Newport Beach Police Department

  • Agency: Newport Beach Police Department
  • Address: 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, 92660 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 949-644-3681

Newport Beach Police Department is located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, 92660 CA. The Newport Beach Police Department phone number is 949-644-3681.

Newport Beach Police Department News

Yesterday, the Newport Beach Police Department honored one of our own. Officer Troy Zeeman (pictured in a suit, next to Chief Lewis) received a Commendation for his courageous actions during the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas. Officer Zeeman, who was wounded by the gunfire, worked with another off-duty law enforcement officer to get more than 20 other concert-attendees to safety, only receiving medical attention for his own injuries five hours after the shooting occurred. Officer Zeeman is one of many brave men and women who put others before themselves during this tragic incident. No words or commendations can express the gratitude of the people they saved or the pride we have in their actions. Officer Zeeman's dedication is only matched by his humility. But we know his actions that day were nothing short of heroic.

Let us tell you a story... a story about a dog named Maggie. At about 9:30 on Wednesday, Newport Beach Lifeguards requested an Animal Control Officer to assist with a potential rescue involving a missing dog on the beach at 10th Street. The dog in question - Maggie - is an older King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with serious medical issues. Her loving owners, who are vacationing from Illinois, are beside themselves. Maggie's conditions are so severe that these owners had to drive 300 miles out of their way on their road trip to California, just to avoid bringing the dog to high altitudes. They wanted Maggie to experience the warm sunshine at the beach in Newport. Maggie, in turn, was elated to get her toes in the sand. In her excitement being walked onto the beach, though, she managed to get away from her owners. She ran, faster than they'd seen her run in a long while, straight towards the ocean. By the time the owners reached the waterline, Maggie was nowhere in sight. They feared the worst, assuming that she had swam into the ocean and might be drowning. Newport Beach Lifeguards jumped into action, sending multiple Lifeguards, and an aerial drone, to search the water for Maggie. Every time the drone spotted something that looked like it might be a dog, two Lifeguards swam out to inspect further. Each time, they found only kelp, or sting-rays... but no Maggie. Animal Control Officer Nick Ott also got to work. He began calling local animal hospitals to see if any stray dogs had been brought in. After a few tries, he found a glimmer of hope: The fine folks at Lido Animal Hospital said that a client of theirs called in a little while ago to say that she found a dog. She was going to bring it in later in the afternoon to have it scanned for a microchip. Later would not do. ACO Ott immediately found the client's address and went to her house to see if the dog might be Maggie. Aaannnd... It WAS Maggie! She was safe, sound, and dry. The ocean search was called off, and Nick drove Maggie back to her owners for a very happy reunion. Lots of tail-wags and kisses ensued. Before she resumed her vacation, Maggie posed for a photo with the two Lifeguards who swam out into the ocean to search for her.

Someway, somehow, last night was the final Citizens' Academy class of the fall session. They say time flies when you're having fun... well, it goes at warp-speed when you're having fun in a Citizens' Academy! It feels like we just got started, but we're prepping for the graduation ceremony next week. Crazy. The last class is always an eventful one! Officer Spenser gave a presentation on field sobriety exams, complete with our version of a "wet lab". Two of our staff were dosed with alcohol throughout the evening and periodically performed the good old NHSTA 3: The walk-and-turn test, the one-leg stand, and everyone's favorite - Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. (If you have no idea what we're talking about, you should enroll in the next Citizens' Academy to find out more!) While the drinkers were getting progressively intoxicated, we had a couple (less eventful) presentations. Animal Control Officer Nick Ott told the class about the wide variety of activities that our ACOs cover. From marine mammals on the beach to undersized fish to injured bobcats, Animal Control in Newport Beach is about more than catching stray dogs. And, last but not least, the Peninsula Enforcement Team covered their specialized work in Area 1. (It involves a lot of bar- and boardwalk-centric activities.) Homeless Liaison Officer Tony Yim also spoke about his work with the homeless population here in Newport Beach. And, with that, we have 28 more well-informed community members who are now on their way to being Citizens' Academy alums. Next week: graduation!

This Friday, November 10, there will be no street sweeping. Which means there will be no *parking enforcement* for street sweeping. You're welcome. 😊

Congratulations to Sergeant Moore, who graduated from the CA Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute today! Sgt. Moore is pictured (center) with Deputy Chief Brouwer (left) and Chief Lewis (right). (We almost didn't recognize him in this photo."Movember" is a strange time around here... 😉 )

The NBPD proudly presents: story time! Kick up your feet and grab a refreshing beverage of your choice, because WE have a story for YOU! Our tale begins with our faaaaaavorite kind of character: an alert and engaged resident. We imagine him as a Jeopardy-fiend… the guy who knows the capital/currency/exports of places you didn’t even know were countries. Behind his quiet and unassuming demeanor, his wire-rimmed spectacles and his wiry frame, lies a secret passion… becoming an accomplished trapeze artist. The only people who know of his high-flying antics are his trainer and his two favorite partners (the improbably-named twins, Lulu and Lila). He doesn’t hide this hobby out of shame or insecurity… he’s just saving it up for good shock value when, inevitably, Alex Trebek needs to reveal a “personal tidbit” about him mid-episode. Sometimes, he dreams of that moment (the look of surprise in Alex’s eye, framed by blue glow of the set lights and mile-high gold letters that frame the stage) as he drills his solo routine on the high bar. Anyways, let us set the scene for our tale: it’s a Saturday morning, just before 1:00 am. Our resident is pacing in his bedroom in the 2000 block of Balboa Blvd, reciting a list of all UN Secretaries General in alphabetical order, and then reverse-chronological order (a variation of his nightly bedtime routine), when something out the window catches his eye. What is it? He’s not sure… it looked like there was some movement in the construction area net door… but it was just a blur of a shadow. Smarty-pants that he is, he decides to call NBPD, just in case. Good man. Officers arrive on-scene and find a red Mitsubishi truck parked along the chain-link fence that surrounds the construction area. And, right next to the truck, they see that a section of fence has been pushed aside, creating an opening that an adult could walk through. Hmmmmmm. 🤔 The officers confirm that no one is supposed to be in the construction area. Double-hmmmmmm. 🤔🤔 The officers set up a perimeter. They ask whoever is inside to come out. They announce that K9 Kajo is about to search the area and… success! 🎉🎉 A guy (who evidently isn’t fond of canine bites) comes back through the hole in the fence. Time for a chat! So, what was he doing in the construction area? Just checking stuff out. Stuff? Well, the homes under construction. The ones with all the expensive copper wiring and copper tubing laying around? Yea--- no… kinda. Let’s try this again: What does he do for a living? Collect scrap metal. So, he *wasn’t* in there to “collect” any “scrap metal”?? No. He didn’t make that big pile of metal before he was interrupted by the K9? No. Then, why the late-night visit? Uhhh… he has aspirations to be an architect and he was checking out the home to see if he could learn anything just by looking at the structures – it’s like… research. 😕 As fishy as that sounds, his story is NOT bolstered by the burglary tools in the back of his truck. 🎶🎶 Under the heading of "Culpable Cuffs", for 100 CVPs (Completely Valueless Points)… The answer is Burglary and Possession of Burglary Tools. What are: the two booking charges for this guy? That is correct. Bravo! 👏👏👏 Our guy’s off to jail and his bolt cutters are off to the evidence room. And our resident now has one more interesting anecdote for Mr. Trebek. 😉

Whether you're looking for a new furry friend, or just a pick-me-up (cute animal photos!!), the Newport Beach Animal Shelter Facebook Page is where you want to be. (Yes, they have dogs too. ☺️)

Does something seem... *different* about Newport Beach?? Maybe it's that we took over FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS of expired or unused prescription medication out of our collective medicine cabinets and turned them in for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. Whew - that's a LOT of pills! If you participated - thank you. If you missed the event, don't despair! There's lots of good info about safely disposing of your prescription medication here, under the "General Public Drug Disposal" heading:

Whooooooooo is ready for another arrest story? 🎉🎉 (If you didn’t just sit up a little straighter, raise your hand 🙋🙋‍♂️, do your own version of a happy-dance 🕺💃, and/or mutter “Me-me-me-me!” 😁😁😁… you might be in the wrong place.) 😉 Let us set the scene: we’re in the first few minutes of a Tuesday morning, just after the stroke of midnight. The air is still, the night is quiet, the streets are relatively empty. Our officer is driving down Santa Ana Avenue (near Santa Isabel Avenue) when a van catches his eye. A white Chevy van, to be exact. A white Chevy van with expired registration, to be even-more-exact. A DMV check confirms that the registration expired in 2016. Time for a chat with the driver! Ok - we've puled the van over. Let’s meet our cast of van-occupants! They are all in a row across the front: 1) Driver Guy in the driver’s seat, 2) Gal #1 is in the front passenger seat, and 3) Gal #2 is… on a *wooden stool wedged between the two front seats*. (This, kids, is NOT safe or legal.) It doesn’t stop there… The whole license/insurance/proof-of-registration thing doesn’t go smoothly. Driver Guy can only provide an ID card (not a driver license) plus the notice that his registration is suspended. No proof of insurance. (That’s 0 for 3, for those of you keeping track). Gal #1 might be feeling left out (given that she's in an actual car seat AND has no paperwork issues), so she joins in by announcing that she proooobably has a warrant out for her arrest. (To her credit, she does not. But we admire her *short-lived* honesty... Stay tuned for future developments with this one.) While the officer waits for his partner to arrive and assist, Driver Guy will NOT stop talking. He’s got story after story… he’s animated… he can’t sit still. Maybe it’s contagious, because Gal #2 starts in with the same behaviors. After a bit of assessment, it’s our professional opinion that they are both under the influence of narcotics. As everybody gets out of the van and takes a seat on the curb, Gal #1 might be hoping that her previous honesty, combined with her companions’ antics, would be enough to keep the officers’ attention… But no; something’s off. (Editor’s note: She’s got what my grandpa would endearingly call “a hitch in her git-along”.) It turns out to be the combination of a meth pipe wedged in her shorts and a giant bag of meth (we’re talking sandwich-baggie!) oh-so-subtly wedged in her sock. 🙄 The going-to-jail process yields a few more tidbits for our story. A drug recognition exam confirms that Driver Guy and Gal #2 are under the influence (no surprise there). Buuuuuut… In addition to Gal #1’s meth-and-meth-pipe combo, she also has someone else’s wallet. With someone else’s ID and a check inside. In a strange twist, it turns out that the ID is fake… which puts a bit of a kink in whatever motive Gal #1 had for hanging on to the ID for the last month instead of turning it in. Then we put ANOTHER kink in her plan by seizing the wallet as evidence. Cue the sad trombone…🎶 Wah-wah-waaaahhh! 🎶 And, on that note (Get it? Note? 🎶? 🤣), we’ll draw our story to a close. Have a great Monday, everyone! We’ll catch you in the comments.

On Thursday night, a group of boys and dads from the Newport-Mesa YMCA OF ORANGE COUNTY visited the NBPD. They came for a lesson in service... with a free side of joy and enthusiasm. (Ah, youth....) ☺️ The group brought smiles, excellent questions... and lots and lots of pizza. 🍕🍕🍕 We are so grateful for their visit and for opportunities like these to connect with our community. Thank you!!

Happy Daylight-Savings-Weekend! How are YOU going to spend your *bonus hour*??? One suggestion: TWO Bob Ross landscape paintings. (They only take half an hour each!!) Let’s get this arrest recap started so that YOU can get back to… whatever it is. 😉 Our tale begins on a Monday, just about 3:00 am. A flurry of calls to NBPD Dispatch have alerted us to a bit of an issue… a black sedan was driving down River Avenue when it collided with a parked silver Toyota. The driver didn’t stop (which is what you SHOULD do); instead he turned off his headlights and sped away from the scene of the collision (definitely NOT what you should do). Let us take a moment to digress. We 💙 our community. You guys are seriously the best. Somebody hits a parked car, you call us. Somebody speeds down the street with their headlights off, you flag down an officer to let him know. We couldn’t do our jobs as well or as quickly without your help. Thank you. So… an officer (with the benefit of good info from our exemplary community members) tracks the black sedan across Balboa Boulevard, to Channel Place, to 43rd Street, back to River Avenue again. As he turns the corner, his wild-sedan-chase comes to an end… He spots a black Honda sedan (with smoke coming from under the hood) on one side of the street, and a guy on the other side, walking away *with purpose*. Hmmmmm… let’s have a chat with this guy, huh? The officer talks to the guy briefly, gets his name (we’ll call him “Duncan Disorderly”), and starts trying to figure out what exactly is going on. We will now present a (completely fictitious) dialog to show you the craziness that ensues: Officer: Alright, Duncan… I show that you have a suspended license. Duncan: Huh. Good thing I wasn’t driving then. Officer: You weren’t driving? Duncan: Nope. Officer: So that’s not your Honda? Duncan: Nope. Officer: Funny… because it is registered to someone named “Duncan Disorderly”… Duncan: Wacky. Officer: So, I see you have some fresh abrasions, like ones you’d get from an airbag deployment. And I see that the Honda happens to have a deployed airbag. Duncan: Aaaaaannnndd? Officer: And… under the smell of the alcohol (which we’ll get to in a minute), I detect the distinctive odor of airbag propellant coming from you. Duncan: Nah, that’s just how I smell, man. Officer: Like a mix of booze, gun powder, and baby powder? Duncan: Yup. And that’s not my car. No sirree. Are you getting a hunch that he’s lying??? It gets weirder. Duncan has a pill container hanging from his waistband… Officer: You have a prescription for those Xanax? Duncan: Yeah, in the glovebox. Officer: WHAT glovebox?? Duncan: Of my car. Which isn’t this one. Another car. The denial is strong with this one. The car keys in Duncan’s pocket lock and unlock the Honda’s doors. There are prescription pill bottles in the Honda with his name on them. There is a *ticket* in the car with Duncan’s name on it. The cell phone in the Honda (which he denies is his) has his picture and his name on it. At one point, he says he’s cold and asks for a jacket from the back seat. And still, he maintains that IT’S NOT HIS CAR, MAN! Sure. Let’s get back to that smell-of-alcohol thing and do a field sobriety exam. Although Duncan still vehemently denies that he was driving. Duncan is annoyed that the officer would even test him. Why? 1) He knows that the *officer* knows that he is going to ace these tests. 2) The tests are dumb. 3) He can pass them while standing on his head and/or doing cartwheels. 🙄 He fails. Miserably. Did we mention how awesome our community members are? Because they’re not done being awesome yet! A resident asks to talk to one of the officers who showed up to assist with the handful-that-is-Duncan. Evidently, somebody got out of the Honda with a backpack, ran across the street, and chucked the backpack over a fence before the first officer arrived. Hmmmmm…🤔 A quick search confirms the backpack-flinging. And a quick search of the backpack yields some interesting results. There’s more prescription medication (without a prescription), meth, and a fan favorite: a meth pipe. How’s that hunch of yours doing? In case you still have any doubts, a couple folks ID Duncan as the hit-and-run driver. Off to jail!! Duncan has a laundry-list of arrest charges: driving on a suspended license, DUI (alcohol + drugs), hit and run, and three possession charges (controlled substance, narcotic controlled substance, and paraphernalia). Wowee!! Bob Ross always said there weren’t mistakes, just happy little accidents… but he never read these stories. 😁

With all the excitement about our press conference yesterday, we didn't get a chance to update you on Citizens' Academy! On Wednesday night, we covered three great topics... Here are some highlights: - Erica Bloom talked to the group about Step Up, the program she designed and now teaches in 6th-grade classes all over town. In addition to the topics covered by DARE, Erica also covers other topics, like web safety, bullying, and responsible decision-making. - Volunteer Extraordinaire Judy covered our incredible Volunteers in Policing Program and answered questions from potential future VIPs. (Graduating from the Citizens' Academy is a pre-requisite for volunteering with NBPD.) - And, last but CERTAINLY not least, K9s Kajo and Hondo showed off their drug-sniffing, command-following, suit-biting skills. Officers Wilson and Preasmyer also gave an educational presentation all about our K9 program... but they had some stiff competition for memorability. ;) Next week is the LAST CLASS before graduation! We can't believe it's already drawing to an end...

On Thursday, November 2, the NBPD arrested John Van Uden III for the 1994 murder of his mother, Marjorie. Watch this video of the press conference to hear from Chief Lewis, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to learn more. We remain committed to the victims of these cold case homicides, and their families. * Please excuse the audio quality!

Goooooood morning! As you recover from your sugar- and/or baseball-comas this morning, here’s a little tale to start your day… Imagine this scene: it’s a Saturday, just about 5:30 pm. While most folks are just hitting the stride on their weekend, our officer is about midway through her shift. She is cruising down Newport Boulevard when – as she nears 26th Street – she focuses on a silver Honda Accord. Why? Because it has expired registration. How expired? Siiiiiiince… January 2017. Yeah – that’s a bit out of date. Time for a chat with the driver! The officer stops the Honda near 29th Street. There are two folks inside: Driver Gal and Passenger Guy. Driver Gal says that she just bought the car two days ago and is aware that the previous owner had let the registration lapse. She’s on it. Thankyouverymuch. Can she go now?? Driver Gal is acting awfully shifty… and seems awfully motivated to get away from our officer. Now, we got it – no one likes getting pulled over. But she’s really REALLY focused on getting this car stop over with. Why?? SHE claims it’s because she reeaaaaaallly wants to get to Fashion Island. We have some other theories... A. She’s got a suspended license. B. Her buddy has some illegal stuff in his pockets. C. There’s stolen mail in the back seat. D. All of the above. If you guessed “D”, you’re right!! Driver Gal does have a suspended license. She also seems to be lying about when she bought the car, but that’s the least of her worries once that pile of stolen mail is in play. It all belongs to a family in Irvine, and they – unsurprisingly – didn’t give Driver Gal (or Passenger Guy) permission to take it. Tsk, tsk. Passenger Guy, though, seems to have other interests… he seems to go in for cars. He’s got a couple of shaved keys in his front pocket (one for Honda, one for Acura), plus a generic one that is obviously well-used (and bent)… and a key chain of other miscellaneous keys for various makes and models. (Editor's note for the uninitiated: shaved keys are often used to break into cars. There's not really another reason to carry around a virtual Who's Who of car key types.) He’s also got a couple black gloves at the ready, as if he wanted to be ready-and-able to break into a car at any moment. Harumph. So it’s off to jail for these folks! Her for misappropriation of lost property and driving on a suspended license. Him for the burglary tools, his share of the misappropriation of lost property (isn’t that nice?? They’re *sharing* the responsibility!), and a bonus Probation Hold, courtesy of his probation officer. If there is a bright side for them, Driver Gal got REALLY close to Fashion Island as we drove her to jail… 😉 That’s the end of our tale! (Oh – and for those of you who hate loose ends: the mail is back with its rightful owners. Hooray!) Have a great Wednesday, everybody.

Shred, shred, shred!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Here at the NBPD, we'll be in costume as... ourselves. 😉 But we DID get to exercise a little creativity over the weekend at City of Newport Beach - City Hall 's first Halloween Spooktacular! We even won first place in the Trunk or Treat event with our giant spider "Trick'd Out Trunk". (There's candy in the spider's mouth - reach inside if you daaaaare! Mwahahaha!) Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone. And if you're heading out with the kids tonight, don't forget to review our Halloween Safety Tips (

Hello and welcome to Monday! Whatever this week may bring you, we hope it’s SIGNIFICANTLY less drama-filled that the story you are about to read. Now… Let’s get into another episode of “Arrested by NBPD”! Our tale begins on a Saturday morning. It’s early, about 4:30 am. An officer is out on patrol, driving down Riverside Avenue towards PCH. He sees a white Lexus with two occupants on the other side of the road. (Nothing suspicious there!) But, when the Lexus spots the officer, it begins to rapidly accelerate. (Now… that’s kinda suspicious.) The Lexus goes faster, until it’s going about 50 mph. In a 25 mph zone. (Suspicious AND dangerous.) The officer turns his unit around to investigate further. The Lexus then blows through a stop sign - with nary a pause - and continues north on Riverside, right past another officer. The driver has also turned off the headlights. 😡 As the final act before our officer catches up (the icing on the cake, if you will), the Lexus turns left onto Tustin and then right onto Beacon – going WAY too fast. The cherry on top: the driver doesn’t use his turn signal. Either Time. Harrumph. 🚨🚨🚨 The Lexus stops on Beacon Street near El Modena Avenue. Two officers approach the car and talk to the two guys inside: Driver Guy and Passenger Guy. Neither look very happy to see the officers. One reason for this animosity comes up pretty quickly: a check of Driver Guy’s ID reveals that he’s wanted for a “Parolee at Large” felony warrant. The second reason might be a little more nuanced… he’s got a screwdriver in his pocket. Now, you may be thinking that isn’t too strange. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a COMFORTABLE way to go out for a late-night drive, but maybe he’s just taking the “always prepared” thing a little too far, right? Wrong. He’s also got a window punch in the back seat, and a few other burglary tools in easy reach. Let’s just say that if he’s throwing together a last-minute costume idea, he’s doing a *pretty good* impression of a burglar. (Editor’s note: As a bonus, cruising through a residential neighborhood in the dark, especially one that’s had a lot of burglaries from vehicles lately… it *really* lends some authenticity to the aforementioned costume. Just sayin’.) Just so that Passenger Guy doesn’t feel left out, we’ll mention that he has a meth pipe. Because Driver Guy seems intent on stealing the limelight, he also has a meth pipe in the car. (Evidently, he’s a bit of a diva.) Time to go to jail, guys! Passenger Guy has his meth pipe, but Driver Guy’s list includes the varied collection of meth pipe, burglary tools, driving without headlights after dark, AND the Parolee at Large warrant. (Bonus cop acronym: Parolee At Large = PAL. In case you want to impress your friends.) That’s where our tale ends, folks! With TWO guys headed to jail and ZERO burglaries from the local neighborhood. Now *those* are some stats we like. 😀

Who wants another arrest story? YOU do?! Peeeeerfect. 😁 Imagine with us: it’s a Thursday, about 3:15. We can hear you now: “Who is out at 3 am on a Thursday??” But no! It’s 3:15 *PM* – a nice wholesome time of day… typically. (Editor’s note: you weren’t banking on it being sunny out, were ya? We’ll wait while your eyes adjust. 😉) An officer is down on the peninsula, on 8th Street to be exact. She is stopped, waiting to turn onto Balboa Boulevard when a van across the intersection catches her eye. Why? It has no front license plate (yes, that’s still illegal!). As it turns on Balboa, she notices another little issue… it has no REAR license plate either. Hmmmm. Let's investigate further. Car stop time! There’s one guy (Driver Guy, we shall call him) inside the van. He explains that his dad just bought the van, and it didn’t have license plates. The officer checks the registration and it looks like everything is in order. But… that would be a pretty anti-climactic ending for you guys, right? Luckily for YOU, there’s more to this tale… Driver Guy is nervous. Like REALLY nervous. And not the kind of “I never get pulled over so this is a little nerve-wracking for me” stuff that we’re used to. This guy is so nervous that he’s making the officer nervous. (Editor’s note for you visual learners: If he was a cartoon, he’s be gnawing on all eight of his fingernails and shooting little black lines out all around his head.) The officer finally asks if he has anything illegal on him that is making his act so *remarkably* shifty. No, he says... nothing ON him. (This last part is spoken like a third-grader who is SUPER relieved that the teacher asked if there was a frog in his pocket – “No, there’s no frog in my POCKET…” – because the frog’s actually inside his pant-leg somehow, but now he doesn't have to lie OR explain the truth, and maybe Billy can help him get it out at recess.) So… nothing ON him, huh? Nope… but there’s an awful lot next to him in the van. There’s a Xanax pill that he got “from a friend”. Next to that, a bag of white powder. What’s inside the bag? He’s not sure… he thinks it’s cocaine. It came with the Xanax. 🙄 Well, well, well. Let’s see what else he has in the van, huh? Another prescription pill. A big ol’ open bag of marijuana. Not one, but TWO baggies of meth. And – wait for it – a meth pipe! (Editor’s note: We know that a handful of you just did a little happy-dance. You’re welcome.) Oh, AND it ends up he has an outstanding warrant, just for good measure. Off to jail!! In case you’re interested, here’s how all the drugs translate into booking charges: possession of a narcotic controlled substance (cocaine), possession of a controlled substance (meth), possession of paraphernalia (meth pipe), possession of a controlled substance without a prescription (pills), possession of an open container of marijuana (uh…marijuana, duh). Plus the warrant. Whew! The moral of this story? Put a front license plate on your cars, people! It’s the law… and you miiiiight look like a wanted criminal with an extensive in-car drug collection if you don’t have one. 😉

HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE! Although we hope that Halloween will be a safe and fun evening, the unfortunate reality is that, every year, many children suffer from automobile accidents, falls, cuts, tampered “treats”, and other unnecessary miseries. The Police Department would like to share the following tips with parents – and Trick-or-Treaters of all ages: -KNOW YOUR CHILD'S PLANS- If you will not be with your child, these items are important to discuss in advance: • Establish a specific route for trick-or-treating (so that you can find your child, if necessary). • Discuss who will be accompanying your child while he/she is trick-or-treating. • Establish a time that your child should return home. -FOCUS ON COSTUME SAFETY- • Makeup is safer than a mask (which can obscure vision). • Costumes and wigs should be flame-resistant. • Reflective strips and bright clothing will increase visibility, along with a flashlight. • Comfortable, well-fitting shoes prevent tripping and other hazards. • Props and accessories should be made of cardboard, so they won’t injure your child if he/she should fall down. -FOLLOW CRITICAL SAFETY TIPS- • Trick-or-Treat in your own neighborhood. • Trick-or-Treat in a group of two or more, accompanied by a parent or adult. • Stick to well-lighted areas. • Stay on sidewalks and look both ways when crossing the street. Never cross the street between parked cars or mid-block. • Don’t allow your child to enter ANY house. • Parents must inspect all treats. Discard fruit or any candy in loose or torn wrappings. -TALK TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT- • Discuss the importance of respecting the property of others. • Advise your child that throwing eggs and water balloons, or spraying shaving cream, is inappropriate and could be illegal. • Curfew in Newport Beach is 10:00 p.m. • All fireworks are illegal in Newport Beach. If you should discover anything wrong with the “treats” brought home, please call the NBPD at 949-644-3717 so other parents can be warned and those responsible can be caught. For the last few of weeks, officers have been distributing glow-in-the-dark bracelets and safety tips to children throughout the community in preparation for Halloween. Additional bracelets are also available at our Front Desk. Have a happy (and safe) Halloween!

THE GIFT OF HENRY It's been a while since we have provided you with an update on Henry the Golden Retriever. Today, we have some good news - and some sad news - to share. Some weeks ago, we lost Henry; he passed away peacefully, a dog who was loved and cherished for more than a year in our care. We mourned him and wished that we had closure on his story. But yesterday, Henry had his "day in court", even though he couldn't be there to see it. And now we want to share both parts of this story with you, the community who has loved and supported Henry right alongside us. Yesterday, the entire NBPD Animal Control Unit was present at Harbor Justice Center when Henry's previous owner, Sherri Haughton, pleaded guilty to charges of failure to care for animals and animal abandonment. ACO Valerie Schomburg read an impact statement, which we will paste in for you to read below. It is long, but we thought you might like the opportunity to read it, whether you are meeting Henry for this first time or someone who has been following his story for more than a year. IMPACT STATEMENT FROM VALERIE On May 12, 2016, I was working at the Newport Beach Animal Shelter when my partner came in and asked for help unloading a dog from his truck. He told me that it was a golden retriever that had been abandoned, and that the dog had a very large tumor on his right side. Words could not prepare me for what I saw next. I was shocked, appalled, and my heart broke for this dog. I thought, "No animal should be allowed to suffer like this." The tumor was so big that it was like there was a whole other medium-sized dog attached to his side. We kept him at the shelter. We would find him laying in urine-soaked bedding and would get him up to go to the bathroom, but walking far was so difficult for him. We realized that he was very depressed. He needed a name, so that he wasn't just an impound number. We called him Handsome Henry, because he was a beautiful boy despite the deformity from the tumor. From that day forward, "Henry" it was. The name came easy, but we had a bigger decision to make. We didn't know where Henry came from, who he belonged to, and we had very little information about his circumstances of becoming a stray. The massive tumor, though, was forcing us to move quickly: do we try to remove it, or euthanize Henry so that he was no longer suffering. We took him to the vet for an evaluation. She gave us the news: Henry had a very bad E. Coli bladder infection and two infected ears... but if we treated both of those infections, surgery was an option. Surgery??? We could maybe give this dog the chance to walk again? On June 2, Henry went in for surgery. He weighed 118 pounds. His tail would NOT stop wagging and he wanted to give everyone kisses even though he got out of breath so quickly from the exertion. Surgery was a success! The tumor weighed in at 42 pounds, over one-third of his pre-surgery weight. The very next day, I saw a difference in him. Henry - the dog who slept in his own urine because walking was so difficult - he wanted to run... and we had to work hard to keep him from doing it. We were all overjoyed to see the change in him. That joy was soon tempered by news from his follow-up visit with the vet. The tumor, we learned, was cancerous. It could come back, and it would move fast. We would maybe get two more months with him. Henry seemed ready to make the most of those weeks he had left. He became a local celebrity as the media picked up his story. Soon, he had fans all over the country, and beyond. People from around the world sent treats, gifts, and well-wishes for this incredible dog. So many people were touched by his story, by his endearing smile, by his pure enthusiasm for life. It was so easy to fall in love with Henry. As our investigation went on, we found out more and more details about his abandonment. We even learned that his real name was "Leonidas", but I knew that name belonged to his former life. He was Henry now. We all set out to give Henry the best few months of his life. When he was well enough, Henry visited the police department, giving out Oh Henry candy bars - and kisses - to everyone he met. We savored every day with him. I watched as the dreaded two-month mark came, and went. Henry was still doing well, but he was still living at the shelter. Whatever time he had left, we decided it needed to be spent in foster care. And I am the lucky woman who became his foster Mom. Henry enjoyed everything about his new life. He went on walks, shared his big bed with our other dog, and ran everywhere. There was no stopping this dog! Depressed Henry was a distant memory. His favorite thing to do was to take car rides and stick his head out the back of my car. Everywhere we drove together, people would see him and smile. His favorite treat was vanilla ice cream and there was no better combination than a car ride to Golden Spoon. He would share an apple every night with his foster Dad and give slobbery kisses. When I came home, Henry always was the first to run down the stairs and greet me at the door. The days turned into weeks, and then months. On May 12, 2017, Henry reached another milestone: one year of getting the care he needed, one year of love and support from so many people. We celebrated with a "first birthday" party for him. Everywhere Henry went, he touched people's lives with his love and happiness. Henry knew that we didn't give up on him like his owner did. He taught me so much in the 10 months I was his foster Mom. I learned to never give up early on something, because you never know the outcome... and I learned to live life to the fullest every day! Henry didn't let the numerous vet visits and procedures affect his love for EVERYTHING. Naming him was easy. Loving him was easy. Caring for him wasn't easy, but it was so, so worth it. Saying goodbye... that was not easy. But my only regret is that I didn't meet Henry sooner, so he didn't have to suffer for so long. No animal should be abandoned by its owner when they are suffering. Henry was thrown out like trash by Ms Haughton, but one person's trash is another person's treasure. Henry will always be my treasure and he will never be forgotten. PRESS RELEASE The Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has issued a press release on this case, if you want to review the details of the sentencing. It is available at:

Citizens' Academy was jam-packed with learning last night! Here are a few highlights: Crime Prevention Specialist Andi Querry taught the students some cool tips on how to "harden the target" and make their homes more secure. Looking for your own tips? Head on over to for our Home Security Checklist. You won't be disappointed. 😊 Our Civilian Investigator from the Economic Crimes Unit taught the students about the various types of scam and fraud cases that we've seen in Newport Beach. They also got plenty of tips about the daunting topic of Identity Theft. Pro Tip: Make it a habit to check your bank statements. Really. Do it. And, last but not least, CSI took our students through a mock version of a real NBPD homicide investigation. The students got to investigate two crime scenes, and examine a "dead body" (really a plastic dummy in some second-hand clothes). Wondering what we'll cover next week? Here's a hint... 🐶🐶!!

Got Drugs?? National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is THIS SATURDAY. We have two locations to serve you in Newport Beach: Hoag Hospital and Oasis Senior Center. Just drive through and drop off; no questions asked. Hoag event: Oasis event:

It’s story time!! The day? Sunday. The time? Almost 4 am. The place? Near 13th Street and Balboa Blvd. Let’s begin! An officer, alert and on-point despite the ungodly hour, spots a silver Chrysler 300 with no license plate light. He decides to stop them… but what will he find? An innocent wide-eyed driver, apologetic for the unknown equipment violation? Or… say… four folks from San Bernardino who just are in town to “go to the beach”... with a bunch of open beer cans and a hunk of metal in the driver’s door that looks suspiciously like a handgun? Option 1: 😇 Option 2: 👨👨👦👧&🏖️&🍻&🔫 Let’s go with Option 2. It sounds more interesting AND it’s what really happened! Win/win. 🎉🎉 Before anyone gets too worried, the mystery-weapon in the door pocket turns out to be a silver gas-powered BB gun. (Editor’s note… now why would you need THAT close at hand while you’re driving, huh?? 🤨) As we rejoin our story, let’s update you on the cast. We have a few new folks, since backup has arrived for the officer. As for the occupants of the 300, they shall henceforth be known as “Driver Guy” (in the driver’s seat), “Guy #2” (behind him), Guy #3 (front passenger) and “The Gal” (behind Guy #3). Got it?? In case you were wondering, we are now solidly out of the equipment-violation zone. Guy #3 has a set of brass knuckles in his pocket, a couple Adderral next to him, plus a butterfly knife, open beer, and “on deck” beer in the backpack at his feet. (Un)surprisingly, he has no prescription for the prescription pills. To his credit, he’s pretty upfront and honest with the officers: he admits to buying the pills on the street. Guy #2 has his own open beer in the back seat. Did we mention that he’s under 21? Oh, and, as a bonus, he forgot that he was on probation. Oopsie! The Gal is faring better than her companions. She’s only a teenager out waaaaaay past curfew… with very questionable choice in companions. Her mom is going to have a little discussion with her about that aaaaaall the way home. Next up is Driver Guy, who gets a citation for the license plate light and for knowingly allowing his passengers to consume alcohol. As we transition to the “going to jail” category, we have Guy #2 – he’s an underage drinker AND he has an open container in a car. Last, but not least, we have Guy #3. He takes the cake with: a charge for the open container, a charge for the pills, and one each for each of his illegal weapons. The moral of the story? When you drive across a few counties for a 4-AM-Beach-Run, maybe leave the open beer cans, brass knuckles, switchblades, handgun-looking BB guns at home. But hey – you probably already knew that, right? 😉