Westminster Police Department

  • Agency: Westminster Police Department
  • Address: 8200 Westminster Blvd. Bldg. 5, Westminster, 92683 CA
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Westminster Police Department is located at 8200 Westminster Blvd. Bldg. 5, Westminster, 92683 CA. The Westminster Police Department phone number is (714) 898-3315.

Westminster Police Department News

RESIDENTIAL FIRE - Just before 2:00 p.m today, we received a 9-1-1 call from someone reporting a neighbors house on fire. The family was still inside the residence. The neighbor advised the occupants were jumping out of the windows to escape. WPD Officers Stouffer and Booth were immediately dispatched and the first to arrive. When they arrived it was reported that 5 family members were still inside the residence. Officers Stouffer and Booth safely evacuated the 5 family members from the residence. Great job by our team and by the alert neighbor. His call was the only 9-1-1 call we received regarding this fire. Thankfully everyone was safe.This occurred near the area of Bushard and Hazard.

FIREARM WITH A SILENCER - We had another "visitor" in our jail last night. He must not have gotten the memo that it's not wise to leave a loaded firearm with a silencer attached to it under the seat when returning a rental vehicle. He was arrested when he showed up to pick up the "belongings" he left inside his vehicle. #anotherdarwinawardwinner

STOLEN VEHICLE - Today we received a call regarding a male subject passed out inside a vehicle in the area of Bolsa and Brookhurst. When officers arrived they contacted a subject who had fallen asleep at the wheel. He wasn't the registered owner of the vehicle. When officers confirmed the VIN through dispatch, they discovered the vehicle was "cold plated" on a stolen vehicle out of Westminster. The driver was on parole for vehicle theft and had priors for robbery, false imprisonment, and making threats to others. He was taken into custody for auto theft, possession of stolen property, and his parole agent revoked his parole. Apparently stealing a car and putting someone else's plates on the vehicle is exhausting. #darwinawardwinner #findanotherplacetosleep

*West County CERT Graduates 57 Classmates* The recently concluded West County CERT Basic Academy graduated a class of 57. Students representing 13 cities participated in 24 hours of FEMA Emergency Preparedness Training. West County CERT Basic Academy training consists of hands-on Team Building, Fire Safety, Cribbing and Basic First Aid and classroom presentations on Disaster Psychology, Terrorism and ICS (Incident Command System). On the final day of training a mock disaster simulating a multi-car accident in foggy conditions was conducted. The class incorporated the ICS system into the response and rescue, practicing the skills learned over the past two weekends. West County CERT is comprised of six cities - Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, La Palma, Westminster, Cypress and Buena Park. If you are interested in learning more about West County CERT, visit our website at westcountycert.com or e-mail jeanette@westcountycert.com. The next class will be held in the fall.

WHAT QUESTIONS WILL YOU BE ASKED WHEN YOU DIAL 9-1-1 TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY OR CRIME IN PROGRESS? Location, location, location! Always know your location! Type of incident Time element – in progress, just occurred, or delay in calling Officer safety – weapons, alcohol, drugs, mental condition Are there injuries Suspect vehicle description (color, make, model, license plate, special identifying characteristics) Suspect description(s) – (gender, race, age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, clothing, tattoos) top to bottom description Direction of travel Questions can vary depending on the type of incident you're reporting, however these are the standard types of questions dispatchers ask for many types of calls.

Saturday Night at 6:45pm, officers responded to the area of Newland/Westminster in reference to an alert citizen seeing a handgun in a subjects waistband inside a liquor store. Officers responded and safely detained the male suspect who did have a black handgun in his waistband and was slightly uncooperative with officers but never tried to pull out the gun. The officers did a good job controlling him and removing the concealed black handgun from his waistband. Although the gun appeared to be a real firearm, it was determined the gun was a .177 caliber pellet gun with no safety markings. He also had a semi-automatic rifle in his car that again looked real but was another BB gun. The subject also had over an ounce of methamphetamine and some cash. Needless to say the subject was arrested on felony charges and later booked in county. Don’t you agree the guns look 100% real and if you were a police officer and someone was pointing this at you your split second decision would be to shoot to protect yourself or the citizens that are around you??? Great job to the officers for handling a potentially volatile situation without any force! #gunsanddrugsandmoney #thethreemajorfoodgroupsforcriminals #nightshiftlife #WPD’SFinest

WHEN TO USE 9-1-1: 9-1-1 is the nationwide number to report life and death emergencies and crimes in progress. When should you dial 9-1-1? Crime - Threat to life or safety exists, still in progress or just occurred Crime - Suspect is still at the scene or just fled Life threatening medical emergencies Fires/Hazmat incidents/Explosions/Airplane crashes Traffic accidents where injuries are known or suspected WHEN NOT TO CALL 9-1-1: “Cold” report calls (i.e. reports with a time delay) Transients blocking a sidewalk or loitering Noise nuisance – parties, fireworks, barking dogs, vehicle alarm To ask for general information (phone numbers, where your car was towed, if we just had an earthquake, etc.) Limiting 9-1-1 calls to true emergencies frees up emergency lines for those who are truly having an emergency. Program the non-emergency number for the cities you live and work in to your cell phone to quickly report a non-emergency call. The non-emergency line to WPD Dispatch is 714-548-3212.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you call 9-1-1 to report a crime? * Call-taker answers 9-1-1 call * Information is entered into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and/or transferred to the appropriate jurisdiction * Radio dispatcher can immediately see information being entered and assign officers to handle the call * As new information is updated (i.e. direction of travel, type of weapon involved, description of suspect, etc.), the call-taker enters that information into the computer and the radio dispatcher can immediately see it to broadcast to responding units

Congratulations to our MADD award recipients Detective Lopez, Officer Jezulin, Officer Pierson, and Sgt. Stowers. Their outstanding efforts taking DUI drivers off the streets of Westminster is making our streets safer. #DesignateADriver! #MADDVA

BIKE RODEO - WPD Officers had a great time participating in a bike rodeo at Post Elementary School today. Thank you to the awesome kids that came out for today’s event.

MEET THE CHIEF - Last night, Chief Ornelas spoke to members of the Latino community on how WPD continues to foster relationships with those we serve. Following the presentation, guests had the opportunity to ask Chief Ornelas any questions they may have had. This workshop was in Spanish and was the second of three workshops dedicated to education on issues that affect the community. It looks like everyone had a great time!

ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING - WPD Officers are not only crime fighters, they're also educators. Officers are frequently out in the community providing education on scenarios such as active shooters, crime prevention, and elderly abuse/fraud prevention. Pictured here is Officer Hill providing active shooter training to the staff at Finley Elementary School.

Quote of the day “I was reaching for a cookie. Next thing I know I’m upside down.” Besides the sheared fire hydrant, there was also a power pole knocked down with live wires. Thank you Edison for the quick response! Note: Thankfully (and luckily) no injuries were reported.

STOLEN VEHICLE ARREST - While patrolling the city, Officer A. Lopez received a Lojack activation in his unit regarding a vehicle stolen out of Garden Grove this morning. After a search for the vehicle, it was located driving in a residential track in the area of Edwards and Trask. A short pursuit ensued. The driver hit a trash can fleeing from officers causing 3 tires to flatten. The driver then surrendered to officers during a high risk traffic stop. The driver is a female juvenile who is known to our officers for past contacts and arrests. She also has a no bail warrant in Los Angeles. She's currently sitting in our jail no doubt mulling over some of her poor life decisions. Thankfully no one was injured. Great job to patrol and dispatch for helping get another criminal off the streets!

Please help us celebrate the dispatchers who always answer the call. 24/7, long hours, countless overtime, live answering every phone call no matter how busy it gets, monitoring multiple radio channels simultaneously, multitasking like you never thought possible, making fast, effective life and death decisions, typing as fast as someone can scream, handling multiple critical incidents at once without flinching. Dispatchers are a vital part of Operations. Keeping the public and officers safe is of the utmost importance. Thank you to all the Public Safety Dispatchers out there for keeping everyone safe and always answering the call. #911whatisyouremergency

An investigation into the possible sales of an illegal firearm led investigators to serve multiple search warrants today yielding numerous firearms.

April is 9-1-1 Education Month! Do you know how to report an emergency? * Know your location * Answer the dispatchers questions * Remain calm * Stay on the line until the dispatcher ends the call More coming throughout the month on reporting emergencies and calling 9-1-1.

WPD is a proud partner of Families and Communities Together (FaCT)! FaCT Family Resource Centers serve over 16,000 Orange County residents each year. Find support and resources for families at FaCTOC.org/locations!

Meet Officer Roland Perez, our new Homeless Liaison Officer. Read the attached article to learn what he'll be doing in our community. And yes, that photo is of him signing--he is fluent in sign language, a rare and special skill to have as a police officer.

On Friday night at 10pm, officers were in the area of the 7000 Block of Natal Drive when they were approached by a father who told them their adult son was threatening suicide in a nearby apartment. The officers were told he was in possession of a knife. Officers responded to the area to check on the distraught subject and encountered him as he was already in his vehicle and he temporary fled from them inside the complex. Officers quickly drove to the other side of the complex and blocked the exit and the subject stopped his vehicle. Officers observed him holding an object to his throat and blood was visible on his hands. Although he didn’t comply with them and fled from them, the officers remained calm and were able to detain him safely without using force. The subject was later determined to be holding a black pen to his neck simulating that it was a knife to presumably try and get the officers to react to him having a knife. The subject was extremely intoxicated and it was determined he did try and hurt himself prior to officers arrival. He was arrested for suspicion of DUI and also was later evaluated by mental health professionals to determine if he would be placed on a psychiatric involuntary hold. A great job by officers remaining calm and dealing with an intoxicated suicidal subject who was going through a mental health crisis and will receive the help he needs. #deescalationtraining #TeamWPD #quickthinking #greatwork

As we approach the holiday weekend, imagine getting the news that your loved one was murdered by a suspected drunk driver--horrible. Our hearts are with the families of these 3 victims and their survivors. Please, we beg you, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. WPD will continue to find and arrest DUI drivers in our community and we thank the several patrol officers that have been awarded for their continued effort by MADD for arresting these selfish killers. https://www.ocregister.com/2018/03/29/fiery-crash-in-huntington-beach-shuts-down-pacific-coast-highway/

SCAM OF THE WEEK- WPD Officers responded to the report of a woman begging for money near Edwards and Trask. The woman was holding/rocking a baby. Or, in this case, a pretend baby. She had rolled up a jacket and cradled it to give the belief she was carrying her child. Some of you fell for it, some of you, not so much. An officer contacted her and discovered she was a local drug addict, likely looking to support her addiction. She was identified and left the location courtesy of the WPD.

Celebrating the National Puppy Day with our only Police K-9 “Pako” and his handler Ofc. Hartman! We like to show the two sides of Pako. First the working, I’m ready to apprehend bad guys Pako, then there is relaxed I need a nap and I like to be pet Pako! See more pictures of Pako and Ofc. Hartman @westminsterpolicek9 Go ahead and post your pics of your four legged kids in the comment section for everyone to enjoy!

Today, two officers were out and about focusing directly on “Distracted Driving” enforcement trying to keep our roads safe from those who handle and pay attention to their phones or other non important items while they drive. Please keep your eyes and attention on the road for vehicles and pedestrians. That text or social media can wait until you’re not driving. The law is under California Vehicle Code Section 23123 if you want to read up on what it specifically states. #distracteddrivingisdangerous #handsfreedevice #inattentioncausesaccidents

HOMELESS KITS - A big thank you to our friends at the Coventry Heights Apartment Complex on Wyoming for putting together hygiene bags for our local homeless population. The kits include warm gloves, knit caps, scarves, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. They were given to Sgt. Ferronato for officers to hand out to our homeless population during their contacts. A very nice gesture to a population in need!