Laguna Beach Police Department

  • Agency: Laguna Beach Police Department
  • Address: 505 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, 92651 CA
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Phone: 949-497-0701

Laguna Beach Police Department is located at 505 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, 92651 CA. The Laguna Beach Police Department phone number is 949-497-0701.

Laguna Beach Police Department News

Congratulations to Corporal Gilbertson for receiving the Auto Thief Recovery Officer of the Year Award for 2017. Within the year, Cpl. Gilbertson recovered 17 rolling stolen vehicles. If you are driving a stolen vehicle, stay out of Laguna Beach, we are good at what we do.

In the morning hours of 5-20-18, a citizen on the 800 block of Acapulco Street was cooking breakfast when he observed a black Mercedes with paper plates park near his home. A male subject, dressed in all black, got out of the Mercedes and then walked to the citizen’s vehicle, where he pulled on the door handle, but noticed it was locked. The vigilant citizen called LBPD to report the incident and provided a description of the suspect, his vehicle, and direction of travel. Anyone familiar with the area knows there are several paths of ingress and egress. Armed with a thorough description of the vehicle, the large-scale game of Pac-Man began, and LBPD officers converged on the area like Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. An officer saw a vehicle matching the description traveling westbound down Bluebird Canyon Drive. Doing what any skillful Pac-Man player who sees a ghost coming at them would do, the vehicle quickly changed direction. Unfortunately for our “Pac-Man” vehicle, it turned on a dead-end street, which contained no Power Pellets, and was quickly swarmed with LBPD officers. The occupants of the vehicle were detained and one was later identified by the caller as the person who tried to get into the man’s vehicle. The suspect told officers they were just heading to a local restaurant for breakfast. It’s important to carb-up when you are cruising for various targets to steal from. It’s a bit harder to believe the story when a search of the vehicle resulted in various burglary tools and assorted drug paraphernalia. As luck would have it, an LBPD detective looking to get some extra work done on his weekend happened to notice the same black Mercedes driving inbound from Laguna Canyon Road about an hour earlier. For someone looking to get breakfast, they apparently decided to take the lengthy, illogical, scenic route. Brent McArthur was arrested for conspiracy, possession of burglary tools, vehicle tampering, and several drug related charges. Dennis Busch was arrest for conspiracy and several drug related charges. This story serves as a reminder of not only how important it is to lock your home and vehicles, but also to report any suspicious activity. We would like to thank the attentive citizen whose vigilance resulted in getting two criminals off the street.

Come Run with a Cop! On Thursday, May 31st, the Laguna Beach Police Department along with our Fire and Marine Safety Deparments will be participating in the Special Olympics Torch Run to raise money for this great organization. We run from City Hall to Crystal Cove where we hand the torch off to Newport Beach PD. The run is approximately 5.4 miles and we all run as a group, about a 9 1/2 minute mile. The runners depart from Laguna Beach PD at 7:25 a.m. so if you are interested in joining us, please do so. If running isn't your thing but you would like to donate to the Special Olympics you can do so with the link below. To register to run with us: Step 1 - Click on this link Step 2 - Click on "Join a Team". Step 3 - Select Laguna Beach PD by hitting drop down menu in Important: Agency/Department. The click Search for a Team, and the click Join. Any questions, send us a message!

Due to the fact that Laguna Beach receives over six and a half million tourists a year, it is not uncommon for a tourist who commits a crime to return to their home, be it a different city, state, or country. In September of 2017, a couple who reside in Scottsdale, Arizona came to Laguna Beach on vacation. During their stay, the male, Seth Solwa, and the female got into an argument. During the argument, Solwa grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and threw her onto a bench, breaking two of her ribs. Solwa is currently on probation out of Arizona for a separate domestic violence incident involving another female. After returning to Scottsdale, the female reported the incident to the Scottsdale Police Department, who took a report and forwarded it to the LBPD for investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, a felony warrant with full extradition was issued for Solwa's arrest. LBPD detectives took a road trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to get Solwa’s side of the story and to assist Scottsdale PD with Solwa’s arrest. Faced with the fact that he had a felony warrant with full extradition, Solwa surrendered but declined the opportunity to explain the mountain of evidence supporting his arrest. We at the LBPD would like to thank the Scottsdale Police Department for their help with the investigation!

Are you following us on Instagram? If not, check us out @LagunaBeachPD to follow our new series of short-clips called #TEN8, here is our first clip titled “The Beach is my office” #lagunabeach #police #surfandprotect

Forever etched within our hearts. Motor Officer Jon Coutchie, EOW: September 21, 2013. #M13 #Policeweek #neverforgotten

When I got into work this morning, I heard a story that embodies what community oriented policing is all about. Recently, when the employee of a local gym was arrested for an active warrant, he told the officers he was the only employee at the gym and asked to make arrangements to have someone come in to take his spot. The officer allowed the man to make a few calls and then manned the front desk until another employee came in. Word around the department is the experience awoke a long-dormant passion for fitness. As a result, the unnamed officer may be pursuing a side gig as a Zumba or Jazzercise instructor during their weekend.

Loud exhaust is a no go in Laguna Beach! Throughout the next week officers will be conducting a special enforcement detail to crack down on loud exhaust vehicles. Loud exhaust = BIG ticket. #lagunabeach #police

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT 2018 Laguna Beach High School Seniors Receive National Merit Scholarship! Charlotte, Joseph, and Sharp were selected as winners of the National Merit Scholarship for their high Preliminary SAT (PSAT) scores. The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships. The scholarships are underwritten by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) with its funds. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the PSAT. When Finalists are selected, NMSC selectors evaluate the Finalist's academic record, test scores, student's activities and leadership, high school official's written recommendation, and the Finalist's essay. Congratulations Charlotte, Joseph, and Benjamin! You make all of us at Laguna Beach PD proud! Pictured: Charlotte Hoffs (Left) attending Stanford University, Joseph Ravenna (Center) attending Brown University, Benjamin Sharp attending University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

This morning a 4.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in the area of Cabazon, CA (Inland Empire) and it could be felt throughout Orange County. Remember, during strong earthquakes - Drop, cover, and hold on. For more information on disaster preparedness visit

Social media & driving don’t mix. #NoFacebooking #NoInstagramming #NoTweeting #NoSnapchatting Don’t do any of it. Put your phone down. #JustDriveCA

Members of the Laguna Beach Police Department are sadden by the passing of former Chief of Police Joseph Kelly at age 99. Chief Kelly lived a life as a public servant, first as a Marine where he retired in 1970 as a Colonel, and then as a Chief of Police in both the cities of Laguna Beach and Tustin. Thank you for your service! #RIP

This afternoon a 6.9 earthquake struck Hilo, Hawaii. No tsunami threat to the Orange County coastline and information is still being gathered on the extent of damage. If this struck Southern California would you have been prepared? To learn more about disaster preparedness and to sign the Prepare Laguna pledge visit

On 5-1-18, another incident of a "virtual kidnapping" was reported to the LBPD. A woman on vacation in Laguna Beach received a phone call from her home area code. The caller reported he had the woman's son and gave instructions to wire payment. She attempted to contact her son to account for his safety. When she was unable to reach him, she wired the money to the instructed account. With this scam on the rise, we at the Laguna Beach Police Department would like to continue to spread awareness regarding virtual kidnappings.

REMINDER: Tomorrow, Friday, May 4th at noon the City of Laguna Beach is conducting a test of the Downtown Outdoor Warning System, this is a TEST only and no action is required. In the event of a real emergency, this system can be activated to provide lifesaving instructions to residents and visitors in the downtown area. The system may be utilized for all hazards or disasters where immediate action from the public is necessary. Laguna Beach's Downtown Outdoor Warning System differs from others within Orange County as it provides verbal instructions as opposed to just a siren. The Cities of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach will also be testing their independent Outdoor Warning Systems at the same time. Thank you!

The City of Laguna Beach is conducting a test of the Downtown Outdoor Warning System on Friday, May 4th at 12:00 p.m. no action is required, this is a TEST only. In the event of a real emergency, this system can be activated to provide lifesaving instructions to residents and visitors in the downtown area. The system may be utilized for all hazards or disasters where immediate action from the public is necessary. Laguna Beach's Downtown Outdoor Warning System differs from others within Orange County as it provides verbal instructions as opposed to just a siren. The Cities of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach will also be testing their independent Outdoor Warning Systems at the same time. Thank you!

Another proactive stop from our night shift officers means a little less cocaine on the streets. If you're going to deny ownership of incriminating evidence found in your vehicle, make sure there isn't a shipping label addressed to you

Laguna Beach PD teamed up with @tonyhawk to share this important message and launched an anti-bullying campaign. 🎥: 900 Films, Inc #italladdsup #antibullying #beafriend #lagunabeach #police #tonyhawk @lagunabeachusd

PRO TIP #36 If you are going to commit a crime, don't write a rehearsed excuse for said crime down in your diary and then leave the diary where the cops investigating your case can find it and read it. #pinocchio #liarliarpantsonfire #thenoseknows

Thanks OC Register for highlighting our community engagement! 👍🏻

Today, a Laguna Beach resident was contacted by an unknown individual who said he had the resident’s young son kidnapped. The suspect proceeded to demand a large amount of cash for release of her child or he was going to kill him. In the background you could hear a child screaming. Laguna Beach Police were contacted and in a matter of minutes were able to confirm her child was safe. While we continue to investigate this matter, we wanted to alert the community of this type of kidnapping fraud. This type of activity is called “virtual kidnapping” and we believe the suspect was able to learn personal information of the victim through unsecured social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Review the settings of all your social media sites to make sure they are secured to protect yourself against being a victim. Here are some additional helpful tips: The success of any type of virtual kidnapping scheme depends on speed and fear. Criminals know they only have a short time to exact a ransom before the victims unravel the scam or authorities become involved. To avoid becoming a victim, look for these possible indicators:  Callers go to great lengths to keep you on the phone, insisting you remain on the line.  Calls do not come from the supposed victim’s phone.  Callers try to prevent you from contacting the “kidnapped” victim.  Calls include demands for ransom money to be paid via wire transfer to Mexico; ransom amount demands may drop quickly. If you receive a phone call from someone demanding a ransom for an alleged kidnap victim, the following should be considered:  In most cases, the best course of action is to hang up the phone.  If you do engage the caller, don’t call out your loved one’s name.  Try to slow the situation down. Request to speak to your family member directly. Ask, “How do I know my loved one is okay?”  Ask questions only the alleged kidnap victim would know, such as the name of a pet. Avoid sharing information about yourself or your family.  Listen carefully to the voice of the alleged victim if they speak.  Attempt to contact the alleged victim via phone, text, or social media, and request that they call back from their cell phone.  To buy time, repeat the caller’s request and tell them you are writing down the demand, or tell the caller you need time to get things moving.  Don’t agree to pay a ransom, by wire or in person. Delivering money in person can be dangerous. If you suspect a real kidnapping is taking place or you believe a ransom demand is a scheme, contact your local law enforcement immediately.

On 4-11-18, LBPD received a tip regarding possible drug sales at a residence in the 31000 block of Virginia Way. Detectives conducted surveillance, where they learned Daniel French, who is currently on probation with search and seizure conditions stemming from a prior burglary conviction, was inside the property. I would like to live in a world where if a subject agrees to probation conditions, which include not committing any further crimes, we can take their word for it. Sadly, criminals have a tendency to lie, or should I say strategically deviate from the truth. A probation search of the residence was conducted and a total of seven subjects were detained; however, French showed signs of a drug overdose and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Later at the hospital, a baggie of heroin fell out of his clothing as he changed into his hospital gown (I hate when that happens). French was ultimately taken into custody once he was discharged the following day. The search of the residence revealed a cache of heroin, methamphetamine, hypodermic needles, and stolen mail from local residences. A total of six individuals were taken into custody for a veritable cornucopia of fraud and drug related charges. Who would have thought there would be a correlation between fraud and drugs? Offenders: Savannah Mendes, 22, Pacifico Hailey Ruml, 22, Huntington Beach Cory Weil, 25, Garden Grove Annastacia Stevens, 27, Mission Viejo Daniel French, 32, Laguna Niguel Joseph Sedeno, 28, Orange The LBPD would like to thank the tipster for their vigilance in helping safeguard our community!

With help of our community, Officers reunited our most recent escape artist, Brody. So far this week he's effectively escaped his secured household, twice! Lucky for him we know where he lives.

Over the weekend, our friends at Fountain Valley Police Department requested K9 support in reference to a vehicle stop. Corporal Fillers and K9 Ranger responded to the scene to assist and Ranger alerted to possible narcotics in the vehicle. A stolen handgun and narcotics were later recovered and the suspect was arrested on several violations. Another fine example of team work making the dream work.

This week is dedicated to public safety dispatchers who aid in providing 9-1-1 emergency assistance to citizens everywhere. The term “9-1-1” is often associated with rapid emergency response, poise under pressure, aid and compassion in times of distress, and critical decision-making within seconds. Many people do not stop to think about these seemingly nameless, faceless individuals until they experience an actual emergency themselves. These professionals make the difference between life and death in many instances. Across the nation, 9-1-1 dispatchers will celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week. The United States Congress designated the second full week in April as a time to honor all 9-1-1 dispatchers who answer the calls for help and provide emergency assistance to the public and emergency public safety responders. Laguna Beach Public Safety Dispatchers are the best in the business. Daily they multi-task dispatching Police, Fire, and Marine Safety resources throughout the city. Our public safety departments could not do what they do without them. Happy Dispatcher Appreciation Week! Statistics 2017 Calls for Service Dispatched: 57,571 911 Calls: 14,998 Non-Emergency calls: 60,463 TOTAL: 75,461