Mono County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: Mono County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 49 Bryant St., Bridgeport, 93517 CA
  • Chief:
Phone: (760)932-7549
Fax: (760) 932-7435

Mono County Sheriff's Department is located at 49 Bryant St., Bridgeport, 93517 CA. The Mono County Sheriff's Department phone number is (760)932-7549.

Mono County Sheriff's Department News

Deputy Sheriffs and CHP were supporting the local Lemonade stand over the weekend. Thank you for the refreshing drinks!!

Here is the latest official update on the Lions Fire. Key points from the update: > Strong winds and dry conditions have resulted in the fire growing to 2,658 acres. > All trails remain open at this time, including the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail. > Communities near the fire can expect smoke impacts in varying degrees for at least the next week.

Smoke from the Lion Point Fire is covering Mono County this morning. Limit your outdoor activities if you can.

Where’s the smoke coming from? Most likely the Lion Point Fire in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, west of Devil’s Postpile.

Press Release- Search and Rescue On June 19th, 2018 at approximately 1100 hours, Mono County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a 70-year-old female that suffered a possible dislocated hip while hiking with her husband and canine companion in Sky Meadows area near Emerald Lake (approx. 10,040’ elevation). Mono County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue was called out and 10 SAR team members began the hike to the victim from the Coldwater Campground trailhead. A Search and Rescue Helicopter (Lasso 04) was requested from Naval Air Station Lemoore to assist with transporting the victim from Sky Meadows to the awaiting ground ambulance at Mammoth Airport. SAR members located the victim, provided care and readied her for helicopter pickup. Despite the pain, she was stable and in good spirits. Helicopter Lasso 04 arrived on and was able to coordinate with SAR units on the ground the best landing zone near the victim. After the victim was flown out, her husband and canine hiked back to the trailhead with the SAR team. As it turned out, the husband was a Mono County Search and Rescue member about 30 years ago.

Welcome the newest member of the Mono County Sheriff’s Office family - Deputy Stephanie Chavez. We’re happy to have you back home where you started!

We see many cyclists on our roads. Here's a great video from the CHP about bicycle safety.

Reminder to our Nevada neighbors - today is your election day. You can find more info and where to vote here:

The tragic suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are powerful reminders that mental illness is just that - an illness. And like any other illness, if it goes untreated, there can be dire consequences. If you or someone you know is hurting, help and treatment are available. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. Or click on the link for more resources.

We will update when information becomes available.

Today is the day for California voters to be heard. Your vote counts and can make a difference in Mono County.

The Mono County Sheriff's Office recommends that you Vote YES on both Measures C and D. D is a tax on cannabis in unincorporated Mono County, and C is a tax on cannabis in the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

Local Ballot Measures to consider Measure D: Cannabis Tax applies to all of Mono County, including Town of Mammoth Lakes

Local Ballot Measures to consider Measure C: Cannabis Tax applies to Town of Mammoth Lakes only

Local Ballot Measures to consider Next: Measure B - Bond for Mammoth Unified School District (applies to Town of Mammoth Lakes and Long Valley precincts)

Local Ballot Measures to consider First: Measure A - Bond for Fire Protection applies only to Town of Mammoth Lakes

Each Monday, we will provide a link to one of the Propositions put before the California voters for the June 5 Primary Election. Last one: Proposition 72

Thank you Diane for posting! Deputies Dan Casabian and Jason Pelichowski were happy to help you find your sweet, but justifiably scared, dog.

Earlier this week a County employee found a handbag and a suitcase in the old Bridgeport Hospital. Both belonged to a 77-year old June Lake resident who died at the hospital in 1979. Undersheriff Phil West put his sleuthing skills to work and learned the woman's husband died in 1964 at Northern Inyo Hospital, and she had no other family. Undaunted, Undersheriff West kept searching and located a grandniece-in-law in Texas. The handbag, suitcase and all of their contents are now on their way back to family.

UPDATE: As of 12:30 pm today, 395 is now clear of debris and open. 395 is closed north of the Nevada state line due to a mudslide.

Each Monday, we will provide a link to one of the Propositions put before the California voters for the June 5 Primary Election. Let's look at: Proposition 71

UPDATE: Osa has been found and is reunited with her human. If you’re in the Twin Lakes (Bridgeport) area, keep an eye out for Osa.

Tioga Road into Yosemite National Park is scheduled to open on Monday, May 21. (The secret tip found in their comments is that it will open to foot and bicycle traffic on Saturday.)