Napa Police Department

  • Agency: Napa Police Department
  • Address: 1539 1st Street, Napa, 94559 CA
  • Chief: Richard Melton (Chief of Police)
Phone: (707) 257-9223
Fax: 707-257-9281

Napa Police Department is located at 1539 1st Street, Napa, 94559 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard Melton. The Napa Police Department phone number is (707) 257-9223.

Napa Police Department News

On National Law Enforcement Police Records and Support Personnel day we wanted to express our gratitude for our great team! Our Records team provides outstanding service to not only to our department but to our citizens, courts, other law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Office and everyone else who might call or visit NPD! Thank you!

Within the past week, reports have come in about possible thieves in the area of fire victims impersonating employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Reports were made to Sonoma Sheriff, to Napa County Sheriff's Office, and to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that a white Kia Soul was seen in the Sonoma area with “EPA” door magnets affixed to the doors. It was occupied by two white male adults. We don’t have any further description of the occupants at this time. A photo of a similar Kia is below. On Sunday, 11/05, the vehicle was spotted in the 2200 block of Monticello Road here in Napa County at around 2pm. It was occupied by two white male adults. The EPA magnets were displayed on the doors. The magnets were on a black background and appeared to be new. If you see the vehicle (or something similar), or if you have any information, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

We hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back and took advantage of the extra hour of rest.

As of Saturday morning residents in west Napa are without power after a traffic collision on Solano Avenue between Verna Drive and Redwood Road. A vehicle collided with a power pole, which caused power lines to fall across Solano Avenue. Luckily no one was injured. PG&E crews will be out there for most of the day and the roadway will be closed. Please consider alternative travel routes. Also, with the first rain of the season upon us, remember to give yourself extra travel time and be safe out there!

Sometime during the midday October 25th, an unknown person(s) burglarized a residence in the 2700 block of Elm Street in the city of Napa. During the burglary, the subject(s) stole the homeowners 2006 Mercedes sedan. A broadcast of the vehicle was put out to our neighboring law enforcement agencies. Today, with the help of the sharp eyed Vallejo Police Department, the vehicle was located in the area of Sereno Dr and Sonoma Blvd in the City of Vallejo. The driver of the vehicle, Chuck Rothberg of Napa was arrested for possessing the stolen vehicle and violating the terms of his Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS). The investigation is ongoing, if you have additional information contact Detective Dominic Deguilio at 707-257-9509. A big thanks to Vallejo Police Department for the assist and hard work!

It was a theft and assault at Safeway late Saturday night that turned into a low speed chase. Employees at the grocery store told us that $1500 in pharmaceuticals had been stolen. Fortunately, they were able to provide a description of the suspect and his car. The car was spotted leaving the area and when the lights and sirens came on - he did not stop. The pursuit left Napa onto Jamison Canyon road where our friends in the Napa Sheriff's Department joined in. The pursuit ended shortly thereafter with the arrest of 37-year old Dajuan Jones of Antioch.

!!! Event Alert !!! This Saturday, October 28th is the 4th annual Napa Police Officers Association's Zombie Run! Come start Halloween with us at 9am sharp! This is a family friendly event. Stay after to enjoy the spooky festival that includes coffin races and many other scary activities! To Sign up, please visit: All proceeds support the Napa Police Youth Services Division. We hope to see you there!

Did you know that approximately 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer? In Napa, that’s roughly 10,000 mothers, wives, sisters and friends. To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Officer Darlene Elia, a 15 year veteran of Napa PD, has donated more than 15 inches of her hair to some of the brave women who are currently battling this devastating disease. Like Officer Elia says, “Fight like a girl!” Napa PD has your back!! ****************************************** ¿Sabías que aproximadamente 1 de cada 8 mujeres desarrolla cáncer de mama? En Napa, eso es aproximadamente 10 000 madres, esposas, hermanas y amigas. Para honrar el Mes de Concientización sobre el Cáncer de Mama, la Oficial Darlene Elia, una veterana de 15 años del Departamento de Policía de Napa, ha donado más de 15 pulgadas de cabello a las mujeres valientes que actualmente luchan contra esta devastadora enfermedad. Al igual que el oficial Elia dice: "¡Pelea como una mujer!" ¡El Departamento de Policía de Napa te respalda!

The Shop with a cop fundraising event will be postponed. Please follow Shop With A Cop Napa for more details.

THANK YOU JUSTIN SIENA HIGH SCHOOL! We would like to take a second to say a big THANK YOU to Justin Siena High School for serving up an amazing “First Responders” lunch today. This was an amazing event they put on for all first responders who came and helped during this difficult week. We also would like to say THANK YOU to all the donors, parents, students, and everyone else who had a hand in this event! This week has been very stressful for the community. Despite this, we have seen an outpouring of support. Numerous restaurants and citizens have gone out of their way to bring food for all the first responders. On top of that, we’ve all seen the signs around town thanking the first responders, and we can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are. We are incredibly lucky to work in this community. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

It was quite the scene just after midnight this morning after a car crashed into a power pole on California Boulevard between Stadium Avenue and Industrial Way. The power pole was damaged and live wires were exposed. As we arrived a big rig was trying to avoid the wires and as it backed up away from the area of the collision, additional wires got stuck on top of the big rig and more live wires were pulled down with cars still trying to pass by. After all of this amazingly no one was seriously hurt. Due to all the help PG&E is providing for the fire they were close by and got there within minutes. PG&E is currently there and could be throughout the morning. Thank you PG&E and NFD. Please use an alternative route as the roadway is currently closed.

Información en Español está disponible más abajo. Information available in Spanish below. The evacuation advisory for the City of Napa has been lifted. Please continue to be cautious and prepared. __________________________________________________ El aviso de evacuación para la ciudad de Napa ha sido removido por Cal Fire. Por favor siga cauteloso y continúe estar preparado.

Información en Español está disponible más abajo. Information available in Spanish below. A quick series of “Did you know?” The stress of the fires is still really high for those in our area. We have had some Facebook friends sending us tips that they have discovered while getting prepared for the next steps of recovery. We have a couple of links to pass on for your review. If they apply to you, great. If not, please share because they may help one of your friends or friends of friends. We caution you to do your research and fact check tips provided by people you do not know. It’s always best if you can go to the official site of whoever is offering the assistance for specific qualifying details. Did you know? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has trained counselors to help with distress. Did you know? Those of you who have served this country and have been a victim of a disaster may have help through the Veterans Affairs Office. If you have a VA home loan, additional assistance can be located here: Did you know? Attention teachers… The California Teachers Association has a Disaster Relief Fund for qualifying members. See link for details. Did you know? HUD and FEMA have useful information about disaster relief. See links for details. Did you know? Taxes are probably the last thing on your mind. The IRS is giving tax relief to the victims of the California wildfires. Some folks who had taxes due on October 16th can have up to January to file. See link for details. Did you know? CalPERS members may be able to make an “unforeseeable emergency withdrawal”. See link for qualifying details. ___________________________________________________ Una serie rapida de “¿Sabias?” La tension de los fuegos todavia esta realmente alta para aquellos en nuestra area. Hemos tenido algunos amigos de Facebook enviandonos consejos que han descubierto mientras se preparan para los proximos pasos de recuperacion. Tenemos un par de enlaces web para su revision. ¿Sabias? Todos los desastres, pueden causar angustia emocional. Los sobrevivientes que viven en las áreas impactadas (incluyendo niños y adolescentes), los seres queridos de las víctimas, los primeros en responder, los trabajadores de rescate y recuperación están en riesgo. ¿Sabias? Si se aplican a ti, estupendo. Si no, por favor de compartir porque puede ayudar a alguno de tus amigos o amigos de tus amigos. Le recomendamos que realices su investigacion y verifique los consejos provistos por personas que no conoces. Siempre es major si puedes ir a el sitio official de quien ofrece la asistencia para detalles especificos de calificacion. ¿Sabias? Atencion maestros….. La Asociacion de Maestros de California cuenta con un fondo de ayuda por desastre para los miembros que califiquen. Ver el enlace web para mas detalles. ¿Sabias? Estas páginas incluyen información sobre los beneficios y servicios comunes. Usted puede leer acerca de todos los beneficios y servicios de VA en Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors handbook (que está disponible en inglés.) ¿Sabias? HUD (Departamento de vivienda y desarrollo urbano de los Estados Unidos) y FEMA (Agencia Federal de Gestion de Emergencias) tienen informacion util sobre el Alivio de desastres. Ver el enlace web para mas detalles. ¿Sabias? El IRS (Servicios de Impuestos Internos) esta dando una deduccion fiscal a las victimas de los incendios forestales de California. Algunas personas que tenian impuestos a pagar en Octubre 16, pueden tener hasta Enero para presentar sus impuestos. Ver el enlace web para mas detalles. ¿Sabias? Los miembros de CalPERS pueden hacer “una retirada de emergencia imprevisible”. Ver el enlace web para mas detalles.

Información en Español está disponible más abajo. Information available in Spanish below. _________________________________________________ Good evening, Napa! We have great news!!! Changes in winds and successful firefighting have caused much of the south county fires to recede. Fire advisories and evacuations remain in effect but the threats to the City of Napa have improved significantly. We will still be dedicating Napa Police resources to the needs of the fire services but other City services will return to normal conditions. Please continue to wear N95 safety masks for your own protection. While we enjoyed the break today, we have heard the smoky air may be back as the weather changes. (Mother Nature has the final say.) Our public information call center will be open from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. at 707-258-7817 with English and Spanish speaking staff available to assist you. With the City of Napa now in better conditions, we realize most calls will need to be directed to the County for inquiries. Tomorrow will be our last day for a dedicated City of Napa call center. The County public information call center number is 707-253-4501. So after all of that… good night, Napa! Sleep well and thank you for all of your help and support during the first part of this fire. It isn’t over for many so please keep those still impacted in your thoughts. _________________________________________________ Buenas tardes Napa. Tenemos muy buenas noticias. El cambio de viento y gran trabajo de los bomberos los incendios del sur del Condado de Napa an disminuido un gran porcentaje. Alertas y evacuaciones mandatorias siguen en efecto pero amenazas a la Ciudad de Napa an bajado bastante. Continuaremos dedicando recursos de la Estación de Policías de Napa para ayudar a las necesidades de los incendios pero otros servicios regresaran a su normalidad. Favor de seguir usando sus mascaras de humo N95 para su protección. Mientras disfrutamos el clima el día de hoy aun hay reportes de que habrán mas días con humo dependiendo del cambio de clima. (La madre naturaleza tiene la ultima palabra). Nuestro servicio de información para el publico estará abierto de las 8am a 6pm el numero es (707)258-7817 con servicios en ingles y español para asistirle. Con las condiciones en la Ciudad de Napa ya mejoradas entendemos que la mayoría de las llamadas serán referidas a el Condado de Napa. Mañana sera el ultimo día con el servicio de información de la Ciudad de Napa para el publico. El numero de teléfono para el centro de información para el Condado de Napa es (707)253-4501. Después de todo eso...Feliz noche Napa!! Duerman tranquilos y muchas gracias por su apoyo y ayuda en esta primera fase causada por los incendios. Para muchos no a concluido el impacto de los incendios por la cual les pedimos que los tengan en sus pensamientos.

Awesome work going on all day!

Información en Español está disponible más abajo. Information available in Spanish below. ___________________________________________________ Good morning, Napa! Well the winds picked up but were not as bad as anticipated in the City of Napa area overnight. Up valley experienced higher winds that challenged the fire fighters and fires have grown significantly in Sonoma County. As you step out today you may see a bit clearer sky. Please continue to protect yourselves with N95 masks as the particulates in the air are still plentiful. Advisories remain in effect in the east side of Napa. Please have a safe day and use caution when driving… displaced wildlife have wandered onto City roadways. Our public information call center will be open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. at 707-258-7817 with English and Spanish speaking staff available to assist you). The County public information call center – 707-253-4501. ___________________________________________________ ¡Buenos dias, Napa! Buenos dias Napa, los vientos estuvieron activos pero no tan fuertes como habíamos anticipado que estuvieran durante la noche en Napa. Al norte del valle se sintieron los vientos más fuertes causando un reto a bomberos, Por lo cual los incendios crecieron significamente en el condado de Sonoma. Al salir hoy por la mañana se puede ver el cielo más claro. Por favor continúen protegiéndose con las mascarillas N95 ya que las partículas en el aire siguen siendo bastantes. Las advertencias siguen en efecto en el lado oeste de Napa. Por favor tengan un día sano y salvo y manejen con precaución ya que animales silvestres desplazados por causa de los incendios han sido vistos recorriendo las calles cercanas a la ciudad. Nuestro centro de llamadas de la ciudad de Napa estará abierto de las 8AM a 8PM llamando al 707-258-7817, contamos con personal que habla inglés y español listos para ayudarlos. El número del centro de información del condado es 707-253-4501 y están abiertos las 24 horas del día.

From a friend known to us as Melissa from Pennsylvania and a local named Kristin. Thanks to everyone for all of the Napa love!

Información en Español está disponible más abajo. Information available in Spanish below. __________________________________________________ Good night, Napa! Winds will be high overnight but the fire crews will continue to work throughout the night to keep Napa safe. We do not have any evacuations in the City of Napa jurisdiction but we do have officers out and about to monitor. We are going to try to not post much overnight so you can get some rest. The City of Napa Call Center will be open tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 8p.m. Please continue to refer to the City of Napa, County of Napa and Cal Fire sites for the latest fire information. Good night, Napa. Rest well. __________________________________________________ ¡Buenas noches, Napa! Los vientos estarán altos durante la noche, pero el equipo de operaciones del departamento de bomberos continuara trabajando durante la noche para mantener segura a la Ciudad de Napa. No tenemos evacuaciones dentro de la municipalidad en la Ciudad de Napa pero también tendremos oficiales monitoreando las calles. Trataremos de no publicar mucho durante las horas de la noche para que descansen. El Centro de Llamadas de la Ciudad de Napa estará abierto de 8 a.m. a 8 p.m. Favor de seguir refiriéndose a las páginas de internet de la Ciudad y del Condado de Napa y de Cal Fire para la última información sobre los incendios. Buenas noches, Napa. Que descansen.

With all the smoke in the air, please continue to stay indoors and wear masks marked N95 or N100 if you MUST go out. You can go to to check current air quality or to look for where to get a fresh breath of air! ***************************** Con todo el humo en el aire, continúe quedándose en el interior y use máscaras marcadas N95 o N100 si TIENE QUE salir. ¡Puede visitar para verificar la calidad del aire actual o para buscar dónde obtener una bocanada fresca de aire!

On 10/11/17 at approximately 6:50 pm, the CVS on Trancas St was robbed by the 3 males shown in the video. No weapons were seen or mentioned. The property stolen is valued at over $4000. The subjects are also believed to be responsible for similar robbery attempts at CVS stores in El Dorado County. We are sharing this video in hopes we can identify the 3 suspects. Please SHARE this post and help us identify these 3. Please contact Detective Wilson at 707-257-9388.

Rumor control - 10/12/17 @ 9:30 PM The City of Napa jurisdiction is NOT under evacuation.

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Cal Fire has issued a press release allowing access to affected areas. As of 5:00 PM Today the Mandatory Evacuation Order affecting the areas of Silverado Country Club, Monticello Park, and the The Avenues will be lifted. Also included are areas West of Silverado Trail, between Hardman Avenue and Highway 128. The following road closures have been established: The intersection of Atlas Peak Road and Westgate Drive, denying access to Old Soda Springs and Atlas Peak. The intersection of Monticello Road and Vichy Avenue will remain closed, denying access to the Lake Berryessa area. Wild Horse Valley road will be closed at Coombsville Road , denying access to Wild Horse Valley. **All other advisories and closures will remain in effect**

**UPDATE** Please read Napa PD is receiving calls regarding RUMORS of evacuations in the City of Napa, specifically north Napa (Alston Park Area) and west Napa (Browns Valley). There are NO evacuation notices within the City of Napa at this time. Please Follow Nixle, Cal Fire and the City of Napa website for accurate information. Thank you. El departamento de policía en napa está recibiendo llamadas acerca de rumores de evacuaciones en la ciudad específicamente la parte del Norte junto al parque Alston y Browns Valley. Queremos aclarar que no hay avisos de evacuación en ninguna parte de la ciudad. Favor de seguir a Nixle, CalFire la Ciudad de Napa para información correcta. Gracias