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  • Address: 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, 95959 CA
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Nevada County Sheriff's Office is located at 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, 95959 CA. The Nevada County Sheriff's Office phone number is (530) 265-1471.

Nevada County Sheriff's Office News

At midnight this morning we were dispatched to rescue 2 adults and a 5 year old child stuck in the snow on Gaston Grade Road. Two UTV's were deployed and our snowcat was held at the command center as a back up. While assending gaston Grade Road our teams encountered the subjects aided by a friend self rescuing. All were in good condition. A note to our followers: Please don't take unnecessary risks driving on roads that are known to be impassible. It only leads to trouble. Be safe in the backcountry by being prepared and notifying friends and family of your planned adventure and time you'll be back. Thanks to our dedicated team members that responded this morning.

Today we held our 2nd of 6 scheduled full team trainings. The weather was overcast with showers but that didn't slow down the effort of our Tracking Team that put together an excellent training on recognizing footprints and tracking them to the lost subjects. The training was done in segments with the final one organized into 6 tracking teams. The feedback from those participating was outstanding. Thanks to the members of our Tracking Team for organizing this important event which hones our overall searching skills.

That is some cold water! Last week we showed you the dive team training in the warm water pool at Nevada Union High School... this week was much different! Earlier this week our dive team was out at Scott’s Flat Lake in the snow and murky water conducting training exercises. It was a drastic difference from the clear, chlorinated water of a swimming pool. Training in many different circumstances is the key to our success when it counts in an emergency situation! Video/photos coming soon.

Today we were called out to rescue 2 caretakers of a mine located on the Middle fork of the Yuba River. It had snowed a lot and their fuel and food supplies were getting low and there was no way for a vehicle to get there. We sent two of our UTVs equipped with tracks to see if they could bring them out. After about 4 hours from where we deployed they were able to reach the subjects and their 2 dogs and bring them out. They faced many hurdles getting there including downed trees, heavy snow, obscure roads and a major washout out. All were well and happy to be out. Several photos show the difficulties they faced. Great job team!

Today we sent a team to Squaw Valley to aid Placer County in their search for a missing snowboarder. Unfortunately he was located deceased. Thanks to the team members who responded in the snowy weather. Please take precautions when traveling in this winter storm and when recreating in the back country.

A very special thanks goes out to the merchants, visitors and residents of Truckee for your outstanding support of our Fundraiser in Truckee held yesterday February 17th. Your donations of over $22,800 will go a long way to help us in our training and equipment purchases which improve our capability to respond to those in need. This last year we were able to purchase a new side by side equipped with tracks and a trailer allowing us to transport searchers and rescue those stuck in the back country in snow conditions. Again, we can't thank you enough for your continual support of our team. Thanks also goes out to the 60+ members of our team that met with you all during this fundraising campaign. Enjoy some photos of the event.

Last night at 1130 pm Search and Rescue was requested to a lat / long for unknown reasons . The location ping was determined to be at the the top of Grouse Ridge. We deployed two tracked utvs and had a snow cat on stand by. Our searchers quickly located a black Toyota forerunner near the top of the mountain stuck in the snow, inside were a female and male trying to stay warm. We were able to get them pointed in the right direction and escorted them off the mountain. Beautiful night out last night but a little chilly. Come see us in Truckee tomorrow for our annual fill the pack fundraiser.

Tonight we participated with our neighbors at the Nevada County library to give their young readers an exposure to our Search & Rescue Team in the Library's I Survived Party, a celebration of the book series I Survived by Lauren Tarshis. It was a great crowd of interested young members of our community being able to understand how to survive if lost in the beautiful backcountry of Nevada County. Thanks to our SAR members and to the members of the community who took the time to celebrate "I survived by Lauren Tarshis"

Our annual Fundraiser in Truckee is this coming weekend. Saturday, February 17th our members will stationed in the areas of the Crossroads Center with SaveMart/CVS and the Gateway shopping center with Safeway. If you're in the area, please stop and fill our members packs with your donations. These donations are our lifeblood, providing the funding for our training, the purchase of our major equipment such as UTVs and trailers, radio communications systems, our uniforms and many other smaller supplies. You will be able to talk to our volunteer members, their search dogs and learn more about us. Thank you in advance for all of your support. If you can't make it, visit our website at and you can donate there.

Our New Website is now up and running. Check it out at There you will be able to learn more about our team, when we meet, how to become a volunteer, something about all of our specialty teams and view some photos of our members in action. There is also a link to donate to our non-profit which helps us provide for all the training and equipment required to carryout our mission. Feedback is welcome.

Today we hosted a K9 training attended by 35 search and rescue volunteers from Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Santa Cruz, Marin and Sacramento Counties along with CARDA, Bay Area Mountain Rescue and Yosemite Dogs. The topics included Search Management for K9 Teams taught by Wayne Beherns, Search Strategy for Dog Handlers taught by Shay Cook and Debriefing taught by Kristin Pugh. There was a lively discussion of all the aspects covered and highly appreciated by all who attended. All were excited to have the opportunity to participate with such a highly trained group of experienced searchers and hoped there would be more opportunities in the future. Nevada County SAR was happy to be able to host such an event. Enjoy the few potos.

With the new snowfall in the Sierra we were able to do some of the required modules of the AVI1 class being taught to our team members. We are lucky to have 2 certified instructors on our team. Classes such as these help ensure that we know how to evaluate the avalanche dangers in the areas we get called into search. Thanks Mike and Ivan!

Today a few team members were putting the finishing touches on our newest of three UTV’s (Transport 3). Today we added LED alley lights, back up scene lights, front LED lights, windshield and a 4000lb winch that can be used at the front or rear of the UTV. We typically dispatch two UTV’s with snow tracks on back country rescues to ensure we have safety in numbers. These UTV’s have proven most valuable in moving teams more quickly and closer to an insertion point or picking up lost or stranded subjects at locations not easily accessible by any other means. We keep all three UTV’s at the Nevada City office and we keep our snow cat at our Truckee substation. We certainly appreciate the time the team puts forth in volunteering to be prepared for the safety of others.

Great article.

After a long day of training our team was dispatched to the Castle Peak area for four lost hikers at 11pm. We just located all four subjects and are currently working on extricating them to an awaiting ambulance. Our team has once again gone above and beyond to provide for the citizens of California. Thanks to all the team members that are working 24 plus hours straight to save lives.

Today we had our annual team winter training exercise. Even though there was not much snow at the summit, the conditions still provided the necessary conditions to cover most of the subjects. We had 49 team members respond which was an excellent response. Enjoy a few photos from today.

Late Christmas evening our team was dispatched to search for a 56 year old female who had wandered away from a residence in a rural part of the county. Twenty-one team members responded and located her in about 1.5 hours down a steep slope. She was escorted up to the roadway where she was treated by a waiting ambulance crew. A special thanks to the team members that gave up a little of their Christmas in service to the community.

Remember to support our team by stopping by Smith Vineyard's tasting room in Grass Valley this coming Friday. They are featuring Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue in their Twelve Days of Giving fund raiser which supports local non profits who work to make our community a better place. During this time they donate 20% of their proceeds to each of the charities on their selected day of giving. Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue is being featured Friday, December 22nd. Please come out and support Smith Vineyard while supporting our team.