisers. Just in time for #NationalDonutDay. What do you think?