Napa County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: Napa County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 1535 Airport Blvd, Napa, 94558 CA
  • Chief:
Phone: (707) 253-4509
Fax: (707) 253-4193

Napa County Sheriff's Department is located at 1535 Airport Blvd, Napa, 94558 CA. The Napa County Sheriff's Department phone number is (707) 253-4509.

Napa County Sheriff's Department News

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Napa County Sheriff’s Deputy Walmsley and his DARE Class at Yountville Elementary discuss lesson two, the facts and health effects of alcohol and tobacco. Official Walmsley del Sheriff de Napa y su Clase DARE en la Escuela Primaria Yountville discuten la segunda leccion, la realidad y los efectos en la salud del alcohol y el tabaco.

The Napa County Sheriff's Office has been working with Pacific Union College Preparatory School and the College itself on active shooter training. We'll continue this important training until all the faculty and staff are trained.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Marin County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle, as well as his law enforcement family at the Marin County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Zirkle was killed in a vehicle accident early this morning while responding to a call.

Ok, all you social media sleuths, does anyone know these women?

Students at Vichy Elementary School with Napa County Sheriff’s Detective Woolworth last week. For lesson 3 of their DARE class the students discussed taking risks and the consequences of those risks. Estudiantes de la escuela elemental Vichy con el Detective Woolworth la semana pasada. Para las Lecciόn 3 de su clase de DARE los estudiantes discutierόn el tomar riesgos y las consecuencias de esos riesgos.

The Napa County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office has identified the victims from the Active Shooter incident at the Veterans Home in Yountville, Napa County. The three victims who were employees of the Pathway Home treatment program for veterans, located on the campus of the Veteran Home of California in Yountville, are: Jennifer Golick, 42 years old, Clinical Director, from St Helena Christine Loeber, 48 years old, Executive Director, from Napa Jennifer K. Gonzales Shushereba, 33 years old, Clinical Psychologist, with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, from Napa. The suspect, who is also deceased, is Albert Wong, 36 years old, from Sacramento. He is formerly from the Pathway Home Program at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville. Forensic examinations of the deceased will be scheduled next week at the Napa Sheriff-Coroner’s Office Facility.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Press conference to begin shortly.

MEDIA ADVISORY: The next press conference regarding the hostage situation at the Yountville Veterans Home of California is now at 6 pm.

MEDIA ADVISORY: The next media briefing regarding the ongoing hostage situation at the Yountville Veterans Home of California is scheduled at 5 pm, per CHP – Golden Gate Division

Napa County Sheriff John Robertson briefs the media about the ongoing police presence at the Veterans Home in Yountville. No reported injuries to deputies at this time. Continue to try to contact suspect. Hostage negotiators on scene. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Press conference scheduled for 2 pm at the corner of California Drive and Solano Avenue in the parking lot.

NAPA CO SHERIFF: Police activity at the Veterans Home in Yountville. Please avoid the area. No action required.

On behalf of Sheriff John Robertson, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office would like to announce the retirement of Captain Keith Behlmer. Keith, known to all as “Boomer” began his law enforcement career with the Napa County Sheriff’s Office in September 1986. He left us briefly in 1993 and returned in November of 1997. In his nearly 32 years of law enforcement experience, Keith served in multiple areas of the Sheriff’s Office, including: NSIB, Valley Patrol, Court Security, the City of American Canyon and the Town of Yountville, to name a few. Keith was most widely recognized as a career long member of the Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.), where he spent many years as a team member, leader and commander. Sheriff John Robertson had the following to say about Keith, “Boomer’s commitment and dedication to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office and our Community was incredible. Known for his passion for tactical law enforcement, it was an honor to work with Captain Behlmer”. Keith’s official last day is Friday March 9th. Please join us in congratulating Keith on a well-deserved retirement!

Napa Sheriff's Detective Don Maiden with his DARE class at Napa Junction Elementary school. Yesterday was lesson one, about the DARE Decision Making Model and the students did well with their first decision by voting for the Giants! Napa Sheriff's El Detective Don Maiden con su clase DARE en la escuela primaria Napa Junction. ¡Ayer fue lección uno, sobre el Modelo de Toma de Decisiones de DARE y los estudiantes hicieron bien con su primera decisión al votar por los Gigantes!

Sheriff John Robertson highlighting the outstanding work that the Napa Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team did during the October 2017 fire by presenting each member with a challenge coin. Our SAR Team volunteered over 1,023 hours assisting with this fire.

Today Sheriff John Robertson swore in our newest deputy, Mikkel Libarle. Deputy Libarle comes to us from Coconino County Sheriff's Office in Arizona where he was a deputy sheriff for five years. Deputy Libarle is fluent in Spanish as well as French and English. Feel free to say hello in any of those languages! He grew up locally and is very excited to be back home. #commitmenttocommunity #welcome #bienvenidos #bienvenue

On March 03 2018 shortly after midnight, while driving through the area of 1st Street and Freeway Drive, a Napa County Sheriff’s Deputy noted two subjects who were dressed in all dark clothing and who appeared to be startled by his presence. When the deputy contacted the two subjects, he was alerted to the presence of a knife. While searching for that weapon, the deputy found the first subject was in possession of a third person’s driver’s license, a pair of expensive sunglasses, three cellular phones and a flashlight. The second subject was also found in possession of a third party’s driver’s license, a wallet with an ATM card,a set of keys, a pair of expensive sunglasses and a flashlight. With the assistance of the Napa Police Department, it was determined that the majority of the property was taken from unlocked cars in south Napa. The keys were found to have been taken from a vehicle that had been reported stolen previously. Both subjects, who are juveniles, were booked at the Napa County Juvenile Hall. This was a great example of proactive policing on the part of the Sheriff’s Deputy and the collaborative relationship that exists between all first responders in Napa County. #lockitorloseit #commitmenttocommunity #weworktogether

Excited students at Yountville Elementary School with Napa Sheriff's Deputy Walmsley during week one of DARE class. If you're wondering it's Drug, Abuse, Resistance and Education. The class is exploring the DDMM which is DARE Decision Making Model. Estudiantes motivados en la Escuela Primaria Yountville juntos con el Official Walmsley del Sheriff de Napa durante la primera semana de la clase DARE. Si te estás preguntando que es DARE es Droga, Abuso, Resistencia y Educación. La clase estára explorando el DDMM que es el Modelo de toma decisiones de DARE.

Can I keep the gear? The Napa County Sheriff's POPP Team hanging out at the Pacific Union College Career Day. Future Napa Sheriff's Deputies? Stay tuned. #NapaCountySOPOPPTeam.

NAPA CO SHERIFF: AVOID Wooden Valley Rd at Wooden Valley School until 1500 hrs. Due to a down power pole.

Last night Sheriff John Robertson and his administrative staff welcomed the members of the 12th Napa County Sheriff Citizen's Academy on their first evening with us. The Sheriff's Citizen's Academy is a great opportunity for members of the Sheriff's Office to interact with community members in a non enforcement atmosphere and share information. It is our hope that all those who attend will come away with a better understanding of law enforcement in general and the Sheriff's Office in particular as a result of the time we spend together. Welcome SCA Class 12! #commitmenttocommunity

The Napa County Sheriff's Office is applying for grant funds from the CA Off-Highway Motor Vehicles Division. From March 6 to April 2, you can read the grant application and submit comments on the CA Off-Highway Motor Vehicles Division website and grants page.Once you are logged in, put the cursor over the “Grants” icon at the top of the page. Then click on the “On-line Grants Application” section and follow the instructions.

We appreciate the Staff and Teachers from American Canyon High School hosting us yesterday for the Active Shooter training. Keep up the Great Job ACHS. #NapaCountySOPOPPTeam