Brea Police Department

  • Agency: Brea Police Department
  • Address: 1 Civic Center Circle, Plaza Level, Brea, 92821 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 714-990-7625
Fax: 714-990-7641

Brea Police Department is located at 1 Civic Center Circle, Plaza Level, Brea, 92821 CA. The Brea Police Department phone number is 714-990-7625.

Brea Police Department News

Our officers had a good laugh when they received a misconduckt call the other night, it wasn't what it was all quacked up to be 🦆 #QuackAJokeFriday

DRIVER PULLED FROM BURNING CAR Driver: Male, 66 Years Old, resident of Yorba Linda Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Prius On November 5th, 2017, at 12:09 AM Brea Police Officers responded to an injury traffic collision at Lambert & Sunflower. The car had been traveling eastbound on Lambert when the vehicle left the roadway, struck a tree, and overturned. Upon arrival officers found the driver trapped in his burning car. The officers used fire extinguishers to try and put the fire out, but were unsuccessful. As officers worked to try and pull the driver out, Brea Fire Department personnel arrived and began putting water onto the fire. Officers were able to pull the driver from the car. The driver was transported to an area hospital for treatment of burns and other moderate injuries. 5 Officers sustained minor burns and cuts while working to pull the driver free. There is no evidence of drug or alcohol involvement. Initial investigation reveals that the driver apparently fell asleep.

Rollover traffic collision on Lambert @ Sunflower. Vehicle fully engulfed in flames. Ofcrs rescued driver from vehicle.

Join us at the Brea War Memorial next Saturday at 10 a.m. as we honor all the men and women who have selflessly served our country.

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SUSPECT ARRESTED AFTER CRASHING STOLEN CAR SUSPECT: Steven Taylor Fernandez, 24 yrs old, resident of San Diego On November 1st, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Brea Police patrol officers stopped a stolen car in the parking lot of Ralphs market, at 305 W. Imperial Hwy. The driver initially stopped the car, but then drove away. A male and female passenger jumped from the car as it drove in the parking lot. The officers lost sight of the vehicle, but were directed by citizens that the car exited onto Imperial Hwy. The stolen car was involved in a traffic collision at Imperial Hwy / Brea Bl, and the suspect fled on foot. Again, citizens helped out the officers by pointing out the direction the suspect had ran. He was caught in the parking lot of Laurel Elementary School. The school was briefly put on lock-down, but this was removed after about 10 minutes. The suspect was transported to an area hospital for injuries received in the traffic collision. He is expected to be booked on charges of Possession of Stolen Property (vehicle), Hit and Run, and Reckless Driving. A female driver involved in the collision was also transported to an area hospital with minor injuries. The two passengers of the stolen car were detained, but currently do not face any charges.

POLICE ACTIVITY - UPDATE Stolen veh crashed area of Imperial / Brea Bl. Driver and passenger arrested. One passenger fled and is outstanding. No desc avail at this time. Laurel School is NOT on lock down.

POLICE ACTIVITY IMPERIAL/BREA Officers are searching the area of Imperial/Brea Bl for a suspect who fled from a stolen vehicle. No further details at this time. Expect traffic to be congested. Avoid the area until further notice.

Brea PD getting into the Halloween spirit back at the station!

Happy Halloween, City of Brea! Here are some safety tips to remember when your kids are Trick-or-Treating this evening 🎃

Remember to drop off any unwanted or expired medication's this morning in front of the Civic Center- we will dispose of them with no questions asked! #NationalDrugTakeBackDay

POLICE RESPONSE TO DOWNTOWN PROTEST Many people have questioned our response to yesterdays protest, and we would like to explain our position. Several comments on social media relate that demonstrators should have been arrested for occupying the intersection before the motorist ultimately entered the intersection. The police department had several officers present at yesterday’s protest. It is always a fine line to walk when we respond to demonstrations. On one hand, protestors have a constitutional right to demonstrate, however, the protestors cannot commit an unlawful act, be violent, or incite others to violence (see Penal Code Section 416 below). If protestors cross the line, then the police can deem the demonstration to be an unlawful assembly and order the crowd to disperse. To comply with the law, the police must make at least one announcement (normally we make more than one a few minutes apart on a bullhorn or a police unit’s public address system) deeming the demonstration an unlawful assembly and then wait a reasonable time to allow the protestors to disperse. Anyone who remains after the announcement is subject to arrest. Some of you may recall this was the case three years ago when a similar incident occurred in the same location and we arrested ten or so people. At the same time we were monitoring the demonstration, police personnel were in conversation with the demonstrators’ organizers. This is an effective practice because in most instances the demonstrators do not want to be arrested and will call off the protest themselves once the demonstration is deemed an unlawful assembly. This was the case yesterday. The demonstration’s organizers were already in the process of clearing the protestors from the intersection when the motorist decided to enter the intersection and drive through the crowd. At the time of the incident several demonstrators had cleared the intersection and were standing on the sidewalk. In regards to the motorist, although he had a green light to proceed into the intersection, he cannot do so until it is safe. It was clearly not safe and he endangered several peoples’ lives by his actions. From our perspective it appeared the protestors did not start banging on his car until he started driving through the crowd. However, the case is still under investigation, and we are still attempting to locate witnesses, victims and other evidence (video, etc.). We will also be examining whether some of the protestors’ actions were criminal and, if so, take the appropriate action. We ask that those people who may have additional video or were hurt in this incident to contact the Brea Police Department at 714-990-7625 ******Penal Code 416 makes it a misdemeanor "if two or more persons assemble for the purpose of disturbing the public peace, or committing any unlawful act, and do not disperse on being desired or commanded so to do by a public office."2 Because freedom of assembly is a Constitutional right protected by the First Amendment, courts have said that these laws can apply only to unlawful assembly, not to assembly itself: "We construe Penal Code section 416 as empowering a public official to demand dispersal only where there is probable cause to believe that the purpose of an assembly is unlawful, according to the facts and circumstances of each individual case."3 To be an unlawful assembly, the acts of the crowd must either be violent or tending to incite others to violence.4

On October 26, 2017, at 1:00 PM, approximately 200 protestors were walking in the area of Birch and Brea Bl, in the City of Brea. The protestors were in the area of Congressman Royce’s office and were protesting immigration issues. Suspect Daniel Wenzek drove his vehicle westbound on Birch at Brea Bl into some of the protestors at a slow speed. The protestors then began beating on Wenzek’s car. Officers who were monitoring the protest observed this incident and took Wenzek into custody. No one was seriously hurt and no identified victims have come forward. We would like anyone who was struck by the vehicle to come forward and provide information to Detectives. We would also like to speak with any witnesses or view any video that may have been taken. Wenzek was booked at the Brea Police Department , charged with Assault With a Deadly Weapon and was released pending further investigation. His booking photo will not be released at this time.

ATTENTION: We are looking for additional victims of Foster Youth Law Center Case Manager who victimized a young girl assigned to him. Please contact Brea Police Detectives if you have any additional information at 714-671-4438 *View Press Release below for further information*

DOG LOST FOLLOWING TRAFFIC ACCIDENT Please keep your eyes out for missing dog "Fergus". He fled his owner's car following a traffic collision Wednesday evening in the area of Lambert/Wandering. Fergus is a Terrier mix who was wearing a collar and a leash. If you find him or perhaps see him, please call Laura at Chino Valley Missing Pets 909-762-5035.

BREA 911 LINES WORKING All of Brea's 911 lines are once again working.

CARBON CANYON OPEN The #CarbonFire has been put out and Carbon Canyon is open. Thank you for your patience.

CARBON CANYON UPDATE Olinda Village residents can access their homes via the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon.

*UPDATE* At 5:35 The Command Post notified us that's the fire is contained. The Fire Department will remain on scene to deal with hot spots. Carbon Canyon is still closed at Valencia going east and closed at the County line going west. Olinda residents can access their homes on the Chino side. Carbon Canyon will be shut down both East and West bound due to reports of a fire. Please avoid the area for unknown duration. We will update when more information is available.

Did you know October is National Crime Prevention Month? To help ensure your property is safe, take preventative steps such as partaking in our #9pmroutine : Remove valuables from your car and lock your doors!

PROBLEM WITH 911 SERVICE IN SOME AREAS OF BREA We are experiencing issues with some of our 911 lines, specifically, the north end of Brea. If you have a Police/Fire or Medical emergency and are unable to get thru by dialing 911, please call 714-990-7911 to reach an emergency dispatcher. We are hopeful this issue will be resolved shortly.