Nevada County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Nevada County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, 95959 CA
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Nevada County Sheriff's Office is located at 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, 95959 CA. The Nevada County Sheriff's Office phone number is (530) 265-1471.

Nevada County Sheriff's Office News

This week twelve of our members were attending a 3 day LARRO (Low angle rope rescue operational) class. It’s always great to see team work in action, the 24 hour class gave us the ability to work hand in hand and become more cohesive as a team. We would like to thank our instructors that provided the excellent training and knowledge to enhance our effectiveness in rope rescue operations. Here’s some candid shots through out the last 3 days.

Today we finished up our two day evaluation process for our new members that completed our Training Academy and the bi-annual recertification of our current mission ready members. It was a beautiful day around Lake Valley Reservoir and cooler than down the hill. Seven of our recent graduates passed all the skills evaluations and are now mission ready and capable to respond to searches. Many members also completed their recertification requirements.

Memorial Day weekend ended early this morning with a callout at 1 AM to rescue a stranded couple and their dog from Reno off Gaston Road near Bowman Lake. Two UTV teams were dispatched to locate and recover them. They were successfully located and brought back to our command post in good condition. This has been a very busy month for our team. Thanks to our members for your dedication to serving our community.

Yesterday we participated in a wildland fire evacuation drill in Lake Wildwood organized by CDF. Our role was to support the Sheriff's office in handling dispatch responsibilities for the evacuation teams and log the activity. Several of our members played the role of evacuation teams and command center operations. We were supported by personnel from the Sheriff's office, Grass Valley PD, and CHP in handling law enforcement's role in the process. We applied the learnings from last weeks drill to this one and continued to find areas where our processes worked well and where we still need to improve in order to handle the chaotic nature of this type of event. This is another great example of our volunteer members supporting the communities we live in. About an hour after this event concluded, we were called out to locate and rescue a couple stranded and lost on a 4 wheel drive road above the town of Washington. Twenty-three team members responded and as we arrived at our command post location just outside the town of Washington a couple in what looked like the vehicle drove by. It was them as they called the Sheriff's office when they got to a phone in town. Thanks to our members that gave up a day of the holiday weekend to serve the community.

Please use common sense while enjoying our beautiful rivers this weekend and stay ALIVE.

This morning about 10:30 we were called out to rescue 4 hikers in the Grouse Ridge area near Glacier Lake. It was raining and snowing in the area. Fourteen members responded and arrived to set up a command center on Grouse Ridge road. CHP had been requested to assist if they could get to them, however there was heavy cloud cover in the area. Luckely they located them and flew them out. Thanks to CHP's H24 and to our team members who responded.

Last night we dispatched a team to Piercy in Mendocino County to assist in locating a 76 year old female who had walked away from her residence on Friday. We wish them and other SAR members success in locating her.

Today as part of Nevada County Sheriff's Office, we participated in a Fire Response and Evacuation drill in Alta Sierra. The drill was organized by CALFIRE and included several agencies and the residents of Alta Sierra. The drill was a success and we all learned several things to improve everyone's capabilities. Our role was to support the evacuation process by handling dispatch responsibilities, logging of the process, traffic control and role playing as subjects in scenarious to test response capabilities. Our team learned several things to improve our capabilities to handle the assigned roles and will try to implement them in the next drill next Sunday. As we were about to begin the drill, we were notified of a Pacific Crest Trail Hiker that was in distress near the trail and Meadow Lake Road in the high Sierras. We dispatched 4 team members from the drill to accomplish the rescue. The team encountered significant snow on the road and some of the team members then began hiking to the subjects location. While on the way they encountered a group of 4 wheel vehicles and asked if they had seen the subject which they had. They took our team members to the subject's location and brought them all back to the IC location. She was in good condition. A special thanks to the citizens who helped execute the rescue and our team members ability to respond at any time. Enjoy the photos of each event.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue K9 team trained today on rubble piles at the Regional Public Safety Training Center in Reno, Nevada. We had 7 of our current K9 teams out on the rubble, working both live find and cadaver scent sources. Our goal was to familiarize the dogs and their human partners to the challenges of moving and searching in rubble. We gave the teams complex problems to find people in the tunnels and cavities in the rubble. We also worked on cadaver scent sources in new and complex work environments. Our overall goal was to be more familiar and more prepared to work in these collapsed environments should the need ever arise in Nevada County. Big thank you to our partners on the Washoe County Hasty team and support from California Office of Emergency Services.

Search and Rescue is proud to be a part of this great multi agency training tomorrow.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team had a great night time training this weekend for our off-road vehicle team. We focused on navigation and route finding. The woods sure look different when the sun goes down!


“Volunteer Recognition Day was set for April 20th as a day to honor the millions of volunteers who dedicate themselves to causes and helping others. Volunteers make a difference in people's lives all around the world, both big and small.” Nevada County Search and Rescue has an amazing diverse group of volunteers that dedicate them selves 24/7/365 so others my live. We average around 30-40 calls a year for service and these volunteers are ready to serve in any conditions. Thank you for your time and service to our community.

Today we had 9 members of the Dive Team training at Scott’s Flat Lake. We continue to practice and enhance our skills both in the water and on shore. Just in case you were curious the water temperature was 47 degrees.

We are thankful for the ongoing support our team has received from the Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council. They have been a long time supporter and have helped us with our Command Trailer, provided ATV's, snowmobiles, cpr training supplies and many other items which have helped the team serve its mission. We are blessed to live in such a supportive and generous communities that make up Nevada County. Please take extra precautions this weekend as there is potential for localized flooding and many of our streams and rivers will have excessive flows and be extremely hazardous.

Today we had a great joint training exercise with our Nordic team, Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol, CHP- H20 and Careflight. It was a beautiful day and this gave each agency a chance to improve their skills working together.

At midnight this morning we were dispatched to rescue 2 adults and a 5 year old child stuck in the snow on Gaston Grade Road. Two UTV's were deployed and our snowcat was held at the command center as a back up. While assending gaston Grade Road our teams encountered the subjects aided by a friend self rescuing. All were in good condition. A note to our followers: Please don't take unnecessary risks driving on roads that are known to be impassible. It only leads to trouble. Be safe in the backcountry by being prepared and notifying friends and family of your planned adventure and time you'll be back. Thanks to our dedicated team members that responded this morning.

Today we held our 2nd of 6 scheduled full team trainings. The weather was overcast with showers but that didn't slow down the effort of our Tracking Team that put together an excellent training on recognizing footprints and tracking them to the lost subjects. The training was done in segments with the final one organized into 6 tracking teams. The feedback from those participating was outstanding. Thanks to the members of our Tracking Team for organizing this important event which hones our overall searching skills.

That is some cold water! Last week we showed you the dive team training in the warm water pool at Nevada Union High School... this week was much different! Earlier this week our dive team was out at Scott’s Flat Lake in the snow and murky water conducting training exercises. It was a drastic difference from the clear, chlorinated water of a swimming pool. Training in many different circumstances is the key to our success when it counts in an emergency situation! Video/photos coming soon.

Today we were called out to rescue 2 caretakers of a mine located on the Middle fork of the Yuba River. It had snowed a lot and their fuel and food supplies were getting low and there was no way for a vehicle to get there. We sent two of our UTVs equipped with tracks to see if they could bring them out. After about 4 hours from where we deployed they were able to reach the subjects and their 2 dogs and bring them out. They faced many hurdles getting there including downed trees, heavy snow, obscure roads and a major washout out. All were well and happy to be out. Several photos show the difficulties they faced. Great job team!