Tustin Police Department

  • Agency: Tustin Police Department
  • Address: 300 Centennial Way, Tustin, 92780 CA
  • Chief: Scott M Jordan (Chief of Police)
Phone: (714) 573-3200

Tustin Police Department is located at 300 Centennial Way, Tustin, 92780 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott M Jordan. The Tustin Police Department phone number is (714) 573-3200.

Tustin Police Department News

On Friday, April 13, 2018 at 10:00 PM, a female suspect stole a tip jar from Taco Factory then pushed an employee who attempted to intervene. The suspect was wearing blue scrubs with a flower top and was accompanied by a male adult and a male teen. The suspects left in a brown or gold Mercedes Benz sedan with covered license plates. If you have information regarding this crime or the suspects, please call Tustin Police Detective Haug at 714-573-3246 and refer to TPD CR #: 18-2243. • #TustinPolice #TustinPD #TPD #Tustin #Police #ThinBlueLine #LawEnforcement #LEO #California #Theft #Crime #DoYouKnowThisPerson #TipJar #Taco #TacoFactory

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, the Tustin Police Department, working in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will be hosting “Tustin Take Back Day.” This event is a National Take-Back Initiative designed to remove potentially dangerous prescription drugs from our community. Citizens who want to dispose of any unwanted or unused prescription drugs can safely dispose of them from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the parking lot of the Tustin Police Department located at 300 Centennial Way, Tustin, CA 92780. All types of medications including pills, tablets, ointments, and other standard forms will be accepted. Hypodermic syringes will not be accepted.

May is designated as Law Enforcement Memorial Month. On Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 5:30 P.M. the Tustin Police Department host our annual fallen officer memorial ceremony. The public is invited to attend to join our department, along with other public officials, at this important ceremony.

This morning Officer Ramirez contacted a subject in the old town area. During the contact Officer Ramirez noticed fresh red paint on the subject hands. Responding officers discovered several vehicles in the area which had been vandalized with red spray paint. The suspect was arrested and booked into Orange County Jail for felony vandalism. Excellent work by Officer Ramirez in catching this suspect "Red Handed."

In an effort to serve all members of our community, the Tustin Police Department conducts Homeless Outreach on a regular basis. We partner with both public and private agencies to provide services and resources to those in need. Even after securing resources, shelter, or treatment our officers often make it a point to stay in touch and follow up with those we assist. http://behindthebadgeoc.com/cities//tustin-pd-homeless-outreach-team-strikes-careful-balance-streets/

Here at Tustin PD, our Communications Officers are at the heart of every incident. In 2017 the Communications Unit received over 89,000 phone calls of which 21,825 were 911 calls. Dispatchers are the calm voice connecting the anxious or frightened caller to the help they need. These same dispatchers bring calm to chaos assuring officers in the field that backup is on the way. Public safety dispatchers are 9-1-1 operators who also monitor the location of emergency services personnel and equipment. They dispatch the appropriate type and number of units in response to calls for assistance. They are dedicated and highly trained professionals who must quickly assess the nature of an incident, ask appropriate questions, and determine the appropriate resources. Dispatchers are there with the family who loses a child to a drowning incident or in a vehicle accident, they are there with the innocent shooting victim or the fearful family terrorized by a criminal. Through it all, every moment of every day, there is a dispatcher there waiting to help. Dispatchers have challenging and stressful jobs as they handle all 9-1-1 emergency calls, non-emergency calls, and are in constant radio communication with the patrol officers. Sometimes the dispatcher may do all of these tasks simultaneously. Dispatchers also look up Department of Motor Vehicles information on vehicles and the license status of drivers. They run data through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which provides criminal background history information. Dispatchers alert officers if a restraining order is in effect; if someone is a wanted person; about a suspect's weapons history; or if someone is on parole or probation. During the second week of April, we stop to thank and recognize the professionals referred to as the “Thin Gold Line”. This Thin Gold Line represents those who are rarely seen but are mostly heard, those that connect the frantic caller with the emergency personnel ready to respond.

**March Officer of the Month** On March 16, the Crime Analyst gave an updated crime presentation to Squad 2. One of the slides featured a subject suspected of committing a series of front porch package thefts throughout the City. Later that morning as Officer Swart was performing his patrol duties in his assigned area, he saw the car from the earlier presentation near Newport Avenue and 6th Street. Officer Swart observed a vehicle code violation, and conducted a traffic stop. The registered owner of the car, who was in the passenger seat, matched the suspect of the package thefts. Officer Swart recognized her, and requested back-up. Two of the suspect’s sons – one juvenile and one adult – were in the back seat with the younger son’s girlfriend. The driver was driving without a license, and the suspect and her juvenile son were determined to be on probation with search and seizure waivers as a condition of their probation. When back-up arrived, Officer Swart searched the car. He located several opened packages addressed to individuals with addresses in Costa Mesa and Tustin. He also found a small amount of methamphetamine, and a stolen laptop out of Irvine. The laptop had a sticker adhered to the top of it, indicating it belonged to the Irvine Unified School District. Officer Swart skillfully conducted pre-custodial interviews of the car’s occupants, and gained a confession from the juvenile son that he was present when his mother was stealing packages from front porches. The unlicensed male driver admitted to being present and possibly an accessory to some of the thefts. The original suspect was arrested and booked into Orange County Jail for the thefts, as well as possession of methamphetamine, and child endangerment. The unlicensed driver was arrested, cited, and released. The juvenile probationer was arrested for a probation violation and later released to his adult brother. The laptop was returned to the rightful owner. This is an excellent example of a patrol officer using initiative and resources available to him to make meaningful arrests of suspects engaged in crime sprees in the City of Tustin. For his tenacity, diligence, and expert interview skills in obtaining confessions, Officer Zachary Swart has been selected as the recipient of the Officer of the Month Award for March 2018. Congratulations Officer Swart!



*******Traffic Alert********** We are currently working a traffic accident southbound Newport Ave. at the I-5 Freeway. Southbound traffic on Newport Ave. and Eastbound and Westbound traffic on El Camino Way will be impacted for the next couple of hours. Please take alternate routes and we will update this post when the roadway has been opened.

Today our officers were invited to St. Jeanne De Lestonnac school. Once there we were met by several students who had assembled "Operation Be Kind" bags to distribute to our PD employees. Thank you so much to all the students, your kindness and support is greatly appreciated!

Members of the Tustin PD Honor Guard had the honor of attending Pomona PD Officer Greggory Casillas’ funeral. Rest In Peace, Sir. We have the watch. Pomona Police Department • #TustinPD #TPD #TustinPolice #TustinPoliceDepartment #Tustin #California #HonorGuard #SentryGuard #FallenOfficer #Pomona #PomonaPD #PomonaPolice #PomonaPoliceDepartment #GreggoryCasillas #16 #EndOfWatch #EOW #ThinBlueLine

Officer Javon Smith, Tustin Rotary Officer of the Year. Throughout 2017, Officer Smith has worked tirelessly to make a positive impact on the Tustin Community he serves. In early 2017, Officer Smith developed a relationship with a local apartment manager. He learned one of the residents was involved in illegal drug sales. Officer Smith conducted a thorough investigation and determined the resident had a felony warrant for his arrest. Officer Smith and his fellow TPD Officers conducted a warrant service and seized a significant quantity of methamphetamine and drug sales indicia from the residence. Based on evidence seized from the suspect’s cell phone, Officer Smith was able to provide other Orange County law enforcement agencies critical information regarding drug sales in their jurisdictions. Later in year, Officer Smith located a stolen vehicle at the Key Inn Motel. Again, Officer Smith demonstrated exemplary investigative skills and located the male and female suspects inside a nearby motel room. In addition to locating the vehicle theft suspects, Officer Smith found multiple shaved vehicle keys, apparent stolen property and several baggies of methamphetamine. Both suspects were arrested and booked into the county jail. These arrests would later prove to be extremely significant as Officer Smith continued to investigate the male based on the fact he matched the description of a male, who committed a carjacking in the City of Tustin, earlier in the day. Officer Smith created a six-pack photo line-up and met with a witness of the incident. The witness positively identified the male from the local motel arrest as the suspect in the car-jacking incident. Officer Smith is truly committed to making a difference in the community and his ability to diligently suppress crime has contributed to a higher level of safety, security, and quality of life of the citizens Tustin. Officer Smith is so highly regarding by our agency, he has been selected for the newly developed G.R.A.D.E. (Gang Reduction and Directed Enforcement) team. For all his efforts, Officer Smith was named the Tustin Rotary Officer of the Year and honored at their yearly service awards luncheon. Photo L to R: Rotary member and retired TPD Captain Steve Lewis, Officer Javon Smith, Sgt. Jeff Taylor.

Recently the TPD Run with a Cop program came to another successful conclusion as several of our department employees, elected officials, members of the community, and parents joined to root on the students as they ran their concluding laps around the field at Hiedeman School. http://behindthebadgeoc.com/cities/tpd/tustin-police-inspire-kids-run-cop-program/

After six months of police academy training Officers Jasmine DeLeon, Eduardo Diaz, Glenn Hollingshead IV, and Connor Thaete graduated from the Golden West College Police Academy today. They were officially sworn in as police officers by Chief Celano and Deputy Chief Garaven. All four officers will begin their field training in Tustin next week.

February Officer of the Month Officer Michael Carter served for three combat tours with the United States Marine Corps, and reached the rank of Sergeant. While still on active duty, Officer Carter was hired as a Recruit for Tustin Police Department. After his honorable discharge he graduated from Golden West Criminal Justice Center Police Academy. Officer Carter has seen the good and the bad that can come from serving in the military. He has made it his personal mission to respond to all veteran-related calls when he is on-duty, even if it is not in his area or it is close to or after the end of his shift. This was particularly true while working a voluntary overtime detail. A patrol officer was on a call involving a veteran who was having suicidal thoughts. Officer Carter responded, and together they were able to convince the veteran he needed help. They contacted the Veterans Affairs Hospital, and got him the services he needed. In another incident, long past his scheduled shift, Officer Carter heard a call for a possible domestic violence involving a veteran and responded. The subject was initially very angry, but Officer Carter was able to develop a rapport with him and talked him through his anger. Officer Carter and his fellow officers got the veteran the help he so desperately needed. Most recently, officers were conducting a welfare check on a subject whose family feared he was suicidal. The subject had barricaded himself inside his apartment and refused to talk to them. Officer Carter and another Tustin PD veteran responded to the scene. After an extended conversation through the closed door, the distraught man opened it to have a face-to-face conversation with his fellow veterans. Officers determined, while not suicidal, he was in need of help from the Veteran Affairs Hospital, and the OC Goodwill Tierney Center for Veteran Assistance. It should be noted every veteran contact made by Officer Carter is not a one-time call-for-service. He makes a point to get other officers together, often veterans themselves, and follow-up with those they have helped. It is very important to Officer Carter that the Tustin veterans understand Tustin PD truly cares about their well-being. Officer Carter has made contact and followed up with nearly fifty veterans over the last few years. Officer Carter worked with the OC Goodwill Tierney Center to develop a training program specific to military veterans in crisis for Tustin PD personnel, sworn and civilian. For his on-going dedication to the men and women of our Nation’s military who live in Tustin, Officer Michael Carter has been selected as the recipient of the February Officer of the Month Award. Congratulations Officer Michael Carter!

***MAJOR ROAD CLOSURE*** This Sunday, March 11th for the Hangar Half Marathon. The streets will close at 6:30 am and re-open at approximately noon. Please plan accordingly and PLEASE SHARE THIS POST. Thanks


P R E S S R E L E A S E FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 6, 2018 Contact: Sgt. Sean Whiteley (714) 573-3285 swhiteley@tustinca.org ELDER ABUSE ARREST: On March 6th, 2018 Tustin Police Detectives arrested Aujana Johnson-Payne at a nursing school in Artesia. Johnson-Payne was arrested for Elder Abuse, Burglary, and Identity Theft. In 2017, Johnson-Payne worked for a homecare agency that provides senior care services including hourly, live-in and 24/7 care. The homecare agency specializes in providing care for people with mobility issues, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke and General Aging. While working for this homecare agency, Johnson-Payne victimized at least two elderly individuals by stealing the personal information off of their credit/debit cards. Johnson-Payne then used this information to make several fraudulent purchases online. She used the smartphone applications Door Dash and Uber Eats to have food and liquor delivered to her home. She took out cash loans and paid them back with the victim’s credit/debit card information. She also used the credit/debit card information to stay at Long Beach area hotels. Johnson-Payne has worked for at least three home-care agencies in the past and was terminated from each for financial elder abuse. She was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in October 2017 for financial elder abuse and is currently out on bail. Tustin Detectives believe that Johnson-Payne victimized additional individuals in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas. If you believe you may have been victimized by Johnson-Payne, detectives are asking that you contact your local law enforcement agency to file a report. If you have questions or additional information about Johnson-Payne, contact Detective R. Newton with the Tustin Police Department at (714) 573-3249.

An example of excellent investigative work by our Detective team: http://behindthebadgeoc.com/cities/tpd/burglary-suspects-picked-wrong-time-wrong-place-hit-storage-unit-business-tustin

Many thanks to the OCSD - North Patrol and Irvine Police Department for patrolling the City of Tustin while we honored Sergeant Del Pickney.

Many of our awesome community members have been asking us how they can contribute and donate to the Pickney family. We now have an account set up within the Tustin Police Foundation for donations if you so wish. Your donations will go directly toward offsetting the costs of the services and reception as well as a scholarship fund for his daughters. If you wish to make a contribution please click on the link below: http://tustinpolicefoundation.org/donate/ Thank you so much for all of your support throughout these last few days.

The Tustin Police Department is very appreciative of the outpouring of support and condolences concerning the passing of Master Reserve Officer Del Pickney. Del served the citizens of Tustin for 29 years as a full-time member of the Tustin Police Department. Del retired from full-time service in 2017 as a Police Sergeant, but his desire to serve the community of Tustin led him to continue working with the Tustin Police Department on a part-time basis as a Master Reserve Officer. Throughout his 29 years with the Tustin Police Department, Del worked a variety of assignments including: Field Training Officer and Special Investigations Detective. In 2000 Del was promoted to Sergeant and worked as a Field Supervisor, Watch Commander, Special Investigations Supervisor, Police Services Officer Supervisor. In 2012 Del was appointed to serve as the Department’s first ever Master Sergeant. Del’s impact on the Tustin community is everlasting. Del was responsible for creating the “Adopt-A-Complex” program, which partnered police officers with a specific individual apartment complex or residential track. This helped create a personal contact for community members to help improve the quality of life for those communities. He also brought the “Coffee with a Cop” and “Cars, Cops and Coffee” programs to the department. These events allowed for members of the community to sit down with department members in a relaxed setting to discuss issues and exchange ideas. Those programs, along with many others, were instrumental in bring the police department and the community closer together. Del is survived by his wife, Michele, and two daughters, Ryan and Rachel. Services for Retired Sergeant Pickney will take place: Friday, March 2, 2018 at 10:00 AM Calvary Chapel Chino Hills 4201 Eucalyptus Ave Chino, CA 91710 A reception will follow at: Yanks Air Museum 7000 Merrill Avenue Chino, CA 91710 Support for the Pickney Family can be donated via the Tustin Police Foundation’s website: http://tustinpolicefoundation.org/