Newport Beach Police Department

  • Agency: Newport Beach Police Department
  • Address: 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, 92660 CA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 949-644-3681

Newport Beach Police Department is located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, 92660 CA. The Newport Beach Police Department phone number is 949-644-3681.

Newport Beach Police Department News

We have received several calls about a new nationwide scam lately… here are the details on how these blackmail scams work: You get a letter in the mail from a unknown person. When you read it, you find that the sender is demanding money (thousands of dollars). Why? Because the sender “knows something about you”. Here's what you can do: 1. Stop. Don't send money. Never wire money on a prepaid debit card, or send cash to an unknown person. You won't get it back. 2. Pass this information on to a friend. You might know that these letters are fakes, but chances are that you know someone who doesn't. If you believe you’ve been the victim of a scam through the mail, please contact the Postal Inspector at 1-877-876-2455.

Every day, we are so blessed by the support of our incredible community. Yesterday, we had 72 more reasons to be grateful. As part of their ongoing "Project Gratitude", members of Christ Church By The Sea completed 72 individual, handwritten thank-you cards, each addressed to one of our patrol officers. Pastor Joy and Karen Mascitelli stopped by the station to deliver the cards to Chief Lewis, and we were so touched by all of the time, thoughtfulness, and effort that went in to this project. 💙 Thank you to everyone who took the time to make our cops feel so appreciated.

It's the beginning of a new era... Citizens' Police Academy Class 43 held its first class last night! We had a new group of faces in the Police Department Auditorium, and we couldn't be more excited about it. We look forward to spending twelve weeks getting to know them a little better (and helping them get to know the NBPD a little better). Last night was our orientation and station tour... After talking to Chief Lewis and Lt. Fischbacher, the students got their class materials, introduced themselves to the group, and toured the building. Next week, the real fun begins - stay tuned!

Let’s dive in to another “Arrested by NBPD”. Ready... go! This story begins on the very cusp of a Thursday-to-Friday transition… at 11:45 pm to be exact. One of our supervisors is parked along the curb of Coast Highway, near Superior Avenue, finishing up from another call. Before he drives off, the sergeant turns his gaze to the neighboring parking lot. A ripple of movement catches his eye. Let's watch with him… Two guys approach each other on foot. They meet, and exchange a lazy handshake… keeping their hands low - below waist level. Then Guy #1 looks down at his right hand and Guy #2 looks over his shoulder, instantly spotting the black-and-white car, and the sergeant inside. Guy #2’s shock is immediate and palatable. Both guys quickly turn around, return to their respective cars, start to drive away. Are you finding this activity to be a weeeeee bit suspicious? Our sergeant’s sure is! He’s pretty sure he just witnessed a hand-to-hand drug transaction, or at least the prelude to one. Time for a chat! 🚨🚨🚨 First up, Guy #1. He’s sweating profusely, despite the brisk Newport Beach evening air. As he gets back out of his car, he not-so-subtly tosses something back inside… which only draws attention to the torch-style lighter on the front passenger seat. (Editor’s note: for those of you who missed our recent torch-related story, and who have never developed a habit for illicit narcotics, these types of lighters are typically used to super-heat drugs before they are smoked or injected.) But Guy #1 has an explanation for e-ver-y-THING! He’s sweaty because he was just out for a jog. He met Guy #2 to hand off some money that he owed him. And he CERTAINLY didn’t toss anything back in the car. No sirree!! Guy #2 is having an interesting conversation of his own with another officer who moseyed on over as back-up. Guy # 2 spins a slightly different yarn: he’s adamant that he and Guy #1 are just friends and that they didn’t hand anything off during their hand-shake-and-walk-away transaction. Just a formal greeting between bros. The officer isn’t convinced. And now… we have a cameo appearance. Enter: K9 Kajo!! 👏👏💙🐶 Kajo (and his human partner) arrive on the scene and put everyone’s curiosity to rest. Kajo alerts on BOTH cars, signaling that both smell like drugs. Well, well, well. (Editor’s note: Sure, it can’t feel good to watch a dog tear apart your poorly-crafted lies… but we have no sympathy for Guys #1 and #2 on that account. But, knowing that they will not be given the opportunity to offer Kajo a nice ear-scratch? THAT we do pity them for. Stay on the right side of the law kids. Our K9s are so much more fun when you’re not a criminal!) So Kajo finds a substantial stash of heroin… and bunch of empty baggies and drug paraphernalia in Guy #1’s car. Couple that with the thousands of dollars in cash in Guy #1’s pockets, and it’s pretty obvious that we have a bit of interrupted commerce on our hands: Guy #2 passed the money, but Guy #1 didn’t get a chance to pass the heroin back. We ruin ALL the fun! 😁 Guy #1 is off to jail for two felony drug charges: possession narcotics for sale and transporting narcotics for sale. Guy #2 gets off much easier – it turns out his license is suspended, so he’s off to jail for that. A drug dealer in jail, a bunch of heroin off the street, AND a lot of “good boy”s for Kajo! Now THAT’s a pretty decent way to end a story.

From burglars and drunk drivers... to evil queens, sea witches, and vengeful fairies... NBPD has you covered. 😉 . #appleofhereye #partofourcrimefightingworld #onceuponadreamteam

TRAFFIC TUESDAY Question: Can I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk? Answer: No, as a general rule of thumb, you may not ride your bicycle on the sidewalk in the City of Newport Beach. However, there are sections of sidewalk within the city that double as bicycle paths, and these areas are clearly posted with signs.

Have you seen this man? He's been missing from Irvine since Sunday afternoon and we're hoping someone will spot him and help him get back to his family ASAP.

Hello, wonderful people! We are back!! 🎉🎉🎉 Don’t get us wrong… time off is great and all, but we really miss hanging out with you. Now, we’ll all be one big happy (and slightly-snarky) family again. ☺️ Let's get this story started, eh? Imagine this scene with us: it’s a Friday night, just before 11 pm. An officer is driving down Irvine Avenue approaching Santiago. Perhaps he’s mentally reviewing his testimony for a court case next week. Perhaps he’s combing his long-term storage banks for the name of that kid – you know, the one kid who sat behind him in high school Spanish and always kicked his chair... what was the deal with that kid, anyway?? Or - perhaps - he’s torturing himself with a never-ending rendition of “There’s a Hole in the Bucket” that he inadvertently started humming in the shower before his shift started. It’s been HOURS and that song Just. Won’t. End! (Editor’s note: if you are not familiar with this looping torture-tune – often foisted on unsuspecting children at camp – DO NOT GOOGLE IT. You have been warned.) Luckily for HIM, he's about to come upon a little tidbit to distract him. Right ahead of his patrol car, he spots a Chevy pick-up truck... which is still displaying a 2017 registration tag. As a bonus, the license plate itself is almost illegible, as various parts of the contrasting color have been removed from the numbers and letters. Time for a car stop (🎶Dear Liza, Dear Liza🎶…) 🚨🚨🚨 Inside the truck are Driver Guy and Passenger Guy. Driver Guy starts off on the wrong foot by not having a valid driver license. Because it’s been suspended. For a series of prior DUI convictions. 😒 Passenger Guy starts out poorly himself, verbally identifying himself with a name and date of birth that – it later turns out – belong to his brother. Harumph. Now, why would he lie? We’ll give you three guesses. Seasoned readers will jump to a quick conclusion: warrants. And they’d be right. Passenger Guy has not one, but TWO warrants he was hoping to escape by masquerading as his brother. Fail. Before these two guys are packed off to jail, the officers have to prepare the Chevy for car-jail: the tow yard. While inventorying the contents for their paperwork, they spot an odd item… an access card to a secure aerospace facility, which happens to be issued to a guy who bears ZERO resemblance to Driver Guy or Passenger Guy. Hmmmm… what’s this all about? Driver Guy says that he found the card in a parking lot, and picked it up for safekeeping. Weeks ago. Well, pardon us but we think we’ll take it from here. Our Detectives will find the owner and get him his card back. And, while we’re at it, we’ll check to make sure the card wasn’t stolen, just in case Driver Guy’s charges need a little re-working. In the meantime, Driver Guy and his Passenger have racked up three charges each. The former has one charge for driving on a license that’s been suspended for DUI, one for misappropriating lost property, and a third for operating a vehicle without an interlocking device on it (which is a term of his DUI probation). Passenger Guy has one for using his brother’s name, plus the two warrants. And – in other news – our officer has successfully got that song out of his head. For now. It will come back (it always comes back).

A burglar only needs minutes to get in and out of your home... Don't forget to lock your doors and secure your windows every time you leave.

On Feb 16, 1968, Rankin Fite (Alabama Speaker of the House) made the first 911 call. Today, over 650,000 people across the county will dial 911 when they need the police dept, fire dept, or an ambulance. When you need us most, you know how to reach us. #911turns50 #thankyou911

Heeeeeelllloooooo! Your devoted editor is actually not in the office presently… but we’ve pre-drafted some stories so you won’t miss us so bad for the few days left until we’re back. Stay strong, you guys… we’re going to make it through this. 😉 Remember to comment away, and we’ll respond when we’re back to work. And… without further ado… STORY TIME! ------------------------------ This one is short, but it was kooky enough that we had to share it. It all begins at the magical hour of 1 am on a Friday morning… but where? You’ll never guess. Not the beach, not PCH, not at a certain apartment complex that seems to feature here quite often… Nope. Instead, we get a call froooooooom ------ a rental car parking lot. Yup. You see, a security guard gave us call about a suspicious character driving a truck. Driver Guy isn’t trying to steal cars, or break into the office, or anything. So, what did he do to make this guard pick up the phone and call NBPD? Well… He started by trying to drive his truck *in* the *out* gate of the rental place's back lot. When he popped his tires on the one-way spike strips, he backed up, drove to the *front* parking lot, parked, and then just sat there. And sat there. The security guard is a little creeped out. Kooky, right? So officers show up and approach Driver Guy for a chat. When asked what’s going on, he offers up this gem: He was driving around, got lost, ran over some spike strips, and pulled into the parking lot to just “hang out”. Like you do. Uhhhh… ok. But, uh… what’s that in his center console? Oh – it’s just a canister of pepper spray. Standard fare when you’re hanging out in a parking lot with two flat tires, right? Well… it really SHOULDN’T be if you – like Driver Guy – are on probation and a convicted felon. Because (fun fact) felons can’t purchase, possess, or use pepper spray. Don’t say we never taught you anything. 😉 As an added bonus, the interior of Driver Guy’s truck is LITTERED with syringes – some unused, some with a bit of clear brownish liquid clinging to the sides. Turns out Driver Guy also has a nasty habit besides felony arrests and arming himself inappropriately! He’s also got a well-established habit for illegal anabolic steroids. Now THAT’s not a substance we see every day. So Driver Guy is off to jail for two charges: felon in possession of pepper spray and possession of paraphernalia. And security guy is QUITE glad to be rid of him. ---------------------------- Don’t forget to chat us up in the comments if you’re feeling social! We’ll be back to respond to them in “two shakes of a lamb’s tail” (as our Nana used to say). Well… maybe more than TWO shakes, really … but we’ll be back as fast as we can.

We 💙 you guys. Whether you're here in town, or a part of our "virtual community", we could not ask for a better group of folks. Thanks for supporting the men and women (and horses and canines) of the NBPD.

Ohmigosh, you guys! We’re almost back! Your devoted editor has been out on vacation for almost two weeks now and we’re nearing the end of our pre-drafted posts! Woo-hoo and yee-haw. We can’t WAIT to see all the gems you’re leaving us in the comments. (You ARE leaving us comments, aren’t you???) Let’s stop gushing and get on with the story, shall we? We wrote you up an extra-special one today, in honor of Valentine's Day. Because we 💙 you. ----------------------------------------- Brace yourselves – this one is a heck of a dramatic tale. And it all takes place *during daylight*, which is rare for these posts. It’s a Thursday, just before noon. If you’re familiar with this time of day in Newport Beach traffic, you’ll know that there are plenty of cars on the road. So imagine our concern when an officer spots a white Ford truck with a camper shell driving erratically. VERY erratically. Swerving all over Newport Boulevard and heading towards the peninsula. The NBPD network of field officers jumps into action. This truck is going too fast, and driving too dangerously, for the first officer to keep up. Another officer picks up the pursuit when he sees the truck turning onto Balboa Boulevard from 32nd Street, against a red light. The driver takes this illegal turn so fast that the truck almost collides with the center median before he regains control. A third officer, responding on 34th Street, sees the truck whiz across his field of vision, easily going 50 mph up Balboa Boulevard (which is a 30 mph zone). The craziness continues. The truck blows through a stop sign at 38th Street, still going over 50 mph. As the truck approaches River, the third officer is in pursuit, watching the truck with grave concern. There is a blockade of moving cars, one in ever lane of traffic… and Driver Guy is approaching *way* too fast. The driver slams on the breaks, swerves to the right, but doesn’t avoid hitting a black sedan in the outermost lane. He continues on his way, transitioning to Coast Highway. The driver escalates his horrifying tactics, dodging other cars and even driving on the wrong side of the road, going westbound in eastbound lanes. Our officer temporarily loses sight of him, unable to keep up with such blatant disregard for public safety. The officer eventually (safely) makes his way to the truck, which is now stopped along the curb on PCH. The driver is nowhere to been found. Officers immediately establish a perimeter and start searching the area. Our third officer is near the intersection of 48th and River when multiple citizens start pointing him towards a nearby alley. There, he finds a human dogpile (as opposed to a dog-dogpile… which, when you think about it, is a much rarer sight… right?). Three or four folks are all piled on top of some guy to detain him. The officer intercedes, and recognizes… the driver of the white truck. Dun-dun-duuuuuuuunnnn! “But wait,” you might be thinking. “How did those folks know about the crazy-driving stuff?” They didn’t! You see, Driver Guy made a new series of enemies after he abandoned his ride. How? Let us fill you in… Imagine you’re sitting in your car, minding your own business, at a construction site where you work… when, all of the sudden, a guy comes flying over a wall to your left and lands in the bed of a truck parked in front of you. This guy then locks eyes with you, sprints toward your car, pulls open the back passenger-side door and gets in your back seat, screaming, “Help me! Help me! Go, go, go!” What do you do? Do you sit there in shock for a moment? Because, in this case, the guy in the car does just that. And then Driver Guy proceeds to push and hit him from the back seat, eventually punching him in the face. The poor guy hops out of the driver’s seat and (covertly) takes his keys with him. Driver Guy takes the opportunity to run around and sit his own rear-end down in that newly-vacated driver’s seat and start to fumble around with the ignition. It’s obvious that Driver Guy is trying to steal this car, now that his car-jacking efforts have gone awry. As the shocked car-owner yells for help and begs for anyone within earshot to call the police, Driver Guy gets spooked and takes off on foot again. Another man from the construction site (who is our victim’s boss, if you’re keeping track) gives chase and eventually tackles Driver Guy, detaining him – with a little help from some other concerned citizens – until the officer arrives. Detention by Dog-Pile. Once everyone catches their breath, the cop stuff begins. Except Driver Guy… he never quite catches his breath. Somebody needs a trip to the hospital. Before the ambulance takes him away, Driver guy takes a moment to lie to the officer about his name. The rest of the interview has to wait. Driver Guy takes hours to stabilize. While he’s in care, officers are able to identify him by his numerous tattoos. This isn’t his first rodeo, if you’ll pardon the phrase. And he has an outstanding warrant. When Driver Guy is finally ready for an interview, he fesses up to his real name. And he says he has no recollection of the entire ordeal, which he believes was a drug-fueled end to a three-day binge. And what a binge it must have been. Driver Guy, you see, has established a bit of a pattern. He stole a truck from a construction site in Costa Mesa before taking officers on a whirlwind pursuit through Newport Beach, complete with a hit-and-run. Then, when he had to abandon the truck, he tried to steal a second vehicle from the construction site on River. Can you spot all the arrest charges? Auto theft, reckless driving, hit and run, carjacking, providing false ID to an officer, AND the warrant. Whew! ------------------------------------------ We TOLD you it was a dramatic story. Comment away, dear readers – we can’t wait to hear what you think. We’ll be back to read (and respond) soooooooon!

TRAFFIC TUESDAY Question: What information do I need to exchange at the scene of a collision? Answer: You must provide: - the driver’s name, current residence address, and driver license number - the vehicle identification number - the registered owner's name and current residence address - evidence of financial responsibility. (If your financial responsibility is in the form of insurance, then you must supply the name and address of the insurance company and the number of the insurance policy.)

“NBPD in 43” tackles the topic of using a cell phone while you’re behind the wheel.

Thank you to Mike Scioscia for being our latest speaker in our Distinguished Leaders Series.

PRESS RELEASE Newport Beach Police Department Cites Establishments for Selling Alcohol to Minors On Saturday, January 20, 2018, Newport Beach Police Detectives conducted a compliance check operation on local liquor-licensed establishments. Under the direct supervision of NBPD, underage decoys attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages from 10 different retail licensees in the City of Newport Beach. Citations were issued at 4 establishments: Henry’s Groceries, Azar’s Pizza, The Alley Restaurant and Bar, and CP Restaurant and Lounge. This was the second violation within the past 12 months for all 4 locations. The remaining 6 businesses did not sell alcohol to the underage decoys: Cassidy’s Bar and Grill, Bal-Harbor Liquor, Cabo Cantina, Taco Bell Cantina, Class of ’47, and Circle K Market. Those who sell alcoholic beverages to minors under the age of 21 face a fine of up to $1,000 and/or 24-32 hours of community service. In addition, ABC will take administrative action against the alcoholic beverage license belonging to the businesses where the sales to minors occurred. Due to this being the second violation for all establishments, possible repercussions include a fine of up to $6,000 or a 25-day suspension of the establishment’s liquor license. The Newport Beach Police Department routinely conducts compliance checks of alcohol establishments to reduce the availability of alcohol to minors under 21. Last year, NBPD arrested 44 people under the age of 21 for being drunk in public and unable to care for themselves. Officers also arrested 15 people under the age of 21 for driving while under the influence of alcohol; 9 of those were involved in a traffic collision. Our goal is to decrease those numbers through enforcement & education. Minor Decoy Operations have been conducted by local law enforcement throughout the state since the 1980s. In 1994, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously that use of underage decoys is a valid tool for law enforcement to ensure that licensed premises are complying with the law. The City of Newport Beach has 451 active retail ABC licenses.

If you need us, call us - any time, day or night. Whether it's a medical emergency or suspicious activity in your neighborhood, we want to help. #communitypolicing #beahero

TRAFFIC TUESDAY Fun Fact: There are approximately 26.5 million licensed drivers and 37 million registered vehicles in the state of California as of 1/1/2017. Motor officers have their work cut out for them. 😉

Uhhhhh… hi, guys. We have some news to share before we get started. Your loving, doting editor has been *forced* to take some vacation time. They have shipped us off to some place without the NBPD Facebook page to keep us company. But do not despair! We have pre-written a BUNCH of posts to cover the time that we're away. (And we have the aching wrists to prove it. Oof. 😉) So read up, comment away, and we promise we’ll read every single one of them when we get back. We’ll miss you! --------------------------------------- Now – the story. It begins on a Wednesday night with our faaaaavorite kind of character: an active and engaged citizen. We don’t know this guy, but we imagine him as a young, stylish (but not TOO stylish!) millennial with a secret passion for yodeling. And avocado toast. Excuse us while we have a snack… Ok, so this millennial is on his way out of a coffee joint at 8 pm at night (because… his coffee-love is not bound by incidentals like *time of day*) when he picks up his pink-cased iPhone and calls the NBPD. Why? Because he’s pretty sure he spotted a guy in a black Suburban in the parking lot… using a torch. Yes, you read that correctly. A torch. The blue-light flame-y butane kind. So, our officer shows up and (perhaps intrigued) goes to contact the guy in the Suburban… who we will call Torch Guy. Torch Guy, it should be noted, has a white straw in one hand and is engrossed in his cell phone. The ensuing interaction is straight-up melodrama. Imagine this: The officer approaches. The guy in the Suburban (Torch Guy) spots him, locks eyes, and does two things simultaneously… tosses the straw into the back seat and quickly contorts his body to lean over the center console and prop his head up on his right elbow. Imagine the famous Gene-Wilder-as-Willy-Wonka pose, complete with quasi-crazy grin. Then he streeeeetches out to roll down his window with his left hand and offers a cheery “Good evening, officer!” Torch Guy’s chipper demeanor continues as he and the officer chat. No, he says, he doesn’t know why anyone would thing he had a TORCH! He’s just been sitting here, smoking marijuana with a regular old run-of-the-mill Bic lighter. Innocent as can be! Officer: So… what about that straw? Guy: Straw? What straw? Why would I need a straw to smoke marijuana? Officer: Is that… is that a butane tank? Guy: Whaaaat? Where? Officer: Behind your elbow. Guy: Nope! But – surprise, he’s lying. There is a 16-ounce butane tank, not-so-carefully concealed behind Torch Guy’s nonchalant pose. But the lies continue. First, when forced to admit that both the straw and the torch exist, he explains that he uses the straw to blow out the torch. And he uses the TORCH to smoke marijuana. And he NEEDS a torch to smoke marijuana, you see, because he smokes it out of a toilet paper roll. Uhhhhh… we’ll give him points for creativity, but that’s just silly. After some foil catches the officer's eye, Torch Guy goes in for a second attempt. Ok, ok, he admits - he puts the marijuana on some FOIL and then uses the torch to heat up the foil and he inhales the resulting smoke through the straw. 😒 No way, dude. You just described a way to smoke meth, heroin, or pills. Not pot. This is getting painful. Cop stuff, cop stuff, cop stuff… and we get to the bottom of the issue. Torch Guy here has a bit of an opiate-and-pill habit. He’s got a bindle of over $100-worth of black tar heroin and a collection of more than 40 prescription pills (that are not prescribed to him). They are a variety of capsules and bars... highlights include Xanax, Phenobarbital, and Lyrica. Tsk, tsk, tsk. In the end, Torch Guy is off to jail for two possession charges: one for the heroin and one for the pills. And, somewhere, our favorite millennial is at home, with his French Bulldog by his side, launching into a rousing (yodel-rific) rendition of “Red River Valley”. And thus our story ends. Thanks for reading, thanks to the eagle-eyes youngster who tipped off the cops, and thanks to all of YOU for reading! Comment away, if you’d like – we will write back when we can. Toodles!

Helicopter Crash