Brea Police Department

  • Agency: Brea Police Department
  • Address: 1 Civic Center Circle, Plaza Level, Brea, 92821 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 714-990-7625
Fax: 714-990-7641

Brea Police Department is located at 1 Civic Center Circle, Plaza Level, Brea, 92821 CA. The Brea Police Department phone number is 714-990-7625.

Brea Police Department News

Mark your calendars, Saturday, April 28th we will be participating in National Drug Take-Back day. Gather all medicines you no longer need, remove any personal information and drop off your medication to us and we will dispose of it properly. This is a great way to keep medication off our streets and away from children.

The pictured suspect committed two recent robberies in the City of Brea and is believed to be responsible for other robberies in the area. The suspect is described as being between 25 - 30 years old… Between 5’6” and 5’10”, clean shaven, with acne scars on his face. The suspect has been seen loitering in front of the target businesses several minutes prior to making entry. Once inside he produces a handgun and demands money. If you recognize this subject, please contact Detective Glenn Eastman at (714) 990-7638 or Detective David Aguirre at (714) 990-7677.

Brea PD 411 - Thursday April 19, 2018

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It must be Tip-A-Cop when you see Brea PD behind the bar pouring drinks and in the kitchen plating food! Thanks to everyone who came out last week to support this awesome event! We were able to raise around $1650 in donations for the Special Olympics!

Join us on Thursday for Facebook live!!

Last week we partnered with BOUSD, the City of Brea and the Brea Fire Department to talk to our community about the important topic of Unified Emergency Response and how all of our agencies work together in the event of an emergency at our schools. We want to thank all that were able to attend and also take this opportunity to provide those of you who could not attend with the links to videos that were shown at the event. Unfortunately the presentation will not upload, but it was sent out through School Messenger. Help us remind our students and our community the importance of See Something, Say Something. Please be sure your student has these numbers written down or saved in their phone so they can report suspicious activity. Brea Olinda High School Text-a-tip: (219) 595-BOHS (219) 595-2647 Brea Junior High Text-a-tip: (415) 758-BJHS (415) 758 -2547 Brea Police Dept. (Non-emergencies): (714) 990-7911 All Emergencies: 911 STUDENT Video - COMMUNITY Video -

Today's Traffic Safety Tip for Distracted Driving Awareness Month are two things you should be doing at home, but we find people doing this while driving. Yup, those pictures show it... women are doing their makeup and men are shaving! Doing either of these takes your hands off the steering wheel, takes your eyes and focus off the road and decreases your awareness to what is happening around you. We are not tested on either of these things during our driving test, so why do them on the road?

**UPDATE** All lanes have been opened on the 57 freeway! The onramp for the 57 South at Imperial is shut down. Early this morning there was a major accident on the 57 freeway which has caused the northbound lanes of 57 to be shut down at Yorba Linda and the southbound lanes are down to one lane at Imperial. This accident will cause our streets to be congested as well. Please use caution while driving today. We will update this post when we know the freeway is clear.

This week, CalTrans will be doing some work on Carbon Canyon at the County line flagging the lanes. They will be working on the eastbound lanes from 9:00am - 11:00am and the westbound lanes from 11:00am - 1:00pm. Please be patient and cautious while driving through this area.

Fire, Paramedics and Police are all on scene of an injury accident at the intersection of Lambert and Kraemer. Please use an alternate route until approximately 8:00 am.

We're pretty pawsitive that our K9 furiend, Chief, looks up to Officer Morouse 👮🏻🐶 #nationalpetday #k9dogs

Our Citizen Academy came to a close with the graduation of Class 17! Class 17 had 38 citizens graduate, which was our largest class yet! We look forward to our next class which will start in January 2019. Be on the lookout for more details and information later in the year to apply for our next class. #WayBackWednesday

Whatever plans you have on Thursday for dinner, cancel them so you can join us for Tip-A-Cop. Any donations we receive will be donated to the Special Olympics!

Did you know that there are THREE types of distractions that occur while driving? Those distractions are either visual(taking eyes off the road), manual(taking your hands off the wheel), or cognitive (taking your mind off the road). Today's Distracted Driving Tip combines all three types of distractions!! Texting and driving is one of the most common causes of accidents now and can simply be avoided by: •Turning on the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone •Having your passenger be your "designated texter" •Turning your phone on silent •Placing your phone completely out of reach

To all the dispatchers, thank you for all you do! We couldn't do our job without you! #NationalPublicSafetyTelecommunicatorsWeek #ThankADispatcher

Wednesday night, we will be partnering with Brea Fire and Brea Olinda Unified School District for a presentation on "Active School Shooter and Emergency Response". Due to the maturity of the topic this will be an adult only event. See the flyer for more details, we hope you all can attend.

It has been upgraded from 5.0 to 5.3 😱 Who felt it??? We sure did at the Civic Center!

April kicks off Distracted Driving Awareness Month and we will be giving safety tips every Tuesday for how to prevent distracted driving. Who has done this before... start your navigation before you leave, set your phone down and then realize you need to grab your phone to see the next turn??? It happens more often that you think and taking your eyes off the road can lead to an accident. So for today's tip; use a passenger, bluetooth or a hand-free holster while using navigation.

South Associated Road will be closed from Greenbriar Road to Imperial Highway and all exits from the Brea Plaza shopping center onto Associated will be closed as well. This closure is for an investigation of a traffic collision from last week, not related to the fatal collision. The closure will take place today, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

During the early morning hours of Saturday, March 24th, the band and choir office at Brea-Olinda High School were broken into. A number of items were taken including cash, checks, and band instruments. An investigation was begun by the Brea Police Department. During the course of the investigation search warrants were served at two different locations. Three juvenile suspects were identified, one of which is a student in the Brea-Olinda Unified School District. All three were interviewed and ultimately arrested for Burglary. A majority of the stolen items were recovered during the service of the search warrants. Names of the suspects will not be released as they are juveniles.

We know many of you have concerns about your safety after having heard or witnessed the accident occurring on Associated Rd on Tuesday. The investigation is still ongoing, but these details can be released: The driver of the red pick-up truck was driving Northbound in the Southbound lanes of Associated Rd when it collided with the gray SUV. The driver of the pick-up truck was taken to a local hospital where he was admitted for treatment of his non-life threatening injuries and the driver of the SUV, unfortunately, passed away. The victim was a Brea resident on her way to work and her family has been notified, however we will not be releasing any other further information about her. Please keep the victim’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they are going through a difficult time. While we do not feel that the victim could have prevented this accident, many accidents can be prevented by being aware of your surroundings at all times.

We need your help. If you recognize them - call 714.990.7611. Thanks! 👀☎️=⚖️

Today, Brea PD and Brea-Olinda High School collaborated to demonstrate the harsh realities of drinking and driving and the effects those choices have on their families, friends, and themselves.The program involves students and their families in a simulation of the student's death played out with actual paramedics, fire rescue, police, and hospital emergency room personnel. This serves as a reminder to us all to not drink and drive, helping to prevent this from becoming a harsh reality. #every15minutes #dontdrinkanddrive @ Brea, California

Next week, on April 3rd, head over to CPK for lunch and dinner for Pizza with a purpose to support the Fallen Pomona Police Officer, Gregg Casillas. Thanks CPK, all Southern California locations will honor this fundraiser.