Buena Park Police Department

  • Agency: Buena Park Police Department
  • Address: 6640 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, 90622-5009 CA
  • Chief: Corey Sianez (Chief of Police)
Phone: 714-562-3901

Buena Park Police Department is located at 6640 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, 90622-5009 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Corey Sianez. The Buena Park Police Department phone number is 714-562-3901.

Buena Park Police Department News

On December 13, 2017 at approximately 12:57 in the morning, officers responded to an armed robbery and shooting at Modoo Donuts (5411 Beach). Please see the attached press release and suspect photos for details. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #robbery #shooting #PressRelease

RECENT CRIME TRENDS Year after year we have seen an increase in certain types of crimes during the holidays. The Buena Park Police Department would like to make you aware of these types of crimes and offer some tips to help prevent becoming a victim. PACKAGE THEFTS - Criminals take advantage of the increase in online ordering and shipping to take unattended packages left on porches. When possible, request delivery notifications alerts be sent to you to let you know when a package has been delivered so that you or a neighbor can quickly take a package inside. When ordering from certain online vendors, try to use secure package delivery locations if you're not going to be home. Amazon offers Amazon locker locations which are secure, self-service kiosks where customers can pick up Amazon.com packages at a time and place that is convenient for them. In addition, consider having packages delivered to your place of business if allowed. VEHICLE BURGLARIES - Remember to remove all items of value from your vehicles, including anything that may appear to have value to someone looking in your windows. If you plan to store items in your trunk, place items inside PRIOR to arriving at your destination to avoid someone seeing where items of value may be. Please report any incidents of thefts to the police department, especially if you have surveillance video of possible suspects available. Images of suspects and vehicles, along with any patterns and trends, are disseminated to our patrol officers so that they may keep an eye out for repeat offenders, identify individuals who may have been contacted in the area, and direct patrols to areas where these types of crimes keep occurring. To report any crimes or suspicious activity, contact the Buena Park Police Department non-emergency line at 714-562-3901.

December 12, 2017 at approximately 6:00 pm, Buena Park Police Officers, Firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority and Anaheim Fire Department are on scene at a fire in an industrial building, on Caballero, West of Knott. All employees have been evacuated and no injuries have been reported at this time. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #OCFA #AFD #StructureFire #fire #MutualAid @orangecountyfireauthority @anaheimfireandrescue

On December 11, 2017 at approximately 3:50 pm, the Buena Park Police Department received a report of an attempted robbery at the Chase bank on Beach and La Palma. Officers responded quickly and arrested the lone suspect, at the scene. There were no injuries. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #bank #robbery #NotOnOurWatch #SuspectInCustody

ABC LICENSEE EDUCATION ON ALCOHOL & DRUGS (LEAD) TRAINING: The California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control, with a joint effort from the Buena Park Police Department, will be providing a Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs (LEAD) Training to licensed premises owners and employees. The LEAD Program is a free, voluntary prevention and education program for retail licensees, their employees and applicants. The curriculum is designed for licensees, managers, and employees. There is no separate management curriculum. The program length is 4 hours and participation is limited to 50 persons per class. Held on December 14th 2017, 4pm to 8pm at the Buena Park Community Center, 6688 Beach Blvd, Buena Park CA 90621 Benefits of LEAD training reduce risk of liability; including criminal (court action), civil (lawsuit) and administrative (ABC accusation). LEAD Training can also help reduce the risk of license revocation, possibly reduce insurance premiums, and provide ways to deal with difficult situations. It is highly recommended that a representative from your business attends this training. If you would like to attend, please register at www.abc.ca.gov under the “On-Line LEAD Registration” link. On the day of the training, please bring a copy of your ABC license and plan to arrive a few minutes early to sign in, as the program will begin promptly at 4pm. Point of Contact: Sgt. Mike Lovchik, PIO (714) 562-3915 or (714) 920-0976 E-Mail: mlovchik@bppd.com Watch Commander’s Office (714) 562-3935 6640 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90621

COLD CASE INVESTIGATION On Friday, October 30, 1970 at 9:30 a.m., Vicki Miner (pictured) left her residence for school. Vicki never reached the school and her parents filed a missing persons report the same day. Her body was discovered in a creek bottom on November 14, 1970 in a field frequented by horseback and motorcycle riders. Vicki had suffered a massive blow to her head causing a skull fracture that resulted in her death. She was fully clothed, however, her pants were unbuttoned and she was missing a brown leather cowhide belt. In addition to the missing belt, Vicki was also missing her dark brown leather strap sandals that had been repaired with a piece of orange coated electrical wire, and a dark brown suede finish purse with fringe on the outside. The purse contained her driver's license, social security card, several small plastic toy animals, and a small red Bible. Buena Park Police Department detectives are looking for new evidence, information, and leads to pursue in this case. If you are able to provide any additional details, please contact Det. J. Alfonzo at 714-562-3985 or jalfonzo@bppd.com.

On December 09, 2017 at approximately 9:40 pm, a Buena Park Police Officer located a traffic collision on Orangethorpe, East of Stanton. A white, Honda Accord struck a parked, unoccupied vehicle. The occupants of the Accord were transported to the hospital. We are unsure exactly when the collision occurred and are seeking witnesses and/or video surveillance footage that may show the collision or any driving prior to it. If you were in the area from approximately 9:20-9:40 pm and have any information please contact the Buena Park Police Department Traffic Bureau at 714-562-3941. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #traffic #motors #collision #investigation #SCID

"One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say 'Thank you." The Buena Park Police Department and the Buena Park Police Association hosted the annual Police Volunteer Program's, Citizens Assisting Police, holiday party this evening. We are thankful for this group of wonderful indiviudals who proudly volunteer countless hours to our Police Department and City. Our Police Department and Police Association treated our Volunteers to a delicious holiday meal and fun raffle prizes! Thank you Volunteers for all you do!

Today, Officer Kimery was promoted to the rank of Corporal! Corporal Kimery has served the city of Buena Park for 24 years, starting as a jailer, becoming a reserve officer, and then a full time officer. Corporal Kimery has been a K-9 officer, field training officer, Motor, and Commercial Enforcement Officer. Congratulations on your promotion Corporal Kimery! #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #OathOfOffice #promotion #corporal

At approximately 4:23 am, officers were on scene at several window smash burglaries, in the area of Valley View and Orangethorpe. They observed a charter bus which was travelling westbound on the 91 freeway, careen out of control and collide with the chain linked fence behind the Marie Callender’s restaurant adjacent to the businesses. La Palma Police Department personnel were also on scene assisting with the burglaries as this occurred. After observing the accident all of the officers quickly responded to the bus to assess the injuries and render aid. They discovered the only occupant was the driver who was bleeding profusely from a large laceration to his leg. Buena Park Police Officer Gonzalez quickly applied a tourniquet which stopped the bleeding but the driver immediately went into shock when he observed the compound fracture to his other leg. Orange County Fire Authority personnel arrived soon after and took over medical treatment. We were later informed that an Orange County Fire Authority Battalion Chief opined that the driver’s femoral artery had been severed and had it not been for Officer Gonzalez’ quick actions he likely would have bled out before paramedics arrived. The California Highway Patrol later responded and handled the traffic collision investigation as it occurred in their jurisdiction. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #collision #trauma #tourniquet #LifeSaving #QuickThinking #MultiAgencyCooperation City of La Palma California Highway Patrol Orange County Fire Authority

Today, BPPD Officers joined with other Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (GRIP) law enforcement members in welcoming students and staff from Gilbert Elementary and Whitaker Elementary to the Ford Design Center in Irvine. Earlier this year Ford employees volunteered to go out to schools and mentor students as part of the program. Today the students had a fun filled day interacting with Ford employees and viewing concept cars, design equipment and robotics to name a few. Taco Bell corporate is next door to the design center and donated meals for all. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #GRIP #OCGRIP #OCDA #proactive

On 11/30/2017, Mayor Swift and Captain Hendricks were judges at Buena Park Junior High spelling bee. There were three groups that consisted of 4th and 5th graders, and a combined 6th ,7th, and 8th grade group. The big winner was a 6th grader who is seen posing with Captain Hendricks in the light pink shirt. Outstanding efforts from all the participating contestants!

After 34 years of service to the city of Buena Park, Corporal Bisbing is retiring! Over his career, Corporal Bisbing served the city well in patrol, detectives, and as a crisis negotiator on our SWAT team. Corporal Bisbing was also a Field Training Officer and helped shape the department by training a lot of our current officers. Please join us in wishing Corporal Bisbing the best as he starts the next chapter of his life! #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #retirement #retiring #dedicated #service #police #BestWishes

The Buena Park Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving! If you’re frying your turkey today, please be very careful, there are easier ways to invite us and the OCFA to your home. And please do not drink and drive. #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #Thanksgiving #Turkey #TurkeyDay #GobbleGobble #GobbleTillYouWobble #🍗 #🦃 Orange County Fire Authority

The BPPD would like to send you a friendly reminder to please drive safely this Holiday season, especially on long drives to visit your friends, family, and loved ones.

Has anyone seen Ms. Soriano? She has been found in Buena Park on prior occasions. If you have or know her whereabouts, please contact the Anaheim Police Department.

The incident this morning at Corey Elementary is being investigated as a suicide. There is no connection to the prior threats made at other schools and appears unrelated to the school itself.

Reference the threats made against the Buena Park High School and other area schools. The Anaheim Police Department has arrested the suspect. There was no credible threat. Subsequent posts of threats have been found to be reposts and there are still, no credible threats. No arrests have been made regarding those posts. These matters are taken very seriously and investigated to the fullest extent. As anonymous as some social media platforms appear to be, we can and will find those who make threats against our schools.

Follow up from a previous posting. Gorski has plead guilty and his sentencing is pending.

Recently we were made aware of an Instagram post referencing a threat to several local high schools. Anaheim Police Department posted a press release yesterday in regards to this threat stating the following: "A Western High School student was arrested Tuesday evening for allegedly threatening to commit acts of violence through multiple school shootings at Magnolia, Western, Cypress and Buena Park High Schools. A concerned Western High School student contacted Anaheim Police Department (APD) Sunday evening after seeing a troubling Instagram post screenshot on a Snapchat account. APD personnel worked closely with school staff and neighboring police departments to quickly identify the student responsible for the plan. The student was identified and arrested prior to the school shootings threatened to occur on Friday, Nov.17, 2017 per his Instagram post. The student, a 14-year old male freshman and Anaheim resident, was arrested for making criminal threats and will be booked at Orange County Juvenile Hall. The investigation has not revealed the student had the actual means or capability to carry out the threats and the schools are considered secure and safe. However, the timely notification and quick response highlights the partnership between the school districts, local police departments and APD, as well as our mission to provide a safe learning environment for Anaheim’s youth. The arrests should also serve as a message to all that the school district and the police department take these threats seriously and swift enforcement action will be taken in accordance with the letter of the law. Parents, staff, and students are encouraged to 'See Something, Say Something.'" A link to the press release can be found here - http://anaheim.net/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1050

Stolen Vehicle Arrest/Suspicious Circumstances On 11-11-2017 at approximately 1:53am, two Buena Park Police Officers were patrolling in the area of Orangethorpe Avenue and Valley View Street when they observed a Toyota Tacoma leaving a parking lot which has been targeted for vehicle burglaries and stolen vehicle reports. The Tacoma was displaying paper plates which appeared to be tampered with. The officers noticed the Tacoma was displaying a "LA County Fire" firefighter sticker in the rear window and the driver was also wearing yellow reflective jacket that resembled a firefighter jacket. The driver made it a point to place his elbow out the window so the officers could see the jacket. The officers felt the circumstances were odd, especially since firefighters drive firetrucks on duty, not "unmarked" paper plated Toyota Tacoma's. While at an intersection, waiting at a red light, the officers decided to strike up a conversation with the driver who nodded his head at them. The driver was accompanied by a front passenger who was not wearing a reflective jacket. It didn't take long for the officers to realize the driver was not a firefighter, and they were speaking with a possible imposter When the light turned green, the officers stopped the Tacoma for vehicle code violations. Unknown to the officers, the vehicle was a reported stolen vehicle out of the city of Long Beach. A search of the vehicle revealed a replica handgun, burglary tools which are commonly used to forcibly open car doors, and possible stolen property (We're working on locating victims) The driver and passenger were taken into custody without incident. A thorough check of the parking lot where the suspects were seen leaving did not turn up any vehicles that appeared to be broken into.

Thank you Veterans! Your service is much appreciated. We would like to recognize and thank a handful of Veterans that continue to serve at a more local level, with the Buena Park Police Department. Here are photos of some of them, as the rest are shy! #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #Veteran #VeteransDay #ThankYou #service #AbroadAndAtHome

Today, November 09, 2017, Officers Christopher Ek and Jonathan Davis took their oath of office and were sworn in as the Buena Park Police Department’s two newest officers! Officer Ek and Officer Davis graduated from the Orange County Sheriff’s Police academy program, this past Wednesday and are eager to begin their service to the city and community of Buena Park! Please join us in welcoming them aboard! #BPPD #BuenaParkPD #SwearIn #sworn #OathOfOffice #police #community #service #dedication

The City of Buena Park and the Buena Park Police Department welcomed students from Buena Park High School for Youth in Government Day. Our officers educated the students about police work and they were able to view the equipment used by our special response teams.

With Veteran’s Day approaching this Saturday, Porto's Bakery is having a promotion from Friday November 10, to Saturday November 11. Porto’s is trying to spread the word, so tag a veteran, and like and share this post! Way to show your appreciation Porto’s! #veteran #veterans #VeteransDay #WeSaluteYou