Grass Valley Police Department

  • Agency: Grass Valley Police Department
  • Address: 129 S Auburn St, Grass Valley, 95945 CA
  • Chief: John Foster (Chief of Police)

Grass Valley Police Department is located at 129 S Auburn St, Grass Valley, 95945 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is John Foster. The Grass Valley Police Department phone number is 530-477-4600.

Grass Valley Police Department News

Summer is starting out GREAT for GVPD as we embark on another year of the GREAT Summer Youth Academy. Thank you to all the community partners who help make this possible! ________________________________________ Here is a little info about the program: ________________________________________ In an effort to inspire and empower the youth of our community the Grass Valley Police Department is offering it’s 8th year of the GREAT Summer Youth Academy, which is a five-day Day Camp for 6th through 8th graders. Since the GREAT Summer Youth Academy’s inception hundreds of local children have successfully completed the program and have gained valuable life skills which include topics like Anger Management, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Refusal Skills, Communication, Empathy, Road Safety and more. The GSYA incorporates and promotes healthy lifestyle choices and teach safe pedestrian and bicycling habits as well as educates parents about safe driving round schools. Not only do participants encounter new experiences to influence their life path, but they also build self-confidence and develop leadership skills which will allow them to become responsible role models within this great community. The kids are encouraged to take ownership in building a positive community relationships, not just in their schools but also in our community. In summary, this camp is a catalyst for community minded youth-lead change.

⚡️UPDATE⚡️ South Auburn is still closed to southbound traffic at Whiting Street. AT&T is on scene to conduct repairs ************************************* Avoid South Auburn Street tonight! Traffic accident. Solo vehicle into a telephone pole at high speed. Negative injuries.

School Resource Officer Sara Perry spent time today teaching Ghidotti high schoolers about the dangers of drunk & drugged driving. Students drove our pedal karts through a course while “sober” and then while wearing impairment goggles that simulate being under the influence. Our hope is that this activity drives home the truth that driving while impaired can be a matter of life & death.

On 6/1/18 at 1400 hours, officers responded to a residence located in the 300 block of Clark St. in Grass Valley for a report of a subject at the residence who was not supposed to be there. It was reported that this subject was wanted for a felony parole warrant out of a nearby county. Officers confirmed the identity of the wanted subject as Wyatt Allen Yoder 9/12/86. When officers arrived they contacted three individuals and quickly learned that the Yoder had just fled from the residence. During a search of the property they located a female, Odessa Spears 8/21/94, attempting to flee from the back of the residence. Spears was subsequently arrested charged with numerous narcotics violations, identity theft, and possession of counterfeit bills. Additional GVPD officers and a Nevada County Sheriff's Office deputy began an extensive area check for Yoder in the neighboring areas. During this time, GVPD K9 Kano was utilized to search a vacant residence and property where Yoder was last seen by a witness. Yoder was reported as seen by two additional witnesses as he moved through yards and other neighborhoods. After nearly two hours of searching NCRDC received a phone call from a witness reporting the wanted subject was just seen walking in the area of Winchester and Mohawk Street. Officers converged on the area and Yoder was ultimately located and arrested inside a nearby Mini Mart.

Kano is multi-talented K9!

Here is some video footage of Kano in action. Check out Kano's Instagram account: gvpd_k9_kano

Tonight at the Grass Valley City Council meeting, Chief Gammelgard introduced Kano - GVPD's first K9 Officer. Kano is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois. Kano has been trained in obedience and other skills since he was a pup. Over the past couple months he and his handler, Officer Evan Butler, have been training together. Last week Kano passed all his tests and is now officially certified for patrol duties and narcotics detection. You will see Kano out and about on the streets of Grass Valley in the very near future. Here are some pics of our first 4 legged officer. You can follow his page on instagram @gvpd_k9_kano

Look who is back doing some "weed EATING" in Memorial Park! Goats! #GreenLawnMowers Goats are an environmentally friendly way to address weed and berrybush control and always a great attraction for the kids to see, so come on down! Special thanks to for making this possible!

At today’s California Police Chiefs Association Meeting, the day began with a moment of silence for those officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting our communities. A mourning band worn on an officer’s badge signifies the death of an officer. Chief Gammelgard serves on the CPCA Board as the region 5 representative and joined other chiefs in displaying their badges with mourning bands in honor of those who sacrificed their lives for the protection of ours. ***In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15th falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of all.*** In 2017, six California Officers paid the ultimate price while serving their communities.

GVPD is accepting applications for Police Officer. Check out this flyer for details. For additional information and to download an application, visit WWW.GVPD.NET and click on the “Join the Team” tab in the upper right corner of the home page. To apply, submit an application and a resume by June 5, 2018.

GVPD is accepting applications for Community Service Officer. Check out this flyer for details. To view the full job description and to download an application, visit WWW.GVPD.NET and click on the “Join the Team” tab in the upper right corner of the home page. To apply, submit an application and a resume by May 31, 2018.

GVPD is proud to sponsor the GREAT Summer Youth Academy for the 8th year! Please share this post to spread the word about open enrollment which is due Friday, May 18th 2018. The GREAT Summer Youth Academy is a one week day camp for 6th through 8 graders, that empowers and inspires participants to change the way they view their own potential by equipping them with leadership life-skills. The camp is sponsored by the Grass Valley Police Department & NEO Youth Center, and is taught by uniformed officers. Over the past seven years the camp has become a catalyst for community minded youth leaders. It's more than a week of fun adventures, skits, games and activities, but also a life changing event for those enrolled. We challenge participants to make our world a better place by starting with our community. By the end of the week kids are encouraged to define an action plan to make a positive difference in our community. This is accomplished by imparting a strong foundation of life skills, which include: 1. How to consistently make great decisions 2. How to control anger 3. How to refuse peer pressure 4. How to effectively communicate and actively listen 5. How to have an empathetic perspective 6. How to think big and set life-path goals At the GSYA we challenge their perspective and it is through community outreach field trips that help us achieve this goal. The camp builds community among each student while teaching them about their responsibility and the role they play. We take ownership in building a positive relationship with our local community. We have a lot of fun but we also get our hands dirty helping others. Inevitably its a character building summer camp. We also touch on an array of topics including social media conduct, cyber bullying, bicycle & roadway safety, and many other relevant topics. We nurture respect and responsibility and then cultivate a safe environment so they can dream big. Overall, our goal is to inspire and empower the children of our community with life skills that will allow them to meet their full potential in life… Enrollment is open until May 18th 2018. For more details visit,

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15th falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others. During National Police Week, the memorial is guarded by law enforcement officers from all over the state. Yesterday, members from our GVPD Honor Guard were honored to take a shift guarding the memorial in Sacramento. In 2017, six California Officers paid the ultimate price while serving their communities. Their names are permanently affixed to the memorial.

On today's date at about 11:00 AM Grass Valley Police Officers were dispatched to the area of Pleasant St. and Neal St. regarding a subject walking with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder. Officers located the subject walking on W. Main St. towards the downtown area. After a tactical approach the subject complied with the officers' verbal commands. Upon investigating the incident officers learned the rifle was an air soft gun. These types of calls are stressful as the officers have no idea if the rifle is a real firearm or not. The officers on scene did an excellent job keeping the members of the community safe while ensuring their safety and the safety of the subject involved. As you can see from the attached photo it is often very difficult for officers to quickly determine if the firearm is real or not. We are proud of the way our officers handled this situation.

Last Thursday, May 3, our newest police officer graduated from the Yuba College Police Academy. Chris Roberds has been a reserve police officer with GVPD for the past year and now will begin his career as a full-time officer. Chris excelled at the academy and we are excited to have him joining our ranks. Chris will be formally introduced along with our 2 other new officers at the City Council meeting on May 22nd.

*** New Public Parking Lot Available Monday *** On Monday, May 7, there will be an additional parking lot available to the public in the downtown Grass Valley area. This lot was previously unavailable to the public as it was a "permit only" parking lot. Now it will provide an additional 32 parking spaces for visitors to the downtown area. It is located at the corner of Neal Street and South Auburn Street and will be a "pay-by-space" lot. Payment can be made via cash, coin, credit/debit, or mobile app (Whoosh). Payment is required at the kiosk pictured or by mobile app from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm. Charge is $1.00 per hour. For permit holders, a new lot has been established directly across the street to the other side of South Auburn Street. There are new signs pointing the way to the new permit lot. *This pay-for-parking lot is part of a 6 months pilot program during which the city will evaluate the technology used and the effectiveness of the program*

An OLD WELL, a STUCK CAT, and a CRAZY RESCUE!! On Tuesday last week, Caralyn from Grass Valley Animal Control responded to a call for help from some GV residents who believed a cat may be trapped under their house. They did not own a cat but could hear “Meows” from time-to-time coming from somewhere under the house. Caralyn explored and searched as best she could but did not locate a cat. The “Meowing” persisted over the next several days, so on Friday, Caralyn went back. Upon further examination, she and the homeowner located a very old, dry well under the house that was about 40 feet deep. Fearing that the cat may be somewhere at the bottom of the well, Caralyn and a Grass Valley Police Sergeant were able to wiggle back to the well even though there was only 14 inches of clearance. They devised a way to lower a trap with some cat food to the bottom. Then they waited…..but, no cat. Caralyn left the trap over the weekend, and checked again on Monday….still no cat. But when she checked again on Tuesday, Caralyn’s persistence had paid off. The hungry cat was safely in the trap and she was able to lift the cat to safety. Other than Caralyn’s uniform, everything and everyone made it out safe. Thank you Caralyn for going above and beyond in this situation! The cat is currently on a 5 day hold to see if anyone claims it. If not, it will be available for adoption at the Grass Valley Animal Shelter on Freeman Lane.

** UPDATE - 4:40 PM ** The hole is located outside of the traffic lane along the curb. It has been stabilized and covered with a steel plate. It is safe for vehicular travel at this time. The Grass Valley Public Works department will be working on this in the coming days. Please watch your speed and give the workers plenty of room. ** Original Post ** A 4’X4’ sinkhole has opened up on the north edge of West Main Street between the Sierra Hotel and Peace Lutheran Church. It is not is the traffic lane and Grass Valley public works employees are on scene and to address the situation. Please drive slowly in the area and watch out for workers - especially when picking up your kids from Lyman Gilmore this afternoon.

If you get a chance swing by and show your support

The Grass Valley Police Department is continuing our extensive investigation into this incident. The April 24th incident was reported just after noon on April 26th. Investigators were immediately assigned to the case and have contacted the victim, scoured the area, and working to collect any physical evidence that might exist. Today officers will continue to search the area for people, clues, and provide proactive patrols in the area by way of foot patrols, DPMU Motorcycle patrol, and vehicle patrols. Anyone with information or who may have seen anything suspicious on Tuesday afternoon in the area of Sierra College Drive (east of the roundabout) is urged to call the Grass Valley Police Department Investigations unit (530) 477-4600 or via dispatch at (530) 265-7880.

Do you have expired, left-over, or unwanted medications? Here is your opportunity to dispose of them safely.....and it’s FREE. This Saturday, April 28, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm @ the corner of Neal Street & South Auburn Street in downtown Grass Valley. Just stop by and drop them questions asked.

PEDESTRIAN AND MOTORIST SAFETY TIP: With a recent increase in pedestrians being struck by vehicles, we would like to provide some advice on how to avoid a vehicle collision or being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian. Collisions of this type can be extremely traumatic for all involved, and have the ability to cause major injuries to pedestrians. The California Vehicle Code requires vehicles to yield right of way to pedestrians within a marked or unmarked crosswalk. The same law prohibits pedestrians from suddenly leaving a curb and running or walking into the path of a vehicle, which is close enough to constitute a hazard. As motorists, we all need to be cautious anytime we are driving in areas where crosswalks and pedestrians are present. As pedestrians, our responsibility is equally important. We must be aware of our surroundings, so that we do not walk into the roadway, and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Thank you for your time and be safe.

LoJack helped find the stolen car. But some good old fashioned foot chase skills by a GVPD officer landed the driver behind bars... More out of town folks here to do crime. When will they learn that “we will catch you.”

SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Drivers, Please turn your headlights on during rainy weather. It’s the law and it really makes a difference to those driving around you. That is all for now! Drive safe!

***Public Safety Announcement*** There appears to be a new phone scam going around that is causing some concerns within the community. People are reporting having received a phone call from a familiar number and the subjects are demanding money. The callers are claiming to be holding a family member or friend hostage and threatening to harm them if payment is not received. Please if you receive something similar do not send money and instead contact local law enforcement for assistance.