Truckee Police Department

  • Agency: Truckee Police Department
  • Address: 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, 96161 CA
  • Chief: Adam McGill (Chief of Police)
Phone: 530-550-2323
Fax: 530-582-7771

Truckee Police Department is located at 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, 96161 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Adam McGill. The Truckee Police Department phone number is 530-550-2323.

Truckee Police Department News

PLEASE SHARE: We respond to numerous calls each summer of dogs locked in vehicles. It doesn't take long for temperatures to reach unbearable heat within a vehicle. We all know that, "I was only gone a minute" is never just a minute.

Today on Church Street in Downtown Truckee, the Emergency Warming Center, along with a few partnering agencies, are hosting a BBQ for our local folks that utilize their services. Attendees are getting a delicious meal generously provided by Mountain Valley Meats, free haircuts, health checkups, some fire prevention materials, and some other miscellaneous goodies. Truckee Fire Protection District Tahoe Forest Health System Thanks to everyone who pitched in and participated!

Our Truckee Day always starts with a dive in Donner Lake with our partners at Truckee Fire Protection District. It serves a dual purpose as a training exercise as well as a clean up effort. Today our divers were able to pick up an entire trash container full of garbage. Thanks to everyone who volunteered and did their part to help Keep Truckee Green!

Last week we caught up with our partners at Nevada County Probation. We truly have an amazing group serving the East side of the county and they work very hard to keep our community safe. Head on over to their page and click the 👍

Please 'donut' go breakin' any laws today!😂👮‍♂️🍩😂 Let's have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine! #NationalDonutDay

Our patrol boat is all clean and inspected and we are ready for summer!! 🚤⛵️🛶🏖🏕 Are you ready? The Truckee Inspection Station is open daily from 8:30-5:30 at the Truckee-Tahoe Airport. For more information, please visit We’ll see you at the lake!!!! 🤙🏼

UPDATE: On May 18th, we posted the video below of an individual leaving Mountain Hardware and Sports without paying for his items. Thanks to our incredible Facebook community, the very next day we received information about a possible suspect. Thanks to everyone who shared and helped to ID our suspect. That being said…. Mr. Drew, You need to come and talk to us..

TPD officers annually attend our local Memorial Day ceremony at the Truckee Cemetery. We salute those who gave their lives in defense of our great nation. ❤️💙🇺🇸

Downtown Two Hour Parking Lot To Be Temporarily Relocated Beginning Tuesday, May 29, 2018, the two hour public parking lot commonly referred to as the Beacon Lot located on Donner Pass Road in Downtown Truckee, behind the Beacon gas station, will be closed for construction related activities. Two temporary parking lots are being constructed to replace the parking spaces at the Beacon. One is located directly adjacent to the Beacon Lot in a north east direction. The second lot is located approximately 200 yards east of the Beacon Lot. These two temporary lots will still be considered two hour maximum parking lots. The lots will also be available for employee parking all day with the appropriate employee parking pass and as overnight parking areas. We thank you for your patience during the construction of the railyard project. As the project progresses, there will be more changes to the parking in this area. Please stay connected to our social media sites and website at for updates.

On 05-24-18 at approximately 0208 hours Truckee Police Department Officers made consensual contact with a vehicle parked in the parking lot of the Chevron gas station on Deerfield Dr. The vehicle broke down and the four occupants were waiting for a family member to come from Reno to pick them up. The contact eventually led to the Officers locating 2 loaded firearms in the vehicle. One of the firearms was stolen out of the Reno area. Additionally inside the vehicle Officers located a fully loaded ammunition magazine, and an illegal “blackjack” club positioned in such a fashion to be readily accessible for the driver to use as a dangerous weapon. When the additional family member arrived to pick up the stranded passengers Officers located a loaded firearm inside the driver’s door pocket of his vehicle. All five adults were arrested and booked into the Nevada County Jail in Truckee. Rudy Gonzales- possession of a “blackjack” weapon Ralph Gonzales Jr.- possession of a loaded .45 caliber pistol stolen out of Reno Nevada area Brandi Duggins- possession of a loaded .380 caliber pistol Ralph Gonzales Sr.- felon in possession of a loaded ammunition magazine Phillip Gonzales- possession of a loaded .40 caliber pistol

A message from Chief of Police, Robert Leftwich, regarding the recent Amtrak train incident. Recent media reports and social media posts have suggested that a young man named Aaron Salazar was found along the railroad tracks in Truckee, CA and that he was possibly the victim of an assault and hate crime that occurred in Truckee. It is the policy and best practice of most public safety organizations to not comment on another agency’s investigation, particularly if that investigation is active. However, since much of the information that is circulating on social media and in some news stories is inaccurate, speculative, or simply false, the Truckee Police Department would like to clarify a few things. First and foremost, our most sincere and heartfelt thoughts are with Aaron, the Salazar family, and his friends. We are worried for Aaron, and want him to quickly recover. We are not actively involved in the investigation and do not know what happened to Aaron or what the investigation might reveal. Amtrak is the most appropriate authority for this investigation being that all information indicates that the incident was confined to occurring on an Amtrak train. Amtrak Police clearly have jurisdiction over incidents connected to their trains and it is important to allow the investigative process to divulge what likely happened. On May 15, 2018, at approximately 11:30 a.m., the Truckee Police Department responded to a call regarding a person lying near the railroad tracks at the far east end of Truckee. When officers arrived, they located a person with significant injuries laying only feet from the railroad tracks. That person was quickly identified as Aaron. Officers assisted with medical aid, and Aaron was transported to Renown Medical Center in Reno, NV. It was almost immediately discovered that Aaron was a ticketed passenger on the west bound Amtrak train that had passed through Truckee earlier that morning. Because the incident originated and appeared to be entirely contained on the Amtrak train, the Truckee Police Department turned over the investigation after our preliminary response. Aaron never disembarked in Truckee, as he never made it to the Truckee station, and there is no information to suggest Aaron had any connection to Truckee or interactions with anyone from Truckee. The Truckee Police Department will never allow a conspiracy or cover-up to occur regarding any incident or investigation. Any suggestions to the contrary reflect a lack of factual information or knowledge of our organization and community. The Truckee Police Department will also never allow a crime against the LGBTQIA community to go unaddressed or uninvestigated. A case where a hate crime was committed would be addressed to the fullest extent of our capabilities. The Truckee community is not in danger and never was. We did not release information out of professional courtesy to Amtrak and to protect the investigative process as well as the confidentiality of the Salazar family. We understand how frustrating it can be to not have all the information when there is genuine concern and a desire to help. The Truckee Police Department has no control over the release of substantive information in this incident, since another agency is handling the investigation. We do ask, out of respect for Aaron, his family, and for the investigative process that speculation, guessing, or rumors not be the basis for drawing conclusions. Any information that might help the investigation or any requests for information should be directed to Amtrak Police at (800) 331-0008. Keep Aaron and his family in your thoughts. Rob Leftwich Chief of Police, Truckee Police Department

WE NEED YOUR HELP TRUCKEE! Can you help us identify this thief? He took off from Mountain Hardware and Sports without paying for his items. White male age 25-35, brown hair, brown beard, tattoo on arm. If you recognize this person please call us at (530) 550-2320 and ask for Officer D. McKay.

Happy Wednesday everyone! As rain continues today, watch for standing water on roadways and reduce speeds. Drive safe! Especially all of you over on YANNY court. 😂 #Laureloryanny

Yesterday afternoon Officer Schneider was dispatched to a call of a 🐥duckling stuck in a storm drain on West River Street. After 'conduckting' a quick area check CSO Schneider and Town of Truckee Public Works were able to locate the small gosling and rescue him from the drain. Ryan, the gosling, 😉stayed the night at Town of Truckee Animal Services where he dined on some yummy Grape Nuts. This morning he will be making the quick trip over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. where he'll be well taken care of until it's determined if he's able to be released, free as a bird. Thanks to Hy-Tech Auto & Smog for reporting him so he could be rescued!

PLEASE SHARE!! FREE Paper Shredding on Truckee Day!!!

Here is a link to our 2016-2017 Annual Report. Both English and Spanish versions available on our website.

We all know what day it is.... 🤓 Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists this weekend as we all get out and enjoy the warm weather! Have a wonderful and safe weekend and May the 4th be with you!

In case you missed the take back event last Saturday.... We always have our disposal bin conveniently located in our front office at 10183 Truckee Airport Road inside the Town of Truckee Town Hall during business hours. Thanks to all who responsibly disposed of unused and unwanted medication! 💊💊💊

HAPPENING NOW: FREE Rx Drug Take Back Event- April 28th @ Gateway Shopping Center- 9AM-1PM Free medication take-back day. Drop off unneeded or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications safely, effectively, and anonymously. Please put pills into a zip-lock bag. Sharps are only accepted at the Tahoe City location, NOT the Truckee location. Help protect our water supply by not flushing medications. Help protect our community as some may be abusing drugs taken from medicine cabinets of family and friends. If you cannot make this event, please utilize permanent Rx Drug Bins located at the Truckee Police Department and the Placer County Sheriff's Office- Tahoe Station. A collaborative effort of the Tahoe Truckee FWDD Future Without Drug Dependence, Placer & Nevada County Health and Human Services, Truckee Police Department, Placer County Sheriff's Office, Tahoe Forest Health System, water quality, waste management, Town of Truckee, and the DEA.

Officers were attending Security Awareness Training this morning with our community partners at Tahoe Forest Health System, when they bumped into 81 year old Ronnie Romano, a veteran of the US Navy. Mr. Romano stopped for a chat and a photo. Thank you for your service sir. 💙

Many thanks to Bella of Daisy Troop 434 for thinking of us today and bringing us some goodies. We love the card!!! 😍 The cookies are disappearing rapidly! 👮‍♂️❤️🍪

'Be on the Lookout' this week for our Traffic Officers working numerous Traffic Enforcement Zones or,TEZs. Save yourself the $$$ of those tickets and drive the speed limit, buckle up, put that phone down, and remember that STOP signs are not mere suggestions. Here are this week's TEZs.

Some great shots from this morning’s Little League Parade... it’s wonderful to be part of a community that still closes down the streets for a short while to announce the beginning of baseball season. Archie of the Reno Aces showed up to take the lead! ⚾️⚾️⚾️ Best of luck to all those sluggers! PLAY BALL!!!! Truckee Fire Protection District

RX Drug Take Back Event- April 28th at Gateway Center in Truckee 9:00AM-1:00PM.